Review of Royal Jordanian flight Bangkok Amman in Business

Airline Royal Jordanian
Flight RJ183
Class Business
Seat 1A
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 08:45
Take-off 14 Aug 13, 00:30
Arrival at 14 Aug 13, 05:15
RJ 59 reviews
By 16223
Published on 27th November 2013
Hi there,

This is the fourth leg of my journey back from Japan. This will probably be the shortest FR of this trip: sorry about that, it was a red-eye flight and I needed some sleep!

Previously on

1. Paris CDG - Amman (Royal Jordanian 118, Airbus A321, Crown Business, FR)

2. Amman - Bangkok (Royal Jordanian 182, Airbus A330-200, Crown Business, FR)

3. Bangkok - Hong Kong (Royal Jordanian 182bis, Airbus A330-200, Crown Business, FR)

4. Hong Kong - Singapour (Singapore Airlines 861, Airbus A380-800, Economy, FR)

5. Singapour - Tokyo/NRT (Singapore Airlines 638, Boeing 777-300ER, Economy, FR)

6. Tokyo/HND - Beijing (All Nippon Airways 1255, Boeing 787-800 Dreamliner, Business, EN)

7. Beijing - Hong Kong (Air China 117, Airbus A321, Business, EN)

8. Hong Kong - Bangkok (Royal Jordanian 183, Airbus A330-200, Business, EN)

9. Bangkok - Amman (Royal Jordanian 183bis, Airbus A330-200, Business, EN) YOU ARE HERE

A short 1 hour stop is done in Bangkok for all RJ flights going from either Kuala Lumpur or Hong Kong to Amman.
A n announcement is made by a flight attendant shortly before parking to inform passengers to Amman what they need to do during the stopover. Some passengers who are only doing the intra-Asia leg get off in Bangkok, while the others stay onboard.

There is a short moment after FAs get off the plane and before Thai cleaning staff get on which is the perfect opportunity to take pics of the cabin and stuff.

Business class seat in upright position :

photo 01-DSC_7065

Relax position

photo 02-DSC_7066

Bed position

photo 03-DSC_7067

The empty business class cabin. Only two passengers are continuing to Amman : me and another American pax videoconferencing with someone. At the same time FAs who took care of us on the first three-hours leg from HKG to Bangkok are now leaving the airplane and RJ's BKK station manager comes onboard to tell them what they are supposed to do and ensure everything's going well for the next flight.

photo 04-DSC_7068photo 08-DSC_7073

Doors are opened and Thailand's horrible weather comes into the plane. Time not to go to restrooms which are featuring a window on this A330-200 and located just behind doors by which catering is boarded!

photo 05-DSC_7069photo 06-DSC_7071photo 07-DSC_7072

The new crew comes in. A flight attendant is staring at me for 5 seconds and finally tells me:

'Oh! I know you! You were on the flight from Amman two or three weeks ago, and you seated there!'
Yes, it was actually the same FA. It's good to see her again.
She will offer me a drink and we will talk about her job as a flight attendant for a few minutes. She has thai nationality, is from Bangkok but lives in Amman. Because of her ability to speak thai, she works on the AMM-BKK line very frequently, and sometimes works on medium haul lines.

photo 09-DSC_7074

Safety demos are shown.

photo 10-DSC_7075

Bangkok, it was good to see you!

photo 11-DSC_7077photo 12-DSC_7078

Shortly after takeoff another flight attendant offers to every passenger a selection of newspaper. I'll try to read the Jordan times which definitely not the most objective newspaper in the world.

photo 13-DSC_7082

RJ provides each passenger an Aignier amenity kit on its long haul flights.

photo 15-DSC_7084photo 16-DSC_7087

We are leaving Thailand.

photo 17-DSC_7089

Menus, Do not disturb/wake me up stickers and hot towel because yes, there's a three-course meal service on this flight leaving at 1 in the morning and arriving at 5!!

photo 18-DSC_7090photo 19-DSC_7093photo 20-DSC_7094

The appetizer is served.
Pastrami with asperagus, Russian salad in Tomato Cup, Salmon Galantine -or- Soup of the Day
Salmon rolls and the russian salad were ok, however the piece of smoked meat was tasteless and anyway too dry to be enjoyed.

Main course is served using a cart, with all choices displayed on it. It's a good way of doing meal service, because we can see what's going on!

photo 25-DSC_7100

Choices were:
Beef fillet with green peppercorn sauce
Chicken breast with spicy Tomato and Ginger sauce
Spicy fish patty with herb and corn sauce
Three Color Fusilli with vegetable and tomato sauce

Buttered garden vegetables
Chateau Potatoes
Saffron Rice

I asked the FA a fish patty, veggies and rice

photo 26-DSC_7101

It was very tasty and well cooked. Bravo.

I was still hungry so I decided to ask the fa if I can taste some pastas.

photo 27-DSC_7102

They tasted good.

Let's finish with a chocolate cake, but there were two other kinds of cakes available.

photo 28-DSC_7103photo 29-DSC_7104

Afterwards, I slept for 4 and half hours. This seat is okay to sleep, but it can be improved.

A flight attendant will suddenly wake me up for breakfast, which is a cold single tray service consisting of:

Fresh fruit salad
Butter - Preserves - Natural Honey
Danish Pastries
Croissant and assorted bread basket

This is what a RJ towel looks like;

photo 34-DSC_7110

It tasted quite good. Shortly after tray is cleared, my favourite FA asks me if she can pick up my menu. I told her that I wanted to keep it as I collect them. She said oh, okay, went to her office and came back with small bottles of alcohol and two sachets of RJ nuts!!

photo 35-DSC_7111

I didn't use the entertainment system, but it really needs improvement, its selection of films and music is poor.

photo 36-DSC_7113

We landed in Amman at around 5:10

photo 37-DSC_7114

Deplaning, we can see our A330-200 which travelled so much this evening

photo 38-DSC_7116

Thanks for reading and see you very soon for the next and last part of my trip…

photo 39-DSC_7117
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Royal Jordanian

Cabin crew8.0

Bangkok - BKK


Amman - AMM



An average overall mark on this RJ flight, as this is a red-eye flight cabin confort is marked 7 out of 10, this as well as the entertainment system really needs improvements.

Thanks for reading!




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