Review of Thai Airways flight Bangkok London in First

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG910
Class First
Seat 1A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 12:15
Take-off 13 Aug 23, 00:15
Arrival at 13 Aug 23, 06:30
TG   #17 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 389 reviews
By 5525
Published on 17th November 2023

After arriving on TG434 from Jakarta I had a long layover in Bangkok. Once off of the business class portion of the trip a staff met me at the gate and offered to escort me to the lounge. However, I decided to head into Bangkok for a couple of hours since I had 8 hours to kill. They stowed my luggage in the First Class check in counter which meant I did have to take it with me, thank you THAI!!

I arrived back to the airport all sweaty around 8:30PM for a 12:15AM departure. They checked my bags through and was escorted through immigration by a lovely Thai representative  

photo 5c7cd671-d510-4a3e-8f8a-68949bcbfab0

He ushered me through the business class lounge quickly and straight to the first class lounge where 3 beautiful Thai staff greeted me. I asked for a glass of champagne where their response was prompt in acquiring a glass of Moet for me. Something to note for a first class lounge the champagne could definitely be improved. They offered to let me take a shower and I jumped on that decision quickly. I felt safe leaving my bags in the lounge since I was the only one there and just grabbed some clothes. The showers are very basic so no photos were taken but has all the necessities needed to freshen up. 
Upon arriving back in the lounge I still had give or take 3 hours until boarding so the staff offered me the "Private Room".  

photo img_5977

While not like the residence room for Etihad The Private Room is my favourite aspect of the Thai Lounge since it is very spacious, enclosed, has a comfortable couch and a TV to watch shows/movies on. I got some work done, had a couple more drinks, ate some dessert (before my main) and relaxed in my almost "hotel room" in the TG F lounge.   

photo img_5973photo img_5974

By this point I was definitely feeling the champagne and decided to go have my signature meal which I have every time I fly this route in the lounge at the dining table. The Thai style Beef. Thai offer an extensive menu of delectable dishes on the ground and this hits the spot every time without failure. Although not my preference for sparkling water Perrier was served alongside the dish.  

photo img_5970

After eating 2 servings (Yes it's really that good) the time to board was near. The staff informed me to wait as boarding had not commenced yet but I decided to head down to the gate where to my surprise boarding had commenced! A little miscommunication between the two parties involved (Yes I ended up carrying my own bags hashtag first world problems). I jumped straight to the front of the queue and boarded through door 1L where I was greeted and asked what I wanted to drink and pyjama side. Surprise Surprise! Champagne it was. Thai serve LPGS in F which is a nice champagne that accompanies well with caviar. 

photo img_5986

A change of clothes and a couple of glasses of champagne later, pushback was approved. The GE-90's revving up is a sound for sore ears which quite literally I had. The Cabin only had three others in it tonight all on windows so it created a quiet ambiance. A 30-minute taxi occurred I believe due to congestion. But up up and away we went. 

photo img_1905

As this is a whole night flight pretty much the primary focus is on rest. I was shattered but had to make sure to get in a good meal before heading to bed. The crew quickly came around and distributed menus (only for food) which was recently brought back since last time I flew this route no hard copy menus were available. I usually never have just one main course if there are more available and since F was only half full they said they were happy to let me know at the end of the meal service. This is what the menu looked like for tonight. 

photo img_5984photo img_5985

They proceeded to keep my champagne topped off throughout the flight and was proactive at taking what was finished away quickly (just like SQ). I eat quite funkily so I started with caviar and no amuse bouche. 

photo img_5990photo img_5992

To note TG do no serve blinis which is okay since the crackers are quite bland and you will be able to taste the delicacy of the caviar still (I hate when caviar is served with salty crackers, my preference). Unlike LH and Emirates they only load enough caviar per passenger on Thai so don't expect to get seconds unless someone skips out. Previously I would have 3 servings but tonight it was only 1. 
Next up came the main course of the Thai Wagyu Steak which was cooked a perfect medium rare (for those asking they did not ask). The bread basket also came out warm which is always a treat while being replenished whenever one went missing in my tummy.  

photo img_5995

I opted to go with a Pinot to pair as I like to stay on the lighter side. Side note that is quite the pour!!!! Not complaining but we were hitting some turbulence at that point and I always get a bit anxious the glass might tip over! 
I opted to skip dessert since I was very full and exhausted but the meal was wrapped up in an hour and a half. It could have been longer if I wanted but I like to eat fast and then rest and snack throughout the rest of the flight. 

I got up, took a big gaping yawn and went to the toilet. Nothing special to note about the toilet but when I came back to my seat the bed was made!! Talk about some amazing service!! 5 Stars there.

photo img_1914

If you are deciding wether to fly F in Thai something to note is proper duvets are not offered like on SQ or some other F products but a very comfortable mattress pad, blanket and many pillows are offered. 
That isn't F, only with a blanket??! Well every-time I fly this route I sleep like there is no tomorrow. Today was no different, sleeping straight through for 8.5 hours. For some reason this bed is unbelievably comfortable and for the life of me I can't figure out why. I slept better than in EK F and LH F combined.  

photo img_5988

I arose probably 3 hours before landing with a glass of champagne and a coffee next to my seat within 5 minutes. 
Let's talk about the elephant in the room, no doors. Yes, there are no doors and at some points, it can be a little bit irritating for privacy reasons after shelling out 3K+ a ticket. However, when lying down it is very private and you cannot see anyone else. Nor did I have any issues throughout the flight feeling "exposed".

photo img_5998

I don't like breakfasts on the plane full stop so I ordered the duck from dinner which they still had left over. It was another fantastic dish. The crew were coming around again and checking in on me to make sure everything was okay, I had enough champagne etc. However, it didn't feel like they were being too invasive which is nice as sometimes certain crews can come off that way. 

photo img_6001photo img_6003

The sunrise now came into sight and my word I was lost for words. 
This flight is notorious for running about 20-30 minutes behind schedule which is a blessing since you are able to watch an amazing sunrise. The captain shortly announced that we would soon be starting our descent and thank you for flying with Thai blah blah blah etc etc etc. 

photo img_1922-42305

The crew came around to thank you for flying Thai and gave us a special box of the divine chocolates which they always give out (sorry forgot to take a picture). When the crew came around it was the two F FA's and the pursuer knelt on the floor and were very sincere about how grateful they were that I chose to fly Thai. 
Another side note about the crew they folded my clothes and put them on the ottoman. It's the small details that really stand out!

photo img_6012

London then came into sight! But my time onboard was almost finished! 

photo img_6019

We landed at 6:43AM and taxied past two Jetblue A321 at LHR. Love seeing this! We were at the gate in no time and waiting for us was a buggy to take us to immigration! Talk about great service! 

It's a shame I had an 11 hour flight from London-New York coming up in Polaris (another first-world problem)

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Cabin crew10.0

Bangkok - BKK


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Thai First Class is a great way to get from SE Asia to Europe. It's a shame only 3 aircraft have F class since the service is polished, the beds are made from heaven, the food is divine and everything on the ground is immaculate. The new Thai F is a big upgrade from what was offered on the A380 and 747. I definitely think it's worth flying if the price is right or if mileage redemption pops up as it did for me. I would rank it in the top 7 First Class products out there at the moment!

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6427 Comments
    Hi there,

    It’s crazy that I was just saying today that I don’t ever remember seeing a review of First class on one of these new THAI 77W, and book…there it is!

    It was weird at first that they introduced this new factory-fresh subfleet after having retired so many aircraft during Covid, but with the retirement of the 744 and 388 they really did need to have a new Flagship aircraft with a First class cabin. And from your report it seems it did not disappoint.

    Very nice first report! Thanks for sharing and welcome to Flight-Report!

    Looking forward to future reviews!
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      jettoajet AUTHOR 1 Comments
      Thanks for reading! Funny how that works!
      It is a bit strange that they introduced a new flagship product they should add it to more jets.
      Glad you liked it! Have a lot more to share so I hope you enjoy future reviews! Have a great day.

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