Review of Avianca flight Bogota Armenia in Economy

Airline Avianca
Flight AV 9841
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Fokker 50
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 01 Jun 13, 13:00
Arrival at 01 Jun 13, 14:00
AV   #67 out of 67 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 105 reviews
By SILVER 3082
Published on 9th December 2013
Welcome to what I believe is the first FR on a Colombian domestic route.

Colombian domestic routes tend to be really short as most big cities are concentrated in the Andean region of the country, but they're necessary as the rugged terrain forces terrestrial transport to be really slow, that is why some domestic routes in Colombia are even shorter than those in other countries. Avianca is currently fasing out their old Fokker 50 fleet replacing them with newer ATRs that will serve airports in LatAm that are not capable to handle jets, being the only plane on AV's fleet I haven't flown in I rushed to take a flight to my girlfriend's hometown, Armenia, in the Colombian Coffee Region.

Whereas BOG has a crisp new modern terminal that replaced the 1950's vintage building, Avianca operates its domestic flights from the Puente Aéreo or Air bridge, that was built in the early 1980s to accomodate flights to Miami, New York and Colombia's main cities. Nevertheless, now it is now only a domestic terminal…basically a bus station for airplanes.

There aren't many amenities (unless you have Status on LifeMiles or Star Alliance and then you can go to AV's Lounge), some restaurants, but they don't afford nice views to the tarmac.

Here's the view from a restaurant in the second floor, on the left side is landside, right hand side is the airside, where common boarding rooms are.
photo IMG_3442

As AV is the sole operator in the terminal, there isn't much variety on the views outside:
photo IMG_3445photo IMG_3446

One can peek into Lineas Aereas Suramericanas' (cargo company) hangar, which has a nice collection of vintage three holers…these where commonplace in Colombian skies when I was young, then replaced by Mad Dogs and now by generic Airbuses.
photo IMG_3444

To add some variety, AV has loads of Star Alliance logojets, whilst their new livery was presented after the merger with TACA. (the new image and livery was announced earlier that week BTW)
photo IMG_3447

While I was having breakfast I could spot my favorite football team taking a flight, I think it was to Medellín (Colombia's second biggest city)
photo IMG_3450

Eventually it was boarding time, so I went to the common boarding rooms, where I was informed that our flight was rescheduled as there was congestion in Bogotá's airspace (AV and BOG has grown so much in traffic that it is no longer efficient)

So I kept watching red planes from my seat and reading my book.
photo IMG_3451

After some time we were called to the bus, while we were waiting more spotting…
photo IMG_3452photo IMG_3453

And more red during the bus trip to the hard stands near the International Terminal, this trip used to be awesome as one could pass by 767s and 757s now is mainly Airbuses and the dwindling Fokker fleet…
photo IMG_3455photo IMG_3458

and our plane…we call them Jeeps on wings, or mosquitoes.
photo IMG_3456photo IMG_3460

A snap to the Intl' flights..featuring AA 763 to MIA on the front.
photo IMG_3459

As I entered the Cabin my first impression was….how dim and small, the seats were way smaller than those on the jet fleet, but still confortable (for a 45 minute hop)
photo IMG_3461photo IMG_3463

I like that you can actually see the landing gear
photo IMG_3462

As soon as everyone had taken their seat, the flight was around 75% full, we began taxi to BOG's southern runway (RWY 13L)

AA's 763, it's a shame they're letting this gorgeous livery go
photo IMG_3464

Another discusting change was AV's … the plane with the new livery is surrounded by some of AV's heavies (heading to MAD, JFK and GRU I guess)
photo IMG_3465photo IMG_3467

AV A332 in Star Alliance livery, on one of the former international gates. At that time the old terminal was being used as domestic terminal for all airlines other than AV, but AV's operation is so big that they have to use every usable space.
photo IMG_3470

This is the Airbus-farm, where all international narrowbodies are, mainly used by the AV group, and some domestic flights.
photo IMG_3471

We headed a line composed of a Colombian Air Force Caravan, two AV airbuses and a F50.
photo IMG_3473

One cool feature of F50s is how fast they take off, even at BOG's 2600m
photo IMG_3475photo IMG_3476photo IMG_3477

Take off pattern to the south permitted nice views of:

CATAM, Colombian Air Force base @BOG., mainly cargo and VIP transport.
photo IMG_3478

BOG's new terminal (it was finished two months ago, they're finishing the demolition of the old terminal in order to enable the full building to be used).
photo IMG_3479photo IMG_3480

The Cargo terminals, you can see the Puente Aereo and its red cohort on the other side of the road.
photo IMG_3481photo IMG_3482photo IMG_3483

After the airport tour, nice views of our Capital City were afforded:

North Bogotá
photo IMG_3484

El Salitre one of Bogotá's newer CBDs, Simon Bolivar Park and Chapinero (somewhat like a Midtown) in the background.
photo IMG_3486

A more comprehensive view…you can spot Bogotá's football stadium at the left side and the CBD at the rightside
photo IMG_3487

Zoom into Bogotá's CBD with its skyscrapers and Monserrate with its iconic church in the middle.
photo IMG_3488

The green avenue that crosses the city on a E-W direction is called Avenida de las Américas is 100 metres wide.
photo IMG_3489

South Bogotá is where the most poor parts of the city are, some of its parts are over 3000m over sea level
photo IMG_3490

Eventually the city ends and green comes in
photo IMG_3491

Bogotá is located in a plateau that abruptly ends, as one can see in Tequendama waterfalls, 157 metres high.
photo IMG_3492

Nearing the Magdalena River Valley, these grounds are around 500m over sea level.
photo IMG_3494

Girardot used to be an important river harbor until the mid 20th century, now a very popular touristic destination for Bogotanos as weather is warmer all year long.
photo IMG_3497

Colombian Andes are split in three main branches: the west, central and east branches. Between the first two is the Cauca River valley, where Armenia is located. Bogotá is located in the middle of the East Branch. So one has to cross the Central branch which is the highest, peaking up to 5700 metres over sea level.

This is Colombia's most important road, it connects Bogotá with the Pacific Ocean and Ecuador. As you can see it snakes through the ridges and is currently being upgraded to a motorway.
photo IMG_3498

As soon as the central branch of the Andes is passed, one is over Armenia, the plane has to descend doing a P shaped circuit in order to line up with AXM's RWY 20, which is located south of the city.
photo IMG_3500photo IMG_3501

Zoom into Armenia's centre
photo IMG_3502

Colombia's Coffee Region…it is one of our main touristic destinations along with the Caribbean mainly for ecotourism.
photo IMG_3503

As the plane lines up with RWY 20, views of Armenia's skyline are possible, I love how the city just pops out of the coffee fields
photo IMG_3504photo IMG_3506photo IMG_3507

Gears down, over the farms
photo IMG_3508

Touch down!
photo IMG_3509


Sunset between the coffee fields
photo IMG_3511
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Cabin crew5.0

Bogota - BOG


Armenia - AXM



As the main purpose of this flight was flying the F50, I can say I was fully satisfied, specially since the flight was calm and afforded great views of my country. Now some specifics:

Bogotá's Puente Aéreo Terminal: it is a dump and as AV's operation grows and grows it is chaotic, fortunately the ordeal finishes next year. Security is fast nonetheless, and it is mainly clean.

AV's service: Non-existent, they just handle a boxed juice and that's practically it. The crew's attitude is basically uninterested, AV's domestic product is really lame. The plane obviously showed its age, but it was fairly confortable. Don't know if I would like to be in one of these flying jeeps for longer flights, I hope the ATRs are much better.

Armenia El Eden: well, nothing out of ordinary bags came out fairly quick (ours was the only flight at the time) and in less than 10 minutes I was driving off to the city.

Thanks for reading, saludos!

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  • Comment 94998 by
    Mathieu 2081 Comments

    Hi Chibcha :)

    Thanks a lot for your report !

    BOG looks to be a nice airport !

    +1 For you pretty pictures of the Colombian landscapes !

    See you :)

  • Comment 94999 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5760 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this rather exotic report (it is for me anyway). I like Avianca's old livery better as well. I don't know why they changed it to make it simpler and less imaginitive. I don't agree about AA though. Yes, it was a classic and timeless livery, but after 40 years it was time for a change and I actually think the new livery is beautiful, having seen it many times in person. It looks much better in real life than in pictures and at least they didn't go boring and all white like seems to be the trend these days (Finnair and Iberia anyone? ugh). Bogota seems like a really pretty city. Great aerial pics!

    • Comment 285254 by
      Chibcha SILVER AUTHOR 472 Comments

      I think objectively both new liveries are decent (AA's more than AV's), but when one considers what they're replacing is where the mixed feelings arise. In AV's case it is a straight downgrade, supposedly because AV's livery was way too Colombian so it had to be more latin neutral in order to represent the whole subcontinent. In AA's case I have a lot of good memories of AA's silver, for me it is synonymous with the good ole days when I became in love with aviation.

    • Comment 285295 by
      KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5760 Comments

      That makes sense. I think the old iconic AA livery has a lot of sentimental value for a lot of people.

  • Comment 95022 by
    KL651 TEAM 4515 Comments

    Thanks for this FR and the interesting infos regarding Colombian landscapes.
    The new terminal doesn't seem huge.
    Will they still keep a part of the old one to accomodate all flights?
    Just like AA's and IB's he new AV livery is lousy and looks unfinished.

    • Comment 285294 by
      Chibcha SILVER AUTHOR 472 Comments

      Indeed the new terminal is not so big when compared with other terminals in N.America, Europe or Asia, but its now one of the biggest in Latin America. It is 183,000m2 big, compared to around 50,000m2 of the old terminal, so it is a significant increase in respect to previous capacity.

      Nope. The old one was kept to progresively migrate trafic from one terminal to the next, now that the whole new terminal is done, the old building is being demolished, starting with the concourses in order to enable new gates. The last part to be demolished is the central building and the ATC tower, that can't be torn down until the new control tower is finished.

      The Puente Aéreo terminal, will be eventually used by LCCs and regional companies.

      I agree about the new liveries, if you check IBExpress' livery is practically the same as AV's, terribly lousy work by the design firms.

  • Comment 95039 by
    marathon GOLD 9856 Comments

    Now I know that Armenia is not in Armenia (I had serious doubts about a direct flight from BOG to that country, before opening the FR ^^)
    I think this FR has the picture showing the largest number of 727s together. I like planes where you can see the landing gear in action :)
    Great pictures of BOG and the city from above; thanks for this first domestic Columbian flight report !

  • Comment 95055 by
    lagentsecret 12446 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR

    A lot of great aerial pictures

    I prefer the old AV livery anyday

  • Comment 95119 by
    Leadership TEAM GOLD 5272 Comments

    Thanks for this nice report on a domestic hop, Same as Kevin I really prefered old AV livery :(

  • Comment 137414 by
    flywunala 158 Comments

    great FR... what a shame they have butchered Avianca awesome old livery.....great plane spotting.....have you been to Valle de Cocora...? it's on my bucket list...

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