Review of Lufthansa flight Frankfurt Paris in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH 1036
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Boeing 737-300
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 27 Oct 13, 13:50
Arrival at 27 Oct 13, 15:10
LH   #53 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1265 reviews
By 3315
Published on 9th February 2014
Hello everyone, this time reporting another FRA-CDG hop, it was special for me since it's likely to be my first and only 737-300 flight ever.

This time I had to go to FRA for work, I arranged with my gf and other friends to have a little trip to Paris and then to Turkey. My complete schedule was:

As you can see it was a very star alliance-centric itinerary, somehow it was the one which offered the best fares. It also let me ride on the A321 for the first time between ZRH-IST.

I wont cover the FRA-BOG-FRA flights as they were practically identical to ones I've already covered: BOG-FRA and FRA-BOG. The catering was even the same, and they even managed to screw it up with my baggage again!


The night before the flight we had partied really hard, so that was why I chose a midday flight, therefore we would be able to get ourselves together and check out of the lodging in time. Something I didn't take into account was that daysaving finished that thay so suddenly we lost an hour while sleeping. It freaked the hell out of me when I woke up and my iPad showed a different time from my watch. Eventually we made it to the HB, but unexpectedly and weirdly for me the S bahn was running on a rather unfrequent schedule. Add that to the fact that that morning the marathon took place = Chaos. Trains were running totally full and filled with sweaty people, just what you want while hung over. One of our friends was practically worthless so overall it was a very chaotic experience to FRA.

I was really excited to see this iconic FIDS, not so much to see at check in that the flight was practically full. I almost didn't manage to get a window seat. Awful.
photo IMG_4733

After that it was time to drop our bags, the automated lanes were off, so on to the manned counters. There was a huge line with people flying practically everywhere on earth, cool! (the latter not the former) The line eventually consumed our planned time for eating and (specially) drinking something to get us through the day.

What's with the ceilings at FRA?
photo IMG_4734

Security was….somewhat a breeze, while you scan your BP to get to the security lane you get a ticket confirming your gate and time, nice idea…waste of paper though. Back to security, most of us made it ok, but one of the guys got special treatment…so more time wasted while waiting for him.

Sadly for us, on the airside food and (most specially) drinks offer was rather expensive and non varied, something you don't want when hung over. By the time we were done buying stuff boarding was being called.

D-ABEW Detmold would have the honour of being my first.
photo IMG_4738

Into Detmold
photo IMG_4741

While the terminal is so modern and shiny outside, the inside is a whole different deal
photo IMG_4742

Cabin from my seat:
photo IMG_4743

Something that really impressed me….graffiti on the seat what's wrong with people?
photo IMG_4744

Taxying out…not much variety at FRA
photo IMG_4746photo IMG_4747

Probably as old (or older?) as the A343 I rode between CDG and BOG, but LH Technick has done a great job keeping the little Boeing looking young.
photo IMG_4748

Take off from Startbahn West (RWY 18) (have I told you all my take offs from FRA have been from this runway?) over the autumn colours
photo IMG_4750

The rest of the airport and the Innenstadt in the distance
photo IMG_4751

I switched between dozing and checking out the view…eventually sandwiches were handed along with drinks (much appreciated, thank you!)
photo IMG_4752

Classic wing cruising…I take pride that I managed to score all 737 classic types (BA 734 and CO735, curiously all only once).
photo IMG_4753

Flaps deploying…landing imminent
photo IMG_4756photo IMG_4758

Salut CDG, nice to see you again!
photo IMG_4759

AF 80th anniversary A380 visible
photo IMG_4760

Full flaps and spoilers saying hi to the ATC tower…finally in Paris! I hoped my GF was more excited, but she was completely dozed…not even the landing woke her up (she always sleeps when flying)
photo IMG_4763

Spotting my way to the gate…

A huge 4 engined jet…
photo IMG_4766

And a little one…
photo IMG_4768

Star Alliance tails, three interpretations on flying beings!
photo IMG_4772photo IMG_4773

Another architectonic symbol to end the trip.
photo IMG_4774

Got our bags in reasonable time, then off to the RER station, didn't have to wait much to catch a train and on to the bowels of the City of Lights!
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Cabin crew7.5

Frankfurt - FRA


Paris - CDG



Good flight on a plane I longed to fly on. As always with LH a quality and efficient hop within Europe. Catering was well received.

Downside: The S-Bahn to FRA seems to suck on sundays. Somewhat annoying, maybe the Swiss train system pampered me too much. Service at FRA was slow and sloppy, managed to make me spend my detox time queuing.

Thanks for reading, saludos!

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