Review of Eurowings Discover flight Fuerteventura Island Munich in Business

Airline Eurowings Discover
Flight 4Y315
Class Business
Seat 4A
Aircraft Airbus A220-300
Flight time 04:25
Take-off 21 May 22, 16:35
Arrival at 21 May 22, 22:00
4Y 4 reviews
By GOLD 1226
Published on 25th May 2022


Hello everyone in comeback flight to MUC. Itw was so great in Fuerteventura that I didn't want to return. But unfrotunatelly I need to. So on this state I have a 78% miles for Senator status done.Below of course routing


at the airport

So I was at the airport near 14:00 and my surprise was that when I came already to the check-in they already started so I was happy :)
In 2019 they opened new VIP Jable Lounge so I was very curious how it looks like. Security also went fast there was few people just before me and then I was walking throught terminal and try to find this lounge…..took some time due that it's badly signed. First signes you see between terminal A and B…….to enter lounge you need to ring bell…..and wait until someone will put you in…..

photo img_3706photo img_3707photo img_3708

When I came to reception I was informed that by Eurowings Discover Business class…….I don't have access due that this lounge is collaborating only with flights LH and LX……but meanwhile LH is not flying to FUE due that they giving 4Y as a 100% child carrier…….paranoi… I bought entrace for 31 EUR and in spite of that outsidr was very comfortable sun loungers with small table that you can lie and drink. Additionally small fridge outside is also available but inside……….this is just very very small room. For me it looks like they tried to make a lounge by force that it just would be for more prestige but…..I couldn't take more photos because few people was there but all of us sit few meters from. Tortilla de patatas was generally good in consistency and flavour but was a little bit too salty. But in general ok and it was the only hot option which was already not so hot heheheh, there was 2 fridges where was a lot of different alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages , choice was really rich. I took some beers and went to outside to still use the sun ;) 

1,5h passed fast and need to go to gate. When I arrived I saw that plane is on stan-by position and already knew that it will be ride by bus.
People started  queque but in the end business class passengers were asked first xD 

on board

After we were been "delivered" to the plane I was one of the first who board. today there was only 7 business passengers so Business cabin was very small.When boarding was completed and I also asked for the pillow.Unfortunatelly no pre-departure drink here :( .We started taxi and few minutes later we started. Views as always was the photos you can see small island Lobos and Lanzarote 

After ca. 20 min when we reached altitude service started. Today there was only beautiful females FA. They were also extremely nice.First of all drinks came.So as usual I asked for Sparkling wine and coke. Before meal came I was offered some refills which was very nice.

ca. 15 min later food has been distributed.Today it was……microhamburger on toothpick xD which makes me laugh but it was good and as a hot option.Additional cold salad plate and choco pudding with cherry syroup. Hmmm overall it was good but and as a low cost airline I was not expected something big…..all in all it was good, so no further comments xD Of course still there were offers some refills. Good was that porcelain was with logo LH xD I asked for some refills of sparkling wine and later on beer

After sometime crew offered hot chocolate biscuit with cinnamon which were really delicious, nice touch.So later on also more sparkling wine for me ;)

the sun was very slowly the sun began to set behind the horizon and the views started to be more and more beautiful.

Rest of the flight was uneventful and calm. I just relaxed and listen to music.

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Eurowings Discover

Cabin crew10.0

Fuerteventura Island - FUE


Munich - MUC



All in all flight was good. for 508 EUR Business class I would expect normal catering as it was in LH due that for such money you were able before summer went by LH to canary islands with full hot meal.But ok this is low cost there is now priority baggage also.In general I was very happy :)

So we are almost on finish with my Senator Status race.
Next trips which are already planned:

MUC-WAW-LOT-Business class
WAW-GDN-LOT-Economy Class
GDN-FRA-LH-Business Class
FRA-PMI-LH-Business Class
PMI-FRA-Business Class
FRA-GDN-Business Class
GDN-WAW-Economy Class
WAW-MUC-Business Class

everything is ending 30.06 so from 01.07 Senator status should be there.

Stay tuned! Thank for review



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