Review of Lufthansa flight Denver Frankfurt in First

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH447
Class First
Seat 83C
Aircraft Boeing 747-400
Flight time 09:30
Take-off 23 Nov 13, 17:25
Arrival at 24 Nov 13, 10:55
LH   #62 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1581 reviews
By 19422
Published on 11th December 2013
Below is my trip report of my first First class flight. This is on Lufthansa's new First class on the 747 with the Bed/Seat Combo. I've also included pictures of the first class lounge, first class terminal, and my porsche rental. I tried to take advantage of everything I could.

I've been flying mostly economy up until last year. My only longhaul business class trips have been on CX, JL, and AF which were a great improvement over economy. I thought business was fantastic until I rode on LH First Class. It's a whole another world out there. This will be mainly a picture report with captions. I will try my best to answer any questions.

photo IMG_8021 (Large)

Overview of Seat/Bed. The first row was empty, as was the last row.

photo IMG_8022 (Large)

our area of the cabin

photo IMG_8023 (Large)

View of the seat.

photo IMG_8025 (Large)

In case you don't know which cabin you are in.

photo IMG_8026 (Large)

Under the bed has a handy drawer to put lots of stuff in.

photo IMG_8027 (Large)

All the goodies we got before takeoff including the Rimowa bag.

photo IMG_8028 (Large)

Size of TV

photo IMG_8029 (Large)

This is how much the seat reclines

photo IMG_8031 (Large)

View of our cabin from the front.

photo IMG_8032 (Large)

Bathroom is a bit tight but has a nice window view.

photo IMG_8036 (Large)

Night time view of cabin

photo IMG_8037 (Large)


photo IMG_8038 (Large)


photo IMG_8039 (Large)


photo IMG_8040 (Large)


photo IMG_8042 (Large)

More Tea

photo IMG_8047 (Large)

Caviar Tray

photo IMG_8049 (Large)

Caviar with garnishments. Not sure how it's supposed to be eaten.

photo IMG_8051 (Large)

Starter with the Beef, Ravioli and the largest scallop I have ever eaten.

photo IMG_8052 (Large)

I got the Beef and Scallop only

photo IMG_8054 (Large)

Lobster dish. Never had lobster on a plane before. Quite delicious.

photo IMG_8055 (Large)

Various cheeses

photo IMG_8057 (Large)

Cheeses on a plate

photo IMG_8058 (Large)

I was still hungry so I got the Tenderloin of Beef. Also delicious

photo IMG_8059 (Large)

Chocolates after Dinner

photo IMG_8060 (Large)

View of the seat/bed from the front.

photo IMG_8061 (Large)

Felt like such a waste that 4 perfectly fine seats weren't being used.

photo IMG_8062 (Large)

3 of 4 windows that each bed had.

photo IMG_8063 (Large)

Cabin in the morning

photo IMG_8064 (Large)

Last shot before leaving the best flight ever.

photo IMG_8066 (Large)

Menu at First class lounge

photo IMG_8067 (Large)

Various buffet items (at lunch time)

photo IMG_8068 (Large)

Various buffet items (at lunch time)

photo IMG_8069 (Large)

Various buffet items (at lunch time)

photo IMG_8070 (Large)

Various buffet items (at lunch time)

photo IMG_8072 (Large)

Various cured meats.

photo IMG_8073 (Large)


photo IMG_8074 (Large)

Specialty menu.

photo IMG_8075 (Large)


photo IMG_8076 (Large)

Pumpkin Soup

photo IMG_8077 (Large)

Tom Ka Gai Soup

photo IMG_8078 (Large)

Food from buffet

photo IMG_8079 (Large)

Seared hare. Very good.

photo IMG_8080 (Large)

Another menu shot.

photo IMG_8081 (Large)

Cigar Room. Did not smell of smoke outside.

photo IMG_8082 (Large)

Bar with ample supply of drinks.

photo IMG_8083 (Large)

A water bar, of water bottles from various places around the world. Quite excessive.

photo IMG_8084 (Large)

Water menu.

photo IMG_8085 (Large)

That's where we were.

photo IMG_8087 (Large)

My rental car for 3 hours.

photo IMG_8088 (Large)

Trunk space in front.

photo IMG_8089 (Large)

Passenger side

photo IMG_8090 (Large)

Driver side

photo IMG_8091 (Large)

Driver side

photo IMG_8092 (Large)

On our way up to castle. I forgot the name of the castle as we found it driving around. Note the GPS did not have any preprogrammed routes so we had to wing it.

photo IMG_8093 (Large)

On our way up to castle.

photo IMG_8096 (Large)

Inside the porsche

photo IMG_8098 (Large)

Interior view.

photo IMG_8101 (Large)

View from castle

photo IMG_8102 (Large)

View from castle

photo IMG_8103 (Large)

Our car parked

photo IMG_8105 (Large)

Driving through the town

photo IMG_8106 (Large)

Town bell

photo IMG_8107 (Large)


photo IMG_8108 (Large)

Pulling up to the First Class Terminal with the personal assistant waiting.

photo IMG_8111 (Large)

Looking down from inside the terminal trying to guess which car we'll take to our next flight.

photo IMG_8112 (Large)

I chose this one.

photo IMG_8114 (Large)

Various candies

photo IMG_8115 (Large)


photo IMG_8116 (Large)

Just like a nice restaurant.

photo IMG_8117 (Large)

Water bar

photo IMG_8118 (Large)

Buffet items at dinnertime.

photo IMG_8119 (Large)

Buffet items at dinnertime.

photo IMG_8120 (Large)

Buffet items at dinnertime.

photo IMG_8121 (Large)

Buffet items at dinnertime.

photo IMG_8122 (Large)

A Prosciutto slicer. Didn't know how to work it so I didn't slice anything.

photo IMG_8123 (Large)

Day room. The design could be better since it was hard to sleep 2 people on the bottom bed. The top bed was hard and had no padding. Not sure what it was for.

photo IMG_8124 (Large)


photo IMG_8125 (Large)

Looking towards the bathtub. There was only 1 room with a bathtub, the other 3 rooms only had showers. I did not have to wait, as all were empty.

photo IMG_8126 (Large)

Bathtub with blue ducky!

photo IMG_8127 (Large)

Shower. Had rainfall and handheld option.

photo IMG_8128 (Large)

Looking towards the bar

photo IMG_8129 (Large)

This ended up being delicious. I think it was rabbit.

photo IMG_8130 (Large)

Dessert option

photo IMG_8131 (Large)

We ended up taking the newest S Class AMG Mercedes to our next flight!

photo IMG_8134 (Large)

Our driver was just as excited as we were.

photo IMG_8135 (Large)

He was showing us the infared camera in the dashboard along with the excellent sound system.

photo IMG_8136 (Large)

Each back seat passenger had his own TV

photo IMG_8137 (Large)


photo IMG_8138 (Large)

The back right passenger could recline his seat, which would push the passenger seat forward as shown.
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Cabin crew10.0

United Club (West)


Denver - DEN


Frankfurt - FRA



This is by far the best flight I have ever taken. The service, space, and attention to detail was something I had never experienced before. I can see why LH wants to protect this cabin and why people would pay good money for this. From the seat/bed, to the flight attendants, to the FCT, there's nothing that I would change about this. I would fly F through Frankfurt for all my flights if I could.

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