Review of Vueling Airlines flight Split Rome in Economy

Airline Vueling Airlines
Flight VY6723
Class Economy
Seat 10F
Aircraft Airbus A320neo
Flight time 00:46
Take-off 07 Sep 22, 09:12
Arrival at 07 Sep 22, 09:58
VY   #5 out of 11 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 148 reviews
Published on 8th September 2022


Hello dear FlightReporters
The 3rd September my cousin get married with a croatian girl
In spring my family and all the other relatives were invited to the wedding ceremony in Split
All of us were offered two nights in Split, 2nd and 3rd September

Since only my father had been in Croatia when he was young, we decided to make a small vacation there after the wedding.
My aunt with her husband and another cousin of mine joined us for the following days visiting Šibenik and Trogir.
With the marriage scheduled for Saturday 3rd September we decided to arrive in Split the day before and stay in Croatia until 6-7th September.


The 9th May we booked the flight from Rome, making a reservation for us and my uncles (6ppl in total).
The best solution appeared to be flying with Vueling, leaving on 2nd Sept afternoon and return home in the morning of 7th Sept.

Of 5 nights we slept 2 nights in Split (hosted by my cousin), 2 nights in Šibenikand 1 night in Trogir. Since the latter is located 5 km from Split Airport we chose to sleep there the last night to avoid a too early wake up on the 7th Sept morning.

photo b2-1

Vueling offers three fares: Basic, with under-the-seat baggage only; TimeFlex, with an additional cabin baggage to store in the overhead lockers; Optima, with a checked bag up to 25 kilos.

Since we needed to bring ceremony clothes we decided to divide the reservation in two:
-Three of us flying with Basic fare, adding the seat selection and the cancellation insurance
-The other three flying with Optima fare, adding the insurance only

We selected our seats in advance, 9D-E-F and 10D-E-F.

The overall price was 798€, 133 per person.

photo b2-2



photo b3-1

before the flight

Vueling allows passengers to check-in for both legs 24 hours before the departure. Therefore the day before FCO-SPU flight we printed both boarding passes.

I want to make an appreciation about Vueling online boarding pass
It contains all the information about the times (check-in, boarding etc.) and the baggages allowed by the chosen fare.
In my opinion this is really useful because sometimes, in my opinion, baggages allowances are not very clear, especially on low cost carriers.

I've no doubts to say it's one of the best I've seen in recent times.

photo b4-1

In order to avoid an early wake up we booked an hotel in Trogir which was just 5 km from the airport. We stayed there for the last night (6th September)

The airpor was visible from the room's balcony and this gave me some good spotting occasions

Canadair performing a low pass over the runway

photo b4-2photo b4-3

Lufthansa A320neo taking off to Munich

photo b4-4

Croatia Airlines Dash 8-Q400 bound to Vienna

photo b4-5

WizzAir A321neo leaving to Warsaw

photo b4-6

Volotea A320 landing from Venice…

photo b4-7

…and departing back

photo b4-8

The landing lighting seen at night

photo b4-9

Arriving at SPU and check-in

With the flight departing at 9:30 we decided to be at the airport around 7:30. We chose this time also because we had to return our rented car from Dollar Car Rental. We had taken the car in Split city center on the 4th September.

Five minutes after leaving the hotel we arrived at Split-Resnik Airport
Car return area is located just outside the terminal, built in 2019

photo b5-1

Entering the terminal 15 minutes after

photo b5-2

The main hall is bright and still smells new
The ground floor is occupied by the check-in desks and the arrivals hall, while the departure lounge is on the first floor
I really like the mixed use of wood, glass and steel

photo b5-4

Our flight is the fourth departing today, following the WizzAir flight bound to FCO

From the arrivals feed we noticed that the inbound flight had landed almost 20 minutes earlier

photo b5-3

Just a few desks were opened and each of them handled all the fights without airline distinction

Once at the counter the agent told us that the plane was full and we needed to checked our cabin baggages for free
Since we already had 3 checked bags we didn't had any problem to check the others

Having one hour and half to spare I went upstairs, at the second floor, to make some spotting

photo b5-5

I've seen on a report here that the coffee bar has windows on the apron

photo b5-6

Croatia Airlines Dash 8-Q400 departing to Munich

photo b5-7

Croatia Airlines A320 ready to board to Frankfurt

photo b5-8

WizzAir A321neo bound to FCO

photo b5-10

The departure lounge seen from the terrace

photo b5-9

Around 8:15 we access the security checkpoint

photo b5-11


The security screening took less than 5 minutes
It was followed by the border control, which was empty

photo b6-1

The departure lounge is equipped with a few good shops

photo b6-3

As told by the check-in agent our flight would depart from gate 7

photo b6-0

Our plane was already parked in front of gate 7
Vueling Airbus A320neo, EC-NFJ, delivered in August 2019 (3.1 years old) and equipped with 186 Y seats

photo b6-4

Volotea Airbus A319 landing from Lyon

photo b6-6

easyJet A319 just arrived from London-Gatwick

photo b6-13

15 minutes to 9 our flight began to board

photo b6-7photo b6-8photo b6-9

Descending to the apron

photo b6-10photo b6-11

The A320neo engine looks massive from the ground

photo b6-12

Fuselage shot

photo b6-14

Unfortunately before I checked my bag I forget to take the flight report form
No problem, since I've the one from the FCO-SPU flight

The view from my seat, 10F

photo b6-15-copia

Boarding ended just after we got onboard and in a few minutes we left the gate

photo b6-16photo b6-17

The airport is not equipped with a parallel taxiway, so a departing plane needs to backtrack the runway
Turning 180° to take off

photo b6-18photo b6-20

A very short taxiway

photo b6-21

the flight

photo b7-1photo b7-2

Almost 20 minutes before scheduled we started our take off run
The engines seemed to be more silent than the ones mounted on older A320s

photo b7-3photo b7-4photo b7-5

Banking over Kaštela gulf with Trogir in the background

photo b7-6

Trogir, located on an island between the mainland (right) and Čiovo island (left)

photo b7-7photo b7-8

Split Airport with the mountains in the background

photo b7-9photo b7-10

Climbing over the coastline

photo b7-11

Lot of wind generators on the mountains

photo b7-12

Leaving Croatia behind us…

photo b7-13

…and approaching Italy's coast minutes after

photo b7-14

The coastline north of Pescara, in Abruzzo region

photo b7-16

Giulianova, in Abruzzo region

photo b7-17

A viaduct on A14 motorway, connecting Bologna to Taranto

photo b7-15

Approaching the Appenines

photo b7-18

Gran Sasso, 2912m, the tallest mountain on the Appenines

photo b7-19photo b7-21

L'Aquila, the capital city of Abruzzo region

photo b7-20photo b7-22

Torano junction, where A24 Rome-Teramo and A25 Rome-Pescara motorways split

photo b7-23

Pietrasecca viaduct, on A24 motorway, with it's distintive S-shape. It's almost 2km long and 70 meters high

photo b7-24photo b7-25

Meanwhile we started a gradual descent to Rome

photo b7-26

Castel Madama, in Lazio region

photo b7-27

Tivoli, 25 km from Rome

photo b7-28

Banking over roman countryside, heading north

photo b7-29

Guidonia Airport (ICAO: LIRG), a military airport near Rome. It hosts Italian Air Force's main logistic center.

photo b7-30

Turning towards South over Bracciano Lake
We'd land from north

photo b7-31photo b7-32

Descending through a light layer of clouds

photo b7-33

Aligning to runway 16L with Tyrrean coast in sight

photo b7-34photo b7-35

A12 motorway toll plaza

photo b7-36

Last moments on air

photo b7-37photo b7-38

Two minutes before 10 (42 minutes in advance) we touched down at Rome-Fiumicino "Leonardo da Vinci" Airport
Landing was smooth and brake run long

photo b7-39

Vacating runway 16L-34R

photo b7-40

ITA Airways A320 in old AZ-livery lining up for departure

photo b7-41

Qatar Airways Boeing 787 waiting for its turn to take-off

photo b7-42

WizzAir A321neo waiting in line

photo b7-43

Helvetic Airways Embraer E-195

photo b7-44

Air Transat A330 landing in the distance

photo b7-45

ITA Airways A330

photo b7-46

Poste Air Cargo Boeing 737F

photo b7-47

Qatar Airways Boeing 787 taking-off behind a Vueling A320

photo b7-48

ITA Airways A319 being towed with a Norwegian Boeing 737 parked at pier A61-83

photo b7-49photo b7-50

Lufthansa and Vueling A320s and Norwegian Boeing 737 parked at pier A61-83, opened in May 2022

photo b7-51

Parked next to a WizzAir A321neo, on an apron stand

photo b7-52photo b7-53

arrival procedures in rome

Waiting for disembark

ITA Airways A320 being towed

photo b8-1

Last views of our plane from the stairs, with the new pier in the background

photo b8-3photo b8-4

Stored Alitalia Boeing 777
So sad they're not flying anymore

photo b8-2

Air France A321

photo b8-5

WizzAir A321neo

photo b8-6

Three Alitalia Triple-777s

photo b8-7

Delta Airlines A330 parked at pier E11-24

photo b8-8

Pier E11-24 with Iberia A320 and WizzAir A321neo

photo b8-9

ITA Airways A350 parked at the pier

Pure porn XD

photo b8-10photo b8-11

The bus ride was very long (2 kms in 10 minutes)
As I've discovered later from FlightRadar our plane departed later that day to Barcelona. Probably due to this reason it wasn't possible to park it at a non-Schenghen contact gate

photo b8-12

Entering the terminal almost half a hour after touching down

photo b8-13

The passport control took 5 minutes with eGates

We got at the baggage carousel around 10:30 and the delivery was planned for 10:46
Later it was postponed to 10:57, with a flight from Dublin being delivered first
At 11 baggages from Dublin started to emerge from the belt, but no passengers from that flight seemed to be there
It took another 15 minutes to finally get our bags, one hour after disembark

The baggage reclaim area is undergoing a big refurbishment and half of the belts are not in use, drastically reducing operations efficency. Hopefully the ongoing works are gonna improve the situation.

After grabbing our baggages we get outside and to the multi-level parking to get our car.

Thank you for your attention and see you at the next flight :)

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Vueling Airlines

Cabin crew7.0
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Split - SPU


Rome - FCO



I've flown with Vueling many times and I think the service is good for a short flight

Split Airport is a really cozy airport, working really well as small airport

FCO disappointed me a bit, considering the big steps made in the last years, however the bad baggage service this time happened due to the reduce baggage hall capacity



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    Nice trip report i cannot find the time to fly again
    Could you scan the complete boardingpass and send me the picture in big size without private details to my email (Only you need to scan in big size the boardingpass and with a photo edithor delete the name and the barcode)
    i want a fco split and split fco boardingpass in my collection
    Also i would like see a scan of the baggage label issued in split
    Best regards and apologize

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