Review of Air France flight Warsaw Paris in Business

Airline Air France
Flight AF1147
Class Business
Seat 2A
Aircraft Airbus A220-300
Flight time 02:30
Take-off 02 Oct 22, 12:40
Arrival at 02 Oct 22, 15:10
AF   #24 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 5937 reviews
By GOLD 961
Published on 4th April 2023

my first time in business in an A220

Hello and welcome back on this journey to attend a Flight Report french speaking gold diner.

If the journey out was in economy, the return flight was kind of "cheap" for a business, and as I am not flying on daily basis, I though I deserve/ need / require to indulge myself!! 

Scroll to the end of the FR to see a Bonus on Warsaw if you are interested.

Flying blue Miles claimed with this flight: 982
XP status points: 15

photo screenshot_20221002-124808

I used the Air France app as always to check in. I must say the app is now quite robust and user-friendly.

photo screenshot_20221002-124813

The flight will be operated with an A223 with the new cabin of 148 seats, which have been designed to be close to the European seat of Air France, namely Smart & Best.

photo a220

at warsaw - chopin airport

I reach the airport with an Uber and Esteban.

photo 20221002_104713photo 20221002_104834

LOT is of course very well represented at WAW.

photo 20221002_104928photo 20221002_105046

One will note that the dreamliner cockpit windows aren't clean, luckily the pilots have some auto landing capacities!

photo 20221002_105101

And it is with this illustrious site member that I go thru the fast lane!

photo 20221002_105123-25666

at the lot lounge

I am a nobody for Star Alliance, I barely have any miles with them but I still follow Esteban in the hope that the lady at the counter would let me in so we could have a drink but nope.

photo 20221002_110535

After having made a U turn, heading to the Skyteam lounge, I walk passed our boarding gate, the same gate where I arrived at the day before.

photo 20221002_111353

at the fantazja lounge

The lounge has a good amount of natural light, has nice decoration and furniture and this is where I run into the Boss, aka Leadership. (if you were ever wondering who that leadership is!).

photo 20221002_111533

This wall plants remind me of the Skyteam lounge at the T4 at Heathrow..

photo 20221002_111537

Not only this lounge offers a good variety of newspaper but there are actually some books!

photo 20221002_111807

There are even some work dedicated space, but don't worry I did not use them :p

photo 20221002_111620

Showers - always a big plus at any lounge

photo 20221002_111649

There is even a small resting room - which - again - is a really big plus for a lounge that is not a Hub lounge!

photo 20221002_111712

There is a good amount of variety in terms of food and beverages, including the beverages for adults!

photo 20221002_111557photo 20221002_111604-73202

One of us is having water with lime, the other a GinT - I let you figure who is drinking what and it is not that easy!

photo 20221002_113813photo 20221002_114803

Sausages everywhere!

photo 20221002_114808

Oops… I need to go perhaps?

photo 20221002_121432

Here is our cute A223. If the cabine is undeniably a success, I am unsure of the outside look of the bird… The nose looks like that of a 787, wing tip from the CRJ1000 and the rest of the fuselage a skinnier version of an A319.. 

photo 20221002_121552

onboard the a220-300

Aircraft: Airbus A220-371
Tail registration: F-HZUG
Engines: 2x PW1524
Age: 6 months old
Layout: Y148
Named: Provins

photo 20221002_121805

For the english speaking readers of Flight Report, who have not ventured on the french pages: 
The "door" instant is now as popular and famous as a well established religion, and so as I first wrote this report in French, I couldn't risk our Door God fury :p 

photo 20221002_121944-68732

Just like on the way out, KLM is parked next to us.

photo 20221002_122126

My seat is on the first row (and to our North American friends: Yes this is the Business Class ahah).

The pitch is huge, there no less than 3 windows just for me - almost like on the First eheh. The guy behind me is an ultimate card holder, and clearly he has the full attention of the cabin crew, and especially the guy in charge of the J today. 
So much attention that I start wondering if they are actually flirting or not? 

I had no idea this kind of status would grand such favors!! 

photo 20221002_122258-76897photo 20221002_122352

I am really surprised to see the Business class 100% busy.

photo 20221002_122748-16098

Air France starts to put its red comma a bit more in the cabins.

photo 20221002_122836

Our departure is a tad delayed so I go to the toilets and I ran into our ultimate / cabin crew in a very close discussion..

Anyway here is the view on the Pratt & Whitney engine, a brand that Air France has not seen in a while. 

photo 20221002_124243

As I was mentioning earlier look at that space!

photo 20221002_124502-82177

The WiFI is available from the minute you board the plane on an Air France plane, unlike some other carriers you don't need to wait to pass the 10,000 feet.

photo screenshot_20221002-122533_duckduckgo

We are finally pushing back.

photo 20221002_124850photo 20221002_125139photo 20221002_125439

Take off ! The engines are definitely quieter than the A32X CFM56 engines 

photo 20221002_125848photo 20221002_125904

Ready for some cloud surfing?

photo 20221002_130109photo 20221002_130225

Just like on the way out, Air France if you wanna contact me for royalties I wouldn't mind at all :p

photo 20221002_130744

Not sure why but there is no privacy curtain on this particular unit (the others A220 I have been on, have that curtain) - mind you the difference with the Eco isn't particularly mind blowing.

photo 20221002_130935-27237

The service starts very shortly after with some bubbles that I couldn't refuse - I'd hate to be rude !

The cabin crew asks me which wine I would like for the main, as he sees that I am hesitating he made me try both and I went for the  Saint Emilion wine.

photo 20221002_134943photo 20221002_134247photo 20221002_135034

The food is well presented, although it is shame there are no tablecloth nor menu - some other legacy carriers do have them.
It is actually tasty, the portions are a bit light to my liking though.

You can actually see on the second picture how much more light there is in the cabin than the good old A32X.

photo 20221002_134317photo 20221002_134300

The cabin crew come to talk to me for feedback, in a nutshell I told him that I am very pleased to see Air France becoming more premium on both soft and hard product on long haul but the European and Domestic markets are a still suffering from their cost cutting. For example Air France is now refusing to serve hot meals, despite the presence of ovens on board. 

The dessert was stunningly good.

photo 20221002_140246

Am I easily convinced?

Or just Alcoholic? 

photo 20221002_142148photo 20221002_142221

I gathered from Esteban that the blue light means that the cockpit would like some beverages, hopefully less booze than I had!

photo 20221002_141753

The cabin crew was realllllly looking after us, always to have a kind word, offering some refill, crack a joke, and even offering a babysitter service when the mum went to the toilets!

Not as funny and warm as the very famous Delta Grannies but still very Professional and keen to go the Xtra mile. 

photo 20221002_144146-44504

In terms of entertainment Air France stills offer unlimited newspapers and magazines on their phone app, and with some help for those of us looking for a tiny modest propterty!

photo screenshot_20221002-123712_air-france-play

Envol is the new magazine (Air France magazine was stopped with Covid).

photo 20221003_142629

If the seats in First are better nowadays onboard, I am not sure the food followed that trend. 
The service was so opulent! 

photo 20221003_142906

As an avgeek, here is my favorite double page of any onboard mag!

photo 20221003_142941

We are back in the clouds.

photo 20221002_144946

at paris - charles de gaulle airport

photo 20221002_150705

2A and 2C were still open, they are now closed for refurbishments. 

photo 20221002_150805

The very famous K concourse of terminal 2E.

photo 20221002_150834photo 20221002_150850

Don't look for variety here !

photo 20221002_151001

A cockpit visit!

I asked to see the cockpit (I am usually a bit too shy to ask for a visit) and the captain and first officers were super kind to let me in.

I was surprised to see that are a bit less buttons than the A32X (which already has far less commands than the B73X) and the screens seems to be really larger. 

photo 20221002_151800photo 20221002_152057photo 20221002_152050

Warsaw bonus

It was my first gold diner and I was really happy to meet a few gold members sucha as Tango_Bravo, Isaac, Airbretzel, Nicobcn, Leadership, F-OITN, MichelG, AirBerlin, Sconnie83, Scorph, FiftyTwo, Mendes… 

photo 20221001_140542photo 20221001_145942photo 20221001_153620

Fiftytwo organised the visit of the historical district of town - a big thanks to him.

photo 20221001_154625photo 20221001_154906photo 20221001_183118
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Air France

Cabin crew8.5

Polish Airports State Company Fantasia Lounge - Start Gold


Warsaw - WAW


Paris - CDG



WAW: airport is not far from town, and bright, however the signs are ridiculously small.

Fantazja lounge: a very pleasant surprise for a lounge that wasn't designed to serve any particular airline, nor to operate as an airline hub lounge.

Air France: The cabin is really bright; flying on an A32X after that feels somehow to be in a dungeon!
The seats are a tad more confortable than the Smart & Beyound Air France cabin, the pitch on the first row is just amazing. The wifi, magazine and phone application are a plus, the lack of an IFE is a minus.
The crew was very nice, and the food yummy, although I wish the company was still offering hot meals, especially when it is cold outside.

CDG: Airport is nice if you are connecting, I think it is far less enjoyable if you are going there from Paris.

For memory here are my criteria to try and be fair at each report
-Entertainment: None < 4.5 Magazine 6< a smartphone application 7< Wifi 8 < IFE = 10
-Cabin: visually interesting, comfortable and user friendly> 7.5. For example, "Ironing boards" are <7
-Crew: Went for the extra mile, they've outdone themselves > 7.5
- Meal: : Buy On Board <5 Free <7.5< Visually interesting, satisfying, visually good and yummy

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