Review of KLM flight San Francisco Amsterdam in Premium Eco

Airline KLM
Flight KL606
Class Premium Eco
Seat 11A
Aircraft Boeing 787-10
Flight time 10:05
Take-off 07 Mar 23, 14:15
Arrival at 08 Mar 23, 09:20
KL   #33 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 979 reviews
By SILVER 1277
Published on 11th March 2023

Hello Everyone and welcome onboard KL606 from San Francisco to Amsterdam on the KLM Boeing 787-10, PH-BKK.

During online check in, I was able to choose discounted paid upgrades due to my Flying Blue Platinum status.  Business was around £650 and the new Premium Comfort cabin was around £260.'  I couldn't resist the opportunity to experience the new product and was able to select seat 11A at the bulkheat row.

 Our two year old 787-10 pulling into the gate early from Amsterdam.

photo 97ff47a6-ab28-44f6-b93b-5ca96a829006

Slight delay boarding and I was assigned Zone 2.

Whoever designed these windows was clearly not an avgeek! 

photo 8a7ed8c6-5abe-49d2-9691-2ca9bb9bde0bphoto 444f0742-e79a-44c5-82ab-fce811cfafb6-59032

Views as we enter the plane.  Greeted by the typically friendly Dutch crew, I was directed right to the Premium Comfort cabin, directly behind Door 2.

photo b56750e6-471f-4781-a048-c65c155dd15aphoto 1983d44d-77c0-44d2-9ea0-ffa4ce81a905photo 45656807-faaf-40c4-b574-48fbc58e978f

Today's seat, 11A with plenty of legroom.  A pillow, blanket and noise cancelling headphones were waiting on each seat. 

The flight was particularly busy with every seat taken in PE and around 95% full in Economy.

photo 8aa2672a-303a-4ae0-8e38-a75e02405726

Seat controls with USB charging ports.  Small storage area under the arm rest with universal charging port too.

As this was the bulkhead row, PTVs were stored between each seat. 

photo 5f8f6b03-92ab-46b1-ad14-82b4a09f4c35

11A also provides a great wing and engine view!

photo 10f4c6b5-0590-4c65-bff8-3b31d6ca7a51

As boarding continued, we were given a menu, bottle of water and a small 'eco-friendly comfort pack / bag'.  I've yet to open this up to see the contents.

photo 6752fa49-c7d5-4420-b738-314799fddf24

Three choices available for the main course.

photo a6bb1907-6595-4845-8762-c8b4fc31d483

Captain announced a flight time of 9:45 with an estimated early arrival into Amsterdam and a smooth flight expected.

Pushed back from the gate around 10mins behind scheduled departure due to baggage loading and made our way towards the runways. 

photo d7abfa6e-170b-4382-b063-f19d645f0c04photo b8a09aa0-1237-4856-8cca-a34abb6a4d0a

Our flight pinged alive on FR.

photo 2998588a-0ef0-4161-b1cf-3545a1a60d72photo b4b05830-5964-42ca-937b-010e151422e5

Approach and lining up on 01R at SFO.

photo 0788e623-e045-4b5b-8325-ded306434b39photo 439f73c8-a7ab-4e0c-a862-56ec73a1186f

Powering into the skies…

photo 849954e2-bdb4-499c-9d68-d022f9fe5e26photo f73ed1a8-1c8f-4590-8547-3a18c25ee6d8photo 7c5a197f-80ff-4e84-a998-133babe63f94

Stunning views as we climbed out over the bay making our way up to initial cruise altitude of FL350.

photo 8b751fbc-73b6-4b15-9e28-2bd1127e2da0photo 2397eef4-48ea-405a-b7fe-858bd57bef72photo 2251ceb2-5c05-43b2-8eba-50f07233a547

Onboard service began with some packaged nuts and drinks while I loaded up my music playlist - KLM usually has a good selection.  Same wine as served in economy but in proper KLM glasses.

photo 314e20f1-37d1-47b3-8f36-b1870427cc56photo 83f5c301-a6b6-4d7f-af4c-b1dbb8b32577

Meals were served shortly after this.  I chose the beef which was cooked to perfection; really tasty.  The tomato tartare salad with mozarella and parmesan crisp was delicious too.  Metal cutlery provided too which was nice, I really dislike the wooden cutlery used in economy.  Another drinks run followed the meal.

photo 3f36ba86-54ef-4cdf-9538-1a5e41a7521aphoto 585d0355-139b-4e78-ba57-12326b0288b3

Views whilst enjoying the meal.

photo 9a314809-e7fb-484e-b9b9-88351aeb4b81photo eefe02f4-34f7-4d2c-bb77-753377d8baf7photo e7d48b4f-f6f5-4f50-ba83-aa872cb55a7b

Following the meal service, I got comfortable in the seat and managed to fall asleep for around three hours.  This is rare for me when flying, so the seat must be extra comfy.  I woke up halfway across the Atlantic and went for a walk to the immaculately clean bathroom and galley.

photo a4cf645c-a8a0-41ac-a567-b073c760956ephoto 5c912b6f-1a71-4e5c-924e-423787f850f1photo 848a5255-f1dd-4dbb-a21a-680b19fbf1cc

Self-serve snacks in the galley.

photo c926ebd7-ada6-4273-ab71-dc5580828ed8

Too soon the sun was beginning to rise.

photo 9469b2a1-3088-4f06-8c5b-29bf6bcf279cphoto 834f7519-b2b2-4567-ad5f-53c3b51a3fdephoto 45f362f6-fafa-4b91-9970-040b48b68640

As we got closer towards Ireland, the various stages of cabin lighting came on and breakfast was served.  There was no choice with breakfast however a trio of dishes on the tray to choose from.  The salad contained lots of salmon, unfortunately I don't like fish but I ate around it.

photo 86be0e84-1651-409f-80c4-8eb5ce7fbc58photo 39583f6e-7956-4d72-a1d8-8b61d849287fphoto b4c0e7fd-032c-4ece-8d62-0ef6f0894e71

Sun fully up and beginning our descent from 39,000ft towards Amsterdam.

photo 56671856-22a8-4fb2-b5b3-aad0e8d24912photo 4f5db3a2-8e17-4935-bc06-a53f5eb2284fphoto bacecf5b-7c74-4a42-869a-3d9de1228970

Approaching the cold Netherlands.

photo f65f851b-ebaf-4610-9a8b-a850cc1d3320photo 820e34c9-c240-43bb-87ae-9cb08b09f579photo ebcf46a6-342f-486f-96b1-3717785668bc

Final approach with a smooth landing on RW06 at Schiphol.

photo f24d7b3a-00e0-4708-8a10-5a84018faae8photo 1625c72c-e30f-41ed-9161-1ba4599b752aphoto 5c3a2e61-b817-4c5d-8a20-adc9b0cd741e

Drying the runway too.

photo ddc1bb1c-5b79-4b82-83ca-71b3c34f427e

Parked up next to the toothpaste-like BKA.

photo b042876c-096e-4a51-8725-1e3d452f2103photo e32849a8-d527-4e95-a8f8-1375b9746d34

Caught the 'orange pride' across from our gate too.

photo d9326833-dfbf-40ae-a122-601763cb5340
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Cabin crew9.5

San Francisco - SFO


Amsterdam - AMS



Enjoyable experience on KLM's new 'Premium Comfort' cabin. Comfortable seat, tasty food and attentive crew. Looking forward to trying this out again.

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  • Comment 623707 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6105 Comments

    Nice report as always and very cool to see a review of KL's new Premium Economy cabin! It was about time KLM introduced a true Premium Economy and it looks like they've done a very good job. The seat visually looks more comfortable and spacious than most other airlines' Premium Economy--the seats look thicker and better padded and I like how wide the back of the seats is, which gives more privacy than when the seats have big gaps between then. It's also more comfortable in general.

    It's also nice to see the meals well differentiated from Economy, which is not the case with many carriers, included sister carrier AF, which have always struggled with the catering level in Premium Economy.

    The only think I'm not a fan of is the placement of the USB ports on the side by the legs, that's just asking for a power chord to be broken. Other than that, KLM Premium Economy looks to be well above average for that cabin.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Comment 623851 by
    KL651 TEAM 4527 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    The seat really looks comfortable and the cabin is clearly separated from Y class, unlike on LH.
    Was there any dessert served with the dinner?

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