Review of Lufthansa CityLine flight Mulhouse / Bâle Frankfurt in Business

Airline Lufthansa CityLine
Flight LH1205
Class Business
Seat 2A
Flight time 00:55
Take-off 26 Jan 22, 14:15
Arrival at 26 Jan 22, 15:10
CL   #88 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 239 reviews
By GOLD 218
Published on 3rd July 2022

Back in late 2021, my friend and fellow Flight-Report contributor, MichelG told me he found a great deal to go to Dubai for 990€ in Business ex - CDG. I couldn't resist and decided to join him on this trip.
I added connecting flights to CDG from BSL and as the return was to ZRH, will simply drop the last leg and get back home by train (1H30 from ZRH)

This was then the final routing :

euroairport baselmulhouse fribourg

My father dropped me at the airport at a civilized time, early afternoon for my LH Cityline flight to FRA :

photo img_1264_resultat

Heading to the terminal:

photo img_1265_resultatphoto img_1266_resultat

COVID test center:

photo img_1267_resultat

In January the air traffic was still very, very low.

photo img_1268_resultat

EAP is a major EasyJet base and it was quite chocking to see only one EZS flight that day. Wizz clearly saved the airport during the pandemic with still lots of VFR flights.

photo img_1270_resultat

Even for LH there was only one desk that was open that afternoon:

photo img_1271_resultatphoto img_1272_resultat

The wait wasn't too long:

photo img_1273_resultat

EAP has three security checks in "normal" times, that day only the one in the Swiss Side was open, the middle (mostly used by EasyJet) and the one on the French side were closed.

photo img_1274_resultat

Duty Free stop to buy cigarettes for my brother:

photo img_1275_resultat

The airport is so dead :(

photo img_1276_resultatphoto img_1277_resultat

Same here at the Police controls:

photo img_1279_resultat

My soon to be boarding gate:

photo img_1278_resultat

At that time, the lounge opening hours were not always the same:

photo img_1280_resultat

skyview lounge eap

I was warmly welcomed by the manager that is an old friend of mine. At that time I was the only guest, another one would join later :(

I went to the terrace to spot, here Enter Air 738:

photo img_1282_resultat

Pegasus A32N to SAW:

photo img_1283_resultat

Most of EZS fleet is grounded:

photo img_1285_resultatphoto img_1286_resultat

This TK bird was not on the FIDS:

photo img_1284_resultat

He was stuck in EAP as at that time IST was having heavy snowfalls:

photo img_1287_resultat

The buffet was at its bare minimum, Covid times, you know the story. But still :(

photo img_1288_resultatphoto img_1289_resultatphoto img_1290_resultat

So called "cheeses":

photo img_1292_resultat

Dried fruits and cherry tomatoes:

photo img_1293_resultat


photo img_1291_resultat

The palm trees, that are real, believe me those are not fakes.

photo img_1294_resultat

My selection:

photo img_1295_resultat

My CRJ is arriving:

photo img_1296_resultatphoto img_1297_resultatphoto img_1298_resultat

the flight

Shortly before boarding I head to the gate, and was surprised to be greated by another friend that was in charge of the boarding (I worked for a long time at the EAP ^^)

photo img_1299_resultatphoto img_1300_resultat

Boarding time:

photo img_1301_resultatphoto img_1302_resultat

Closer to the plane:

photo img_1303_resultat

The stairs / door:

photo img_1304_resultat

After a warm welcome, this is the cabin:

photo img_1305_resultatphoto img_1306_resultatphoto img_1307_resultat

The pitch is good:

photo img_1308_resultat

We pushed back on time:

photo img_1310_resultat

Express Freight worked well during the pandemic, but in the afternoon it is really non peak time :)

photo img_1311_resultat

My favorite baby :)

photo img_1312_resultatphoto img_1313_resultat

ATR Sprint Air:

photo img_1314_resultat

757 Fedex and DHL plus a 33F in the back:

photo img_1315_resultatphoto img_1316_resultat

Line up and take off:

photo img_1317_resultatphoto img_1318_resultat

Flying high:

photo img_1319_resultat

The black Forest:

photo img_1320_resultatphoto img_1321_resultat

The afternoon snack was a rather tasty pie:

photo img_1322_resultat-75047photo img_1324_resultat-27349

Apple juice and water to go with:

photo img_1323_resultat

The flight is almost over:

photo img_1338_resultat

And landed:

photo img_1339_resultat

That 747-200 is 35 years old … delivered new to BA in 1987:

photo img_1340_resultatphoto img_1341_resultat

Much younger birds:

photo img_1342_resultat

A380 EK:

photo img_1343_resultatphoto img_1344_resultat

767-300ER Condor, 23 years old:

photo img_1345_resultatphoto img_1347_resultatphoto img_1348_resultat

I will try to publish the whole series in once in order to make it easier to follow and read :)

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Lufthansa CityLine

Cabin crew8.0

Skyview EuroAirport Lounge


Mulhouse / Bâle - EAP


Frankfurt - FRA



A flight that did exactly what I was waiting for: on time, nice crew, a good snack.

EAP and FRA were so quiet, almost dead for EAP, a bit more people in FRA.

The lounge is a great place to wait but during the pandemic, the meal offer was abysmal.

Thanks for reading :)

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