Review of Air France flight Paris Lyon in Business

Airline Air France
Flight AF7646
Class Business
Seat 1A
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 01:05
Take-off 02 Oct 22, 17:40
Arrival at 02 Oct 22, 18:45
AF   #26 out of 96 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 5883 reviews
By GOLD 526
Published on 18th April 2023

one of the world's worst onboard business experience

Hello all and welcome to this last flight from my Warsaw trip.

Warning to all but European regular flyers: some of the pictures below might be difficult to watch, please have be seated and have a cold glass of water nearby.

Flying blue Miles claimed with this flight: 301
XP status points: 6

I used the Air France app as always to check in. I must say the app is now quite robust and user-friendly.

photo screenshot_20221002-124823lys

The flight will be operated on this A321 featuring 212 seats, which is often the case on this domestic route.

photo telechargementa321


I left you at the 2F concourse where my next flight is also meant to depart from. I have enough time for a 2F lounge visit.

photo 20221002_153017

The entrance hall that we all know now (at least on the french speaking side of Flight Report)

photo 20221002_153311

at the AIR FRANCE 2F lounge

I have reported the lounge before but I am still very pleased with the effort Air France put in. The staircase is truely impressive. And it seems that Air France thought of the amount of space available when designing the Lounge: unlike my Delta Sky Club visit at JFK lately, even this lounge is crowded, you still have a nice feeling of space.

photo 20221002_153420

The buffets are always refilled, and since I have a sweet tooth, I am slowly heading towards the dessert section!

photo 20221002_154101

My lil afternoon snack.

photo 20221002_154334

Despite the grey and miserable weather, you see that there is a considerable amount of natural light.

photo 20221002_154339

The pastry trolley goes through the lounge regularly on the afternoon, and the staff never forget to offer you bubbles with pastries -  a very nice touch that I can't refuse- I'd hate to be rude!

photo 20221002_165554

I am heading to the showers, you can just walk in as there are a good 20-30 of them in the lounge. They are clean and have all you want for. Air France keeps improving its lounge with the latest addition of an Hair Drier, a nice touch when you washed your hair.

photo 20221002_170744


For once I dont turn up at the gate too late, which allows me to say that boarding priorities were respected.

photo 20221002_172108

The cute nose of the A321

onboard the A321

photo 20221002_172238

Aircraft: Airbus A321-212
Tail registration: F-GTAP
Engines: 2x CFM56
Age: 14 years
Layout: Y 212
Named: Epinal
Comments: Used for domestic flights but at least equipped with WiFi

The "door" moment

photo 20221002_172310

So here is what Air France very seriously calls a Business Class: the middle seat is left empty and the head rest is red don't look for any other differences with the eco seats; there aren't.
No pitch difference, No IFE, no diveder/curtain, nothing. To be fair the Smart and Beyound seats are better but still there are no differences.

Ah yes I have spotted a major difference: the price!! 

photo 20221002_172338

A fellow gold member (Scorph) was heading back to Toulouse on an A321 next door.

photo 20221002_172439photo 20221002_180613

We are pushing back with a 15 min - which is often the case when boarding an A321, Air France has a set time window for its A32X family, which is fine up to an A320 but not so much with the A321 and its 212 Pax.

photo 20221002_180652photo 20221002_181116

A photo of my plane taken by Scorph from his A321 outbound to Toulouse..

photo img-20221002-wa0053

The Lufthansa group was still at the 2D concourse, it has moved back to the Terminal 1 since.

photo 20221002_181253

not sure what ITA airways does at 2D when this airline is still part of Skyteam..

photo 20221002_181325photo 20221002_181634

The different in terms of window sizes is striking between and A22X and an A32X, it feels very much dungeon-y on the A32X now!

photo 20221002_182330

Cloud surfing…

photo 20221002_182403photo 20221002_183318

Are you ready for the ultimate French Haute Cuisine experience on this Business flight?

There you go, here is the extend of the service! 

photo 20221002_183506

A box of biscuits
A glass of champagne
Refreshing towel
Pack of nuts 

Seriously Air France, can we rename this premium economy please? 

photo 20221002_183353

The approach to the 35R runway is above the Monts d'OR, offering a splendid view on Lyon, especially at this golden hour.

photo 20221002_185119photo 20221002_185059

On the background you can see the Alps.

photo 20221002_185042

In terms of entertainments Air France still offers free messaging service on wifi and a free comprehensive digital press, and not only french as you can see with this very iconic front page of the Times, covering the passing of her Majesty QE2.

photo screenshot_20221002-183903_air-france-play

The onboard magazine is available to all as a digital copy and printed format at the Lounge where I got this one.

photo 20221003_142629photo 20221003_142657

My favorite double page in that magazine - double pages are always a must - at least since Playboy existed!!

photo 20221003_142941

at lyon - saint-exupéry airport

The famous High Speed Train service station of the airport.

photo 20221002_190025

The Terminal is still closed for refurbishments, we arrive at the T1. 

photo 20221002_190529photo 20221002_191048

Thanks for reading my FR!

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Air France

Cabin crew6.0

Air France Lounge - 2F


Paris - CDG


Lyon - LYS



AF: The produc would be correct if it was labelled premium economy, selling this service as Business could be a joke if it was even funny.

Air France 2F lounge:
Really well designed, bright, with warm and welcoming staff very pround of this new lounge.
The meal services have been improved in both proportion and quality, there are some basics there are still here (like the flan but instead of the crepe there are more cakes for instance), the Clarins spa and showers are amazing. I have only ranked 8.5 for the entertainment as there is no Playstation or VR rooms like at Bogota El Dorado or Skyteam lounge T4 at LHR or even the AF lounge at Terminal 2E Hall L.. I guess they think the connecting time is typically less than halls K L and M that are dedicated to longer flights.

CDG: Airport is nice if you are connecting, I think it is far less enjoyable if you are going there from Paris.

LYS: Efficient as always.

For memory here are my criteria to try and be fair at each report
-Entertainment: None < 4.5 Magazine 6< a smartphone application 7< Wifi 8 < IFE = 10
-Cabin: visually interesting, comfortable and user friendly> 7.5. For example, "Ironing boards" are <7
-Crew: Went for the extra mile, they've outdone themselves > 7.5
-Meal: : Buy On Board <5 Free <7.5< Visually interesting, satisfying, visually good and yummy

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  • Comment 626513 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6594 Comments

    Uh oh...LOL...well this starts out on a positive note 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    No pitch difference, No IFE, no diveder/curtain, nothing.

    Yeah, as if Euro-biz isn't bad enough as it is, the trend of reducing pitch to be the same as Y in recent years to cram even more people in has really been a shame. I want to say it started with LH, but then BA and AF followed, because of course they always do. Luckily, KL, IB, TP, and a few others still offer better pitch in H rows.

    Then again, in this particular situation, this "Metropole" fleet with the awful ironing boards was never configured to have a J cabin as they were meant to fly mostly domestic (though we all know they also do some short Intl flights). Domestic J within France is only a recent evolution, as you know, meant to offer a little more service for those who connect to regional airports from Intl destinations and vice-versa. So to be fair it's kind of an improvement over the previous situation where you had to sit in regular Y connecting off of a J flight in Paris. Now, that being said, the Domestic J experience is laaaaame and really a half-hearted attempt at trying to make J pax feel like they're still separated from Y...just barely.

    Seriously Air France, can we rename this premium economy please?

    Hah yep, that would actually make sense. This is exactly the same as LATAM's domestic Premium Economy service, minus the champagne in a plastic glass lol

    Great views of Lyon on arrival at the golden hour! Always a good time for aerial shots. Though Lyon is a beautiful city in any light!

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 626629 by
      ChrisB GOLD AUTHOR 3335 Comments
      Hi Kevin and thanks for stopping by !
      well this starts out on a positive note

      Well I was trying to remain fair and objective in my comment.. right? :p
      I want to say it started with LH, but then BA and AF followed, because of course they always do

      Just like it is for the cold meal on European J, BA and LH do do cold meals on Business too. It really makes you feel like that have a menage à trois sort of special hot line of cost cutting and downgrading the passenger experience!
      So to be fair it's kind of an improvement over the previous situation where you had to sit in regular Y connecting off of a J flight in Paris

      And it is not always the case, I think the J is only sold from CDG, as there was no J at all on my LYS-BOD flights.
      This is exactly the same as LATAM's domestic Premium Economy service, minus the champagne in a plastic glass lol

      Yes exactly at least LATAM is more honest with their branding.
      Though Lyon is a beautiful city in any light!

      What do you need from me??? ahah

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