Review of Turkish Airlines flight Hong Kong Istanbul in Premium Eco

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK71
Class Premium Eco
Seat 12A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 11:20
Take-off 03 Sep 13, 23:25
Arrival at 04 Sep 13, 05:45
TK   #16 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 634 reviews
By 16632
Published on 3rd December 2013

1. 07 August 2013 - BUD-IST Y
2. 08 August 2013 - IST-HKG W
3. 10 August 2013 – HKG-CEB Y-
4. 21 August 2013 - CEB-CGM Y-
5. 31 August 2013 - CEB-MNL Y-
6. 31 August 2013 - MNL-KUL Y-
7. 02 September 2013 - KUL-HKG Y-
8. 03 September 2013 - HKG-IST W FINAL CALL
9. 04 September 2013 - IST-VIE Y To be published

Welcome to the return flight on board TK. This is my second flight report showcasing a premium product; I'm not so lucky to do it often so I am happy when I Can :)

I am going to include a tourist bonus at the beginning of this FR on Hong Kong because I loved the city so much, if you want to skip to the Flight Report directly, feel free to do so.

When we arrived at our hotel the night prior we asked for late checkout as our flight wasn't until close to midnight, sadly this was denied as our room would be occupied the next day… so at 11 AM the next day the hotel reception kind of haggled us to hurry up and check out… Not the best way to end our time on holidays, so we hurried about and were out by noon.

They allowed us to store our luggage at reception, we would be using TK's in town check in which only opens at 14:30. The night before, exactly 24 hours before departure I tried checking in online to row 11 but the row was already taken :( I don't understand how since I was probably the first to check in. So I will try my luck at the in town check in.

Since it was alittle past 12 we decided to have lunch directly. It was starting to rain which wasn't going to motivate us to go very far, so in the end we decided upon an indian restaurant we had eaten at 3 weeks prior which was quite good (not very creative I know, but hey I love Indian food :)

I can highly recommend this place, for about 50 HKD per person you get a great meal as pictured below a Byriani and a lamb rogan josh. Samosa's and plenty of dipping sauces.
photo DSC03843 [1600x1200]photo DSC03847 [1600x1200]

After lunch it was raining even harder… But we had to get to the in town check in because we still wanted to visit HK before our flight, so we fetched our bags from the hotel and took the fun double decker trams to Central. It took us a while to find the In town check in as I didn't know it was inside a mall
photo DSC03848 [1600x1200]photo DSC03850 [1600x1200]

TK shares a check in counter with other Star Alliance carriers, namely 'Late Canada' and 'United'. I was the first in line for check in and I saw the agent come to open it so there could not have been anyone before me. So I tried my luck again at row 11 and no dice, the lady, an Asian woman whose nose was as annoying as the 3 ladies on our previous Air Asia flight said the seats were already taken. I was really frustrated because I wanted those seats so bad :(
photo DSC03851 [1600x1200]

So 12A/B were our final seats for now and that was that.
photo DSC03859 [1600x1200]1

After checking in, we had about 9 hours before our flight. I was happy to be able to stay in HK abit before taking the fast train to the airport. It stopped raining by then so we walked around. Our first stop was the HK Apple store which is quite big and full of people.

view from the Apple store
photo DSC03854 [1600x1200]photo DSC03856 [1600x1200]

Actual Apple store
photo DSC03857 [1600x1200]

Beautiful green areas populate Hong Kong
photo DSC03866 [1600x1200]

It is hard to describe what makes HK such an appealing city. for me the food is definitely a huge factor, the city is a shrine of delicate foods and as 007 has said in his previous reports, HK has more starred restaurants than Paris!
photo DSC03867 [1600x1200]

I also love the fact that there are people everywhere 24 hours a day, somehow it makes you feel part of something bigger, it makes you want to roam around the streets and live as much of the local culture as you possibly can
photo DSC03869 [1600x1200]

Every type of land vehicle roaming this city can be seen here, from the buses to the taxis to the trucks, the SUVs and the cars
photo DSC03870 [1600x1200]

these trams are so atypical
photo DSC03874 [1600x1200]

Slovak girl in Asian city
photo DSC03876 [1600x1200]

Every brand name imaginable has large billboards here
photo DSC03879 [1600x1200]

The skyscrapers in HK are really a landmark in the city, really beautiful buildings, not sure what this one is
photo DSC03884 [1600x1200]

Bank of China Tower, 367 meters tall with the masts
photo DSC03885 [1600x1200]

Lippo centre, 172 meters tall
photo DSC03886 [1600x1200]

Citi bank tower
photo DSC03892 [1600x1200]

Lippo Centre
photo DSC03898 [1600x1200]

We found out that it was possible to go up the Bank of China tower for free before 5 PM (closed after) so we seized the chance to get a great view of HK as we hadn't been able to go to Victoria Peak. the weather wasn't great but still worth it
photo DSC03916 [1600x1200]

The imposing international finance center, 412 meters tall
photo DSC03927 [1600x1200]

View from the top
photo DSC03929 [1600x1200]

After a while we went back down and saw these cool fish swimming around
photo DSC03945 [1600x1200]

Lippo Centre close up, I find the architecture of this building very interesting
photo DSC03947 [1600x1200]

Victoria Peak tram, we noticed the queue was quite short so we decided to go and spend the last dollars on our Octopus card to go up one way. We would then be walking down :-D
photo DSC03952 [1600x1200]

Quite a few people in line. A young Chinese family with kids did not hesitate to walk in front of us in line for their benefit, bless their hearts :)
photo DSC03953 [1600x1200]

Front view
photo DSC03956 [1600x1200]

photo DSC03960 [1600x1200]

Our chariot arrives!
photo DSC03962 [1600x1200]

Inside the chariot, we had to fight to get these seats even though we were close to first in line
photo DSC03963 [1600x1200]

For those interested I filmed the ascension :)

Beautiful skyline from the top
photo DSC03966 [1600x1200]photo DSC03976 [1600x1200]

Who said Hobbits were from New Zealand?
photo DSC03979 [1600x1200]

In this picture you can see both international finance centers, and the commerce center at a whopping 484 meters!
photo DSC03980 [1600x1200]

photo DSC03982 [1600x1200]

I love this view, it really shows how unique the HK skyline is, sometimes I wonder how these tall residential towers can sustain structural strength being dug up from the ground in their foundations, I suppose HK doesn't get earthquakes alot?
photo DSC03984 [1600x1200]photo DSC03989 [1600x1200]

The Bay from the South side
photo DSC03991 [1600x1200]

the top of Victoria peak is like a mini village with shops, restaurants, etc. I wonder if there is even a hotel up there!
photo DSC04000 [1600x1200]

Causeway Bay (I think)
photo DSC04008 [1600x1200]

It got dark after a while and I was able to photograph the view at night which is all the more magical with all the lights.

International Finance center close up
photo DSC04031 [1600x1200]

International Commerce Center
photo DSC04034 [1600x1200]photo DSC04036 [1600x1200]

I could never get tired of this view
photo DSC04040 [1600x1200]photo DSC04042 [1600x1200]

Here's a video I took of the Victoria peak night experience

photo DSC04053 [1600x1200]photo DSC04054 [1600x1200]

We stayed up until about 20;30 and then we started making our way down. I didn't think the way down would be so difficult, it is quite steep and I was wearing just flip flops so it made things more difficult. But it was interesting to come closer to the residential buildings as we came down and imagine how their residents live each day, close to the mountain, must be nice exercise every day but in this heat? Not sure I could do it!
photo DSC04057 [1600x1200]photo DSC04063 [1600x1200]

Bank of China Tower from the bottom
photo DSC04065 [1600x1200]

Interesting doorway
photo DSC04067 [1600x1200]

The streets at night
photo DSC04068 [1600x1200]

That's where we are going!
photo DSC04071 [1600x1200]

Thanks to my GPS we didn't really get lost and before long we were on the train to the airport.
photo DSC04075 [1600x1200]

It certainly is a very fast way to get to the airport.
photo DSC04079 [1600x1200]

Arrival at Chek Lap kok
photo DSC04080 [1600x1200]

Beautiful Hong-Kong airport
photo DSC04081 [1600x1200]photo DSC04082 [1600x1200]photo DSC04083 [1600x1200]

Seems like our flight is 10 mins early!
photo DSC04085 [1600x1200]

World clock
photo DSC04087 [1600x1200]

Check in area for SQ
photo DSC04088 [1600x1200]photo DSC04089 [1600x1200]

Emirates counters, it seems they need more ;)
photo DSC04091 [1600x1200]

Security went rather quickly and we had to take the people mover to our gate, our flight is still showing 10 mins early.
photo DSC04095 [1600x1200]

Our 77W patiently waiting to take us back to the land of Ottomans and Hazelnuts. I was however disappointed to discover that this will be the same 77W than the one I flew to get here, TC-JJJ Erzurum :/ I was kind of hoping for the FC Barcelona scheme or at least a different reg.
photo DSC04098 [1600x1200]

I tried to speak to the counter to change my seat but the appropriate personal still hadn't arrived. Eventually they did, Asian women with a full nose :( they could do nothing for me, the seats were taken.
photo DSC04101 [1600x1200]photo DSC04103 [1600x1200]

At the final call we decided to board
photo DSC04106 [1600x1200]

100% full cabin again on this flight. TK, if you're reading this I hope you reconsider the withdrawal of your comfort class product.
photo DSC04110 [1600x1200]photo DSC04111 [1600x1200]

46 inches of legroom.
photo DSC04112 [1600x1200]

the Misses already prepared for a long nap.
photo DSC04113 [1600x1200]

The seats in front of us were occupied by a couple in their late 50's and the guy was telling his wife how these are the best seats in the house, and it's probably wrong of me, but I was wondering to myself how this lucky bastard snagged those seats lol. It makes no sense to me…
photo DSC04114 [1600x1200]

Hey there, good lookin'!
photo DSC04117 [1600x1200]

Push back on time next to a Dragonnair A320
photo DSC04121 [1600x1200]

CX A343
photo DSC04127 [1600x1200]

CX 77W
photo DSC04128 [1600x1200]photo DSC04130 [1600x1200]

TG A333
photo DSC04132 [1600x1200]

CX A333
photo DSC04134 [1600x1200]

Aaan another CX 77W!
photo DSC04135 [1600x1200]

We were going to take off behind an Air France 77W. If you enjoy takeoff videos, I was pretty happy with this one, you can hear the huge GE 90's really well and there's a good view of the airport upon takeoff.

View of HK after takeoff, my last glimpse of this wonderful and sleepless city…
photo DSC04139 [1600x1200]

About 20 minutes after takeoff service began with a pipping hot Osihori
photo DSC04143 [1600x1200]

And the menu
photo DSC04145 [1600x1200]

No welcome drink and no loukhoum, so far this flight is not as good as TK70 from 3 weeks ago.

As you can imagine this is a night flight so there isn't much to photograph outside, I therefore went abit crazy on the catering pics, sorry :-P

Service by the trolley
photo DSC04147 [1600x1200]

Our route (which will look nothing like this in the end)
photo DSC04148 [1600x1200]

Amuse bouche with hazelnuts and that oh so divine mint lemonade. This combo alone, is 10/10. the hazelnuts are delicious, the amuse bouche was super fresh, salmon with a cucumber wrap and hummus cake, and the lemonade.. I could eat just these and be happy :-D
photo DSC04149 [1600x1200]

photo DSC04150 [1600x1200]

photo DSC04151 [1600x1200]

Please if you would do the honors and try this :-D
photo DSC04155 [1600x1200]

Buffalo Mozzarella tomato salad. It was good but not exceptional. The mozzarella was kind of dry, but thr tomatoes were fresh and crunchy on the outside, tangy on the inside.
photo DSC04158 [1600x1200]

Mediterenean salad with Zuchini
photo DSC04159 [1600x1200]

I chose the fish
photo DSC04160 [1600x1200]

It is worth noting that ex HKG, catering is done in 4 phases, amuse bouche, appetizers and main dish, then fruits, cheese and dessert, and then coffee with digestives and chocolates.
photo DSC04165 [1600x1200]

The salad again
photo DSC04166 [1600x1200]

Grilled filer of Sole, cafe de Paris butter, broccoli and cherry tomato saffron rice
photo DSC04167 [1600x1200]

Second salad. You won't go hungry on board TK!
photo DSC04168 [1600x1200]

Oven fresh bread selection
photo DSC04169 [1600x1200]

Real cutlery, and lots of it!
photo DSC04170 [1600x1200]

My signature, still fork in the food :-)
photo DSC04171 [1600x1200]

Everything was tasty. The fish was fresh and moist, very well cooked. I have to say that I was hoping for a meat selection, had there been one I would not have chosen the fish so I was abit disappointed but the fish was nonetheless very tasty.

I was already feeling really full after the fish, here's what came nect :)
photo DSC04173 [1600x1200]

Petits desserts
photo DSC04175 [1600x1200]

Selection of cheese (My wife gave me her portions as she was already wanting to sleep)
photo DSC04178 [1600x1200]

For dessert, I switched to the sour cherry juice. Both the lemonade and the sour cherry juice were the only drinks I asked for and with an unlimited supply I think I had 4 glasses of each throughout the entire flight ^^
photo DSC04180 [1600x1200]

Ok I had some water too sorry :-D
photo DSC04183 [1600x1200]

After this feast I forced myself up to pay a visit to the bathroom
photo DSC04184 [1600x1200]

Various lotions
photo DSC04186 [1600x1200]photo DSC04189 [1600x1200]

Luxury sink
photo DSC04190 [1600x1200]

Overall the bathrooms are very nice and clean and I believe the J pax have to share them with the W pax
photo DSC04191 [1600x1200]

Back to my seat was waiting a bottle of water for the night as well as chocolates. Here's where we were after dinner service
photo 20130904_021239

Let's take a look at the comfort class amenity kit which I find to be very complete
photo DSC04200 [1600x1200]

The lemonade is not part of the amenity kit ^^
photo DSC04227 [1600x1200]

Mid flight experience: The flight was uneventful for the most part. The charge ports were all working perfectly and I was able to charge my phone, the internet worked flawlessly once we left China and it even worked while we were straddling the border by the south, kudos to TK for this, high speed internet for free, when you think of what other carriers charge… Though I understand this is temporary, but it's been temporary for more than a year now! Whatsapp worked, so did Facebook, gmail, all the applications I usually use were working.

Around 4 AM Istanbul time breakfast was served which is the standard on board TK, the tray with my coffee (only black spot of this catering ensemble), and mint lemonade again :-D
photo DSC04209 [1600x1200]

Omelette with Turkish pastry, mushrooms and tomatoes, this was delicious, the eggs were moist and savory.
photo DSC04212 [1600x1200]

More oven fresh bread. Not the greatest bread, more like buns, but it was alright.
photo DSC04213 [1600x1200]

cheese and fruit
photo DSC04214 [1600x1200]

Still fork in the omelette
photo DSC04218 [1600x1200]

photo DSC04220 [1600x1200]

More cutlery. they must spend alot on dish-washing!
photo DSC04222 [1600x1200]

photo DSC04225 [1600x1200]

GE-90 (This was not part of my breakfast)
photo DSC04236 [1600x1200]

Our flight path:
photo 20130904_093131

Soon enough it was time to land in a dark Istanbul, Landing video here:

Taxiing in IST, TK A321
photo DSC04242 [1600x1200]

Atlasjet A321
photo DSC04244 [1600x1200]

A 5 star A310 :) Probably the only one in existence?
photo DSC04247 [1600x1200]

We docked at the gate 20 minutes ahead of schedule, and for deplaning the curtains were shut to let the J pax deplane first. We were in o hurry so we waited for everyone else to clear the aisles
photo DSC04248 [1600x1200]

The so coveted seats I failed to snag
photo DSC04249 [1600x1200]

One last look at the comfort class cabin, not sure I'll get to see it again before it disappears
photo DSC04253 [1600x1200]

Thanks TC-JJJ, you were a good ride
photo DSC04255 [1600x1200]

Thanks for reading, see you in Part 9 for the final trek home.
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Turkish Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Hong Kong - HKG


Istanbul - ISL



TK: There isn't much to say. TK's comfort class product is a winner. The competition is not even worth mentioning. The service was excellent, the food great, the seat is like an old style business class seat, the IFE is great, free internet, the only disappointments were the absence of loukhoum at the beginning and the lack of meat as a main dish. Everything else was spot on. Luxurious flight for the price of an economy ticket...

HKG: Perfect airport, nothing else to add there

IST: Could be improved, no complimentary internet, long corridors, immigration/transfer could be more efficient, but overall it's an k import to transit through.

Information on the route Hong Kong (HKG) Istanbul (ISL)


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  • Comment 94451 by
    Topper Harley 148 Comments

    Thnks for this FR. Absolutely amazing picture of HK during the take off.
    Il love this city too. Thanks for sharing

  • Comment 94465 by
    02022001 4340 Comments

    Really nice pictures ! Thnaks for this flight-report !

  • Comment 94478 by
    Durian 1170 Comments

    Thanks for the report! The cover picture is fantastic!
    LOL in HK going for Indian food ;-)
    On the pictures of your BP, your last names can still be seen.
    The pictures from Victoria Peak are breathtaking, lucky you, no fog no clouds, such a clear night !

    Don't complain about being again on a 77W, lagensecret will tell you it could have been worse (343) ;-)

    Along with the fully booked Y+ picture, a picture later of how full the J class was would have been very helpful (to understand if the Y+ cannibalizes the J)

    Good catering as usual, although portions are not big (not big but many, so that makes it up!). And free internet, that's impressive !

    • Comment 284970 by
      AirCanada881 AUTHOR 1617 Comments

      Thanks DURIAN for your comment LOL you aren't the first one who has flogged me for eating Indian in HK ;)

      I wasn't complaining on being in a 77W, I love the plane, I was just hoping for a different reg :-D

      You are right the portions aren't huge but many:
      - Hazelnuts
      - Canapes
      - Appetizer
      - Salad
      - Main course
      - Cheeses
      - Fruits
      - Desserts
      - Bread
      - Chocolates

      And for breakfast:
      - Fruits
      - Cheeses
      - Hot main dish
      - Bread

      So yeah I was definitely stuffed after the meals :-D

      the free internet is just a trial run I think but it was awesome to use for free :-D

    • Comment 285067 by
      lagentsecret 12449 Comments

      63 seats in Y+, 28 seats in J and they are often no free seats in both classes

  • Comment 94481 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Thanks for this fantastic report and the bonus of HKG. I just came back from there and it's good to compare someone else's pespective about this great city. HKG reminds me a lot of NY. It has the same fast paced rhythm and energy. Lots of great places to eat that can satisfy any budget.

    TK catering is always great and flying Comfort Class is a nice treat. I just hope that somehow this cabin survives and is not phased out completely. It would be a shame.

    • Comment 284971 by
      AirCanada881 AUTHOR 1617 Comments

      Thanks for the comment, yes I agree with you, I really hope TK reconsiders, a 3 or 4 row comfort class would be plenty. And I wish they'd have it on their Airbus wide bodies in 2-2-2 config :-D Wishful thinking of course hehe

  • Comment 94506 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5653 Comments

    Great report Will! Nice Hong Kong Bonus--one of my favorite cities! Love the pics from Victoria Peak at night. That tram ride always freaks me out because the angle is so steep that all the buildings look like they're going to fall over when you look out the window. Nice detailed report of the TK Comfort Class experience with some great pics!

  • Comment 94652 by
    Leadership TEAM GOLD 5230 Comments

    Thanks a lot William for this new & fantastic report, I like HK too, and your bonus reminds me good memories.

    Still a flawless W product from TK, seat and catering are top!

    Awesome pictures, it makes me hungry!

    See you ;)

  • Comment 94673 by
    A380B77W 4301 Comments

    Thanks for this awesome report :D

    Amazing pictures of Hong-Kong !!! I'm impatient to be there (teasing ^^) !

    Very good flight, as always with the TK's 77W :D

    Yummm, good good catering :)

  • Comment 94705 by
    lagentsecret 12449 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR

    Gorgeous pictures of Hong Kong (one of my favourites cities), especially the pictures taken from Victoria Peak

    The 77W is a great aircraft but too noisy

    Y+ seats are old business seats with a great legroom

    Great food as usual : I agree with you for the lemonade and the juices that are served on board, the best I've ever drunk

    I hope to see you soon on another TK longhaul ;)

  • Comment 94990 by
    marathon GOLD 9854 Comments

    A great tourist bonus, which reminds me very much of all the places I visited in HK. The catering looks better than that served in J by quite a number of airlines. As to internet on board, well, many other airlines don't even provide it for a charge. I agree with your statement in your conclusion. A really impressive product, and an equally impressive flight report. Thanks !

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