Review of Singapore Airlines flight Singapore Melbourne in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ217
Class Economy
Seat 33J
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 07:25
Take-off 10 Apr 16, 10:45
Arrival at 10 Apr 16, 20:10
SQ   #11 out of 74 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 649 reviews
By GOLD 831
Published on 2nd March 2022

Trip Report: Singapore Airlines SQ217 Singapore to Melbourne

Flight Details:

Airlines: Singapore Airlines (SQ)
Flight : SQ217 SIN-MEL
Reg : 9V-SWI
Aircraft: Boeing 777-312ER
Departure (SIN Terminal 3) : 10:45
Arrival (MEL Terminal 2) : 20:10
Total time : 7 hours 50 mins
Distance : 6226km (3868 miles)

TRIP VIDEO: Singapore Airlines 9V-SWI SQ217 Singapore to Melbourne


This trip report is from 2016. You can read the flight to Singapore trip report: Singapore Airlines SQ425 Mumbai to Singapore

Reaching AirPORT

Arrived early to airport by MRT from city. Arrived at Terminal 2, to collect bag from left baggage. Then continued to Terminal 3 by Skytrain.

photo 1-8


Arrived at Terminal 3 in few minutes.
Check-in was not opened, Waited for sometime, a short queue had formed.  Check-in took about 15 mins, received boarding pass.

photo 1-9

Check-in area

photo 1-10


After checkin proceeded to immigration. Took 1 min to complete and was into the departure area.

Food Court

Feeling hungry, headed towards the food court.  Many options to select from.

photo 1-13

Settled for mutton and paratha as haven't found the good one in Oz.

photo 1-14

Mie Goreng

photo 1-15


After good fill, walked around before reaching departure gate.

photo 1-11

Singapore Airlines  from Terminal 3

photo 1-12

Security and Boarding

Departure time was approaching, headed towards gate area. for security check. Completed security in few mins, boarding pass and passport was checked.

Waiting Area

After completing the procedure, Was in the waiting area. View of SQ 9V-SWI in Star Alliance livery.

photo 1-16

SQ 9V-SWI would be operating to Melbourne.

photo 1-17


Boarding call was made, passengers had already boarded. Reached the aircraft using aerobridge.Crew was waiting to welcome passengers. Directed towards the seat.

photo 1-18

Window view - Raked wingtip of Boeing 777-300ER

photo 1-20


Cabin doors closed. Cabin service commenced with cold towel and menu.

photo 1-21

Pushback commenced on time, safety demonstration was conducted from personal screen.

photo 1-19

Flight map

photo 1-22

Detailed map

photo 1-23

Taxi and Departure

Aircraft had a long taxi to reach runway, Watch departure - video above.

photo 1-24

Holding for Jetstar Airways departure

photo 1-25

Flight path

photo 1-26

Zoomed in details

photo 1-27

Seat view - passengers ready for entertainment.

photo 1-28

Attaining altitude

photo 1-29

Drink Service

Drink service commenced shortly after departure. Water, juice, wine, beers,etc was on offer. Selected red wine, received peanuts for snacks

photo 1-30

SEAT Reading Material

Seat pocket material on tray.

photo 1-31

Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300ER safety card

photo 1-32

KrisWorld - Inflight entertainment guide

photo 1-33

SilverKirs - Inflight magazine

photo 1-34

KrisShop- Onboard and mail shopping catalogue

photo 1-35

Meal Service

Lunch was distributed to special order passengers. I received the below HMNL meal. Chicken, rice and daal with gulab jamun as dessert.

photo 1-36

Cabin View

After lunch, tray were cleared. Stretched for sometime. Most passengers resting. 

photo 1-37

I had afternoon siesta and woke to check the flight map. Flying somewhere over Southern Australia.

photo 1-38

Water and juice was supplied regularly.

photo 1-39

Checked the safety card

photo 1-40

full view of safety card. Crew had distributed Australian immigration form. Completed the form and check the documents.

photo 1-41

Refreshment Service

Refreshment service commenced 2 hours before arrival.

photo 1-42

Below is the HMNL refreshment

photo 1-43

PREPARing for Arrival

Time passed eating and resting.

photo 1-44

Sun setting in Autumn as aircraft approached Victoria.

photo 1-45

Flight Information

Flight details

photo 1-46

Flying over South Australia - NSW border area

photo 1-47

Passengers having refreshment. Crew cleared the trays soon after.

photo 1-48

Flight details

photo 1-49

Distance to Melbourne

photo 1-50

Approaching Melbourne

Pilot came on speaker and announced ATC had advised to hold due to congestion in Melbourne.

photo 1-51

Flight commenced holding pattern

photo 1-52

Flight details

photo 1-53

Approaching Melbourne, After 15 mins in holding . Pilot announced approach would commence soon. Crew cleared cabin and conducted safety check before landing.

photo 1-54

Landing in Melbourne

Landed smoothly on runway 16 from North. and then a short taxi to gate. Watch arrival in video above.

photo 1-55

Disembakration was smooth

photo 1-56

View of Business class while deboarding.

photo 1-57

Long walk to immigration.

photo 1-58


Immigration took sometime due to flights arriving together.  Quarantine was cleared to exit as I had nothing to declare.

EXIT Airport

Exited airport and then to city.

End of this series.

Hope you enjoyed this trip report. Thanks for reading.


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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew7.5

Singapore - SIN


Melbourne - MEL



Singapore Airlines provided good service, departure and arrival was on time. Crew performed job professionally. Singapore Airport was easy to travel. Melbourne Airport was busy due to evening peak. Overall a satisfactory flight.

Information on the route Singapore (SIN) Melbourne (MEL)


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