Review of Alaska Airlines flight Seattle Fairbanks in Domestic First

Airline Alaska Airlines
Flight AS 129
Seat 02C
Aircraft Boeing 737-900
Flight time 04:10
Take-off 10 Feb 14, 19:35
Arrival at 10 Feb 14, 22:45
AS   #25 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 77 reviews
By GOLD 4910
Published on 25th March 2014

Sorry for that bit of delay in translating the report in English, I've been quite busy those last days.

For the last parts of my trip, let me take you to Alaska, with my flight from Seattle to Fairbanks. As a bonus, at the end of this report, you'll have a charter flight from FAI to Coldfoot, around 60 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

Seattle is, at least for me, as been built according to a strange master plan ;)

Should you transfer there, if you have bad luck, you may need to take up to three automatic trains to reach your terminal. If you have a short connection, it could be a pain. But today, it's gonna be all right ;)

I take a break to spot this beautiful 738:

photo DSC_0736

Then this DH8-400 that will remind me my SEA-YVR-PDX from last November, but no, thanks for today!

photo DSC_0737photo DSC_0738

Then a 737-700 :

photo DSC_0739

There are automatic check in kiosks, and I take the opportunity to reprint my BP to AS colors. Geek, or not ;)

photo DSC_0743

I don't really know if I have access to the AS lounge but will try my luck at the AS Board Room. I got a ticket in First class, but no international flight today. DL rules are pretty clear, even with a F ticket and if you do not travel international, unless you have a Sky Club Pass, you can't access. Let's see what AS as on stock for me.

A very nice lady welcomes me at the desk, checks the BP, wishes me a pleasant stay at the lounge and finishes by adding that an excellent home made chili will be served for diner at around 6pm. That's a very good start!!

Some shoots of the different buffets:

I'm sorry but the pictures don't give justice to the offerings. The lounge is spread over two floors and there are two differents buffets, unfortunately with people around, that explains the low quality of the pics.

Free booze, but not premiums. There is a salad bar, a junk food station (biscoffs, pretzels, peanuts, dips), and soups. At 6' the chili is served. Sorry no pictures, too much people around, and I forgot to capture my plate!!

The lounge isn't blind, and there is a pretty nice view over the tarmac and the runways:

photo DSC_0749

Emirates 777:

photo DSC_0751photo DSC_0752

737-400 Alaska :

photo DSC_0753photo DSC_0756

Free of charge WIFI with a very good and stable connection.

A not so nice picture of my plane (the second one arriving at the gate), it's a 737-900ER, as scheduled. A new plane for my log book!

photo DSC_0755

Shortly before boarding, I go to my gate and see that there are Superbowl decorations.

photo DSC_0759

My plane again:

photo DSC_0757

Boarding will be launched on time, with a full flight in First but only a quarter full in Coach. Lots of room to spead out for them. That's my first time aboard a Sky Interior plane, and, combined with the black leather seats, this gives me a big WAOW effect. To my opinion, it looks sober and nice!

photo DSC_0761photo DSC_0762

That's the F seat, very nice and comfy. I was quite surprised to see that AS does not provide pillows and blankets directly at the seat, you need to ask for. Usually, all US airlines put them on the seat as from boarding on.

photo DSC_0763photo DSC_0764

Legroom is excellent:

photo DSC_0765

Racks, Sky Interior:

photo DSC_0766

PSU is Sky Interior as well, of course …:

photo DSC_0767photo DSC_0768

Safety card addict:

On each of my flights I pay a visit to the loo:

photo DSC_0773photo DSC_0774photo DSC_0775

A brief, no so brief word, about the cabin crew. Usually, in the US, they are pretty experienced, meaning almost old. But on that special flight, nobody was over 25 max. And such good looking!! They could all have worked for Hooters!

We then take off a few minutes early. Once airborne, a Digiplayer is handed over, free of charge in First, again a fee in coach.

photo DSC_0776photo DSC_0777

My only concern here are the earphones. Cheap and crap. I had mine, thanks lord!

Vodka Cranberry for aperitive with my favorite snack mix:

photo DSC_0778photo DSC_0779

On some reports here, I read that people do not like that mix. I could kill for them, specially the corns inside. Love them to die for ;)

Then the purser comes and asks people if they like to dine, and sets up the table with a linen. There is no choice of dishes, chicken for everyone, but she will ask what kind of side each guest would like to have. A very nice touch. Then she will prepare everything in the galley and come back with the plates:

photo DSC_0780photo DSC_0781

It was divine, the polenta was to die for, the cabage top, the chicken cooked to perfection and the gravy very good. I'll ask for seconds, and the purser was delighted to see that I enjoyed the catering.

What I found, however, strange, is that AS does not offer breads nor salad to come with the meal.

A chocolate comes with the coffee:

photo DSC_0782

We will land 20 minutes early, the bags will be delivered 10 minutes after our block. I'll call the hotel that will tell me to take any taxi and they will pay for it. Impressed!!

I head outside, and I am greeted with a -40F temperature that freezes me instantly. The time to catch the taxi, I was almost deep frozen ^^

I got two bonus from my Alaskan Trip, in order not to burden you with too many pictures, here the first part, I'll show you the other part in my return FR.

I booked a day to the Arctic Circle in order to say 'I did it' and to see the pipeline that crosses Alaska from North to Sought. The best to do this within one day and without too much hassle, is to take a plane up to Coldfoot and then make the road back to Fairbanks by coach (or the other way round, by coach up to Coldfoot and plane back to FAI). This takes around 14H00 door to door. There is as well a cheaper option, coach up and down (but goes only to the Arctic Circle), this takes around 22H00. Not for me.

I took the flight + coach tour, for USD 240.-, which was a good deal for me. The flight takes around 01H20, the return to Fairbanks takes the rest of the time, almost 11H00 for a 250 miles trip, including four stops on the way. On the coach, there are hot drinks and sweets as long as stock lasts, for free.

That's the tour company and the road:

photo DSC_0792photo DSC_0793

The map, I marked Coldfoot with an arrow:

photo DSC_0795


photo DSC_0798

Ours, a Piper Navajo :

photo DSC_0787

Take off from the runway solely used by charters and small planes at FAI:

photo DSC_0801photo DSC_0807photo DSC_0814


photo DSC_0828

Time for refuelling, I think:

photo DSC_0834

Wonderful landscape:

photo DSC_0846photo DSC_0854photo DSC_0869

Dalton Highway and the pipeline:

photo DSC_0860

That's the Coldfoot airfield. Open to everyone, there is no staffed control tower. Each pilot has to announce himself via radio, if there is someone else planning to take off or to land, they have to respond. They will auto-control themselves. Simple, efficient!

photo DSC_0876photo DSC_0877photo DSC_0883

Some views of our plane:

See more


Alaska Airlines

Cabin crew10.0

Alaska Lounge - Concourse C


Seattle - SEA


Fairbanks - FAI



A very nice flight with AS, and a wonderful sightseeing day in Alaska.
Loved everymoment of it!
Stay tuned for the next part and thanks for reading!

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    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5893 Comments

    Thanks for this cool (pun intended ^^) Arctic report! Alaska is a good airline and known for its friendly service (compared to many US Legacies). Prices are usually pretty high on flights to/from Alaska as Alaska Air has a lot of monopoly routes. I've never been to Alaska, but have always looked in awe at the beautiful scenery as I've overflown it on my way to Asia. Thanks for sharing!

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    Leadership TEAM GOLD 5339 Comments

    Fantastic report once again, not only did you a pay a visit to the lounge, but you also got a brand new aircraft, cabin is simple yet elegant, and the meal looks good, but as you said a salad should be offered.

    Fantastic sceneries of Alaska, I would like to go there one day, but 12h by coach is just too much for me.

    Thank you for this refreeshing report!

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    Sealink 66 Comments

    Excellent report! And bonus!

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