Review of Serene Air flight Islamabad Karachi in Economy

Airline Serene Air
Flight ER501
Class Economy
Seat 6F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 03 Sep 20, 10:00
Arrival at 03 Sep 20, 12:00
ER 3 reviews
Published on 1st August 2022

Hello everyone and welcome to another flight report from my archive. This time on a quick 2-hour flight from Islamabad to Karachi onboard a Serene Air Boeing 737-800. For those interested, a video version of this flight report is linked above. 

Islamabad airport is quick far from the main city area hence after a 40 minute drive made it to the airport for the flight.

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This airport is  quite modern with a lot of open space. It was opened for revenue flights  in 2016.

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It was then time to check in for the flight.

photo img_0016

Alright done with check in and security and time to head to the gate. But I guess a cappuccino before the flight isn't   a bad idea ?

photo img_0014

The domestic  airside had adequate facilities that  included 2 restaurants and a couple of duty free shops.

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I made it to the assigned gate just in  time as the aircraft  arrived from Karachi.

photo whatsapp-image-2022-04-21-at-42147-pmphoto whatsapp-image-2022-04-21-at-42147-pm-1

The aircraft operating the flight is 13.7 year old Boeing 737-800 with the registration of AP-BNC. This aircraft was previously operating for Anadolu Jet and was leased by Serene Air back in 2017.

photo whatsapp-image-2022-04-21-at-42148-pm

An AirBlue Airbus A320 taxing to its gate from Karachi.

photo whatsapp-image-2022-04-21-at-42148-pm-1

After its quick turn around, it was time to board the Boeing 737 bound for Karachi.

photo img_0036

Seat 6F  was my home for  the next 2 hours. Seat reservation excluding the emerging exit  and first 2 rows is free hence i took the opportunity to opt for a seat right in front of those CFM 56s.

photo whatsapp-image-2022-04-21-at-42149-pm

The seat  had no form of seat back ife system. The legroom was overall comfortable enough for the 2 hour hop.

photo img-0040photo img_0037

The seat pocket contents consisted of an air sickness bag and the safety card.

photo img_0038-39253

The cabin  on the aircraft was sadly not modern and it didn't have the  newer Boeing sky interior.

photo img_9054

The PIA Airbus A320 at the adjacent gate pushing back. It was also flying out to Karachi. 

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Hand sanitizers were  provided to all the passengers.

photo img-0039

We pushed back from the gate on time and those CFM 56s were powered up.

photo img-0041photo img-0042

After a quick taxi from the domestic terminal to the active Runway . We lifted of on our way to Karachi.

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Flying through some clouds as we climb to our cruising altitude of 34000 feet.

photo whatsapp-image-2022-04-21-at-42151-pm-1photo img_9034

This flight was flown in September 2020. During that  period , airlines  were not allowed to serve any inflight meals. This was  in relation to  COVID  10 guidelines. Hence the only form of   " inflight service" was a bottle of water. Definitely missed the  good Serene catering i have experienced on past flights with them.

photo img_9052

Besides that it was an uneventful flight as we cruise with clear blue skies ahead of us.

photo img_9042photo img-0046

It  was time to begin our descent into Jinnah International Airport.  

photo img-0047

Signs that you are in Karachi is the lack of ample greenery as compared to the Punjab region.

photo img-0048

On the final approach for Runway 25L. One thing that surprised me is that I have flown out of Karachi multiple times and I have never seen the city this green on approach.  But then I remembered at the time of taking this flight there was severe monsoon rainfall in the city.  

photo img_1628photo img_1629

We touched down in Jinnah International Airport on time.

photo img_1630

Taxing  past some old beauties as we make our way to our assigned gate.

photo img_9064

2020 was the year airlines started utilizing there passenger aircrafts in aiding with the pandemic  recovery. One example here being an Emirates Boeing 777-300ER being loaded with just cargo.

photo img-9127photo img-9128

Another Serene Boeing 737-800 being towed to  domestic terminal for its flight later to Lahore.

photo img-9129

Thanks for  the uneventful flight AP-BNC. This brings us to the end of this flight report.

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Serene Air

Cabin crew7.0

Islamabad - ISB


Karachi - KHI



Another flight without any surprises onboard Serene Air for me. They are probably one of the most punctual airlines in Pakistan with most of their flights having on-time departures. The seat overall was good enough for this short 2-hour hop, although it might be slightly cramped for taller people or on longer flights. It's sad I couldn't experience the Serene catering again, but the airline can't really do much about it when the government instructs them not to provide inflight food. Definetly recommend Serene Air as they are a small but growing airline in Pakistan.



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