Review of AeroMexico flight Cancún Mexico City in Economy

Airline AeroMexico
Flight AM517
Class Economy
Seat 15A
Aircraft Boeing 737 MAX 8
Flight time 02:27
Take-off 16 Jun 23, 10:18
Arrival at 16 Jun 23, 11:45
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Published on 9th January 2024


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A visual of my zig zag journey from CUN to DEN via MEX & ATL which would cover a distance of 3,329mi/5,358km

photo tempimageoak172

This trip report will cover the Cancun (CUN) to Mexico City (MEX) segment. 

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Welcome to another trip report!
A little back story on my crazy itinerary from Cancun up to Denver. After spending a few weeks exploring Mexico back in May to early June of 2023, I purchased a one way trip on the DL website using 11,000 SkyMiles in main cabin from CUN to DEN. One particular itinerary that caught my eye and ultimately chose was flying AM from CUN to MEX and onwards to LAX where I switch to DL from LAX to DEN. The main reason why I chose this itinerary was so that I could get a chance to fly on AM's 787 Dreamliner on the MEX-LAX sector. However, tragedy struck literally the night before my departure when I got an email from AM saying that my first flight from CUN-MEX got cancelled, I was automatically rebooked on the 10:18 flight instead of the original 7am flight I originally had which meant that I had no chance of making my 787 flight in Mexico City. Strangely, on the DL app the cancelation did not reflect and when contacting DL they told me it was AM's responsibility to rebook me and there's nothing they could do. I tried contacting AM via their customer service number but to no avail. All I could at this point was wait until I got to the airport the next morning and see what my options would be. 

photo tempimageapjaem-10867

Cancun/Playa del carmen

Here are some pictures of my amazing time in Quintana Roo. Let's just say that this area of Mexico has some of the best beaches I've been to thus far.

photo tempimagehgr2gbphoto tempimageka9aij

We took advantage and explored the Mayan ruins of Chichén Itzá which is an absolute must do if your ever in Cancun.  

photo img_8056

day of departure

The day had finally arrived and after spending a few marvelous days in Quintana Roo it was time to head back to the US. We had spent the first portion of our stay in Cancun and later down in Playa del Carmen so the night before departure we decided to stay the at an airport hotel to make it easier on ourselves. 
We woke up bright and early the next morning and took the hotel shuttle to the airport which took about 15 minutes to reach.

photo tempimagencoite

Finally arrived at the airport, specifically T2 where AM operates out of.

photo tempimage5obnebphoto tempimagepcghm6photo tempimagehjxjzj


Finally made it to the AM check-in desks and there wasn't a big queue and got to someone not to long after. After giving the agent our passports, I had explained the situation I had and I needed to know what would be my alternate flight options. The agent bluntly told me that I had missed my original flight and that I would need to purchase a new ticket. I had even showed her the email I got from AM saying that my flight was cancelled and looked at me as if I was crazy. After insisting for a while that I had not missed my flight another colleague came over and apologized for the misunderstanding. I'm not sure if this agent was new or still in training but clearly I was upset as she didn't know what she was saying and looked at me as if I had no clue of what I was talking about. 
The second agent that took over told me that there would be a chance that I would be spending the night in Mexico City (with accommodation provided by AM) since almost all flights were sold out. He was on the phone with Delta to see what other flights me and my mom could be squeezed in since I insisted that I wanted to leave that day. After a few pauses on the phone he said that he had gotten me and my mom seats on DL out of Mexico City to Denver via ATL and explained to me about my zig zag itinerary. He had mentioned that I had a 35 minute connection time in MEX and when I told him that I don't think I would make that connection, he told me not to worry about it that it would be  fine.
After thanking him for helping me out with my flights we proceeded to head to security check point. 

photo tempimagegbmofa

After that crazy experience, some one was excited to be heading home that day 😅.

photo tempimage54huylphoto tempimagefwmke0

Security took a while as there was a huge line with many flights leaving around the same time. But nonetheless we made it airside in 25 minutes. 

photo tempimagez0rda6

Very similar to European airports, here in CUN you have to get through a maze of duty free shops before reaching the gates. 

photo tempimageqqy9p7photo tempimagew8t0ss

Our flight is AM 517 with a scheduled departure time of 10:15.

photo tempimagerbsb02

American Airlines A321 arriving from Miami, flight time: 1h 27m

photo tempimagexxtkhb

my aircraft

Here's our aircraft arriving from Mexico City.

photo tempimagexoueg0photo tempimageausdln

Some information about my plane:
Flight number: AM 517
Aircraft: Boeing 737 MAX 8
Registration: XA-MFN
Delivered: May 20, 2019 
Age: 4 years

photo tempimageda9jhp


Eventually a large queue began to form near the gate area and shortly after boarding was announced. 

photo tempimagegl8dsnphoto tempimage9xjwsnphoto tempimagexjms9a

We began boarding with group 3.

photo tempimageo5dqbqphoto tempimageur24hm

Once aboard I noticed that this time the seats were colored blue and not gray unlike my last flight with AM from NLU-CUN.

photo tempimagesc39mm-43935

seat 15A

Arrived at my seat 15A, an exit row seat.

photo tempimageoqezri

Once again, I got unlucky to fly on another of AM 737's without PTV's.

photo tempimagekq62ni

Legroom was fantastic at least. There had to be at least 38" of pitch on these exit row seats. I'm 5'9" for reference.

photo tempimagenod0j1

My view for the next 2 hours!

photo tempimaget5mqsl

A look at one of two CFMI LEAP-1B engines.

photo tempimagezkyeay

JetBlue A320 will be departing to New York City JFK shortly after us. Flight time: 3h 16m

photo tempimagezsd3kpphoto tempimageilele3photo tempimagemi0clr

Boarding is complete and today's flight load to MEX is about 95%.

photo tempimagesfmqg4


We pushed back right on time.

photo tempimage074mkfphoto tempimage5vij28

Sun Country B737-800 departing for Minneapolis (MSP). Flight time: 3h 26m

photo tempimagescpaxzphoto tempimagelh8bq1

Taking off on runway 12R.

photo tempimagebnmmv2photo tempimageuh8lntphoto tempimagezhkdaf

Hope to be back soon Cancun! 🌴

photo tempimageszl5fnphoto tempimagepsmpjophoto tempimage4qdwfa

Playa del Carmen where I spent most of my time there. 

photo tempimagejqzmc6photo tempimageqraod5

tray table/seatback contents

The tray table was of standard size and extendable.

photo tempimage4ylfbxphoto tempimages6ejz9

Seatback contents.

photo tempimagekpu0rsphoto tempimageg8jpdqphoto tempimagefhqxds

Approaching the Gulf of Mexico.

photo tempimageeih2pzphoto tempimagetisold

inflight service

About 45 minutes into flight the FA's began the onboard service. Starting first with handing out snacks, followed by a choice of drink.

photo tempimagegeqwouphoto tempimagemrxtr1

The FA's were very friendly and when I asked for a coffee and orange juice they gladly gave them to me.  

photo tempimagesrn4fi

This time the snack offered was peanuts which were tasty.

photo tempimagensqvau


photo tempimage0p44mhphoto tempimagehtsomc

the loo

Here's a look at the B737 MAX 8 loo. Only an hour into the flight and the loo already looked very dirty and not taken care of.

photo tempimage5hbjm0photo tempimageumj7nlphoto tempimagenfdecx

A look at the cabin. 

photo tempimagekxgrmjphoto tempimage3nbt4k

Pico de Orizaba 18,491ft

photo tempimagetg1h22

Mt. Popocatépetl, 17,802ft

photo tempimagejtycpr

initial descent

photo tempimagedsv1yy

Flying over Felipe Ángeles international airport (AIFA), Mexico City's second major airport.

photo tempimage15svh6photo tempimagechdowh

photo tempimageudpore

This was my first time landing into MEX with a window seat and I have to say that it was simply amazing how massive Mexico City is from above. The city seems to just go on forever. 

photo tempimageytg2ltphoto tempimage1iksje

The iconic Torre Latinoamericana.

photo tempimagevz74pxphoto tempimagesk8mk4


Landing on runway 05R.

photo tempimagehp1mg9

Welcome to CDMX!

photo tempimagetmus9g

Some parked 787's

photo tempimagecntzzi

Several parked Interjet aircraft, the airline ceased operations in Dec. 2020.

photo tempimage7ralx4photo tempimagewdhtyb

I didn't know it at the time but this would be my 757 taking me up to Atlanta in a few moments. 

photo tempimagesd5tad

We stayed in a queue of aircraft for a good 10-15 minutes on the tarmac waiting for an available gate. This ate to my very short 35 minute connection time. I really thought that I would not make it to my flight. In a few moments my next flight would begin boarding and I haven't even arrived at the gate yet.
This B757 is pushing back for its departure to Detroit (DTW). Flight time: 3h 17m

photo tempimagevdumm2photo tempimageqqkqfxphoto tempimagesquq1z

Behind us is an AM B787-8 Dreamliner just landed from it's transpacific flight of Tokyo (NRT) Flight time: 11h 6m

photo tempimage8gmdw5

We slowly began making some progress to an arrival gate.

photo tempimagej990gjphoto tempimagemcsrkbphoto tempimagephkc3w

arrival at gate

We arrived at our gate 10 minutes behind schedule.

photo tempimagemvivea

One last look at my seat.

photo tempimagex5ujt9photo tempimageme2jehphoto tempimagehwc7yl


photo tempimageb1wcmk

One last look at our B737 MAX 8, thanks for the safe ride!

photo tempimagetakqkiphoto tempimagef3x0zb

This concludes the trip report, stay tuned for the next one!

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Cabin crew8.0

Cancún - CUN


Mexico City - MEX



Overall this was a good flight on AM. Reaching Aeromexico customer service in regards to my unexpected flight cancelation was a complete nightmare and trying to talk to someone on the phone was impossible. I was only able to fix my problem when taking to agents at the airport. Not to mention the pretty rude first encounter with the check-in agent that really didn't seem to know what she was doing. However her colleague did apologize for the confusion and in fact saved me from having to spend the night in Mexico city and even went beyond to contact Delta on my behalf to get us flights out for that day. The flight itself was enjoyable and in fact the FA's were very friendly and really seemed to want to be there. The seats offerings were a let down and when flying a full service carrier as AM you'd at least expect there to be headrests, power ports or even PTV's which all were absent on this second flight with them. Nonetheless I would definitely fly with them again if the price was right.

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