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Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL 1908
Seat 02D
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 05 Feb 14, 15:20
Arrival at 05 Feb 14, 15:50
DL   #30 out of 71 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 740 reviews
By GOLD 3829
Published on 15th March 2014
Reminder of my routing :

  • Basle - Amsterdam KL / J, Fokker 70:
  • Amsterdam - Detroit DL / J, Airbus 330-300:
  • Detroit - Chicago DL / F, MD -88: Cabin crew, take your seats
  • Chicago - Atlanta DL / Y, A320
  • Atlanta - St Louis DL / Y, MD90
  • St Louis - Detroit DL / Y, B717-200
  • Detroit - Chicago DL / F, A319
  • Chicago - Minneapolis DL / F, E175
  • Minneapolis - Seattle DL / F, B757-300
  • Seattle - Fairbanks AK / F, B737-900ER
  • Fairbanks - Seattle AK / F, B737-700
  • Seattle - Paris CDG DL / J, B767-300ER
  • Paris CDG - Basle AF / Y, ATR72

Out as third from the plane, I'll arrive very quickly at immigration, and there's is virtually nobody. 10 minutes later, I'll be waiting my bags that will arrive within 5 minutes. That's what I called priority :) The last time I flew through DTW it was the same, very quick immigration and fast bag delivery. Hope it will be the same next time as well.

I head for a quick lounge tour at the Sky Club as I plan some spotting before my plane is due to depart.

The fire place is the most interesting thing in that lounge:

photo DSC_0111

I'll only have a quick and bad coffee from this coffee station:

photo DSC_0112

Travel docs:

photo DSC_0113

As the offering very poor is, I make my way to the terminal to take some shoots of DTW:

photo DSC_0114photo DSC_0115photo DSC_0117

An Embraer parked next door:

photo DSC_0120

And my plane is arriving:

photo DSC_0121photo DSC_0124

The plane pulls in to the gate on time, lots of hope for an on time departure. Unfortunately, the jetty operator will try to go too fast and hits the plane badly. I saw the plane shacking strongly. As a result, the plane was AOG, and Delta OPS was in need for another plane. Thanks to being at a DL Hub, this won't be too long. 15 minutes later a replacement A/C has been found, two gates further back.

In no time the boarding is launched and here the first class seat, as I boarded the aircraft among the first passengers:

Next to us:

photo DSC_0130

The cabin crew was friendly, but the purser will not follow any DL procedure. There won't be a welcome drink, but instead she'll walk around the cabin with the water pack and handed out water bottles. Then she came around with a big plastic bag of peanuts and handed them out. Same for pretzels, and same again for the Biscoff Cookies. Was funny to see, but not very classy. Furthermore, she had a very male voice that was kind of strange and she was always laughing loud. A nice person, but as said, not classy at all.

A further 10 minutes delay is announced due to ATC. Let's take some pictures of the safety on board card in the meantime:

photo DSC_0132photo DSC_0133

Push back and drive to the de-icing. As I begin to get a bit bored, here is the PSU:

photo DSC_0134

While de-icing, I shoot everything I see to kill the time:

At the end, we summ up a 90 minutes delay, that will give an hour on arrival. After de-icing, we'll use a taxiway and a runway not completly ice and snow clear:

photo DSC_0140photo DSC_0147photo DSC_0148

Some snow plumber in the distance:

photo DSC_0149

Take-off before that jumbo jet:

photo DSC_0151photo DSC_0152photo DSC_0153

In flight, we'll get some drinks and snacks, and I'll have my usual bac-coke:

photo DSC_0155

That's the mad-dog loo: (liquid in the loo is not mine ^^, that's flush water)

photo DSC_0135photo DSC_0137

That bird shows its age, but still a good workhorse for DL!

Eventually we start our descent after a short cruise of 20 minutes. Wonderful views of the Michigan Lake, frozen to 78% (Wiki is my best friend and learnt me that this is the record since the last 20 years. The absolute record was 98%)

photo DSC_0156photo DSC_0157photo DSC_0159

Chicago O'hare is being snow plumbed as well!

photo DSC_0160photo DSC_0162photo DSC_0163

A bit of spotting before we arrive at the gate:

And this snow-melter that we don't have in Europe:

photo DSC_0175

We will be at the parking stand with a good hour delay, but the bags will be at the caroussel before me. I jump in a taxi to downtown, even if I know that it will be expensiver than the L (USD 2.50.- from ORD to downtown). But it will be a good deal, no trafic jam and it will only cost me 35 bucks and 15 minutes later I am at my hotel.
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Delta Air Lines

Cabin crew8.0

Delta Air Lines Sky Club (Gate A18)


Detroit - DTW


Chicago - ORD



The MD88 is definitively and old plane, but the seats are comfy enough. A strange purser but funny and nice. On such a short flight, it is virtually impossible to offer a better catering.
DTW Sky Club? What do you expect ? Well, it's a Sky Club :)
DTW Airport? Nice and functional, I really like it.

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