Review of ITA Airways flight Rome Milan in Economy

Airline ITA Airways
Flight AZ2068
Class Economy
Seat 23A
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 00:44
Take-off 21 Apr 22, 14:11
Arrival at 21 Apr 22, 14:55
AZ   #47 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 11 reviews
Published on 23rd April 2022

Introduction, booking and routing

Hello FlightReporters
Last time I visit my family in Rome was in mid-March
When I was there I plan my next visit in order to spend Easter vacations with them.
I gave a look to Trenitalia and Italo train companies and the total price was nearly 200 euros, while flying with ITA Airways would cost me 135. The drawback of flying is the baggage limit, but the difference was to big.

photo f-1


photo f-2


The day before the flight I checked-in through ITA's website
As mandatory for all italian flights the Covid self certification form must be filled

photo g-1

With the flight departing from FCO at 14:00 I decided to be at the airport no later than 12.30
From my house, in that part of the day, it took around half a hour to get there
I left home with my dad at noon and in 25 minutes we arrived at Rome-Fiumicino "Leonardo Da Vinci" International Airport

photo g-2

ITA Airways departs from Terminal 1, which had been expanded a few months ago. Since the other terminal, T3, is undergoing some refurbishments, many airlines had moved to T1.

photo g-3

Since I had one hour before boarding I looked for an AZ desk to print my boarding pass
As seen from FIDS Terminal 1 hosts only European airlines, except for ITA, which handles also extra-Schenghen operations

photo g-4

ITA occupies an entire island

photo g-5

The check-in agent checked my vaccination certificate and printed the BP
The operation took a few minutes since only 4 desks were opened and everyone was occupied by the time I approached it

photo g-6

After getting the BP and having nothing to landside I made my way to the security checkpoint

photo g-7

A nice car display around the terminal to celebrate the 170th anniversary of Italian Police

photo g-8

The terminal was not very busy and the control took 5 minutes
Differently from LIN electronic devices must be taken off from the luggage for the inspection

Mandatory passage through the duty free

photo g-9photo g-10photo g-11

The future departure lounge of Terminal 1 is still under construction

photo g-12

My flight would depart from gate E11, which is located in terminal 3
The path to get there is a bit of a maze since many parts of the terminal are under refurbishment
It took around 10 minutes to get there

Gate E departure lounge was originally dedicated to extra-Schenghen flights, but it switched to european operations as result of the pandemic
Hopefully it will turn again into extra-Schenghen when things will go back to normality

photo g-13photo g-14

The only drawback of this part of the terminal is the lack of spotting points

Lufthansa A319 parked at pier E11-24

photo g-15

Pier E11-24, where my flight would depart from

photo g-17

Victoria's Secret is the only way for an airport to be called "hub"

photo g-16

My gate was set for departure, 20 minutes before scheduled boarding time (13.25)

photo g-18photo g-19

ITA Airways A320

photo g-20

European birds parked at pier A1-10

SAS and Vueling A320 and Ryanair Boeing 737

photo g-21

Lufthansa A320

photo g-22


photo h-1aphoto h-2

Boarding was called perfectly on time
SkyPriority and ITA's frequent flyers were invited to board before everyone else
Later passengers were called starting from back rows

While waiting an AZ agent approached me (as other passengers) asking if we're available to send our baggage in the hold. The request was made since the plane was full. She assure us that the delivery in Linate would have been very quickly since the airport is small. I agree to give my trolley

photo h-3

Going down the jetway

photo h-4

The first view of my plane
ITA Airways Airbus A319, EI-IMO, delivered to Alitalia in July 2002 and now part of ITA's fleet. It's named after Adriano Panatta, one of the strongest Italian tennis players

It was the same plane that brought me to Rome one week ago. Since I got the same seat from the previous flight (23A) this would mean one thing: the scratched window
Bye bye decent pics…

photo h-5

While we waited to get onboard I managed to take some pics
Lufthansa A320 pushing back

photo h-6

Delta Airlines A350 taking off to Atlanta

photo h-7photo h-8

Time to get on this blue bird…

photo h-9photo h-10photo h-11

The cabin is equipped with 144 seats in mixed C-Y configuration

photo h-12

The view from my seat
An Emirates tail is visible in the distance

photo h-13

Qatar Airways Boeing 787 taxiing with a Ryanair Boeing 737 taking off in the background

photo h-14

One minute before scheduled departure time doors were armed and pushback started
Emirates Boeing 777 parked at the far end of the pier
Even if the pier is dedicated to Schenghen operations, the 4 gates at the far end are used of extra-Schenghen flights

photo h-15

The satellite terminal

photo h-16

ITA Airways A320 and FlyPegasus Boeing 737

photo h-17

Parked next to Emirates Boeing 777 there's an ITA Airways A330 painted in new livery
Cannot wait to see it better

photo h-18

We'd depart from runway 25, usually used for departures at FCO

photo h-19

Unfortunately the scratched window gave me a lot of problems with pictures. The camera of my cellphone wasn't able to get the focus in the distance at first and so every pic was a drama

Pier E11-24 as we left the ground

photo h-20

The satellite terminal

photo h-21

Flying over RWY16R/34L

photo h-22

Fiumicino town in the distance

photo h-23

We banked over Tyrrean sea

photo h-24

As we reached our cruise altitude we encounter a mild turbolence

photo h-25

20 minutes into the flight a drink was served
I choose orange juice as usual

photo h-26

Outside it was a sea of clouds

photo h-27photo h-28photo h-29

Half a hour after getting airborne cabin was prepared for landing

photo h-30

We passed through a thick layer of clouds, experiencing another light turbolence

photo h-31

Finally out of the clouds

Po River and Pavia, south of Milan

photo h-32photo h-33

Vairano Circuit, a car testing track

photo h-34

Approaching Milan souther suburbs

photo h-35

The interchange between A1 Milan-Naples motorway and Milan West Ring Road

photo h-36

Skyscrapers' complex called CityLife is clearly visible

photo h-37

Flying over San Donato, a suburb just south of Linate Airport

photo h-38photo h-39

Last moments on air

photo h-40photo h-41photo h-42

At 14.55, fifteen minutes earlier than scheduled, we touched down at Milan-Linate Airport

photo h-43

Vacating RWY 36

photo h-44

Taxiing was quite short
We parked at a remote stand

photo h-45photo h-46

Being in one of the last rows may have some perks if the disembark happens through airstairs
I was among the first to get off the plane

photo h-47

Such a lovely sight of this bird blue

photo h-48

10 minutes after reaching the stand we're left at the terminal
Belt number 2 for our flight

photo h-49

The baggages took a few minutes to appear on the belt
Fortunately my suitcase was among the first

I access the arrivals hall 20 minutes after landing

photo h-50

While waiting for the baggage I checked the carsharing app and only 2 cars were available at the airport parking
Once booked every car is "freezed" for 20 minutes
I choose one and, thanks to the quick baggage deliver, I managed to get it

photo h-51

Finally at home

photo h-52

We touched down at 14.55
I put the keys inside my home's door at 15.45

Also considering I had to wait for the baggage, I consider this a good record
Linate is definitely becoming my favourite airport in term of comfort

Thank you for your attention and see you at the next flight!

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ITA Airways

Cabin crew7.0

Rome - FCO


Milan - LIN



This flight was kinda standard in term of services and comfort. Being the route FCO-LIN a competitor for train I only expect punctuality and quick airport operations, the rest is like a frame

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  • Comment 601277 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 8971 Comments

    Thanks for your report. Apart for the livery nothings has changed much from Alitalia.

  • Comment 601422 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5798 Comments

    Thanks for sharing another ITA report on a bird with new livery. The more I see it the more I love it.
    As far as the flight, seems a pretty standard domestic flight. These old Alitalia seats look comfy and much better padded than slimline seats found on most short-haul flights these days. And the CY144 config is less dense than the more-common CY150...and CY156 becoming more and more common on A319!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 601503 by
      Carlotherocks AUTHOR 62 Comments

      You're welcome!
      The same for me, I love this livery everyday most! I've seen pics on Instagram of due-to-deliver A350s and they're pretty amazing

      Yeah, the seats are kinda comfortable, perfectly fine for a domestic/European flight

      Thank you :)

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