Review of Thai Airways flight Munich Bangkok in Business

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG925
Class Business
Seat 19A
Aircraft Airbus A350-900
Flight time 10:50
Take-off 06 Oct 22, 14:25
Arrival at 07 Oct 22, 06:15
TG   #22 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 381 reviews
By GOLD 1637
Published on 15th October 2022


Thai Airways uses its dediacted check in desks in the lower level of Terminal 2 which were really busy when I arrived. Eventhough there was a priority lane, check in took me 45 minutes. The flight was overbooked and this made a lot of trouble and long queues. 

photo img_1625-62600photo img_1626-32722

Security check at least was quick and I headed to the Lufthansa Senator Lounge in H gates non-schengen area.

photo img_1627

The lounge was rather quiet and I just had some small lunch from the nice buffet.

photo img_1629-64249photo img_1630-68023

The food offering was nice:

photo img_1632photo img_1631

My selection:

photo img_1633

It was a sunny day when boarding started almost on time with priority passengers first.

photo img_1634

I was greeted by a smiling and friendly crew and headed to my window seat in the last row of the Business Class cabin.

photo img_1637photo img_1636

The cabin looked nice in general but it showed a lot of signs of age and usage. Cabin ended to be filled to the last seat.

photo img_1638photo img_1639

Already on the seat were a nice warm blanket, two different pillows, rather cheap slippers and an amenity kit of Mandarina Duck.

photo img_1640photo img_1641photo img_1642

The amenity kit was of rather poor quality and had only some basic content, no skin care or cosmetics at all.

photo img_1644photo img_1655

Also placed on the seat were headsets. However after boarding came to an end it showed that they were useless for me as I was informed by the crew that my seat had a broken audio. I was really disappointed and asked them for any solution or immediate compensation. But they could not provide anything that a link to their customer service team. So the flight started disappointing without any entertainment options for me. Luckily this was a night flight and no day flight where I would have missed the movies even more.

photo img_1645

Hot towels were distributed followed by a glass of welcome champagne.

photo img_1643photo img_1647

The only bad part of this Business Class service was that absolutely no menus were provided - neither printed nor digital. The crew just came around before take off offering main course choices verbally and quite bad to understand. 

Boarding came to an end and we pushed back to taxi out.

photo img_1648photo img_1649-75538

It was a rather quick taxi and soon we were in the skies.

photo img_1650photo img_1652photo img_1653

Climbing through some clouds.

photo img_1654photo img_1656

Service started about 30 minutes into the flight with a first drink and some nuts. Gin Tonic for myself. Those were quickly followed by some nice fish cake appetizers.

photo img_1657photo img_1658

Hot towels were also again distributed - actually many times during the whole flight and even 3 times during the main lunch meal service which was impressing. Sometimes they were handed over without a tray - one time even with a splendid nice silver look tray.

photo img_1659

Next table clothes were put on the tables and a trolley made its way down with appetizer course and more drinks. I was very positively surprised to see Thai has very recently changed to a proper restaurant style tabel with single courses served any without any tray. This actually even was not the case pre-covid. So Thai has actually improved the service experience here.

photo img_1661

Warm and tasty bread was offered from a basket several times.

photo img_1663

Drink refills followed also quite often and next was the extremely tasty Thai chicken main dish.

photo img_1666photo img_1664

A separate cheese service with Port wine was next.

photo img_1667

I ended the really extremely tasty and very filling main meal with dessert.

photo img_1668photo img_1671

I read in my book and tried to get some sleep for several hours which was ok. The seat folds into a bed that is not too bad and wide & long enough to find a good position.

photo img_1670-88074photo img_1672

During the night I was offered some packaged snack and a Thai tea which is some kind of signature drink. It was interesting but not my most favourite one ;)

photo img_1674photo img_1675

Mood lighting waked the passengers ca. 2 hours out of Bangkok. Hot towels were offered again.

photo img_1676-17636photo img_1677

Table clothes were laid out and the tasty breakfast was served on one tray. Main course choice for breakfast had also been taken already before take off.

photo img_1681photo img_1682photo img_1678

Very often on planes the warm breakfast dish is boring and tasteless - but this was indeed very good and not dry at all.

Overall the food on Thai tasted great and better than on most other airlines I travelled. Most of the crew were also friendly and smiling although their English was not the best.

photo img_1684

We started descend during a nice sunrise atmosphere and touched down while some nice landing music was played in the background of the cabin.

photo img_1685photo img_1689photo img_1691

We taxiied past some parked aircraft and finally docked at the huge terminal building of Bangkok.

Thanks for reading,

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Apart from the broken inflight entertainment on my seat and the missing menu this was an excellent Business Class longhaul service: friendly crew, very tasty and well presented meals and tons of hot towels :D



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  • Comment 613515 by
    airberlin GOLD 1750 Comments

    Thanks Alex, nice to see again reports in asian airlines coming back to the site. The cutlery service is beautiful, the complete service very filling. Bad start with the entertainment system. Hope, you'll get a decent compensation for it. Looking forward to reading from you again.

  • Comment 613743 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6105 Comments

    Hi Alex, great report!

    I will echo Airberlin's comments in saying that it's refreshing to once again see long-haul reviews on Asian carriers from Europe. Asia has been so long to open up again, so it's nice to see it!

    The cabin looked nice in general but it showed a lot of signs of age and usage.

    I was surprised to see the general state of the cabin on this newer aircraft! Especially since it didn't do much passenger traffic for the better part of two years! TG cabins are always so aesthetically pleasing from a design perspective, but it looks like they may have chosen some of the cheaper material and finishes if there is so much wear and tear already. Shame!

    I was very positively surprised to see Thai has very recently changed to a proper restaurant style tabel with single courses served any without any tray.

    Very nice to see this! Proper hors d'oeuvres/amuse-bouches before the meal and then coursed service by plate thereafter--so few carriers are doing this these days, especially since the pandemic.

    Too bad about the broken IFE, but everything else looked wonderful. Good on Thai for getting the service standards back so quickly!

    Thanks for sharing!

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