Review of Delta Air Lines flight Atlanta St Louis in Premium Eco

Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL 2084
Class Premium Eco
Seat 36A
Flight time 01:45
Take-off 07 Feb 14, 14:20
Arrival at 07 Feb 14, 15:05
DL   #30 out of 71 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 740 reviews
By GOLD 4747
Published on 19th March 2014
Reminder of my routing :

So here I am at ATL, my next flight is departing from the opposite gate, so no terminal hopping this time. Anyway, I only had 30' before my boarding, it would have been tight.


photo DSC_0398

The guy I chatted with on my previous flight was going to Nashville, I could spot his MD88 as well:

photo DSC_0399

And my MD90 : (ex-Japan Airlines)

photo DSC_0401

Boarding will be launched, as usual, on time, with priorities strictly enforced:

Here some shoots of the cabin and the PSU:

photo DSC_0402photo DSC_0404photo DSC_0413

I choose the seat 36A in purpose, to see and listen to the sound of the engine and to have unlimited legroom. Just in case you are flying on the MD90 and like to be seated at the back, the row 37 is the last row with a view. Rows 38 and 39 have the window blocked by the engine, row 40 has no window.

The service door is just in front of my seat. It is called service door, because at its beginnings, the MD90 had a rear galley, usually located instead of rows 34 to 37 AB. Galley that has been removed by Delta, as the service is reduced to the point that a second galley not needed is.

A side story here: all catering truck drivers hated this particular door. Because of the close proximity of the engine and the angle and shape of the wing, accessing here needed quite good skills. This was valid for MD81 to 83 + 88 and DC9-50.

Next to us was a 757-200 and its winglet:

photo DSC_0414photo DSC_0415

On time push-back and a bit of spotting:

We gave way to some planes, our captain needed to make additional checks on some instruments. Nothing special, but he wanted to be sure. Shortly after, we took off.

photo DSC_0441photo DSC_0442

That's the tail door. Another side story here: o/b DC9's - MD80's & 90; B717 and B727, there is a tail door with integrated stairs. As deploying the stairs in case of emergency would be too time consumming, the manufacturer included a slide. In order to be able to inflate the slide with the stairs retracted, the tail cone needs to be jettissoned. The video here after is self explanatory:

Rear lavs:

photo DSC_0438photo DSC_0439

The cabin from the back:

photo DSC_0431photo DSC_0432

Drinks : cranberry juice and…. pretzels ou pretzels. Again !

photo DSC_0444

In no time we were starting our descent to STL, where it was as cold as MDW!

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Delta Air Lines

Cabin crew8.5

Atlanta - ATL


St Louis - STL



Nothing special to say, a very basic DL flight, everything as usual, friendly crew, minimal snack and drink, on time departure and arrival, but the joy to fly on a MD90.

Stay tuned for the return o/b a MD95 ... Sorry, a B717-200. And a big question.... Pretzels or not pretzels?



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