Review of Delta Air Lines flight Amsterdam Detroit in Business

Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL 620
Class Business
Seat 05J
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 08:50
Take-off 05 Feb 14, 10:35
Arrival at 05 Feb 14, 13:25
DL   #26 out of 66 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 693 reviews
By GOLD 12978
Published on 13th March 2014
Reminder of my routing :

  • Bâle - Amsterdam KL / J, Fokker 70:
  • Amsterdam - Detroit DL / J, Airbus 330-300: Immediate boarding
  • Detroit - Chicago DL / F, MD -88
  • Chicago - Atlanta DL / Y, A320
  • Atlanta - St Louis DL / Y, MD90
  • St Louis - Detroit DL / Y, B717-200
  • Detroit - Chicago DL / F, A319
  • Chicago - Minneapolis DL / F, E175
  • Minneapolis - Seattle DL / F, B757-300
  • Seattle - Fairbanks AK / F, B737-900ER
  • Fairbanks - Seattle AK / F, B737-700
  • Seattle - Paris CDG DL / J, B767-300ER
  • Paris CDG - Bâle AF / Y, ATR72

A bit of spotting as I landed in AMS:

767-300 Arkefly:

photo DSC_0014

A330-300 China-something :

photo DSC_0015

744 KLM:

photo DSC_0016

Mother-fokker land:

photo DSC_0018

AMS was very quiet that morning, I'll breeze through security and will be at the boarding gate 60 minutes before the boarding. I did not go to the lounge, as I would have only been able to get there for 15. Furthermore, Wifi is free of charge through AMS airport, so no real need for lounge hopping. Corporate picture before the boarding :

photo DSC_0019

My bird for today's flight:

photo DSC_0020

H-45 boarding starts with people needing assistance first followed by business and elite passengers. Very warm welcome from the purser at the a/c door directing me to my seat. That's the brand new business elite cabin that has been installed aboard this A330-300 just a few weeks earlier. To my eyes, just perfect:

photo DSC_0022

Seats are directed towards the windows, which seems normal, but isn't the norm in the industry. To my opinion it is a non sense to have window seats oriented toward the aisle. The seat, in the full flat bed mode has length of approx 6'46, which is very comfortable. The seat control offers lots of differents variations and combinations, the screen is big enough with a very good image quality.

An XXL pillow and a comfy duvet are already on the seat. The duvet is amazing, soft, warm without being to warm. The amenity kit is distributed together with the earphones:

photo DSC_0027photo DSC_0028

I was quiet amazed by everything they stuffed in the kit!

photo DSC_0040photo DSC_0041

Welcome Drink :(champagne Jacquart good but not exceptional, OJ or water)and a very good snack mix:

photo DSC_0029photo DSC_0038

Menus are handed out:

The tray folds in a funny way:

photo DSC_0042photo DSC_0043

But is big enough to write or eat, or both together.

Push back was 10 minutes early, uncommon for flights to the US. A bit of spotting:

photo DSC_0039photo DSC_0046

A321 from Sex After Service (SAS):

photo DSC_0047

Airbus from Aircraft Landed In Tokyo And Luggage In Atlanta (ALITALIA)

photo DSC_0050

And an Airbus-Sharklet 320 from Let Us F**k Tonight Honey And Never See Again (but I prefer: Let Us F**k The Hostess As No Steward Available) … Lufthansa of course !

photo DSC_0051

(Bonus : DELTA > Don't even leave the plane)

When reaching the cruise altitude, amuse-bouche is served. I was pleased when the hostess offered me to taste the wine as the bottle not opened was. That's a nice touch.

The salmon was divine:

photo DSC_0053photo DSC_0055photo DSC_0056

It was followed by a greek salad, fresh and tasty with my favorite dressing, ranch, and a mushroom soup to die for!

photo DSC_0057photo DSC_0058

To follow, I choose the beef entree. Speaking about the meal ordering process: before the take off, the purser came to introduce herself to all business passenger and asked the choice for their entree for both services. The whole crew will, from that point on, adress all passenger by name. I mentionned to the purser that I prefer being called by my first name, and the whole crew did so. Last but not least, it is very handy to ask the choices for both services at the same time, this allows each passenger to have at least one meal service with their preferred meal choice. I noticed as well that the meal order starts with the passenger seated row 1A towards the end of the cabin, and re-starts and the end of rows G to be concluded by pax seated in 1G. So if you'd like to have your first choice available, you better seat on an A row ;)

Enough, let's go back to the beef! It was cooked to my liking, medium. The macaroni gratin was okay:

photo DSC_0059

This was followed by cheese and/or dessert. For me, it will be both. I liked the fact that the cheese is being served from the trolley and that the passenger can order what kind of cheese he wants together with what kind of fruit.

photo DSC_0061photo DSC_0062

There were a lot of options to accomodate the sundae, for me it was chocolate sauce, whipped cream and nuts. Perfect!

photo DSC_0063

On top of that there were also petite pastries to go with, but I was stuffed!

That's the IFE:

photo DSC_0076

After that somptuous meal, it was time to take a nap, and I change my seat to a bed. As the cabin not full was, I requested a second pillow and another duvet. I'll use the extra duvet as seat top, and when everything ready is, it looks like a F/Class seat :)

photo DSC_0064photo DSC_0065photo DSC_0066

I slept for 4:30 non stop, this never happened to me!! And I missed the hot cookies service. I should send a complain to Delta about sleeping to well causes missing cookies service!!

Anyway, this is the mini-buffet that is available at the front galley. A much more stocked buffet is available at the mid-galley.

photo DSC_0067

I was impressed by the barrier Delta installed to prevent anyone trying to enter the cockpit when a pilot is going to the lavatories. This door is automaticaly being closed by the cockpit before someone open the cockpit door or in case something happens in the cabin.

photo DSC_0070

Some pictures of the forward cabin door:

photo DSC_0068photo DSC_0071photo DSC_0072

The plane has been refurbished in coach too:

photo DSC_0073photo DSC_0074photo DSC_0075

As I came back to my seat, the purser offered me some cookies that she just backed for her. I ate one with her and we discussed a bit about airline business as she noticed me taking pictures.

I then returned to my seat minutes before the second service. Having travelled quite a lot, I know that this service is often very disapointing with the infamous pizza or panini, which as not its place in business. (take this AA!)

Delta has put lots of efforts in enhancing the second service, table clothes are dressed again together with warm towels. An amuse with olives and cheese is served, which was lovely. I ordered the salad and it was very good. I looked at the cheeseburger service and it looked nice. They put the steack on the lower bun, and all condiments are on the side, allowing passenger to customize their burgers!

That's my friend, the Safety On Board Card :

At that time, we are somewhere here:

photo DSC_0089photo DSC_0091

Winglet check, OK:

photo DSC_0086

And it is already time to land. We arrive just as winter storm Nikki is ending, lots of snow everywhere. As usual, in North America, this isn't a problem. CDG with half an inch is a complete chaos in comparison…

photo DSC_0094photo DSC_0095

Just landed:

You'll usually never see that amount of snow in France!

photo DSC_0104

Taxiing to our parking:

photo DSC_0105photo DSC_0106photo DSC_0109
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Delta Air Lines

Cabin crew10.0

Amsterdam - AMS


Detroit - DTW



A lovely flight with Delta, fantastic catering, seat and crew. I loved every moment on board !
Stay tuned for the next part :)

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  • Comment 102125 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5607 Comments

    Awesome report on the new J cabin! The new A330 cabins look great in both J and Y! Like you, I sooo much prefer the reverse-herringbone configuration with window seats facing the window. It feels more private! I hate facing the aisle and feeling like my feet are just hanging out there. It's too bad that DL did away with the warm nuts service before the meal--the bag of nuts feels cheap. Supposedly it was to make the service faster because pax supposedly complained that the meal services took too long in J...I think it's just cost-savings! DL's soups are always delicious!! I have not had a single one that I didn't just loooove! Thanks again for sharing!

  • Comment 102266 by
    Leadership TEAM GOLD 5184 Comments

    Thank your for this fantastic report once again.

    Even if only for 15mn I think it's worth checking the lounge.

    You were lucky to get the new cabin, it's look very comfortable but IMO the leather + blue seating looks cheap.

    Catering is pretty nice and well presented with a real glassware for the PDB.

    Economy section is pretty nice too.

    Thanks a lot.

    btw make sure to put /en iso /fr when you are quoting a FR in english on the routing summary.

  • Comment 102892 by
    AznWrldTrvlr 30 Comments

    Hey Esteban:

    Cool flight report! It's nice to see the ongoing changes to DL since the merger. Also thank you for including the cover photo of my flight report in yours! As for the snow, just like France, if that snow hit IAH, flights would be cancelled and the city would be at a standstill!

  • Comment 137306 by
    SebastianRDCD 23 Comments

    It's China Southern Airlines XD

  • Comment 586339 by
    ChrisB GOLD 804 Comments

    Thanks for the report!

    Mother-fokker land

    Made me laugh out loud, unfortunately MoFokker land not anymore dear!
    I like that the famous DL grannies crew gave you an extra blanket for you to install an extra bed layer.

    Really keen to try this cabin
    Thanks again

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