Review of Wizz Air flight London Thessaloniki in Economy

Airline Wizz Air
Flight W94463
Class Economy
Seat 10F
Aircraft Airbus A321neo
Flight time 02:53
Take-off 16 Apr 22, 07:06
Arrival at 16 Apr 22, 11:59
W6   #9 out of 11 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 88 reviews
Published on 29th April 2022

Little bit of pre-report information: This flight was originally booked for the 17th of May, However Wizz Air sent me a "schedule change" notificiation and said that they changed my flight to the 16th of May. This was basically their way of hiding a cancellation.

Originally this flight was meant to be scheduled on an AIrbus A321ceo, but they changed the plane about +30 days before departure to this Airbus A321neo. This flight was operated by Wizz Air UK, onboard G-WUKO, an Airbus A321-271NX.

The flight's base fare was only £30, which was very cheap. I have then bought seat allocation for £20 (plus £3 to change it later) and £25 for priority.  

welcome to this trip report, I will showcase to you wizz air's airbus a321neo today!

First we start off at London Luton, at 4:30am in the morning to catch our 6:55am flight. Check-in was not available online today, so I had to go to the check-in desk to get documents checked. This was relatively easy taking no longer than 10 minutes. There was little mask wearing at Luton today, as the restriction has been lifted.

photo img_4873photo 1-85314

next.. security!

Next we had to go through security. A tiresome process here at Luton. queues after queues after queues. I walked around that whole security area for literally 35 minutes before doing the thing itself. I took no pictures because it is prohibited, so you will have to trust me on this one ;)

After security, you take the escalator upstairs to duty free, which is nice and modern here at London Luton. 

photo 3

Here is the main central section of Luton airport, with most stores, stops etc.

Here is also an area to sit down and relax a little before your flight, but today it was packed to the literal brim and I couldn't sit down anywhere. 

photo 4-36925

The time is now 5:55am, and we are told to walk down to Gate 33 (I believe?) for our flight to Thessaloniki. This walk took us approximately 5 minutes with lots of signs telling us where to go, which was a good thing.

Luton is quite informative as an airport for passengers, which is a very good thing. Sadly the alleyway was quite bland to get to the gate, which was in the newer part of the airport, however I made it.

photo 6

Boarding in Luton feels a little bit like a prison though, with white walls, silver bars and the circular bathroom type lights on the sides. Anyways again, it did the job.

photo 5-16818

After that, we came outside to a beautiful sunrise on this Saturday morning. Our aircraft, G-WUKO, a May 2021 built Airbus A321neo powered by Pratt and Whitney engines, shone the wonderful orange glimmer from the sun. It was very cold outside, but it's all part of the experience!

photo 7photo 8

And here is the cabin on-board Wizz Air's Airbus A320/21neo's. It's classy in my opinion and is quite nice.

 I wish Wizz Air opted for something like the Airspace cabin or at least the bigger overhead bins though, as that would look nicer and more asthetic ;b

photo 9-90191

And here is our seat! 10F. Originally I booked 8F however I changed it because 10F was available and the alignment was better. I do not regret my decision, 10F is a great seat and one of the best ones for a good engine view and good sounds.

Here was the wingview, with an easyJet Airbus A320neo pushing back.

photo 10-70423photo 12

Here was the legroom onboard this 239-seat Airbus A321neo. I didn't find it that bad considering the flight was almost 3 hours.

For reference, I am 5"10.

photo 11

We pushed back a mere 10 minutes late, great scheduling by Wizz Air! Here is a photo of the plane taxiing now. With slats down and both engines started.

photo 13

Aaand takeoff! We took off 11 minutes late from runway 07 at Luton. The takeoff was stunning, with a sunrise and haze, it was just…
Not to mention the engines, which were very quiet. 

photo img_4972

Here were the seat-pocket contents onboard this aircraft. It had all the necessities required (even a inflight magazine!) This was good to see.

photo 14

Next the food! The catering choices were great onboard Wizz Air, with hot and cold choices. They weren't the highest of quality, and a little tasteless but it was very good in general.

The traytable was a little sticky - which was disgusting considering this was the aircraft's first flight - and also a little worn down but it was fine.
I opted for the chicken sandwich - as they had no ham and cheese onboard -, a bueno and a fuzetea which all costed 8 Euro. This was a ok-ish price considering the flight price. The chicken sandwich was still frozen when I bit into it, so I was basically eating ice…. Anyhow. 

photo vlcsnap-2022-04-28-22h45m00s790

As we passed the alps, we got some amazing shots of them!

photo img_5046

Now, the toilet. Not a bad place to be, it was clean too! I went to the one in the front of the aircraft as that was the closest. The size wasn't bad.

Sorry for the shoddy pictures, I only took a video of this for my Youtube trip report, so these are just screenshots from videos. 

photo 15photo 16

An image of the cabin inflight.

photo 17-96318

Every seat had an over-head light and air conditioning vents.

photo 19

No seats reclined onboard this aircraft. This wasn't an issue for me though, as I don't normally recline seats.

photo 18

We descended past the mountain that border both North Macedonia and Greece! Views were stunning, weather around this area however, was not.

photo img_5080

And we eventually arrived into Thessaloniki at 11:59am! We were 16 minutes early. This was a decent flight with Wizz Air!

photo img_5116

Here was today's flight path:

photo img_5122

Here is out aircraft on stand in Thessaloniki. Thank you Wizz Air for the great flight! The aircraft itself was nice, shiny and new. Great flight for my first experience onboard an aircraft with Pratt and Whitney engines!

photo img_5125

Thessaloniki Airport was a mess for passport control, but they made it work in the end with only a 10 minute wait time!

photo 20-15790

Thank you for reading this report! Hope you have a good day :) 

If you would like a little more in-depth review, watch my YouTube video below! (Goes live on 30 April 2022 at 11:15am BST) 

photo img_5140-41131
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Wizz Air

Cabin crew8.0
Buy-on-board menu7.0

London - LTN


Thessaloniki - SKG



Good flight on-board Wizz Air, apart from the cancellation (or "schedule change"), I could not fault them on the service they provide. The aircraft was a little bit mucky inside, was a shame considering it had 6 hours to be cleaned. Other than that, it was a good service for a base fare of £30 and safely got me from One side of Europe to another, on time. The crew were nice and did their jobs well, I could not fault them either.



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  • Comment 601606 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5832 Comments

    It's really incredible how many seats can fit inside an A321neo with Airbus CabinFlex! Speaking of ACF it still looks weird to see overwing exits on an A321 lol
    For 239-seats it really doesn't look as cramped as one would expect. And the seats seem decently padded for slimline seats.

    Shame about the poor cleaning job, which is not really acceptable in Covid times, especially with such a long ground time. Other than that, looks like a very good value for such a long flight.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 601625 by
      IFlyPlanes AUTHOR 3 Comments

      Thank you for your comment! As for your Airbus ACF comment I can't agree more, it really looks like an A320 from the angle I posted lmao
      I too agree, with this being the world's most dense Airbus A321 it really isn't as bad as one would think.
      I do agree with your cleaning job comment, was a little sad to see that!

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