Review of SmartWings flight Tel Aviv Paphos in Economy

Airline SmartWings
Flight LY5137
Class Economy
Seat 4A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:10
Take-off 08 Jun 23, 20:20
Arrival at 08 Jun 23, 21:30
QS 15 reviews
Published on 22nd July 2023

Hello and welcome to this flight report about a flight from TLV to PFO.
I booked this flight on Elal's website, but in fact this was a Sundor (a charter company, subsidiary of Elal) and operated by SmartWings, thus the airline is Smartwings, but the flight number is Elal one.


I arrived to the airport 3 hours before my flight.

The entrance to terminal 3:

photo photo-08-06-2023-17-27-51

Inside the terminal:

photo photo-08-06-2023-17-28-36photo photo-08-06-2023-17-28-53

Since I flew only with trolley and small handbag, I skipped the check in counters and went to W zone in terminal 3 for passengers who traveling only with hand baggage.
I finished the security questioning process in less than 5 minutes and went to the hand bag screening area:

photo photo-08-06-2023-17-33-14

This process also went very fast this time!
In 5 minutes I completed the hand baggage screening, as well as passport control.

I made my way to the duty free area:

photo photo-08-06-2023-17-39-22photo photo-08-06-2023-17-39-26

Elal aircraft in the gate (Boeing 737-900ER, 4X-EHD):

photo photo-08-06-2023-17-39-31photo photo-08-06-2023-17-40-41

And some Elal Boeing 737-800 (I think it's 4X-EKB):

photo photo-08-06-2023-17-40-01

Almost arrived to the duty free…

photo photo-08-06-2023-17-40-47

To sum it up, in 12 minutes I finished all the security processes! Well done TLV airport.

I went to the electric store in the duty free (Shekem electric):

photo photo-08-06-2023-17-44-34photo photo-08-06-2023-17-44-46

I found it pretty strange that you have an electric shop in the airport, I never saw similar shops in any airport.

When I finished in this store, I went to the dining area.

photo photo-08-06-2023-17-59-36

And of course, those annoying tiny dots on the windows:

photo photo-08-06-2023-18-03-08

And an expensive cup of coffee :)

photo photo-08-06-2023-18-09-02

Even though it was Thursday, the dining area wasn't full and I could find a place to seat very easily:

photo photo-08-06-2023-18-12-44

More photos of the duty free area:

photo photo-08-06-2023-18-19-49photo photo-08-06-2023-18-20-09

James Richardson duty free shop:

photo photo-08-06-2023-18-26-43photo photo-08-06-2023-18-26-55

I went again to the food court, this time to grab something to eat.

photo photo-08-06-2023-18-53-29

And some plane spotting:

Austrian and Delta:

photo photo-08-06-2023-18-58-36

Air Serbia, Wizz and United:

photo photo-08-06-2023-18-58-38

I bought a sandwich and sparkling water, the price was more than 10$ USD.
Airports aren't the cheapest place to eat…

I went to my traditional loo review :)

As you can see, the toilets were almost clean, but not perfect.

D concourse area:

photo photo-08-06-2023-19-35-26-1

I went to the gate area (gate D4), approximately 40 minutes before departure:

photo photo-08-06-2023-19-37-07-1photo photo-08-06-2023-19-37-11

You can see here our aircraft (OK-TST), Electra airways A320 (LZ-EAD, operated for Arkia) and Elal Boeing 787-9 (4X-EDM, Jerusalem of gold color scheme).

Jet bridge:

photo photo-08-06-2023-19-38-44

Our aircraft and behind it the Air Serbia A319:

photo photo-08-06-2023-19-39-08


Aircraft information:
Boeing 737-86N
Delivered to Norwegian Air Shuttle in March 2010 (LN-NOJ), then delivered to Norwegian Air International in February 2015 (EI-FHG) and finally delivered to Smartwings in April 2018 (OK-TST).
This aircraft was 13 years old when I flew on it.


photo photo-08-06-2023-19-40-20

Window view from my seat (4A):

photo photo-08-06-2023-19-40-56

Seat area:

photo photo-08-06-2023-19-41-05photo photo-08-06-2023-19-44-38photo photo-08-06-2023-19-44-41

As you can see, the legroom was good, the seats were in pretty good condition, although you can see a bit wear and tear here and there.

Old PSU this time…

photo photo-08-06-2023-19-44-43

Cabin view during boarding:

photo photo-08-06-2023-19-57-03

Those controls… Feels very retro

photo photo-08-06-2023-19-58-56

Meal menu on longer flights:

photo photo-08-06-2023-20-10-29-1

I think that the prices are very reasonable.

Take off video:

This aircraft was also fitted with some IFE, you need to connect to the Wifi onboard and you can stream movies and tv shows to your device:

photo photo-08-06-2023-20-27-12photo photo-08-06-2023-20-27-34

Shortly after take off, over Tel Aviv area:

Enter text here…

photo photo-08-06-2023-20-34-38

10 minutes into the flight, the flight crew served as a small snack and a bottle of mineral water:

photo photo-08-06-2023-20-44-36

I was quite surprised to get something on this 40 minutes flight!

This time there is no loo review onboard.
The flight was very short and uneventful.

Landing video in PFO airport:

Our aircraft in PFO airport:

photo dsc00881photo dsc00882


A bus took us to the terminal, the passport control process went very fast.

Baggage claim area in PFO airport:

photo photo-08-06-2023-21-34-35photo photo-08-06-2023-21-34-44photo photo-08-06-2023-21-34-49

I found it pretty useful that there is a shop, where you can buy small snacks or drinks after your flight.
This can be very useful if you have a long drive from the airport to your hotel.

Loo review in PFO:

photo photo-08-06-2023-21-35-18photo photo-08-06-2023-21-35-20photo photo-08-06-2023-21-35-32

As you can see, the toilets weren't so clean.

I went to the small car rental area:

photo photo-08-06-2023-21-40-12photo photo-08-06-2023-21-40-20-1

The agent in AVIS was very nice!
He also upgraded my rental car to higher category for free!

The car rental parking located near the terminal, just 1-2 minutes of walking.

Still inside the terminal, I found even a coffee shop for the inbound flights:

photo photo-08-06-2023-21-41-59

Outside view of PFO airport:

photo photo-08-06-2023-22-00-34

Thanks for reading!

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Cabin crew10.0
Buy-on-board menu9.0

Tel Aviv - TLV


Paphos - PFO



I flew with Smartwings several times, this was the best experience with them.
First of all, the flight took off on time and we arrived to PFO before our scheduled landing time.
The service on board was good, the aircraft was clean and the aircraft condition was pretty good.
I was surprised to get a snack and a bottle of water on such short flight, but also was surprised with the IFE solution.
For such short flight, I can't find any reason to complain.

TLV airport - well, I wrote about it many times, but this time the security process was so efficient!
Long time readers know that I like this airport, you can find many stores for shopping, as well as many restaurants and coffee shops to eat and drink and the airport is easy to navigate.

PFO airport was nice too, I didn't expect much from this airport, but the passport control process was very fast, it's small and easy to navigate and I can't say anything wrong about it, except the cleaning that could be better.



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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6858 Comments
    Thanks for this review on SmartWings operating for Sundor operating for El Al...that's a lot, haha.
    A surprisingly good experience on this flight with the free streaming IFE and a snack on such a short flight!

    Thanks for sharing!

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