Review of Turkish Airlines flight New York Istanbul in Business

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK004
Class Business
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 09:50
Take-off 11 Oct 13, 12:50
Arrival at 12 Oct 13, 05:40
TK   #18 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 709 reviews
By 11748
Published on 14th March 2014
Hello everyone. Welcome to my first flight report here at I'm very thankful to be here as this is by far the easiest to use trip report website out there. I have long be reading this site since the French only days. I was not able to post a trip report since I don't think my writing capabilities in French would have allowed it to be enjoyable. Anyways it's great to be here and enjoy.

photo IMG_4382

This flight is a part of my annual fall trip to Europe. I did a trip back in 2012 to Southeast Asia and recognized the great benefit of having a diversified frequent flyer milage portfolio. Since then, I have been spreading out my travel onto different alliances instead of banking on 200K miles a year with Delta. I have congratulated since Skymiles 2015 is announced. Moving ahead always feels good.

Anyways, this year (well last year) I qualified for Gold on AirFrance about 3 months into the year on segments. BA silver was also achieved by the end of June thanks to a few JFK-SEA trips on AA and gold was on the way to be earned through an August trip to Peru. So I was naturally looking to book on Star Alliance in order to get Gold on UA. This trip ended up being booked as JFK-IST on TK and BRU-JFK on SN. Additionally, purchased a separate ticket for IST-LJU-VIE on the lovely Adria. Finally, Wien-Munich-Paris was completed by train.

TK's check in is pretty close to LH, where I took the picture above. Considering the fact that they were massively dropping code shares back in the fall, it was interesting to see how much competition there was within a single alliance.

photo IMG_4376

JFK T1 has an interesting collection of airlines. Many of them are major western carriers but they are not co-located based on alliance/codeshare at all. Those airlines that together invested in the construction of this terminal must have never thought of what the picture of the industry is today when they first started decades ago.

photo IMG_4372

TK's check in counter is fairly easy to locate. Seems like they use the normal KE check in counters. Given that they have three flights a day to IST I was kind of surprised at the fact that they didn't lease their own check in area. Seems like the famous premium economy class does't get priority check in with TK. In fact it wasn't even available on today's A330.

photo IMG_4374

There was no line to wait in as I was relatively late to check in, though still perfectly before the cut off.

photo IMG_4378

LH's F check in across the hall. I have never flown international F and probably never will. J is perfectly fine and if I wanted a luxurious experience I would have gone to Orient-Express or Explora. Personally I can't justify paying 10K for F when a J sells for 4K and provides 80% of F's comfort. Now with UA's award chart change, I will never have enough UA miles to do this in the future either.

photo IMG_4368

Departure board - This was taken on the return trip. AT's sole flight to CMN was on an outrageous delay.

photo IMG_4380

Before going on to security, I spotted the sad looking WorldPort to the side. I was surprised it was not preserved as an historical landmark like TWA's head terminal.

photo IMG_4384

Security line was out of control. I was also unable to locate the priority security lane although TK's agent assured me that there is one. LOL.

photo IMG_3891

Departure board on the day of.

photo IMG_3911

It was a pity that AirFrance's lounge is not open at this early hour. I remember it from my trip to Amman two years ago and it had pretty generous food and beverage offerings, even compared to the salons at CDG. AZ's lounge does not have a very good reputation so I had very low expectations. I guess this is no fault of TK since the LH and AF lounges were both closed at this early hour and the JL lounge must be crowded with their TYO flight leaving around the same time.

photo IMG_3908

The lady at reception must had a really bad day. She literarily did not say anything to me during the check-in process - not a word at all. I found this very odd as normally I'd at least get a hello somehow.

photo IMG_3905

The lounge is pretty open and has nice views. It was not busy at all as AZ does not have any flights this early.

photo IMG_3893

Wine offering is limited. No sparking today.

photo IMG_3895

Snacks. I think this is worse than US Airways Club. Plastic cups and mostly junk food.

photo IMG_3900

Back to the seating area. Only grabbed a sparking water.

photo IMG_3902

A final look at the departure board

photo IMG_3917

JL's flight for TYO.

photo IMG_3924

Air China for PEK

photo IMG_3915

Today's bird

photo IMG_3922

Gate area is crowded

photo IMG_3913

Boarding was soon called. I proceeded with priority boarding. There was not much trouble as everyone had a reasonable amount of hand luggage. It appeared that none of the gate agents could speak Turkish, which is kind of odd I think. The gate agent also told me that the arrivals lounge in Istanbul airport has opened and I should check it out. I knew this already and thanked her for her advice. It is defiantly helpful since showing up at the Grand Hyatt at 7am may have been somewhat unwanted by the hotel.

photo IMG_3925

The cabin was not full at all. Load factor in J was closer to 50%. The older gentleman next to me who has always flown UA seemed to be particularly impressed with the cabin. He also made a comment about ever seeing slippers being offered. I was not expecting slippers since it's not a flight to Asia nor F. Nevertheless I was happy to know that it is available.

photo IMG_3927

Legroom is massive with this new configuration. I have somewhat large feet so this works out great because I won't stuck my feet in a small whole. The seat could have be softer though.

photo IMG_3926

Newspaper was offered.

photo IMG_3929

Pre-departure drink came around shortly after. The crew seemed a little bit uncomfortable with English, which is understandable and not much of an issue. I think TK's management is well aware of this situation and made sure that everything is clearly labeled so that passengers will not be confused even if the crew could not elaborate. For example this orange juice says orange juice. Not that I would ever be confused over what this is but it's a good practice to be proactive.

photo IMG_3930

Shortly after take off, menu was offered. Choices were plenty and they had everything. Upon talking to the chief later I learned that on several important routes they often load every item to seat capacity in order to ensure first preferences are satisfied. I suppose with the flights with premium economy, the leftover J meals could be used in Y+ given how similar those meals are?

photo IMG_3932

Nuts. They were not warm.

photo IMG_3933

Some snacks dropped off upon cleaning the nut bowls.

photo IMG_3938

Flying away from MA. Since the flight departed just past noon, no one was in a hurry to sleep. This would have been bad if I were on JFK-LHR and just finished my nuts 40 minutes to Halifax.

photo image

Very pleasing view of the cape

photo IMG_3934

A male FA came around and offered me another piece of newspaper since I had finished the one before. Job well done :)

photo IMG_3939

Table is set. No trays.

photo IMG_3940

Starters came around on a cart. Passengers are free to pick whatever they want like on AZ and many other carriers. The taste was nice and provided a nice preview of Turkish cuisine. Destination cuisine is another reason why I normally don't like to fly US carriers for leisure trips as I'd get the same entrees over and over again after a dozen business trips.

photo IMG_3941

Lamb main was perfect

photo IMG_3942

Cheese and fruit was nice as well. I passed on desert.

photo IMG_3948

I had a very nice night of sleep despite the fact that the flight's departure time was just past noon EST. When I woke up we were already flying over France.

photo IMG_3949

AVOD control shows time to Istanbul. Very similar function can be found on CX.

photo IMG_3950

Seat in bed mode. Since the cabin was not full, the passenger next to me moved to the middle section so we could both have a seat and a bed to ourselves. Not much worse than the infamous first class cabin found in LH 744 F.

photo IMG_3951

No buffet was set up on this flight. However on demand snacks were available. I was sleeping much of the time so I didn't see the crew in flight. However I got a new bottled water so I think they at least checked on the passengers once mid flight.

photo IMG_3953

Cabin right before breakfast was served.

photo IMG_3955

OJ to start the breakfast service

photo IMG_3958
Getting close

photo IMG_3959

I thought it this was it for breakfast since I had misplaced my menu by this point.

photo IMG_3961

And I soon realized how wrong I was

photo IMG_3962

Landing was uneventful. Final peak at the seats before leaving the cabin.

photo IMG_3965

Immigration didn't take long. Seems like TK has lots of red eyes coming from major western European cities. I was thankful that I was not on one of them as a 3.5 hrs overnight flight on a narrow body would have not been very pleasant.

photo IMG_3977

As promised - The arrival lounge is ready. This lounge is for TK arriving passengers seated in J only. It is relatively small and it was not very crowded. The agent took a minute to confirm my ID with the passenger name list since I had lost my boarding pass. I apologized for this but she didn't seem to be bothered by my mistake at all.

photo IMG_3966

The lounge is very similar in design compared to the main lounge.

photo IMG_3967

A wall of TVs as well. However there is no private sleeping room unlike the main departure lounge.

photo IMG_3971

Used the shower and pressing service. It was clean and efficient

photo IMG_3973

Got some breakfast items too

photo IMG_3976

Cooked to order eggs were also on offer

photo IMG_3978

Finally at arrivals.

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Overall I think TK has done a very successful job. Surely the service is not as polished as AF or BA, the crew was excited about their job and willing to help passengers. Aside from the rude AZ lounge agent who refused to say a word to me, I was treated with respect by all employees. Food was very good in flight, and above average on the ground at IST. I would not think twice about flying TK again in the future. I have been to Istanbul many times so I didn't take many photos. So no tourism bonus here this time. I wish you enjoyed my first flight report here on



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  • Comment 102239 by
    Caribel 113 Comments

    Thanks for sharing! More than one passenger has commented that after going through the TSA security line, they get what the F stands for in JFK:).

    Regarding your nuts being cold, I have never been refused when asking the FA to place them in the oven. Leftover meals from J are eaten by the crew, cannot serve them in another class. The decision to use trays vs. individual plating or cart service is made based on the agreements between the airline and their liability insurer. Trays accelerate service to avoid interruptions due to turbulence.

    Lastly, crews do speak conversational English, but avoid engaging in conversation because it makes them feel self-conscious when confronted with dozens of regional accents and differing usage of expressions. Enjoy your travels!

    • Comment 289850 by
      Bo AUTHOR 15 Comments

      Thanks Caribel. Yes you are right in that the crew might feel self-conscious when engaged in a different language. I felt the same years ago when I first learned English and still feel this way when forced to speak French. The comment in the post actually meant to be a complement :)

  • Comment 102281 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6105 Comments

    Awesome first report! Very detailed, well written, and with good pictures..can't really ask for more! Too bad TK uses the AZ lounge at JFK. I agree with you; it is so sad that they tore down the WorldPort--it was a disaster of a terminal towards the end with driping room and birds nests everywhere but it should have been preserved because of it's historical and architectural importance. I was at JFK last week and now it's just a pile of rubble :-(

    TK is known for their catering, both in the air and in their lounges and the food certainly looks apetising! Overall TK offers a great product in J, although soon they will have to move to full-aisle-access in order to compete with the best J cabins out there. Thanks again for sharing this first report here!

    Welcome to Flight-Report!

    KevinDC -
    Community Manager and Moderator

  • Comment 102318 by
    Leadership TEAM BRONZE 5376 Comments

    A warm welcome to! Awesome report indeed, TK offers a solid product both in the air and at their arrival lounge.

    I didn't know about an AZ lounge at JFK, it seems poor beside the view on the aircraft.

    I am bit puzzled when you said that service was not as polished as AF (or BA), especialy when you are benchmarking with TK ^^.

    One recommendation though, most of us prefer to have the comments before the picture iso after.

    Thanks a lot again, and hope to see a lot more from you soon :)

  • Comment 123046 by
    nico83et13 2112 Comments

    Welcome to FR,
    It's à Airbus A330-300. Not a Airbus A330-200. The new seat is just a B777-300 and A330-300.
    Thanks for the FR.

  • Comment 133219 by
    mc 16 Comments

    Hi,I'm a university student and I'm performing an analysis about airlines customer forums.

    For my research would be very important to know the nationality of each writer...May I know your nationality??

    Thank you so much!

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