Review of Lufthansa flight Frankfurt Amman in Business

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH692
Class Business
Seat 3C
Aircraft Airbus A321neo
Flight time 04:10
Take-off 04 Jun 22, 21:10
Arrival at 05 Jun 22, 02:20
LH   #44 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1426 reviews
By GOLD 1049
Published on 11th August 2022

the why of this routing

I had been made aware of a special promotion with Lufthansa that happens usually once a year, but not always and not from all airports : the "Fly with me" offer.

If you buy one ticket in business, the second one is free of charge.
As I go every year to Jordan with my mother, this was the perfect occasion to go twice for the price of one trip :)

For this promotion, the airport of departure was only BRU. The price to AMM from BRU was at 750€, meaning 375€ per person. Super good deal.

I added flights with SN from BSL to BRU and since they were re-opening the line after Covid, there was a special business class offer for 180€ per person. Bringing the ticket to Jordan to 555€  per person in Business.

Later on SN decided to cancel the flights, and we were rebooked through FRA, not bad, it meant more miles :) The only downside was an overnight in BRU on the way to Jordan, paid with my Marriott Rewards.



We were dropped off at terminal A and had to go to Terminal C which is quite a long way. FRA layout is really bad, since when you change terminals (with the exception if you change from A to B and stay Schengen/Schengen) you will have to go back airside to clear security.
So let's start the walk:

photo img_8786_resultat


photo img_8787_resultatphoto img_8788_resultatphoto img_8789_resultat

Never ending:

photo img_8790_resultat

This C1 door is used for airport tours, since the door is … landside. But we are not arrived yet :)

photo img_8791_resultat

Police controls were smooth, duty free is available right after … but before security (??!)

photo img_8793_resultat

And more walking for us!

photo img_8794_resultatphoto img_8795_resultat

Security controls:

photo img_8796_resultat

And another duty free:

photo img_8797_resultatphoto img_8798_resultat

At least! There are two lounges but the SEN lounge is closed, Anyway I was curious and eager to test the Bistro lounge :)

photo img_8799_resultat

This way:

photo img_8801_resultatphoto img_8802_resultatphoto img_8803_resultat

lufthansa bistro lounge gates c

We were warmly greeted by a super friendly attendant The lounge looks really nice:

photo img_8804_resultatphoto img_8805_resultatphoto img_8828_resultat

At first there were no seats by the windows but once two became available we quickly moved there :)

photo img_8829_resultat

BA 787 Cargo flight only:

photo img_8832_resultatphoto img_8833_resultat

AeroLogistics 777:

photo img_8834_resultatphoto img_8835_resultat

Condor 763:

photo img_8838_resultat

Magma 747-400ERF:

photo img_8839_resultatphoto img_8840_resultatphoto img_8841_resultat

United 777-300ER:

photo img_8843_resultatphoto img_8844_resultat

Air Canada, 777:

photo img_8846_resultatphoto img_8847_resultat


photo img_8851_resultat

In theory, it is possible to board directly from the lounge to the gates C14 and C15, but C15 is currently unavailable due to appron work and right now there is not enough staff to allow boarding from the lounge :)

photo img_8821_resultatphoto img_8806_resultat

Let's have a look at the buffet. For the drinks is is the usual LH offering:

photo img_8807_resultatphoto img_8808_resultat

Same for the sweet side:

photo img_8809_resultat

Wheat salad was available and was very good, I tried it later in the evening:

photo img_8810_resultat

There was also a wrap bar:

photo img_8811_resultat

And a salad bar:

photo img_8812_resultatphoto img_8813_resultatphoto img_8818_resultat

Standard classic hot dishes:

photo img_8814_resultatphoto img_8815_resultatphoto img_8816_resultat

And two soups:

photo img_8817_resultat

Also a ramen bar:

photo img_8819_resultatphoto img_8820_resultat

You also do your own tea, lots of herbs and flavours to mimx and match are available:

photo img_8836_resultat

Another A330 EW:

photo img_8822_resultat

Our 321neo is arriving:

photo img_8823_resultat

We spent almost 4H in that lounge and we found it to be really nice and enjoyable

the flight

We have been asked to come early to the gate since it would be a paxbus boarding and an additional document check was due to be performed at the gate. We then left early :)

photo img_8852_resultat

Here we are:

photo img_8853_resultat

Flight was scheduled to be on time and was on time:

photo img_8854_resultat

Boarding by bus, as expected:

photo img_8855_resultatphoto img_8856_resultat

Heading to our 321neo, my first flight aboard an A321N:

photo img_8858_resultat

Here is she:

photo img_8859_resultat

It is really a beautiful bird:

photo img_8860_resultat

Love it!

photo img_8861_resultatphoto img_8862_resultatphoto img_8863_resultat

Climbing to the plane:

photo img_8864_resultatphoto img_8865_resultat

We were warmly greated by the crew that was friendly and seemed to be super happy to do this flight.
The cabin was brand new so was the plane:

photo img_8866_resultat

The seats are much nicer than the NEK, but I noticed that there is no curtain in the aisle to separate J/Y:

photo img_8867_resultatphoto img_8868_resultatphoto img_8869_resultat

There were blankets and pillows on every seats:

photo img_8870_resultat


photo img_8871_resultat

The pitch is good but not super good:

photo img_8872_resultat

I was more than surprised to see that the space for the USB is already "reserved" but actually there are no USB nor any kind of power at all ;(

photo img_8873_resultat

No WiFi either :( That will be a loooong flight :( But water was available ^^

photo img_8874_resultat

Safety card:

The tray table:

photo img_8879_resultat

Boarding took a fairly long amount of time but we were able to leave on time:

photo img_8880_resultat

Those are the new Airbus racks:

photo img_8881_resultat

And the new Airbus cabin windows:

photo img_8882_resultat

On time push back:

photo img_8883_resultatphoto img_8886_resultat

Taking off towards south today:

photo img_8887_resultatphoto img_8888_resultatphoto img_8889_resultat

And here we go for at least 4H:

photo img_8890_resultatphoto img_8891_resultatphoto img_8892_resultat

Wing views:

photo img_8894_resultatphoto img_8896_resultat

Also a new look for the toilets:

photo img_8897_resultatphoto img_8898_resultatphoto img_8899_resultat

This thing was something I had never seen before:

photo img_8901_resultatphoto img_8902_resultatphoto img_8903_resultat

I had a galley talk with the crew about it and actually nobody new what it was for. After thinking and brainstorming, we agreed it might be for wheelchairs passengers to be seated from the wheelchair to here, close the door and have them being ablo to seat on the lavatory on their own :)

I always love those galley chats, specially when the crew is keen to discuss and this crew was just fantastic.

Seat recline was ok:

photo img_8906_resultat


photo img_8911_resultatphoto img_8909_resultatphoto img_8910_resultat

The meal orders were taken according to status, HON first (none), SEN (we were two) and two FTL then the others. A nice touch.
It was followed by an aperitive:

photo img_8912_resultatphoto img_8913_resultat

Then we were given amenity kits:

photo img_8914_resultatphoto img_8915_resultatphoto img_8916_resultat

It is the same one as on long haul flights.

Then the meal was served, both my mom and I took the vegeterian option. The purser was more than happy that two passengers took it since usually everyone wants the meat :) And of course there is not enough meat for everyone.

photo img_8917_resultat

The starter was a dish I often already had on shorthaul flights.
I took some white wine and water to go with it:

photo img_8918_resultat

The main dish:

photo img_8919_resultat

It was awesome. Local, original, tasty. Well done Lufthansa!
Then I tried to nap, and almost missed Rhodos:

photo img_8920_resultat

45 minutes before arrival, once entering Israeli airspace, due to "local" mandatory regulations, everyone, crew included, has to be seated and fastened. Stupid, IMHO.

photo img_8921_resultat

And landed! After biding farewell and a good rest to the crew (they stay 24H in AMM) we went straight to immigration knowing that lines for visa can be long:

photo img_8922_resultatphoto img_8924_resultatphoto img_8925_resultat

But it was absolutely deserted :)

photo img_8926_resultat

After paying 40JD each (55 USD), we went to immigration that was also empty, the agent was friendly and smiley, not a common things in AMM. And for the first time in 12 years, we arrived before our luggages arrived :)

photo img_8927_resultat

They were delivered a short while after, and the holiday could start!

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Cabin crew10.0

Lufthansa Business Lounge C14-C15 - C


Frankfurt - FRA


Amman - AMM



I really liked the 321neo, it is nice and comfortable, but come on, no WiFi, no power plugs on a bird that is less than a year old, you're jocking Lufthansa!

The meal was great, it could have been a bit more, like a cheese chourse, but I liked it and this is what matters the most.

A wonderful crew as one would love to always have.

FRA did its job apart from the long walk, AMM was at is best with no wait nowhere!

Return to be online very soon, promised.

And as usual, thanks for reading.



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    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5893 Comments

    Lovely report as always! It's madness to be that LH don't have USB ports on all the A321neos. Especially since this a/c D-AIEL was JUST delivered in Feb 2022! And it has the new interiors with the Geven Essenza seats. Weird that some older deliveries have USB, but not a brand new one! And of course, IFE, at least streaming to Personal devices is sorely needed on a 4+ hour flight.

    Aside from that, I'm impressed with the amenity kit and the meal. And it's always great to have a good crew for some fun galley talk. I imagine it helps that you speak German. So as far as the soft product goes, it's well adapted for a 4h flight, but the hard product still needs work.

    Thanks for sharing!

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