Review of Turkish Airlines flight Istanbul Vienna in Economy

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK1883
Class Economy
Seat 22F
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 02:25
Take-off 04 Sep 13, 08:05
Arrival at 04 Sep 13, 09:30
TK   #13 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 629 reviews
Published on 10th December 2013

1. 07 August 2013 - BUD-IST Y
2. 08 August 2013 - IST-HKG W
3. 10 August 2013 – HKG-CEB Y-
4. 21 August 2013 - CEB-CGM Y-
5. 31 August 2013 - CEB-MNL Y-
6. 31 August 2013 - MNL-KUL Y-
7. 02 September 2013 - KUL-HKG Y-
8. 03 September 2013 - HKG-IST W
9. 04 September 2013 - IST-VIE Y LAST STOP

This report will be rather short in text but abundant in pictures, it is difficult to find inspiration to write after such a long and tumultuous journey comes to a crashing end with a simple intra-European flight.

Deplaning TK 71 we made our way to immigration which was a big chaos, people everywhere, there were some agents trying to form a queue but not very successfully, and adding to that, a duo of Middle Eastern women kept trying to creep past me and my wife which was kind of annoying as they were not very discreet about it.

Anyways the whole process didn't take that long and 25 minutes later we had cleared immigration and security and spat back inside the gate area via an escalator.

I did not find a good Samaritan like our beloved 007 to let me in the lounge so instead I did some spotting after noticing that our next flight would be, once again, boarded via paxbus at the basement gates of IST. I have to say it is really frustrating not to have free wifi for such a big airport…

In case you feel like practicing your language skills (or guessing skills ^^)
photo DSC04258 [1600x1200]

TK A320
photo DSC04259 [1600x1200]

A TK 77W parked next to the one we just deplaned an hour or so ago
photo DSC04260 [1600x1200]photo DSC04262 [1600x1200]photo DSC04263 [1600x1200]

This is TC-JJJ, kind of hidden, now being prepped for a flight to LHR. Notice the 5 stars in the background ;)
photo DSC04264 [1600x1200]

TK 737-800W
photo DSC04265 [1600x1200]

photo DSC04266 [1600x1200]

AF A321 to Paris. TK sends some A330's to CDG, much better option in my opinion
photo DSC04268 [1600x1200]

TK A333 to Paris
photo DSC04270 [1600x1200]photo DSC04274 [1600x1200]

It is getting brighter outside, TK A321, LH A321 in the background
photo DSC04277 [1600x1200]

TK A333
photo DSC04279 [1600x1200]

TK Sheesh kebob
photo DSC04280 [1600x1200]

Special livery TK A333
photo DSC04282 [1600x1200]photo DSC04283 [1600x1200]

I'll let you guess who this engine belongs to
photo DSC04284 [1600x1200]

And this nose
photo DSC04285 [1600x1200]

photo DSC04287 [1600x1200]

The sun has risen!
photo DSC04289 [1600x1200]photo DSC04293 [1600x1200]

TK 737-800W
photo DSC04294 [1600x1200]

As I said, not too much going on. At some point I was sitting down with my wife, I had my backpack on the seat next to me and the gate area was getting full. Then these 2 German business men show up and one of them speaks to me in German and without really understanding what he said, he grabbed my backpack, placed it on the floor and sat on the seat where it was. I guess that'll teach me to be inconsiderate and rude by not offering them to sit there in the first place :-D They were also really loud and quite obnoxious.

Paxbusing it to our flight
photo DSC04295 [1600x1200]

TK A321
photo DSC04296 [1600x1200]

photo DSC04297 [1600x1200]photo DSC04298 [1600x1200]

TK has a lot of these A321's
photo DSC04300 [1600x1200]

TK 737-700W
photo DSC04301 [1600x1200]

Here's our dragon

Rather small engines in my opinion

Flight full to the brim, in front of me I have the honor of seeing these 2 German guys again (we waited for the last moment to board), who were giggling and talking while a queue was forming behind them. So I got on my high horse and asked them to move lol

My view
photo DSC04311 [1600x1200]photo DSC04312 [1600x1200]

The cabin. The row in front of us was the EE row, but the guy has his chair in full recline mode which was very uncomfortable for me. The FA's didn't even ask dad he fixes it despite being seated across from him on takeoff as the jump-seat is right there… -5 in comfort.
photo DSC04315 [1600x1200]

photo DSC04316 [1600x1200]

Pushback on time
photo DSC04317 [1600x1200]

Saying good bye to a few heavies
photo DSC04319 [1600x1200]photo DSC04320 [1600x1200]photo DSC04321 [1600x1200]

A final glimpse of my HK bird?
photo DSC04323 [1600x1200]

photo DSC04324 [1600x1200]photo DSC04325 [1600x1200]

Moments later TC-JJJ pushes back and taxies right behind us on her way to LHR
photo DSC04326 [1600x1200]photo DSC04327 [1600x1200]photo DSC04328 [1600x1200]

Takeoff video:

Istanbul suburbs
photo DSC04329 [1600x1200]

TC-JRO is doing the honors roday
photo DSC04330 [1600x1200]

photo DSC04331 [1600x1200]photo DSC04332 [1600x1200]

Flight path
photo DSC04333 [1600x1200]

This is Bulgaria?
photo DSC04334 [1600x1200]

A really nice FA. I asked him for refills on the lemonade and he was very happy to help :) Can't get enough of that stuff, the sor cherry juice and lemonade will definitely hel me in flying TK in the future :)
photo DSC04335 [1600x1200]

The tray
photo DSC04336 [1600x1200]

photo DSC04337 [1600x1200]

Yoghurt with Muesli
photo DSC04339 [1600x1200]

Assorted cheese (and olives)
photo DSC04340 [1600x1200]

Everything is delicious, fresh, the portions are decent, this catering is a real winner and makes a big difference in flight for sure.

Wing view
photo DSC04341 [1600x1200]

One passenger requested to be dropped off in Bucharest
photo DSC04342 [1600x1200]photo DSC04343 [1600x1200]photo DSC04344 [1600x1200]

Soon enough we were in Hungary, flying right over Budapest airport which is where we had started this journey 28 days earlier.
photo DSC04346 [1600x1200]

Various shots on the city of Budapest

Soon enough our decent began with a view on the Blue Danube
photo DSC04351 [1600x1200]photo DSC04352 [1600x1200]

Not much more to see, my camera battery which I hadn't charged since we left our hotel in Hong-Kong 30 hours prior finally died and I had to finish the report with my phone (including the landing video)

Landing video:

SN Brussels A320
photo 20130904_152445photo 20130904_152532

5 stars at the gate
photo 20130904_152658

This is the best I could for a pitch photo, the seat in front of me still comfortably reclined
photo 20130904_152951photo 20130904_153245

Deplaning, modern Y cabin
photo 20130904_153810

And the J cabin! Or should I say Premium Economy? :)
photo 20130904_153819

Indeed these seats are 100% identical aside from the colors used
photo 20130904_153825

Getting ready for the trek back to DOH
photo 20130904_1542169photo 20130904_1542161

End of the report, thank you for following me on this journey.
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Turkish Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Istanbul - ISL


Vienna - VIE



Another decent flight with TK but I found the A321 to be less comfortable than their 737... Maybe if the seat in front of me had not been reclined it would've made a difference, I don't know...

IST needs big improvements in my opinion in terms of immigration efficiency and free wifi!

VIE is an decent airport, nothing to write home about, though I've never been in the new Star Wars terminal

I'd like to finish by thanking 007 once again who helped me put this trip together, I look forward to doing more flights in the future, hopefully more in the forward cabins :-D


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  • Comment 94868 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5543 Comments

    Hah...that cover picture is very deceiving! LOL
    I hear's REALLY hard to do a FR on the last leg of a long routing especially when it's a short-haul. Last week after doing 3 segments back from Asia, I had a domestic US flight still to go before I was home. I took a pic of the plane from the gate and then started falling asleep as soon as I got to my seat--not to mention it was depressing being on a SH domestic flight after several exciting long I said screw it, and didn't do a report, LOL. So kudos to you for making the effort and taking so many good pics!
    I didn't expect the comfort rating to be so low on this flight. I guess TK is following the trend of all the other majors whose new generation Y seats are slimmer and less comfortable as a result. Nonetheless, the cabin is very attractive. It's kind of ironic that on the a/c that have the most desirable J configuration, the coach seats are bad.
    Thanks for this great series and I look forward to new adventures!

  • Comment 94899 by
    lagentsecret GOLD 12459 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR

    It's always really sad to end such a great trip

    It was a pleasure to help you to build a part of your flights

    IST is a chaos because of undisciplined people and I'm so happy to use the fast track lines

    FIt's always really sad to end such a great trip

    It was a pleasure to help you to build a part of your flights

    IST is a chaos because of undisciplined people and I'm so happy to use the fast track lines

    From my experience German people often have an arrogant and rude behavior so it didn't surprized me

    I hope to see you soon in a forward cabin

  • Comment 94955 by
    KL651 TEAM 4514 Comments

    Thanks for this FR and the serie.
    Too bad Do&Co great catering is only found on TK and OS.

  • Comment 95018 by
    A380B77W 4301 Comments

    Thanks for this very nice FR !

    Great spotting at IST :D

    And nice new cabin on this A321 !

    Also good meal :)

  • Comment 133224 by
    mc 16 Comments

    Hi,I'm a university student and I'm performing an analysis about airlines customer forums.

    For my research would be very important to know the nationality of each writer...May I know your nationality??

    Thank you so much!

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