Review of Scoot flight Hong Kong Singapore in Business

Airline Scoot
Flight TZ221
Class Business
Seat --
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 04:00
Take-off 25 Jan 14, 07:10
Arrival at 25 Jan 14, 11:10
TR 60 reviews
Published on 3rd March 2014
12 flights in 5 weeks from January 10th 2014 to Feb 21st 2014.

This Report includes walk to Sha Lo Wan (Best Hong Kong Viewing after Regal Hotel)

So I've landed off of SQ317 to Singapore, checked my life on facebook and then went to the gate for the manila flight.

Video isn't on my laptop so i can't make pictures for that but i do for the HKG-SIN which is where i'll focus it on. (Plus I was tired from filming 12 hours of SQ317 so i slept most of it)

Take-off (i managed to open my eyes again for the take-off roll and half heartedly thought about filming it)'v=Nwaf1QNp7h0

Landing (after a good sleep)'v=KkosouvAGZc
Great Scenery

Here's a few snaps of Manila

SM Mall of Asia, nice family restaurant outside near the bay, great grilled chicken
photo S1550005photo S1550004

Flight on Philippines was good, the pilots were really friendly and let me in the cockpit after landing.
The one on the right i think was mine
photo S1560002photo S1560001
Take off with ATC'v=TkIA-QPcWAQ


Arrived Hong Kong
photo S1560009photo S1560006

Island Pacific Hotel (very good staff and very nice room for £/$65 a night)
(not sure if i could buy from here :))

I go to Tung Chung and decide to take the cable car to see if i can get to a point to see the airport, well this is one view but you get taken far far away from the airport and i was crapping my pants after standing up after my attention went from filming the airport to the fact that i was standing up in this rocking cable car from my own movements, i was on my own too and the wind coming through along with the shear drop to the ground made me feel uneasy lol.

photo S1570016

I tried to just stay on the cable car as it entered the station but the cleaner wanted me out and the staff also told me i can't. That was annoying as i wanted to get the torture over and done with but i found a curry shop and had a meal
I got the bus back down which is just as quick and a lot cheaper $17 or £1.70
photo S1570017

So next i attempt the ferry from tung chung, A fisherman showed me the way across the road.

I missed the boat by about 15 mins and the next one was 5 hours later so make sure you get there early.
I got a taxi and showed him the map of where i wanted to go. He drove me to where the track is to walk it.
photo S1580018photo S1580017

Walking time is 1 hour 25 minutes up and down hills, i did stop to eat my subway for 5 mins though halfway through attempting a climb :)

The ATC video from Sha lo wan is here'v=7c_ETMmayOM
More videos on the channel

Now SCOOT! to Singapore

The Cabin Crew were very warm and an exceptional event at the end where i had left my 2 coats and jumper in the overhead locker, I was in the arrival area just before immigration and had stopped to check my facebook when 3 cabin crew came to me, one was holding all my clothes and said that i'd left them behind. Such an amazing crew for doing that. I never leave things behind normally and i usually don't put those things in the overhead locker anyway.

The business class wasn't bad, it feels more lonely though as there wasn't a lot of people in there, the boarding without hassle was great though.
photo Image68
Timelapse Unload:'v=lLse-m1CW88

Entire Flight TIMELAPSE'v=9AQbr5UgEVs

Full Normal Speed Video Part 1'v=m265pGtbatU
Landing Video'v=TMJnRPru7ho

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Cabin crew10.0
Buy-on-board menu7.5

Hong Kong - HKG


Singapore - SIN



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