Review of Air Saint Pierre flight Saint-Pierre Miquelon in Economy

Airline Air Saint Pierre
Flight 1000
Class Economy
Seat 2A
Aircraft Cessna F406
Flight time 00:10
Take-off 27 Aug 22, 10:00
Arrival at 27 Aug 22, 10:10
PJ 8 reviews
By GOLD 664
Published on 27th August 2022

Have you ever heard of Saint Pierre and Miquelon? It’s located only 25 kms from Newfoundland in Canada but 4300 kms from Paris yet it’s as France as mainland France. Its small population of 6000 is as French as those in Europe. The same French is spoken as in Normandy or Brittany and not like in Quebec. Most houses, about half of the cars and the climate make you think you’re in Canada but you’re not. It’s a unique place that very few people have ever heard of.

Saint Pierre and Miquelon has, as the name suggests, two inhabited islands. Saint Pierre, the main town, and the village of Miquelon, population 600, are located on separate islands. You can take a ferry (crossing time is 1 hour 30 minutes) or you can fly with Air Saint Pierre’s smallest plane. There are about 22 flights a week, flight time is 10 minutes and a return ticket costs only 29 €. The distance between the two airports is 40 km.

Most flight tickets are nowadays booked and paid for on-line but not here. I sent an e-mail to the airline to book; I got the confirmation quickly and I was told to pay at the airport before departure. Where else can you do this?

I took a taxi from my accommodation to the airport (7€). I arrived 45 minutes before my flight and the airport was completely empty.

photo 01photo 02

An agent appeared a couple of minutes later. He had sat down at the check-in desk and started to call all other passengers on the phone and asked them if they were still planning to fly. After he finished calling I told him: “Bonjour, je suis sur le vol de 10h00” (Hi, I’m on the 10 o’clock flight). I didn’t need to give my name or show an ID; he just gave me my boarding pass.

Boarding started at 09.48: we just walked directly from the check-in area to the plane in a few seconds.

The plane is a Cessna F406, registration number F-OSPJ, built in 2001.

photo 03

You can’t miss the name of the airline as you board.

photo 4

The plane has 8 passengers seats in 4 rows. All seats are both window and aisle seats.

photo 05

I had seat 2A (seats are allocated). The view of Saint Pierre airport from my seat.

photo 6

The safety card.

photo 6b

Engines were started at 9.52. We started to taxi at 9.56 and we took off from runway 26 at 10:00 for a scheduled departure time of 10:00.

Turning back at the end of the runway.

photo 7

The pilots’ view of the runway.

photo 8

The view after take-off.

photo 9

The Atlantic Ocean between Saint Pierre and Langlade.

photo 10

Approaching Langlade. Miquelon is located on an island which is actually made up of two islands, Miquelon and Langlade that are connected by a tombolo (isthmus).

photo 11

Miquelon island, also called Grande Miquelon.

photo 12photo 13

Pilots’ view of Miquelon Airport’s runway.

photo 14

We landed at 10:10 for a scheduled arrival time of 10:15.

Our plane leaving the runway.

photo 15

Miquelon Airport.

photo 16

An unusual view of our plane.

photo 17

Welcome to Miquelon!

photo 18

Miquelon is a small, isolated village.

I walked from the airport to the harbour in 10 minutes.

photo 19

The Gendarmerie.

photo 20

La Poste.

photo 21

The main square.

photo 22

A memorial for a pilot who flew countless times to and from Miquelon.

photo 23

Miquelon Church.

photo 24photo 25photo 26

The Harbour.

photo 27

The Pétanque Championship was the event of the day.

photo 29

I got back to the airport 20 minutes after I arrived.

Saint Pierre and Miquelon is not a member of the European Union but has access to some funds.

photo 30

My flight back to Saint Pierre was scheduled at 10:45 but we left about half an hour later. Not a problem at all.

The plane was of course the same for the flight back. It made another rotation during the time I spent in Miquelon.

photo 31

I was the only passenger. The interior of the cabin seen from my seat 1B:

photo 32photo 33

The pilot’s view before take-off.

photo 34

We took off at 11.15.

Heading to Saint Pierre.

photo 35

We flew at 1500 feet at a speed of 230 knots.

Approaching Saint Pierre.

photo 36

A short time before landing.

photo 37

We landed at Saint Pierre at 11.26.

photo 38
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I love flying on small aircrafts and it’s such a treat to be the only passenger. Miquelon is a very unique village, a piece of France so far from Europe.



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  • Comment 611257 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6051 Comments

    Wow, what a unique and exotic experience! So cool to be the ONLY passenger! The cabin looks comfortable with that nice 1-1 configuration. Miquelon looks like a cute village and it's fun to see "La Poste" and other typical French things so close to North America. Definitely different architecture from the mainland--the buildings would not look out of place in Greenland or Iceland.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Comment 611445 by
    AK BRONZE 1055 Comments

    So nice ! The seats look like train seats, not plane seats...

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