Review of Aerolineas Argentinas flight Buenos Aires San Carlos de Bariloche in Economy

Flight AR1680
Class Economy
Seat 14F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:58
Take-off 06 Sep 22, 04:40
Arrival at 06 Sep 22, 06:38
AR 44 reviews
By 677
Published on 15th September 2022


Welcome to yet another flight report. This time, I'll be flying economy on Aerolineas Argentinas' Boeing 737-800. Today's destination is the southern city of Bariloche, one of the most popular tourist hotspots of Argentina and South America. I know that I've said in my last flight report that I wouldn't be flying AR again anytime soon, but as it turns out, it was the only airline flying to BRC that allowed me to book an emergency exit row seat free of charge. 

aep - buenos aires jorge newbery intl. airport

As this is a true red eye flight, my completely sleep deprived self arrived at the domestic terminal at 01:00 in the morning. 

photo 38e6241e-fed4-41c3-ac1d-699d3b4d81bb

Sleepy AEP was already getting crowded as there were many flights departing at 4 AM. 

photo ea0ce3d3-7c33-4c1c-a883-ebe096e41833

The check-in counters were already crowded. I queued up, dropped of my baggage and got my boarding pass. 

photo c69e7f2e-fe88-45cc-986f-24a0f216c3d9photo c95ef25d-dc0b-49c6-a9f0-402557c90924-49020

After this, I breezed through security as there were only three passengers before me in the line. I went through with my bottle of water with no problem and before I could think about it I was airside. Didn't wander around the terminal this time as I was too tired.

photo 9460eac8-77ab-4353-9353-6bcd94ab8811

the flight

Boarding started right on time at 03:55. First to board were Sky Priority passengers, passengers requiring assistance and families with small children. Then we boarded by groups. Today's ride is LV-FUB, 8.1 years old. It has 8 Premium Economy seats and 162 Economy seats. My first impression was that the plane was dirty and the premium economy seats looked dated. Didn't take photos because I didn't want to annoy the passengers sitting there. 

photo fe967ae8-28f7-418b-b6b7-e851bc2c1ef4photo 289b54be-585d-4d30-92e8-dc8ffb42850c

Legroom at the emergency exit row was at the very least generous. Being 1.94m tall I could stretch my legs all the way and that's incredible for an economy seat. This was my first flight flying on such row, hence the excitement. My only flights before this one on the 737 were on Ryanair. 

photo c5c5d9ba-1f77-4d54-a051-651109ca1f7b

"NO CHILDREN THIS ROW" - Seems like a caveman had translated that phrase. 
On the seat pocket there were a safety instructions card, a special emergency exit row briefing card, and the instructions for the onboard entertainment system which of course wasn't working. 

photo 50600763-d593-41fa-b4dc-c2761c28150b

Once everyone had boarded doors were closed and we started pushback. We then taxied for runway 13 and were the first flight to depart AEP that day. 

photo a4085756-ebee-4538-aafa-4b67a3054f91

We used at least 80% of the runway for takeoff. Once airborne, the plane turned right tracking southwest. We flew by the famous 9 de Julio avenue, the widest avenue in the world, right besided the obelisk as we climbed for FL360. 

photo ef82433b-cabd-491a-8a8d-510a1406602ephoto 19ab6496-d205-416b-abf8-b5e041d7c7d1

The long string of lights extending to the horizon you see here is a motorway known as the "West Access"

photo 5e41aa5d-998d-4ec9-aac1-73e1d9007210

We flew east of Morón aerodrome, home to lots of flight schools. After reaching our cruising altitude I called the FA because I wanted a glass of water. She came surprisingly fast, but instead of bringing the water to my seat asked me to get up, walk to the galley and grab it myself. She wasn't very nice but I couldn't say that she was mean. Am I in the wrong for expecting the FA to bring the water to me?

photo aa8165cb-7d5d-4a46-8fe9-7c9cea0b7407

Most people were already sleeping by this time, and I decided to do the same. There were no passengers next to me, which would have been a plus if I could lift the armrests, which wasn't the case for the emergency exit row.  

I couldn't fall asleep, so I decided to visit the toilet.

photo b62c6266-0801-470b-8bd9-87275fd471d8photo 73a8efaa-6556-45b7-9431-7c5e2f304345

It was very small and basic, but thankfully clean. After the quick toilet visit I was back at my seat trying to fall asleep. No more than 20 minutes had passed and the crew turned all the lights on at full brightness and started the snack service wich consisted of an alfajor and a choice of hot and cold beverages. I got some water, didn't eat the alfajor and continued trying to sleep.

photo 025bba36-d92b-428d-97ff-beee32028128

Some 30 minutes after the service endend, we started our descent into Bariloche - Teniente Candelaria Intl. Airport (BRC/SAZS). The approach was very boring as it was still pitch black outside and we were flying over a desert. Landing took almost everyone by surprise as we landed runway 29, which faces the desert and has not a single village or road to be seen on its approach path.

Enter text here…

photo 2cccfebb-47a8-45a3-ae51-d29d7375bbd8photo a51679d5-cf4a-4366-9700-7c13aaaeaa6cphoto 461e0836-63bc-4b23-82c3-8cbdad07afd1

Touchdown was average and the plane braked heavily in order to make it to the exit and prevent a backtrack. We deplaned through a jetway. Baggage claim was fast and we had to clear a so called "Control Fitozoosanitario", where they only scanned backpacks and nothing else. Not the most impenetrable control. As I left the terminal, a beautiful sunrise welcomed me to Bariloche.

photo 81bae84c-1c21-403f-9934-bb97657c4873photo 8cdaaad1-d426-4728-9ef5-d268f3020616

This is the end of the report. Thanks for reading!

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Aerolineas Argentinas

Cabin crew6.5

Buenos Aires - AEP


San Carlos de Bariloche - BRC



AR's service was average and met my expectations. The plane wasn't clean but not nearly as dirty as in my previous FR. The crew wasn't friendly nor too helpful and only did its job. The seat was alright and flying on the emergency exit row was definitely a plus. I would choose AR over its competitors F0 and WJ just because they offer free emergency exit seats and a generous baggage policy.

Information on the route Buenos Aires (AEP) San Carlos de Bariloche (BRC)


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  • Comment 611768 by
    AK BRONZE 1066 Comments
    We flew east of Morón aerodrome, home to lots of flight schools. After reaching our cruising altitude I called the FA because I wanted a glass of water. She came surprisingly fast, but instead of bringing the water to my seat asked me to get up, walk to the galley and grab it myself. She wasn't very nice but I couldn't say that she was mean. Am I in the wrong for expecting the FA to bring the water to me?

    Wow I think that's weird, I would expect the FA to bring you a glass of water...
  • Comment 611782 by
    NGO85 GOLD 1873 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR, at least this time you got a newer aircraft with BSI compared to the A332s. You are brave for booking a 4am departure, but the positive is you get great aerial shots in the dead of night. I'm going to assume any FA stuck on this route are likely not to be in a good mood. I'm surprised they even do a drink service by cart on this flight, I would have assumed they would just walk down the aisle with a tray of waters like mid-flight on a redeye.

    Do they require you to speak Spanish to sit in the exit row?
    • Comment 611815 by
      Yrgwyn AUTHOR 28 Comments
      Hi and thank you for reading the report! Fortunately, you can fly on the emergency exit row if you can communicate fluently in English. No Spanish is required! Also, I will not be booking another red eye flight anytime soon! They’re way too exhausting!
  • Comment 611804 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6188 Comments
    Hola Yrgwyn, thanks for sharing this new report! I always like to see Argentinian reports as they're rare. Especially domestic AR reviews. Too bad about the poor service though I guess it's good at least they had a snack. Other than that, there's not a huge difference with the Low-cost carriers. If the streaming IFE had been working that would have been the main differentiator.

    Hope there'll be a few destination bonus pics in the return report! It seems so beautiful there. I'll be close(ish) in a month when I visit the Los Lagos region of Chile! I am sooooo excited to finally make it down to Southern South America.

    Thanks for sharing!
  • Comment 612330 by
    Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE 961 Comments
    Bariloche! Qué bonitos recuerdos me trae este informe, Yrgwyn! Pero de las tres veces que he estado allá todavía no voy a esquiar!! La verdad es que no sé, pero debería aprender.

    No entendí bien la razón para tomar un vuelo nacional a las 4 de la mañana. Pero las vistas del amanecer valieron la pena!

    Siempre he admrado AEP. Encuentro impresionante lo que pueden hacer con una sola pista en un aeropuerto tan ocupado! Es un constante salir y llegar de aviones, y todo tiene que estar corrdinadísimo. Realmente admirable.

    the onboard entertainment system which of course wasn't working

    Hay cosas que en estas latitudes ya damos por sentado jajaj

    I decided to visit the toilet.

    Ese cartelito... “Asiento descartable.” Es impresionante lo que que hace la influencia del inglés. Porque “descartable” seguramente viene de “discard”, que no es exactamente lo mismo que “descartar”, sino más bien “desechar,” así que el asiento debería ser “desechable”!! Si fuera descartable ni siquiera lo usarían!! Pero esas cosas pasan en todas partes, supongo. A este lado de la cordillera también. Por ejemplo, aquí las cosas ya no son “portátiles” sino “portables” por influencia del inglés. Y más encima en inglés el cartelito dice “disposable.” Seguro que en unos años más las cosas en castellano van a ser “disposables.” jajaj

    didn't eat the alfajor

    Amo los alfajores argentinos!! Igual que la mortadela!!

    Gracias por compartir!
    • Comment 612718 by
      Yrgwyn AUTHOR 28 Comments
      Muchas gracias por leer! Esquiar es una experiencia imperdible que recomiendo muchísimo. Viajar en Aerolíneas Argentinas no lo es tanto, mucho menos a las 4 de la mañana, pero me convino por la tarifa un poco más baja por el horario nefasto y el hecho de poder acceder a un asiento de fila de emergencia sin costo! De todos modos, estoy esperando la oportunidad de probar qué tal es el servicio en Flybondi y Jetsmart para poder comparar!

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