Review of Delta Connection flight San Francisco Los Angeles in Economy

Airline Delta Connection
Flight DL 7828
Class Economy
Seat 9A
Aircraft Embraer ERJ145
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 06 Oct 07, 11:40
Arrival at 06 Oct 07, 13:10
DL   #28 out of 66 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 129 reviews
By 3021
Published on 23rd February 2014
I fly because it releases my mind from the tyranny of petty things - Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

The flight was just one of many connecting SFO-LAX in a small plane that lasted a little over an hour, yet despite its ordinary character, it offered me an appreciation of the miracle of flying that in these modern times we often take for granted. Of course, having a window seat helps to increase this feeling of wonder exponentially.

I checked in at the self service kiosk and got my boarding pass. As an aviation enthusiast I love airports and flying. The rush of adrenaline is always present when you are about to take a flight, whether you are in F or Y, on a long trip or short one. The excitement is there and you can feel the butterflies in your stomach. Flying takes me away from insignificant preoccupations and allows me to experience bliss. An indispensable companion to the enthusiast is the camera. In a lot of ways it is the perfect travel partner - silent and accommodating making for memorable trips.

The flight was full and the gate area was crowded with people from nearby gates. The crew was hanging around the gate counter and it seems that today's flight was slightly delayed due to inbound. Our flight finally arrived at the gate and the departure time was changed to 12:00P now.

I spotted a pilot deadheading on this flight.

photo 1506490561_7d2ce276a6_b (800x751)

The pilot for our flight did some preliminary check and I took the opportunity to take some shots.

photo 1507618096_6db714eec9_b (800x600)photo 1507339150_dae2f153a2_b (800x628)

Pretty soon it was time to board and this was done quickly. While walking inside the jetbridge the pilot came up and I positioned myself right behind him.

photo 1507619828_3d245fa9cf_b (800x697)photo 1507621266_c717ef6f55_b (800x633)

Upon boarding the FA positioned at the door was handing out bottles of water to each passenger which was a nice touch. Once everyone settled and the door closed, we taxied to the runway.

A DL mainlines next to us

photo 1507623472_f869ae62e9_b (800x453)photo 1507631256_b4e6d2c948_b (800x600)

Take off was smooth and since I had a window seat I took some more shots of the landscape below. Up here you can truly appreciate the diverse scenery of the Bay area and realize how beautiful this corner of the world is.

Taking off from SFO

photo 1507633690_337f9d9a05_b (800x600)photo 1507636066_440b4b865e_b (800x600)photo 1507638380_8d3203022c_b (800x600)


photo 1506787127_c2054a1030_b (800x600)

Crystal Springs reservoir in the peninsula, not far from where I live.

photo 1506782713_c085baba54_b (800x598)photo 1506784915_4ffb6ad69c_b (800x624)photo 1507649120_422d9acb1f_b (800x600)

Once we reached cruising altitude the inflight service began. Our sole FA did an excellent job. He was attentive, professional and highly efficient. To my surprise there was a choice of snacks on this flight. According to the DL website on flights that are under 449 miles or 1.5 hours only 1 snack item is available. This flight was 1.5 hours and about 338 miles. The FA passed around offering Sun chips, peanuts, granola bars or peanut butter cookies. This was followed by a beverage service.


photo 1506792807_14bb31df9e_b (800x598)

We encountered some slight turbulence on a clear day close to LAX. It never ceases to amaze me what a big sprawling metropolis the LA area is.

Arriving into LAX

My plane at the gate

photo 1506833457_7812c8ada1_b (800x497)

Changing of the guards

photo 1506493367_0633456b37_b (800x600)photo 1507356084_5b25051762_b (800x600)

My flight arrived pretty much at the scheduled time so kudos to the pilots for making up some time.
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Delta Connection

Cabin crew10.0

San Francisco - SFO


Los Angeles - LAX



This was a short and enjoyable flight. Although our departure was originally delayed for 20 min, the pilots made up some of the time and we arrived pretty much on schedule which was greatly appreciated.

The inflight service was provided by a single FA who executed his duties efficiently and professionally. It was nice to be offered a choice of snacks, which for a short flight like this was quite a luxury.

As for entertainment, a window seat is all I needed.

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