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Airline SWISS
Flight LX 1072
Class Economy
Seat --
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 13 May 13, 12:00
Arrival at 13 May 13, 13:30
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By SILVER 3405
Published on 22nd November 2013
Hello everyone, this is the Third instalment of my trip to Switzerland and France last May.

Flights itinerary:

U2 1397 GVA-ORY
LX 1072 ZRH-FRA (you are here)


So after a wonderful week visiting a cousine in Paris, I moved back to Switzerland, this time to the other side of the Rösti Gap to Winterthur where a very special friend lives. Unfortunately I only had a weekend for visiting her so I tried to make most of my days there. The cheapest and earliest way into Winti was on train, something that did not bother me much as I had never ridden on a TGV so I looked forward to the trip.

But sooner than later my day back to Colombia had come, and it begun in Winterthur's Hauptbahnhof, where I caught one of the regular trains that link the city with Zürich's Airport.
photo IMG_3284photo IMG_3285photo IMG_3286

Even when riding a train, I find something regarding aviation, this time one of my most admired figures in the world
photo IMG_3287

One last chance to see Swiss countryside, I wonder what those yellow plantations are, Switzerland seemed filled with them.
photo IMG_3289

And in less than 15 minutes I was in the Mall over the Flughafen station.
photo IMG_3291

I checked my bag at the Swiss counters in Check-In area 3 which is on the mall, after provisioning myself with sufficient Chocolate for gifts and myself, from the Migros above, after the pretty hassle-free process I went to the gate areas.

Swiss Check In area 1
photo IMG_3292photo IMG_3293

Security was really fast and efficient…and in no time I was at the airside. Having only experienced GVA my expectations on Swiss airports weren't very high, but then I understood that ZRH is a whole world apart. The only thing in common is the fancy and (super) expensive retail.
photo IMG_3296

The area between Gates B/D and A did not show much movement, I was somewhat disappointed with this…
photo IMG_3294photo IMG_3295

I went to explore the B Gates area…
photo IMG_3298

with interesting decoration
photo IMG_3301

and an Air Berlin A330 taking sun seekers to Spain (PMI if not wrong)
photo IMG_3299

Some nice Airbus widebodies were visible across the field
photo IMG_3300

Then I moved to the A gates, which were not as interesting architecturally, but afforded better spotting options.

As I waited in the bus gates, I took some breakfast…and a last Rivella
photo IMG_3311

Then we were bussed to our Jumbolino, this time HB-IYS, an almost 13 year old plane would fly me to FRA.

I was excited because it had the Shopping jada jada livery
photo IMG_3317photo IMG_3319

I found the interior a bit dated, but very comfortable, LX's configuration 2-3 leaves a lot of space for people IMO, considering some airlines shove a 3-3 config.
photo IMG_3320photo IMG_3321

I found the space between the seats and the wall really nice
photo IMG_3323

I tried to select my seats on the internet in the morning, but the system did not let me. Fortunately it had selected a window seat for me, unfortunately it did not have the best view…at least on the ground.
photo IMG_3324photo IMG_3325photo IMG_3326

We took of from RWY 28 and banked towards Zurich, permitting lovely views of ZRH and the City.

The rest of the flight was rather uneventful…service consisted of only drinks and the traditional chocolate. I felt the service somewhat rushed.

Suddenly we were descending, I didn't see anything until we were practically on short finals to RWY 25L

Somehow, we were really late, I don't recall if it was a late departure or we took our time whilst waiting for landing in FRA…anyhow my 1h25m transfer time in FRA turned into 15 minutes.
photo IMG_3350

I hoped we weren't going to be parked in a hard stand so I could make it to my flight, but no luck…we were going to be bussed.
photo IMG_3351photo IMG_3352photo IMG_3355
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Cabin crew8.0

Zurich - ZRH


Frankfurt - FRA



ZRH: Really nice airport, sadly most shopping options airside are not affordable for young people like me, yet... the mall at the railway station is rather bland with not many interesting shopping options. Nevertheless, I like ZRH.

FRA: Not much to say, I practically ran from the bus gate to my next gate. More comments in the following FR.

LX: I was really happy to try a new airplane type, and airline. Sadly our flight did not allow for the full LX experience, but the plane was in an acceptable state and the seats and comfort were fine. Don't recall why we were late @FRA, normally I wouldn't care, actually I wouldn't have cared to miss my flight to BOG if LH was going to pay for me to stay in FRA for a night, or arrange for some crazy way back to Colombia (only fantasies sadly) but I eventually payed for this delay, more on this later.

Thanks for reading and, stay tuned for my run across FRA to my flight to Bogotá, saludos!

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  • Comment 94350 by
    AirCanada881 1617 Comments

    Thanks for this report, Some nice spotting in Zurich and flying on an Avro is always a good experience!

    See you soon for the next leg.

  • Comment 94362 by
    pititom GOLD 11162 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this FR.

    The livery is...very special :) It's surprinsing that LX wants to convey this kitsch side of swiss cliché reminds me of the cows sounds in the train to international gates ;)

  • Comment 94373 by
    Numero_2 10020 Comments

    Thanks for this new FR.
    It seems that you know Switzerland quite well : Winterthur/Winti, Rösti Gap, Rivella. ;)
    As saraoutou wrote it, the yellow plantation are colza (I think the english translation would be rape) fields. It's used for making oil and for feeding livestock.
    The aircraft livery is inspired by traditional paintings from Appenzell.
    Shame that your flight was late !

    • Comment 284913 by
      Chibcha SILVER AUTHOR 458 Comments

      I have been lucky and been thrice to Switzerland, and since I have had very close and dear Swiss friends one eventually gets to know more and more of this fascinating little country.

      The livery reminds me of the Quöllfrisch can, maybe because they're from Appenzell too.

  • Comment 94418 by
    lagentsecret 12449 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR

    See you soon for your run across FRA

  • Comment 94434 by
    KL651 TEAM 4512 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    These jumbolinos really are nice planes.
    Wow 1,5H delay that went unnoticed until landing, that must be a shock!

  • Comment 94594 by
    marathon GOLD 9854 Comments

    It is unusual to see a top comfort rating in a jumbolino. You made the most out of your window seat once in flight; I usually derate airlines which do not allow to choose the seat in advance - voluntarily or due to a bug.
    The livery is indeed unusual, but it is a friendly change from the conservative all dirty white liveries.
    Thanks for this FR !

  • Comment 94767 by
    Leadership TEAM GOLD 5230 Comments

    Thank you for this FR, nice livery on this jumbolino, a rare aircraft indeed but I don't like it.

    Shame that LX continues with this chocolate only service on their shorter flights. Cost cutting strikes again!

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