Review of Lufthansa flight Frankfurt Paris in Business

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH1040
Class Business
Seat 02F
Aircraft Airbus A320neo
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 26 Jan 22, 16:30
Arrival at 26 Jan 22, 17:45
LH   #57 out of 85 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1521 reviews
By GOLD 299
Published on 3rd July 2022


Back in late 2021, my friend and fellow Flight-Report contributor, MichelG told me he found a great deal to go to Dubai for 990€ in Business ex - CDG. I couldn't resist and decided to join him on this trip.
I added connecting flights to CDG from BSL and as the return was to ZRH, will simply drop the last leg and get back home by train (1H30 from ZRH)

This was then the final routing :

transit fra + senator lounge terminal a

After a quick bus ride, the lounge is almost steps from where we were dropped off:

photo img_1349_resultat

After a warm welcome, I am allowed to enter the lounge:

photo img_1350_resultat

The offer:

photo img_1351_resultatphoto img_1352_resultatphoto img_1353_resultat

Sweet items:

photo img_1354_resultatphoto img_1355_resultat


photo img_1357_resultatphoto img_1356_resultat

I just stayed half an hour as my next flight was pretty close:

photo img_1360_resultatphoto img_1361_resultatphoto img_1362_resultat

I arrived at the gate minutes before boarding:

photo img_1363_resultat

the flight

Boarding started only 20 minutes before the flight due to a very light load: 5 J + 30Y :(

photo img_1366_resultatphoto img_1367_resultat

Aircraft door:

photo img_1368_resultat

My seat:

photo img_1371_resultatphoto img_1372_resultat

Right view:

photo img_1369_resultatphoto img_1370_resultat

Safety card:

Front view as the door is closing:

photo img_1378_resultat

A pretty long taxi that afternoon:

photo img_1379_resultat

77F white tail (almost ^^)

photo img_1380_resultat

77F not white tail :)

photo img_1381_resultat

Take off from RWY 18:

photo img_1382_resultat

Full throttles:

photo img_1383_resultatphoto img_1384_resultatphoto img_1385_resultat

A wonderful place to be:

photo img_1386_resultatphoto img_1387_resultatphoto img_1388_resultat

Another sweet snack was served, semolina cake with caramel, not bad.

photo img_1389_resultatphoto img_1390_resultat

In cruise:

photo img_1391_resultatphoto img_1392_resultatphoto img_1393_resultat

Starting our descent:

photo img_1394_resultatphoto img_1395_resultat

Land in sight:

photo img_1396_resultatphoto img_1397_resultatphoto img_1398_resultat

And landed!

photo img_1399_resultat

The new Terminal B and D junction:

photo img_1400_resultatphoto img_1402_resultatphoto img_1403_resultat

We docked at the far end of terminal D:

photo img_1405_resultat

the walk to my hotel

Being docked at the far end of terminal D means walking back  to terminal B to exit and then re-walk back along terminal D landside to terminal F where the Sheraton is. Quite a bit of a walk :)

photo img_1406_resultatphoto img_1407_resultat

Exiting the airside part:

photo img_1408_resultat

Baggage hall: (no stop for me today!)

photo img_1409_resultatphoto img_1410_resultat

And walk back toward D and eventually F:

photo img_1411_resultatphoto img_1412_resultatphoto img_1413_resultat

It's a rather long walk, specially when the airport is that empty :(

photo img_1414_resultat

At home (at least for the night!)

photo img_1415_resultat

sheraton cdg aeroport

The hotel is just above the train station:

photo img_1416_resultat

The atrium is pretty nice:

photo img_1417_resultat

I was upgraded to a junior suite, the hotel begins to show its age but I slept really well and enjoyed my night:

photo img_1418_resultatphoto img_1422_resultatphoto img_1423_resultat

More pictures:

photo img_1424_resultatphoto img_1425_resultat

The bath room is really looking old :(

photo img_1426_resultatphoto img_1427_resultat
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Cabin crew8.0

Lufthansa Senator Lounge A50 (Schengen) - A


Frankfurt - FRA


Paris - CDG



Another flight that makes its job. As the former one :)

Nothing more to add ^^

Next part is already on line.

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