Review of Northwest Airlines flight Detroit Boston in First

Airline Northwest Airlines
Flight NW 372
Class First
Seat 4C
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:46
Take-off 02 Nov 08, 10:27
Arrival at 02 Nov 08, 12:13
NW 4 reviews
By 3653
Published on 19th February 2014
Continuing with my ordeal in DTW, after NW stranded me and put me in a mediocre hotel with a room on the first floor and a view of the parking lot in the back, I decided to return to the airport quickly once I woke up and took a shower.

I headed to the Business counter to see if I could go on an earlier flight. There were a lot of Asian passengers in line and finally I was helped by a disinterested agent. She typed something on her computer and told me that there was nothing available. I then went through security which was quick and professional.

Seeing the terminal during the day was a different experience from the night before when I arrived. Of course, there were more people and activity, but one thing that caught my attention was the elevated train inside. It was great to see this train painted in red with the NW logo on the side.

I rode on it several times and then decided to explore further by going through the underground tunnel that connected the terminals. It was a bit of a psychedelic experience with the constantly changing colors on the sides of the wall.

photo DTW-BOS (25)photo DTW-BOS (19)

I used the breakfast voucher that NW provided me the night before and purchased a smoked salmon bagel. After eating breakfast I walked around taking pictures of the airplanes.

A beloved DC-9

photo DTW-BOS (2)photo DTW-BOS (1)

They say time flies when you are having fun and very soon I was boarding my connecting flight to BOS. A flight attendant that was posted at the door recognized me since she was working in Y on the SFO-DTW flight that I took the night before. She was extremely friendly and gave me a very sincere welcome aboard. Pre-departure drinks were offered and eventually the door closed and we were on our way to BOS.

The nice FA was working in the back and we were left alone with the F male purser. He started the service by offering drinks and later passed with a snack basket. I chose a unripe banana with some pretzel chips. This guy was just like a robot going through the motions without any personality.

photo DTW-BOS (14)

We finally arrived in BOS and after exiting I looked back and took a picture of my plane.

photo DTW-BOS (24)

I then rode on the T to the Hilton Back Bay hotel. The hotel was close to Copley Square and my room was very comfortable. There were some nice views from my room as well as the end of the hallway.

Hilton Back Bay

photo DTW-BOS (13)photo DTW-BOS (21)photo DTW-BOS (22)

Views of BOS

photo DTW-BOS (12)photo DTW-BOS (23)

Cape Cod

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Northwest Airlines

Cabin crew7.0

Detroit - DTW


Boston - BOS



Flight was uneventful and service was average. I think that something more substantial than a snack basket should have been offered on this flight. I arrived on time in BOS and I was glad that I spent some time in DTW capturing some memories of its previous occupant. The elevated train is a unique sight and an enjoyable one. Hope you enjoyed these images.



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