Review of Lufthansa CityLine flight Munich Stuttgart in Economy

Airline Lufthansa CityLine
Flight LH2152
Class Economy
Seat --
Flight time 00:45
Take-off 03 Jul 22, 22:15
Arrival at 03 Jul 22, 23:00
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By GOLD 239
Published on 12th November 2022

Last leg of my return trip Stuttgart to Helsinki with Lufthansa.
This one will be mostly a lounge report as anything else over night is of little interest. 

After a perfectly on time HEL-MUC flight I head directly to the only Schengen SEN lounge open at MUC at this time of the year - might have changed in between.

I want to have dinner as my last meal was for breakfast (a huuuuuge one though^^).

As you can see there is choice: 6 different warn dishes. No high sophisticated meal but a simple well executed offer. 

photo img_9548photo img_9550

Cold custs

photo img_9551photo img_9552


photo img_9553

Well I recommend though to stay on beer and to avoid any local Sekt, unless you want to remove the limescale in your sink^^.

photo img_9554photo img_9555

After a very good dinner It's time to take a walk to my gate. Even in MUC many passengers are queuing for a rebooking. Good look to them to get one, and after that to get any compensation. LH is not Ryanair but their customer service sucks as well.

photo img_9557

Boarding on time. I love any aircraft with rear engines and the CRJ is no exception to that.

photo img_9562photo img_9563photo img_9564

Bye bye MUC.

photo img_9565photo img_9566photo img_9567

Fuselage shot (yes a real side cut view!!!)

photo img_9568

My seat. Pitch is okay and fully sufficient for these short flights. The seat at the aisle will remain empty on tonight service.

photo img_9569photo img_9571photo img_9572

Enter text here…

photo img_9573photo img_9574photo img_9575

Last chance to see the day light.

photo img_9578photo img_9579photo img_9580

Esslingen close to Stuttgart.

photo img_9581

We park next to another entity of the LH group: Eurowings that is market leader in Stuttgart.

photo img_9582

Thank you for following me on these 4 flights to a city that I wanted to see for many years. Glad to have done it. For sure they are better catches in Europe but Helsinki remains pleasant for a week end.

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Lufthansa CityLine

Cabin crew8.0

Lufthansa Senator Lounge G - G


Munich - MUC


Stuttgart - STR



Nothing to add on such a short flight. After 4 flights on LH I can recommend them... but only if you commute over MUC. FRA is not a good airport, especially the LH terminal 1.

Information on the route Munich (MUC) Stuttgart (STR)

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Lufthansa avec 7.3/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 0 heures et 41 minutes.

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    NGO85 SILVER 1930 Comments
    Thanks again for sharing this final sector with us!

    I want to have dinner as my last meal was for breakfast (a huuuuuge one though^^).

    10g of chocolate does not suffice as lunch? With Franziskaner on tap and good hot options, the LH lounges to have decent catering, they just do not have well designed seating areas and MUC lounges are blind.

    Bye bye MUC.

    Surprised to see so many ENs at gates. I have only had paxbus experience with them.

    With the empty seat next to you, you essentially got a J flight ;) The CRJs are fine, but with the miniature overhead bins they inconvenient when traveling with hand luggage that needs to be gate checked into the stowage, so have some disadvantages over the smaller E-Jets (170/175).

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