Review of Tiger Airways flight Clark Hong Kong in Economy

Airline Tiger Airways
Flight 7932
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 13:40
Take-off 16 Mar 14, 20:30
Arrival at 17 Mar 14, 10:10
TR 39 reviews
Published on 25th March 2014
I went to Clark to meet a friend there. I wouldn't advise arriving into clark because of the Taxi Mafia, There is a taxi office but it's not manned, the board says 300 pesos, I negotiated with the taxi guy who came right up to me because it said 500pesos. He calls the car/van to come to me and i get in, he stands holding the van door and demands me to give him 100 pesos, i decline and start to get up to get out and he pushes me back into the van and gets angry saying What are you doing! He get's more angry when i look at his chest for his ID and says the same words again.
HE then slams the door and smiles to himself as he walks off.
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I then go crazy saying i've left my luggage and the van driver stops, i get out and walk back to the terminal, I then find two posh Jeepneys fully enclosed and air conditions and i get that for 50 pesos. Don't ever go to a taxi, also a lot the hotel shuttles don't go there because the drivers are threatened with death if they do.

Hotel Restaurant had nice egg breakfast, here's me with an ice cream
photo 3

Hotel Staff were friendly

Philippines Airline Flying School And Mister Donuts

Return Flight:
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In Contrast the return was easier, I got into a Jeepney at the SM mall which was signed Duty Free Clark. They stop at a gate just outside the airport so you have to walk a little but it was ok.

I chose an 8pm flight so that i wasn't in the chaos of an emirates flight as the terminal is small.

The Check-in staff were friendly, I had to then go to another desk to fill in a departure card and pay the tax.

Security were friendly and i had no problems.

The gate was downstairs but i decided to take the escalator to where emirates departs from for a bit of quietness.
I found a nice little cafe with a soft sofa to sit on and had a hot chocolate.

OH boy! a transit charter aircraft just arrived with 200 people on board and so everything went incredibly noisy.

I went back downstairs and it was actually more peaceful with tiger air passengers sat waiting for the flight so i stayed down there.

I did like the small airport but it's not a reason to travel to clark for as it can be a bit dodgy with those taxis.


Clark Airport, CAT! and Takeoff with ATC'v=MSx8WgoY1X4

Landing Hong Kong'v=zm59FKnEHlM

Flight crew were friendly.

Clouds into hong kong are always low, no wonder the aircraft coming in have a 1,700 feet height quite a distance from the airport on the STAR.

A Funny Thing happened at Immigration, Well back earlier when i was in the hotel area road, i was talking to my trike guy who i befriended for 3 days, he said he'll take me up to the sm mall for free if he gets a passenger, so we waited and talked for 15 minutes and this guy with a silver briefcase and a bauld head got in and got off at a bar, and it was only him standing right next to me in hong kong. And I was leaving way too early for the flight so it wasn't just a timing thing.
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Tiger Airways

Cabin crew10.0
Buy-on-board menu7.0

Clark - CRK


Hong Kong - HKG





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