Review of AirCalin flight Nouméa Tokyo in Business

Airline AirCalin
Flight SB800
Class Business
Seat 5D
Flight time 08:55
Take-off 11 Sep 23, 01:00
Arrival at 11 Sep 23, 07:55
SB 57 reviews
By SILVER 1255
Published on 6th December 2023

Aircalin SB800 Noumea to Tokyo

Flight Details:
Airlines: Aircalin
Flight: SB800 NOU to NRT
Reg: F-ONET "Luengöni"
Aircraft: Airbus 330-941NEO
Class: Business
Departure Noumea La Tontouta Gate 1: 01.00am
Arrival Tokyo Narita Terminal 1N: 07.55am
Flight time: 8 hours 20 minutes
Distance: 6945 km or 4315 miles



This is the trip report from Sept 2023. Trip report continue, read previous flight here -  Qantas QF91 Sydney to Noumea.

My first flight on a Airbus A330-900NEO. 
First report in Business for this airline on this website.

Flight route below:

photo route


When booking the ticket, I had booked economy class.

photo image00127

I had received an email from Aircalin to upgrade to business. Initially I didn't want to bid. After thinking over, I decided to bid for the business seat and was successful.

photo image00125

I tried to check-in for the flight while in Sydney, was unable to complete the process due to upgrade and flying on Qantas.

photo image00128

Seat selection - all seats were occupied except 5D or E.

photo image00129

Noumea Airport flight schedule

photo image00126

Arriving at the Airport

I arrived at the airport early, Parked the car in rentals parking. Took some pictures of the vehicle.

photo image00001

I dropped the key in the box and then walked towards the Terminal.

photo image00002

Terminal was quiet except security there was no one else.

photo image00003

La Tontouta Airport - Noumea

photo image00004

Video: Noumea La Tontouta Airport

Exploring the Terminal

Flight Schedule

photo image00005

Arrivals area

photo image00006

There was no one except a group of Japanese students. They were seated near the cafe area.

photo image00007

Car promotion

photo image00008

I had come back early as seen from the time on the display. I wanted to be back before dark, being familiar with the roads. While returning, I missed the airport sign and drove past for half an hour.  The airport sign was in French and I realised I had missed when there was no traffic on the road.  As I was not having a phone or GPS relied on instincts to navigate.

photo image00009

Airport was closed, I did not have enough sleep the previous night and was feeling tired. Slept on the bench till it started getting busy.

photo image00010

Immigration was closed, it had two entrance - separate for business and economy.

photo image00011

Check-in counters

photo image00012

Airport Information

photo image00013

Flight information

photo image00130

Aircraft rotation

photo image00131


Passengers and their families started to arrive around 9.30-10pm. Terminal started to fill and there was activity.

photo image00015

Flight check-in opened 3 hours before departure.

photo image00014

New Caledonia currency

photo image00001a

Pacific Franc

photo image00002a

I had printed the boarding pass in Sydney. I didn't have to join the queue. I had some pacific francs, I spend them on souvenirs.

photo image00016

Immigration and SEcurity

After shopping, which is next to the security area. I joined the security check queue. Line was divided into economy and business passengers. It was not enforced as there were some Japanese girl students and an American guy who had jumped in the business queue. When they were asked to join the other queue. I heard the American say, How is he [me] in the other queue [business]. 

Anyway they had messed the queue, which delayed the security check as the girls were not organised and wasted some time in removing stuff for x-ray.

Security must have taken about 15 mins.

photo image00017

I had no issue, cleared security and then entered the immigration which is upstairs.  There were two counters open as security check was slow. I had one person ahead. I handed my passport to the lady officer. She stamped and I was cleared to enter the departure area.

In the departure area, there is 1 shop and two boarding gates. You can see the Hibiscus lounge, pink on the lift.  Lounge is on 2nd level.

photo image00018

I checked the boarding gate 2 where the flight would board.

photo image00019

Gate 1 was for Singapore bound flight.

photo image00020

Gate area

photo image00021

Aircalin F-ONET "Luengöni" operating SB800 NOU to NRT

photo image00022

Aircalin Hibiscus Lounge

I asked ground staff how to access the lounge. He showed the lift and scanned card to use the lift. Lounge entrance.

photo image00023

There were 3 people when I entered the lounge.

photo image00024

Food counter

photo image00025

VIDEO: Aircalin Hibiscus Lounge, La Tontouta Airport - Noumea, New Caledonia


As I didn't have dinner, thinking I would eat at the Lounge. I was hungry and picked what was available.

photo image00026

Food was mostly dessert.

photo image00027

Feeling hungry. more packed food as the items had runout.

photo image00028

Counter was refilled, had another round.

photo image00029

Relaxing with red wine.

photo image00030

Time passed, soon it was boarding time. Exited the Lounge and took stairs to the departure level.

photo image00031

Aircalin Hibiscus Lounge lift and stairs are behind it on the right.

photo image00032


Boarding was called soon for business passengers.

photo image00033

Passport and boarding pass was checked.

photo image00034

After scanning the boarding pass, I was cleared to enter the aerobridge.

photo image00035

My co-seat mate ahead, I didn't know before boarding.

photo image00036


I took a photo of the boarding pass and passport to fill the Japan immigration form.

photo image00037

Business class was full on this flight.

photo image00038

Seat was comfortable, amenity kit and bottle was places on the armrest. I was asked if I would like champagne. I said Yes and was served immediately.

photo image00039

Seat adjustment

photo image00040

Amenity kit and small locker.

photo image00041

Crew serving  drinks

photo image00042

Locker to keep small items.

photo image00043

Blanket, safety card and inflight magazine was stored in the space under the IFE screen.

photo image00044


Pushback commenced on time. Safety demonstration conducted on the personal screen. Business seat has slash belt with two hooks, one on  the side and other around the waist.

photo image00045

Cabin lights dimmed for takeoff.

photo image00046


After a short taxi, aircraft departed towards the North.

photo image00047

Moonlighting was switch on after departure.

photo image00048

Flight InFormation

Attaining cruising altitude.

photo image00049photo image00050

Distance from Noumea to Tokyo

photo image00051

Seat 5D as the business was full, I couldn't select the window seat.

photo image00052

Crew had handed the menu after boarding.

photo image00053

Drinks information

photo image00054

Menu was in French and English.

photo image00055

In Japanese

photo image00056

Last page

photo image00057

Inflight Entertainment

Crew handed the Japan immigration form. 

photo image00058

Headphone and seat controls for lighting and crew call.

photo image00059

I filled the immigration and customs form.

photo image00060

DinNER Service

Dinner service started half hour after departure.

photo image00063

Meal presentation

photo image00065

I chose the chicken option

photo image00064

Food was good and I washed it with champagne.

photo image00066

Ready to Sleep

After dinner, I was ready to sleep. Slippers were provided.

photo image00067

Cabin view

photo image00068

Light was turned off. I set the seat to bed mode.

photo image00069

I was already tired and with the alcohol I had earlier, fell asleep immediately.

photo image00070

SLept Well

I woke an hour and half before arrival. I had good sleep. Bed was comfortable, I was feeling lazy to get up as I like to wake late.

photo image00071

Flight information

photo image00072

I checked the amenity kit

photo image00073

Took brush to the toilet.

photo image00074

Toilet was stocked

photo image00075

Clean toilet

photo image00076

Stocked for use.

photo image00077

I returned to the seat and cabin crew checked if I would like to have breakfast.

photo image00078

Seat Pocket Material

Safety card and inflight magazine - Altitude

photo image00079


photo image00080

Aircalin safety card

photo image00081

Aircalin Airbus A330-900NEO safety card

photo image00082

Breakfast Service

I chose the cold plate for breakfast with tea. Crew recommended me to have New Caledonia honey. It tasted good. I was very full after eating the few pieces of chicken and cheese. Breakfast enough to keep me going till evening.

photo image00083

1 and half hours for arrival

photo image00084

Tray ready for collection.

photo image00085

WIFI setting

I checked the WiFi setting but didn't use.

photo image00086


Crew announced Mount Fiji was visible to the passengers on the left. Descend had commenced.

photo image00087

Downward looking camera

photo image00088

Cabin setting

photo image00089

Forward facing camera - Pilots view of the runway. Seated in front of the aircraft. Landing felt smooth.

photo image00090


A long taxi followed after landing. Aircraft had landed  on B runway close to Terminal 2.

photo image00091

Business passengers disembarked first. Most passengers in the business section were transiting to through Tokyo connecting with Air France to Paris. I was probably one of the few who was heading for immigration.

photo image00092

Entering the Terminal

Aircalin Airbus 330-941NEO  F-ONET "Luengöni"

photo image00093

Aircraft headon view

photo image00094

Immigration and Custom

After a short walk and then escalator to lower level arrived at immigration.

photo image00095

Being my 1st trip to Japan, my fingerprint was collected and iris scanned. Immigration queue was short but took me 15 mins as I did not fill the form online and didn't have QR code.

photo image00096

VIDEO: Tokyo - Narita Airport Arrival to Immigration

Baggage Claim and Customs

My bag had arrived by the time I entered the baggage claim area. I was able to walk out after handing the customs form.

Arrival Area

After exiting customs, I was in the arrivals area. 

photo image00109

There is a Visitor Center just outside the arrivals for sim card and other services.

photo image00103

As I had work to complete, I took an expensive Data plan with 6GB download every 2 days. I was informed that to insert sim would cost JPY 500 in additional charge. I did it myself and then contacted family.

photo image00105

Sim counters

photo image00104

Sign are clear

photo image00107

Free wifi is available in airport.

photo image00100

Departure schedule

photo image00098

My hotel check-in was at 2p.m. I stored my check-in bag in locker for JPY 600.

photo image00106

I had plenty of time and decided to explore the airport.

photo image00099

 I checked the checked the location of the bus counters.

photo image00097

South Wing

photo image00101

Narita Airport Station, I got the Suica card from the station.

photo image00118

Observation Deck

I had taken my DSLR for this trip as Japanese airport having excellent spotting spots. Checked the location of observation deck.

photo image00108

I took lift to departure area

photo image00110

Terminal 1- North Wing Departure area

photo image00111

Terminal 1- North Wing Departure

photo image00116

Terminal 1 - South Wing

photo image00117

Flight Schedule

photo image00112

Escalator to observation deck

photo image00113


photo image00114

Video: Narita Terminal 1 Observation Deck

BUS RiDE to SHinjuku

I bought the Limousine bus ticket which cost JPY 32000 [AUD$34 approx.]

photo image00102

I got the ticket and receipt.

photo image00119

Inter Terminal Free shuttle

photo image00120

Bus platform

photo image00121

Joined the bus queue

photo image00122

Bus arrives

photo image00123

Video: Tokyo Narita Airport to Shinjuku Limousine Bus Ride Experience 4k

Inside view. Bus took about 70 mins to Shinjuku from Tokyo - Narita airport

photo image00124

This concludes the trip report.

I hope you enjoyed reading this trip report.

Thanks for reading the report and watching the video.


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Cabin crew8.0

AirCalin Lounge


Nouméa - NOU


Tokyo - NRT



Aircalin on board experience was excellent, Crew serving my aisle was friendly and proactive. I was served breakfast immediately after I was ready, He suggest me to try the New Caledonia honey. Being a red-eye flight, I didn't check the entertainment. I had a good sleep and work an hour and half before arrival.

La Tontouta security was quick but line separation was not followed. There was 1 x-ray machine which slowed down the process as some passengers were not organised for the check.

Immigration was quick as there were two counter open and no rush as I was among the first to reach.

Hibiscus Lounge was comfortable, but did not have enough food when I reached. I did not have dinner thinking I would eat in lounge as I arrived early.

Tokyo - Narita immigration was quick. I was out within few minutes and my bag also arrived quickly.

Overall I had a excellent experience with Aircalin.

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