Review of SWISS flight Dubai Zurich in Business

Airline SWISS
Flight LX243
Class Business
Seat 12K
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 06:55
Take-off 31 Jan 22, 02:05
Arrival at 31 Jan 22, 06:00
LX   #33 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 922 reviews
By GOLD 1223
Published on 30th June 2022

After three days of intense visit to Dubai, the highlight of which will remain the visit to Expo 2020 in privileged conditions, it is time to return to our homes.

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Here is a reminder of the routing.


The flight schedule is not ideal, we leave our hotel around 11 p.m., my friend traveler not being a fan of late arrivals at the airport.
The taxi picks us up at the appointed time and it won't take us long to reach the airport. So I ask the coachman to drop us at Terminal 3

Terminal hopping

Here we are.

photo img_e4604_resultat

No waiting to find a taxi for new arrivals.

photo img_e4606_resultat

Follow the guide.

photo img_e4605photo img_e4607_resultatphoto img_e4608

Strange, our flight is not on the FIDS and there seem to be only EK flights.

photo img_e4610

Of course, I just screwed up the terminal, we don't leave from 3 but from 1… I let you imagine the face of my traveling companion when we discover the mistake.

Nous voici au « bon » terminal

Cherry ? on the cake, the metro closes at midnight, stay the taxi and luckily, there is no crowd in the line. An unfriendly driver picks us up and we share the carriage with a charming young girl who had also chosen the wrong terminal.

photo img_e4611photo img_e4612photo img_e4613

The setback will only have taken 20 minutes and we are still well on schedule.

photo img_4614_resultat

Let's join the LX counters.

photo img_e4615photo img_e4616

There are a few more people here but it is still reasonable.

photo img_e4617

Direction border control and security at the other end of the terminal.

photo img_e4619

Arrived at the border control, there is the choice between automatic terminals and classic counter. As there are more people at the automaton and the passage in front of the officier ensures to have a stamp on the passport we choose the stamp. few people at the checkpoint and here we are quickly airside.
However, there is no fast lane.

photo img_e4620

walking to the train.

photo img_e4621photo img_e4622

KLM cerw is also waiting.

photo img_e4623_resultatphoto img_e4625

Terminal 3… 

photo img_e4627

Arrived at destination.

photo img_e4628_resultatphoto img_e4629

A large FIDS with all evening and next morning flights.

photo img_e4631_resultat

And it's time to go to the lounge(s)

photo img_4633

You could go with Priority Pass but the reviews aren't fantastic.

photo img_4634

The LH lounge has reopened so we go.

photo img_4637_resultat

But it's full.

photo img_e4641

And the catering is not so nice.

photo img_e4642_resultatphoto img_e4643

So as Priority Pass also allows us access to the Ahlan Lounge, we change.

Ahlan business class lounge

photo img_4638_resultatphoto img_e4659

First positive point, it's big, well laid out and it's not crowded.

photo img_e4644photo img_e4657

Looks good.

photo img_e4646


photo img_e4648

and catering is very good.

photo img_4655_resultatphoto img_4645_resultatphoto img_e4649

I take this opportunity to have a nice dinner.

photo img_e4650_resultatphoto img_e4651photo img_e4652_resultat

My travel companion cowardly abandoned me to reach the door on the simple pretext that the word boarding had appeared on the FIDS.

photo img_e4658_resultatphoto img_e4656

Head to the Skyteam Lounge, also accessible to lucky holders of a Priority Pass card.

photo img_4640_resultat

Except that it's not possible in the evening after 8:00 p.m. so I get kicked out like a chump.

photo img_4660_resultat

Good for a long layover.

photo img_4639_resultat

The Alhan first class lounge not being accessible by P Pass, I head for the doors.

photo img_e4662

So I have time to go to Duty Free

photo img_e4632_resultatphoto img_e4664_resultat

I head for the door, we are at H-33 so we have time.

photo img_e4666_resultat

Not even last call.

photo img_e4669

Boarding is in progress but the fast lane is preserved

photo img_e4667

So I walk towards the counter, there will be no magic beep.

photo img_e4668_resultat

THE flight report

When booking, the flight was planned on a B777 and it metamorphosed into an A330 after a few days except that the throne which had been graciously granted to me, certainly by mistake, suddenly disappeared and the choice of another throne will cost me some 90CHF which I don't look forward to. On the LX A330 the right row is composed of solo seats but they are not accessible for reservation while Expertflyer does not mark them as occupied. So I wait, at worst it will be a seat in the central aisle with a neighbor and at best, let's dream a little, an upgrade.

photo img_0809

In fact, I was able to reserve a solo seat a few days before the flight and no saving beeps marked my passage through the door.

photo img_e4665photo img_e4670

PS4 time.

photo img_4673

KLM is right next door.

photo img_e4672

The door for Esteban.

photo img_4674_resultat

My aisle seat rather than a window seat, but no neighbour.

photo img_4676

The Sylvester test.
The width of the seat is 20.5 inches or 52.07 cms and the outbound LH seat was 20.5 inches wide, the same size.

photo img_4679

View of the wing and dirty window but at night it's less annoying.

photo img_4681

Welcome drink.

photo img_4682

The menu and the menu for breakfast are provided as well as the comfort box.

photo img_4686_resultat

The IFE, although small, is a bit dated.

photo img_4687_resultat

The box contents are standard and sufficient.

photo img_4688_resultat

Good space for my legs, the seat, although a little narrow, is well designed.

photo img_4689

We leave almost on time, the mood lighting gives a very cozy atmosphere for taxiing.

photo img_e4690photo img_e4691

And we take off on runway 30R

photo img_e4695

Shortly after, I put the seat in the bed position and fell asleep instantly to wake up over Austria.

photo img_4700_resultat

For a technical break, the latrines are impeccable despite the flight being well advanced.

photo img_4701_resultatphoto img_4702_resultat

Then I fall back into sleep above Constance Lake  I had taken care to check the box not to offer me breakfast if I sleep, so I was able to sleep as long as possible on this fairly short flight.

photo img_4703_resultat

The descent begins

photo img_4704_resultat

Wifi is (was) available during the flight

photo img_4705_resultat

But at Swiss prices…

photo img_4706

Our flight is ending.

photo img_e4715photo img_e4717

And we land at Kloten on runway 34 with Swiss precision.

photo img_e4722photo img_e4724_resultat

To park at gate E57

Going to immigration.

photo img_e4730_resultatphoto img_e4732photo img_e4733_resultat

At this time, my traveler companion continue by train and i go for my next flight.

photo img_4734_resultat

For me the journey continues, my flight to Paris is announced on time

photo img_4735_resultat

the flight with flightradar 24

photo img_0808photo img_0810

With the zoom on the departure and the approach.

photo img_0814photo img_0815

Thank you for doing this night flight with me, See you soon for the return flight to Paris 

A walk in dubaï marina

If you want to enjoy some views of Dubai Marina, I invite you to see the French version of the FR by going to the page indicated below

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Cabin crew7.0

Ahlan Lounge - 1


Dubai - DXB


Zurich - ZRH



The flight schedule was not ideal to take full advantage of the service, but I was able to sleep throughout and that is the main thing to be in good shape the next day.

Not dazzled by the attention paid by the Cabin Crew in my row to her guests But the Master of the Cabin was present and efficient.
Preferring to be able to sleep long enough, I had diner in the living room and I skipped the meal and I did not wake up for breakfast so difficult to judge the catering, I refer you to l excellent FR from my bogeyman.

The seat is far from the window but above all overlooks the aisle and since it is not wide (20.5 inches, exactly like the LH business seat…) you do not really feel at home like on the throne. I much prefer the Cirrus or Super Diamond.

But the main thing is to have been able to rest and again, the price of the ticket happily compensates for the small inconveniences even if the A330 is less sexy than the 747.

DXB Terminal 1. Easy to get to, although it pales in comparison to Terminal 3 where EK operates, it is convenient and well organised. The traffic was not intense so the fluidity was there even without a quick passage through immigration and at the checkpoint.

Alhan lounge a good Priority Pass alternative to the overcrowded and very basic LH lounge. Wide spaces with a bar and a restaurant area, comfortable areas to relax and good quality catering.

ZRH definitely my favorite airport in Europe Even disembarking at the end of the end of Hall E you don't arrive exhausted in the terminal, everything is on a human scale and the transition to the PAF very fluid. No pif to iron to take his correspondence.

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