Review of Air Canada flight Sao Paulo Buenos Aires in Business

Airline Air Canada
Flight AC90
Class Business
Seat 8A
Aircraft Boeing 787-9
Flight time 02:25
Take-off 18 Apr 22, 11:40
Arrival at 18 Apr 22, 14:05
AC   #10 out of 70 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 333 reviews
Published on 19th April 2022


Welcome to the second of this five-part journey to Buenos Aires in Air Canada "Signature Service" Business Class. For a full explanation of the whats and whys of this trip, please refer to the first segment, YYZ-GRU. It discusses all of this in some depth. It also has an extensive review of Air Canada's Signature Suite in YYZ as a bonus.

The Rundown


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photo southamericamap

When last we saw our humble flight-reporter…

… he had just arrived in GRU from YYZ after eating his weight in food between Air Canada's Signature Suite and was heading down a hallway searching for the connections section at the airport. As a reminder, it looked a little something like this.

photo 62431ff3-6a7f-4429-adef-fb3305612dd9

Transiting GRU

I follow signs toward immigration and transit and head down an escalator. At the bottom, an AC employee is holding a sign for passengers for EZE. I identify myself to him, and he points me toward the right lane for transit security and informs me of our gate number for the onward flight to Buenos Aires.

There's nobody in line for the particular security lineup for the terminal we'll depart from, so I don't have a wait to be searched. There's a brief confusion when I present a YYZ-EZE boarding pass on my phone. It's understandable since the boarding pass doesn't mention GRU since YYZ-EZE is a direct flight. It reminds me of my days working with a fellow whose sister-in-law worked at AC, and he made it his mission to correct anyone who called a flight "direct" when they technically meant "non-stop." Good times.

Digression aside, the confusion is cleared up, and I'm through security relatively quickly. There are big windows here in the transit security area, and they just so happen to be looking out on the AC 789 from YUL pushing back. While I initially think it's pushing back for its return trip to Canada, this is incorrect. This plane is being moved over to parking away from the gates, as it has to hang out at GRU while our plane flies to EZE and back, picking up at least part of its passenger load for its return to Montreal tonight. 

photo 39bede55-238c-4a88-83a3-ed1aaf8f5f4b

Back upstairs, I'm out onto the international concourse at GRU. It feels open and modern, with lots of windows and good views in three directions. 

photo cef678f7-4265-40f4-ba8e-d9a798744aae

I find my gate, where our 787 awaits our return. Meanwhile, the Montreal Dreamliner is heading away to enjoy a break until tonight.

photo 20da2169-578f-430a-be36-2c472648352f

All's quiet at the gate.

photo 42cbfd5b-578f-4bee-942b-634b56b36dd6

It will soon appear in this parking section, Swiss, TAP, TAM and more. If I'm betting on planes to find hanging out at the airport in Argentina, I'm not sure I'd pick TAAG Angola as high on my list.

photo 33f8e8fc-a42d-4555-93cf-4bfead4b1a0d

Other planes hanging out at EZE at this hour include an LH 748, an AF 359, an AA Dreamliner, and a DL 767.

I stroll around the terminal for a while. The WiFi is free and fast enough, and it's nice to get some movement in after being in my seat for most of the last 10 hours. I believe there is a lounge available for AC Business Class passengers, but I don't bother for this short layover.

A couple of dozen young men in various Canada-themed clothing appear at the gates together, so I guess the Canadian softball team the captain on YYZ-GRU mentioned is heading onwards to EZE with us. Once again: Go Canada Go.

The ground agents call boarding at about 10:45, and they line people up in lines based on zone number. I'm the first in zone number one, so I board after several passengers in wheelchairs and other family groups and older passengers. 

The Flight Report

Flight: AC90
From: Sao Paulo (GRU)
To: Buenos Aires (EZE)
Date: 4/18/2022
Aircraft: Boeing 787-9
Registration: C-FRSE
Seat: 8A
ATD (STD): 11:40 (11:30)
ATA (STA): 14:05 (14:25)

 Since this is direct, if not non-stop, I'm back in the same seat I was in for YYZ-GRU, 8A, in the final row of the 787-9 Business Class cabin.

I won't review the whole seat experience and feature set since I just did so in YYZ-GRU. Instead, please find a quick gallery to remind you about the Air Canada "Executive Pod" seat.

During boarding, the jetway at 2L obscures my view. So it's not until boarding is complete that I get to see outside. Without our teammate at the next gate, it isn't exciting.

photo 169a3fda-15e4-4dd1-8082-619cd86f6c8e

We push back at about 11:30.

photo 1a8255bc-84a7-4716-b18a-6967093e0191

It takes us about 10 minutes to get out to the runway.

photo d047a8f7-05f2-4c7e-a202-2bca518601e4

And away we go. Farewell, Brazil. I'll see you again tomorrow. Briefly.

photo 93c09317-d56f-48b1-b1f7-c696659a53d7

Here we are, well on our way to 40,000 feet.

photo 9ba0d1ce-7a23-4f8a-b1d9-104a82e1491a

The service director leads the meal service on my aisle, bringing the cart down the aisle with drinks and meal trays. The SD and several of the crew have Brazilian Portuguese accents as far as I can tell, so I'm curious how AC staffs these flights. It would seem too long for a single crew to do YYZ-GRU-EZE or GRU-EZE-GRU-YYZ in one service day. Do they have a small base at GRU to fly GRU-EZE-GRU every day, with the longhaul handled by Canadian crews that layover? Or do they mix and match Canadian and local crews for these segments? Or something else altogether? Some of the flight crew don't have Canadian accents, so they're not all South American, at least by origin.

While I contemplate this, the SD brings the cart down the aisle and makes it to me at the rear of the cabin. I'm curious to see what we'll get since there is no menu, and the AC app says meal information is unavailable.

What we get is a cold grilled chicken breast, tomatoes and zucchini, pasta with corn, a bread roll, a fruit salad, and a truffle. Oh, and of course, we get the omnipresent mini-bottle of balsamic vinaigrette since this is an AC flight.

I request a Perrier and red wine to accompany it.  

photo 2d086d8b-bbf2-4a4f-b2c4-cca15e149e8a

The main dish is not bad for a flight of this length. The chicken is nicely seasoned and reasonably tasty, and the tomato and grilled vegetables are good. But the pasta with corn is an odd choice, and both the pasta and the corn are tough and chewy. So, mixed marks for sure.

photo 51672551-31f9-4a85-aa09-0bae5e053112

The fruit salad, while visually uninteresting, is quite tasty. The bun is not photographed for posterity, but it's dry and not good.

photo eb5cf25e-2bc4-4882-8bd2-c3f4ddb82176

The truffle is nice and big and makes for a fine dessert.

photo fc64f1a8-6989-48a5-8d43-bc14f5df1826

When my dishes are cleared away, the service director asks if I'd like anything else and cheerfully delivers a black coffee cup.

photo 139b69d7-7d72-4eab-ab96-8931b018fb02

By the time the meal service is over, we're about an hour out of EZE. The moving map system has some problems with this flight since it seems to be convinced we're still flying YYZ-GRU. It suggests a questionable route for the rest of our journey.

photo 952c6766-7c15-4d74-aba4-dc135a1fc4cdphoto a05b4de0-289f-45ce-9e23-21573525d713

Soon, we're on our descent into Buenos Aires.

photo 15ba316e-7868-4b4c-b2cb-629698dd31a6

And we touch down a few minutes after 2:00 pm, ahead of an Air France 787 on its way out of town.

photo 606d93a0-351e-4744-83f4-4e51a1f62fa7

We taxi for just a couple of minutes and pull into a gate next to another Dreamliner from KLM.

photo 3626da7d-b0f3-47a6-9ec8-231f9a100eca

My flight ends, departing the plane from door 2L and making my way toward immigration.

photo d882f979-b953-47ec-a91b-0b3431fd1714

I go down the escalator, where things are pretty quiet at this hour. 

photo 2620cb78-3f98-47b0-8b58-e4f390b79911

I'm through immigration in no time. The agent scans my passport, takes my picture and asks precisely one question: "First time?" I respond in the affirmative, and he tells me to "Enjoy, man," and stamps my passport.

And that's it. There is no mention of the pre-arrival form I had to fill out, no checking I had the required travel insurance. Not that I'm complaining. I'll always prefer easy arrivals to more difficulty and red tape.

From there, it's a short walk through baggage claim, and I'm landside at EZE, looking for the shuttle to my hotel.

Thus ends my trip to Buenos Aires. All that remains is to get a good night's sleep and head back to Canada tomorrow.

Being an avgeek is sometimes a weird life.

Thanks for joining me for one of the shorter parts of this journey. I hope you learned something about this odd Canadian flight between Brazil and Argentina. Please join me for my three-part return journey, coming soon to a near you. 

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Air Canada

Cabin crew8.5

Sao Paulo - GRU


Buenos Aires - EZE



The meal was nothing to write home about, but the service was solid, and as always, it's a good seat. This was a perfectly acceptable Business Class shorthaul flight in a longhaul product.

Information on the route Sao Paulo (GRU) Buenos Aires (EZE)


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    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5799 Comments

    Cool to see a review on an AC 5th freedom flight ! It seems this route has a few carriers doing 5th freedom flights.

    It reminds me of my days working with a fellow whose sister-in-law worked at AC, and he made it his mission to correct anyone who called a flight "direct" when they technically meant "non-stop."

    HAH! I know quite of few who of those guys who will bite your head off for calling a nonstop a direct flight

    Instead, please find a quick gallery to remind you about the Air Canada "Executive Pod" seat.

    Though the Collins Super Diamond is a common long-haul J seat model, I like AC's finishes. They've managed to have the cabin not look hospital-sterile while staying with very light colours--a difficult balancing act.

    I've not heard of AC having a crew base in Sao Paulo, I assume like most other carriers with 5th freedom flights that they overnight crews after the long-haul sector and then have them fly the shorter flights the next day (in this case a GRU-EZE-GRU roundtrip), overnight again, and then work or deadhead home to YYZ or YUL, where they're most likely based. I also assume that these South America flights are well-staffed with a good portion of language-of-destination speakers. All very interesting logistics!

    The meal looks very decent for a 2h flight. Nice to read that entry into Argentina was smooth as they'd had some very restrictive entry requirements previously.

    Thanks for sharing!

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