Review of Wizz Air flight Milan Nápoli in Economy

Airline Wizz Air
Flight W68402
Class Economy
Seat 7A
Aircraft Airbus A321neo
Flight time 01:01
Take-off 28 Mar 22, 08:59
Arrival at 28 Mar 22, 10:00
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Published on 4th April 2022

Introduction, booking and routing

Hello FlightReporters
This semester I'm attending an architecture laboratory focused on new buildings in historical environment
Our task is to design a new entrance for the archeological site of Pompeii. The project must include a reactivated local railway station and a museum.
In order to prepare our activity in the best way our teacher organized a site inspection for 28-29th March.

Pompei was an ancient roman city which was destroyed by the eruption of Vesuvio volcano in 79AD. The same fate regarded also Ercolanum. The distruction of the two cities was reported by roman historian Plinius the Elder and its nephew Plinius the Young.
After the eruption the city was buried under tons of ashes and volcanic powders and remain underground until 18th Century. While Rome and other historical cities transformed themselves in the centuries, Pompei was like "freezed" in time, giving a perfect image of how a roman city looked like.

The modern Pompei town is located 21 km south-east from Naples and its connected through two different lines of regional and local trains. It takes around 30 minutes to get there from Naples main station (Napoli Centrale)

photo a-0

My teacher confirmed the dates in the first days of March. So I immediately searched for the journey and for the accomodation
There are two convenient ways to get from Milan to Naples: high speed train or plane

The train costs around 100 euros for the round trip and the fastest service takes around 4 hours and 40 minutes. The meeting with the group was scheduled for 14:00. Since traveling to Pompei requires around 1 hour (considering getting tickets and having some spare time) and I needed to leave my baggage at the hotel before getting into the site, I calculated that I had to stay in Naples no later than 11:30.
This would mean getting a train before 7 in the morning

Getting to Naples by planes can be done both from Milan-Malpensa or from Milan-Linate. The Wizz Air flight from MXP costed around 28 euros but departed at 7:30 and it was impossible for me to get there so early. The one from LIN costed 58 euros but the airport is just 5km from my house. I'd go for it…

Along with the flight I booked a very nice B&B located 500 meters from the archeological sites. It costed me 74 euros with breakfast and cancellation until the morning before check-in

photo a-1

Unfortunately in the morning of Tuesday 29th I had to plan a return to my family in Rome, due to force majeure reason
I booked a train from Naples to Rome scheduled for Tuesday afternoon and in the following days I managed to return to Milan

I'll give a small report of my train-return to Milan in the last part of this article


  • W6 8402 - Economy - Milan → Naples - A321neo You are here
  • W6 8403 - Economy - Naples → Milan Not available

photo a-2

Some stats:
First time flying with Wizz Air
First time in NAP

before the flight

Wizz Air gives the possibility to check-in 24 hours before departure
I used the app which is quite easy to use
It gave the possibility to verify the vaccination certificate, but the process is not so good in my opinion because there's no upload possibility. You have to scan the QR from your laptop/telephone or print it and scan.

photo b-1

Linate Airport is located 5 kms from my house
To get there I need to take:
- one stop of metro to Lambrate Station (or walking 15 minutes)
- ring line train to Forlanini Station
- bus n° 73 to the airport
The process requires a bit less than one hour, just to be sure

Since I need to stay at the airport at 7 am I decided to get off my house around 6.10
I was confident to find a car sharing and so it happened
In less than 20 minutes I arrived at Milano-Linate Airport "Enrico Forlanini"

photo b-2

Leaving the car at 6.40
The car park gives a nice view of the still-sleepy apron

photo b-3

The terminal can be reached through a covered walkway
Even if the check-in hall was still empty there was a good number of flight departing in the following couple of hours

photo b-5

Having just cabin baggage and my BP already I proceeded immediately to the security checkpoint

To access the security area the vaccination certificate is checked

photo b-6

Half of the lanes were opened but the control was quite flowing
It took me less than 10 minutes to complete the process
Mandatory passage through the duty free

I got airside around 7.05. Boarding was scheduled for 8.00 and departure for 8.35

photo b-7

Checking the FIDS for my gate, reported to be A21

photo b-8-0

The new departure lounge…

photo b-9photo b-10

…and the older part, where my gate was located

photo b-11photo b-12

Spotting in LIN

Having 40 minutes to spend before scheduled boarding time I started to make what I like most: spotting

photo c-3

ITA Airways A320s
I want to say a few words about this livery
I really loved Alitalia's one, especially the classic Landor livery
In my modest opinion this is a downgrade from AZ original style, but I think it's a good livery
Surely is not plain and "boring" like many other white-based liveries that are very common since a few years

photo c-1

An interesting line up
British Airways, Brussels Airlines, Iberia, ITA Airways and Volotea A320s

photo c-2photo c-4

Can someone help me to recognize this cutie? I'm not so expert on little private birds…

photo c-5

Air France A319 leaving the gate

photo c-6photo c-8

Lufthansa A320 pushing back

photo c-7

ITA Airways A320 landing in the distance

photo c-9photo c-10

Meanwhile our plane was landing from Naples

photo c-11

Our ride today would be made using a
Wizz Air Airbus A321neo, HA-LZI, delivered in December '21 and equipped with 239 seats in Y
Maybe this is the "youngest" plane I've ever flown with (just 4 months old)

I kind like Wizz Air livery colour pattern

photo c-12photo c-13

Docking at the gate 10 minutes before scheduled boarding time

photo c-14photo c-15


photo d-1photo d-2

The plane was disembarked in a few minutes
Perfectly on time boarding procedures started
There were two queues, one for the general boarding and one for the priority one

photo d-3

In around 15 minutes I got at the counter. And than I got a surprise

As other low cost carriers Wizz Air tries to sell EVERYTHING before you can complete the booking procedure. I had to skip a dozen of pages regarding the seat, the meal, the insurance etc.
In this confusion I didn't realize that the included cabin baggage was not intended as a standard size trolley, but as a small bag
So I was asked to pay 31 euros to bring onboard my trolley
If I had chose this option at the check-in it would have costed me 10 euros
I'll be more careful next time…

Door shot

photo d-4

Fortunately the check-in assigned me seat 7A
Moreover the middle seat was empty
The load factor was around 80%

photo d-5

The view from my seat

photo d-6

Meanwhile boarding was getting to the end

photo d-7

40 minutes after boarding commenced doors were armed and pushback started

photo d-8

easyJet A320 parked the terminal

photo d-9

Volotea A320

photo d-10

Charter Jets Boeing 737
According to FlightRadar it flew to Alicante and than Vilnius in the following days

photo d-11

Air France A220 landing on RWY36
Waiting for our turn

photo d-12photo d-13

25 minutes after scheduled we got on the runway for departure

photo d-14

The two Pratt & Whitney PW1000G went full thrust with a pleasant sound
It's the second time for me on a A321neo and I've always been in the first rows
I'm curious to hear the sound of the engines in the back rows

photo d-15photo d-16

And away we go…

photo d-17

The general aviation sector of the airport with Milan in the background

photo d-18

In the last 10 years Milan skyline evolved so much, now can be easily compared with other european capitals

photo d-19photo d-20

Sit down students, time for a lesson about Milan contemporary architecture 

1. Diamond Tower, resembling a gem
2. Allianz Tower, also called Il Dritto (The Straight One), designed by Arata Isozaki
3. Generali Tower, also called Lo Storto (The Twisted One), designed by Zaha Hadid
4. PwC Tower, also called Il Curvo (The Curved One), designed by Daniel Liebeskind
5. Unipol Tower, under construction
6. Unicredit Tower, the tallest skyscraper in Italy, designed by César Pelli
7. Pirelli SkyScraper, also known as Pirellone (The Big Pirelli). Designed by Giò Ponti in 1960, it hosted Pirelli tyre company headquarters. Now it's the house of Lombardia Regional Council. In my opinion is one of the most beautiful piece of contemporary architecture in Italy
8. Milan Central Station, with its massive eclectic front building and iron and glass vaults covering platforms
9. Vertical Forest, a complex of two towers adorned with many plants, designed by Stefano Boeri
10. Lombardia Palace, seat of the Governor of the Region

photo d-21

We banked over Milan northern suburbs, heading south

photo d-22photo d-23photo d-24

Parma, in Emilia-Romagna Region

photo d-25

I took a 30 minutes nap
The silent engines noise and the tiredness helped it

Waking up over Abruzzo Region, with its snow-covered mountains

photo d-26photo d-28

Arriving in Naples

20 minutes before scheduled arrival time cabin was prepared for landing
We pass through a light layer of clouds over Tirrenic coast north of Naples

photo e-1

Fusaro Lake, Gulf of Pozzuoli and Vesuvio in the background

photo e-2photo e-3

Vesuvio is considered as one of the most dangerous volcano in the world due to the large population (more than 3 millions) living near it

photo e-4

This area north of Naples is called Campi Flegrei and it's another volcanic area

photo e-5

Gulf of Pozzuoli

photo e-7

Flavian Amphitheater in Pozzuoli

photo e-8

Agnano crater, part of Campi Flegrei volcanic complex

photo e-9

We'd land on runway 06
Aligning over Fuorigrotta, a western suburb of Naples

photo e-10

Camaldoli Hill, the tallest in Naples
It's impressive to see how suburbs and hills are close to the landing path
I didn't have the occasion to land in Kai Tak airport, but I think the vibes are quite similar

photo e-11photo e-12

Naples ring road

photo e-13

Capodimonte zone, famous for the 18th Century Royal Palace

photo e-14photo e-15

Last moments in the air

photo e-16photo e-17

Luke Air and ITA Airways A330s undergoing painting

photo e-18

Exactly at 10, five minutes before scheduled, we touched down at Napoli-Capodichino International Airport

photo e-19

Landing was smooth despite the light wind
A few drops of rain were falling

Vacating the runway

photo e-20

Vesuvio can be seen from almost any part of the city

photo e-21

Naval Support Activity Naples, a United States Navy military complex

photo e-22

Blocking at a remote gate near former AtiTech hangar
Apparently there are no gates equipped with loading bridge

photo e-23photo e-23a

Ryanair Boeing 737 parking next to us

photo e-24

Bus deboarding gave the possibility to spot the plane better

photo e-25photo e-26photo e-27

In a few minutes we reached the terminal
Temperature control was done to passengers entering the building
Having no hold baggage I proceeded straight to the exit

photo e-28

Arrivals hall

photo e-29

When I booked the flight I immediately searched for a bus between Naples Airport and Pompei, since the archeological site is a very important tourist destination. However I didn't find anything
The solution was taking the AliBus to Naples Central Station and then the regional train to Pompei
When I got off the baggage claim area I saw a billboard about a Naples Airport-Pompei bus. I already got the AliBus tickets I skipped it, but it would have been good to know it in advance…

The terminal exterior is kinda nice

photo e-30

The ride to Naples Central Station took around 15 minutes and costed 5 euros
The bus also continues to the port, where people can get cruises or ferries to Capri and Ischia islands

From Naples Station the regional train ride to Pompei takes half a hour. It's a very pleasant train ride since the railway passes very close to the shore, giving a wonderful view of Naples Gulf

Bonus: return to milan by train

As I told in the introduction I had to quite my days in Pompei to go to Rome due to a family reason of force majeaure
In the morning of Tuesday I booked a train for the evening
It costed me 48 euros. The high speed train to Rome takes a bit more than one hour

Naples Central Station

photo f-1

In Italy there are two companies operating high speed services: state-owned Trenitalia and private-owned Italo. I chose the first one due to price reason
Trenitalia's high speed service is called FrecciaRossa (Red Arrow) and it's done using the state-of-art ETR1000, one of the most tecnology advanced train in Europe

photo f-2

The train is equipped with four "classes": Executive, Business, Premium and Standard. The latter includes a "silent car" in which is forbidden to talk loudly or use the telephone
Being around 17 the train was almost empty and the ride was pleasant

Vesuvio seen from the line

photo f-3

On Friday 1st April I came back to Milan
The evening before I booked the Rome-Milan train with Italo company. The price was 78 euros against 90 euros of Trenitalia.

Rome Termini Station

photo f-4photo f-5

Trenitalia FrecciaRossa 1000 and Italo, my train for today
I took the 10.05 train which arrives in Milan at 13.15

photo f-6

Each Italo train is equipped with 3 classes: Club, Prima and Smart
Usually the price difference between Smart (Economy) and Prima (Business) is very low, so I took it
To be honest I find Smart seats very uncomfortable, so I always look for this upgrade

On some trains a sort of "premium economy" is sold
For an intermediate price you can get a Prima seat but without its linked amenities (food service and fast track)

photo f-7photo f-8

On Prima class you can get a cold and hot drink selection and a choise between biscuits and chips
Since the train stopped only in Bologna the service was made twice

photo f-9
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Wizz Air

Cabin crew5.0
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Milan - LIN


Nápoli - NAP



I have nothing more to say about Wizz Air
The service is fine for a hour-long flight

The only drawback regards the baggage "affair" but I have to admit that it was my fault



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