Review of Asiana Airlines flight Seoul Hong Kong in Business

Airline Asiana Airlines
Flight OZ 745
Class Business
Seat 11J
Aircraft Boeing 747-400
Flight time 03:30
Take-off 24 Nov 13, 19:40
Arrival at 24 Nov 13, 22:10
OZ 102 reviews
By 8298
Published on 4th December 2013
Once I landed in ICN, I made my way to the transfer desk in order to catch my flight to HKG. Signs were clearly marked and I had to go through a quick security check in order to be allowed back into the terminal. I've read a lot of great reviews about this airport and I found it to be very spacious and modern. Some areas feel more like a shopping mall than an airport with all the luxury brand stores lined up one after the other.

I visited the Asiana Business Lounge which was recently renovated and was greeted warmly by an attendant. There were two entrances and I chose the right one. On my way inside there were some rooms with computer terminals, a buffet section and a large seating room with a piano in the middle. The library motif gave a sense of elegance and exclusivity. In terms of food, there were a couple of snacks, salad components and two hot dishes. One of the dishes was sweet and sour pork and the other some sort of tofu with vegetables or mushrooms. The container with the tofu was almost empty. I grabbed some sweet and sour pork and sat down to enjoy it.

Reception desk

photo OZ J Lounge @ ICN (1) (900x633)photo OZ J Lounge @ ICN (2) (900x509)

Computer terminals

photo OZ J Lounge @ ICN (12) (900x600)

Buffet area

Seating area with library motif

photo OZ J Lounge @ ICN (3) (900x600)photo OZ J Lounge @ ICN (4) (900x556)

I then used the computer for a few minutes and made my way to the gate. On my way there I stopped by the WC and was confronted with a strong sewage smell. Up to now I had a great impression of this airport. i exited quickly and arrived at the gate where there was a long line. Thankfully there was an empty line dedicated to F and J pax next to it. I checked with the gate agent about getting the emergency exit row in the upper deck and she advised that I could change once I was inside.

Seat 11J EQP 744
Dept. 1940 (Actual 2027) - Arriv. 2210 (Actual 2248)

Plane at the gate

photo OZ 745 ICN-HKG (1) (900x645)

A smiling attendant greeted me onboard and directed me to the upper deck. Once I reached the top of the stairs, another FA welcomed me and helped me store my heavy carry on in the closet area by the stairs. I settled into my seat where a pair of slippers, headphone and blanket were placed.

FA's distributed pre-departure drinks and I chose a glass of water.

photo OZ 745 ICN-HKG (5) (900x600)

A few minutes later another FA presented each passenger immigration and customs forms with pens from a tray. As departure time approached, the captain made an announcement saying that our flight would be delayed by about 20 min. due to congestion and rainy weather. I took a look around the cabin and it was fairly empty with only 6-7 passengers including myself. The purser introduced herself to each J passenger and apologized about the delay.

Upper deck

photo OZ 745 ICN-HKG (2) (900x540)photo OZ 745 ICN-HKG (6) (900x600)photo OZ 745 ICN-HKG (8) (900x540)


photo OZ 745 ICN-HKG (3) (900x600)photo OZ 745 ICN-HKG (4) (900x600)photo OZ 745 ICN-HKG (10) (900x600)

Button to move the armrest up or down

photo OZ 745 ICN-HKG (7) (900x600)

I visited the WC and it contained the same amenities as the intercontinental flight

photo OZ 745 ICN-HKG (9) (900x600)

Menus were distributed and when the lights were dimmed, the FA stopped by my seat and turned the individual light on when she saw me reading a book. The service was just as attentive and proactive as my first flight out of SEA to ICN. A round of hot towels signaled the start of the meal service with linens being placed on the tray tables.


photo OZ 745 (1) (675x900)photo OZ 745 (2) (675x900)


The meal started with a smoked duck with balsamic onion appetizer

photo OZ 745 ICN-HKG (14) (900x600)photo OZ 745 ICN-HKG (11) (900x600)

A small salad with Italian vinaigrette

photo OZ 745 ICN-HKG (12) (900x600)

Warm breads were offered from a basket and I chose the garlic toasts

photo OZ 745 ICN-HKG (13) (900x600)

Drinks were refilled automatically and FA's were really attentive. Main course was a grilled salmon with mushroom cream sauce, asparagus and potatoes.

photo OZ 745 ICN-HKG (15) (900x552)photo OZ 745 ICN-HKG (17) (900x600)

Afterwards I had the cheese plate that consisted of Blue, Cheddar and Maroilles Nouvion.

photo OZ 745 ICN-HKG (18) (900x600)photo OZ 745 ICN-HKG (19) (900x600)

The FA brought a basket with crackers and breads to accompany the cheese course. When I finished the crackers and still had some cheese left, the FA brought me the basket again. That was a top notch gesture!

photo OZ 745 ICN-HKG (21) (900x597)

A blueberry and yogurt ice cream rounded off the meal.

photo OZ 745 ICN-HKG (22) (900x600)photo OZ 745 ICN-HKG (23) (900x652)

We finally landed in HKG on a cloudy night. I was able to snatch of picture of Victoria Harbor through the clouds.

photo OZ 745 ICN-HKG (24) (900x600)
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Asiana Airlines

Cabin crew10.0

Asiana Airlines Business Lounge


Seoul - ICN


Hong Kong - HKG



Once again I had an enjoyable flight on OZ. The inflight crew is OZ's biggest strength with FA's that are the epitome of professionalism and efficiency. OZ should put more emphasis in providing a more consistent hardware product, especially with their long haul J seats.

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  • Comment 94430 by
    indianocean BRONZE 7193 Comments

    What I like in Boeing 747, it's the privacy provided byt the upper deck cabin and the nose of the plane.
    The starter is very interesting and looks nice
    Thank you jetsetpanda

  • Comment 94474 by
    Papoumada GOLD 6609 Comments

    Once more a pleasant and comprehensive report.

    OZ seems to be a very good airline with FA doing a great job to fulfill the expectations of the customers.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Comment 284946 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2294 Comments

      According to Skytrax OZ is a 5-star carrier and it showed in the service. One my two flights I thought the FA's were really exceptional and did a great job of anticipating needs. For example, glasses were refilled without asking and forms were given along with pens. Being proactive and anticipating customers wishes give the wow factor that differentiates between good and excellent.

  • Comment 94480 by
    AirCanada881 1617 Comments

    A wonderful report as always my friend. Such a pleasure to be able to fly the queen of the skies on a medium haul route, the food looked very appetizing and the seat quite comfy :) Added to that the privacy of the upper deck and you've got a winning combination!

  • Comment 94482 by
    jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2294 Comments

    Indeed a treat to be able to fly on a 747 on this route. There was one more flight that would have given me more time to enjoy the lounges at ICN and would depart about 1 hr. later than this one, but it was on an A321. Yes, a narrow body. Thanks but I would stick to the 747.

    Catering was very decent. The only thing that I would have preferred was to see a pastry dessert instead of ice cream that I could have bought at a store.

  • Comment 94504 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5845 Comments

    Thanks for this second segment! How nice to have such an empty lounge--it definitely makes it easier (less awkward) to take pics for your FR. I really want that OZ A380's gorgeous!! Nothing like being in the upper deck on a exclusive and intimate! You should become a food photographer (if you aren't already)! Your pics of catering are always mouth-wateringly beautiful! I hope you are having a great time in Asia!

    • Comment 284966 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2294 Comments

      I had a fantastic time in HKG. I also did some hotel hopping and stayed at the Intercontinental Grand Stanford and IC HKG. Both of my rooms had a view of Victoria Harbor so I can't complain. Lots of food pics.

      Thanks for the comment about my catering pics. I'm really flattered. However, I feel that I still have a lot to learn.

  • Comment 376781 by
    FLIGHTEXAMINOR 16 Comments

    can anyone do a detailed SQ lounge review at seoul? Especially with detailed food options/??

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