Review of Air France flight Papeete Los Angeles in Economy

Airline Air France
Flight AF77
Class Economy
Seat 23A
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 08:00
Take-off 26 Jan 14, 08:35
Arrival at 26 Jan 14, 18:35
AF   #36 out of 71 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 4745 reviews
Published on 14th April 2014
Hello !

We live in Tahiti, French Polynesia, and we fly to France 1 or 2 times a year, with Air France via LAX. I’m tired to always fly with the same companie, the same plane, always transiting in LAX.

Here are the Flight Reports of my first round-the-world trip, with my family (2 adults and 1 child 3 years old), in Economy class.

Routing is PPT – LAX – CDG – TLS – FRA – SIN – AKL – PPT
Companies will be Air France, Lufthansa Cityline, Singapore Airlines and Air Tahiti Nui

    1ST PART : From Tahiti to France : I did it my way Papeete [PPT] - Los Angeles [LAX], Air France AF77, B772, Economy, January 26, 2014
    Los Angeles [LAX] - Paris [CDG], Air France AF77, B772, Economy, January 26, 2014 CLICK HERE Paris [CDG] - Toulouse [TLS], Air France AF7788, A320, Economy, January 27, 2014 CLICK HERE 2ND PART : Going East : New Horizons Toulouse [TLS] - Frankfurt [FRA], Lufthansa Cityline LH1099, CR7, Economy, February 17, 2014 CLICK HERE Frankfurt [FRA] - Singapore [SIN], Singapore Airlines SQ325, B77W, Economy, February 17, 2014 CLICK HERE 3RD PART : Back to Tahiti : Full Circle Singapore [SIN] - Auckland [AKL], Singapore Airlines SQ285, B77W, Economy, February 22, 2014 CLICK HERE Auckland [AKL] - Papeete [PPT], Air Tahiti Nui TN102, A343, Economy, February 23, 2014 CLICK HERE

To begin 2014, Air France wishes a happy new year

photo FR95 PPT LAX (1)

A glance at the FlightStats website a few days before the first flight, searching possibilities for upgrade to Business class with Flying Blue miles :

On the PPT LAX section, it looks good, 7 seat in class O (for award ticket or upgrade to Business class)

photo FR95 PPT LAX (2)

On the LAX CDG section unfortunately, filling rate is much better and so there is no class O available

photo FR95 PPT LAX (3)

Finally for a ticket PPT CDG, no upgrade possibility (no class O)

photo FR95 PPT LAX (4)

We have a PPT CDG ticket, flight AF77 (considered as 1 flight with technical stop in LAX) which can not be split into 2 sections PPT LAX and LAX CDG .

That means that I can not have a Business class upgrade on PPT LAX despite the availability of these for the sole reason that I continue my flight to CDG the same day.

It's frustrating to see that a passenger who could benefit upgrade awards released by the yield management, can not do for logistical issue : the AF system can not handle two flights with the same number the same day for the same passenger.

Don’t worry about filling the Business cabin on this flight PPT LAX, I saw the registration paper of the check-in hostess at the airport, it was possible to find about ten non-revenue passengers to fill the vacant seats in the front of the plane

Now on to what interests us : the flight itself.

Online check-in impossible for us, but it doesn’t matter

photo FR95 PPT LAX (5)

Let’s go to the airport

photo FR95 PPT LAX (6)

2 flights this sunday morning : Air Tahiti Nui to Tokyo Narita and Air France to Los Angeles and Paris

photo FR95 PPT LAX (7)

Not so many baggage drop or economy check-in counters opened

photo FR95 PPT LAX (8)

For us, quick check-in with the SkyPriority lane

photo FR95 PPT LAX (9)

Unique boarding pass for our 3 upcoming flights

photo FR95 PPT LAX (10)

We go straight through custom and borders and security check

photo FR95 PPT LAX (11)

In the departure area, photo exhibition for 15th anniversary of Air Tahiti Nui

photo FR95 PPT LAX (12)photo FR95 PPT LAX (13)

Our plane is here

photo FR95 PPT LAX (14)

Let’s go to Manuhiri lounge (the only and independent lounge in PPT airport, used by almost all companies here in Tahiti)

photo FR95 PPT LAX (15)photo FR95 PPT LAX (16)

Food and drinks are the weak point of this lounge, but I found some sweets good enough

photo FR95 PPT LAX (17)

Wifi gives me the corporate picture

photo FR95 PPT LAX (18)

On the tarmac, birds wait patiently :
A343 ATN named Rangiroa

photo FR95 PPT LAX (19)photo FR95 PPT LAX (20)

And our 777 today will be F-GSPD (777-200ER)

photo FR95 PPT LAX (21)photo FR95 PPT LAX (22)

I insert here an airplane that I saw during January during one of my business trips in the islands of French Polynesia : Danish Air Transport MD80 with astonishing livery “Fifa world cup trophy tour / Coca Cola (the trophy was exposed in Tahiti in September 2013, but in January 2014 not to my knowledge)

photo FR95 PPT LAX (23)

Boarding is then called on time, walking on the tarmac is always a moment of excitement

photo FR95 PPT LAX (24)photo FR95 PPT LAX (25)photo FR95 PPT LAX (26)

Large fan

photo FR95 PPT LAX (27)photo FR95 PPT LAX (28)

Smiling stew welcomes us

And here are our 3 seats for this flight, on the left side of first economy cabin, row 23 (I could not have seats in row 20 this time, 20C is offering a larger legroom)

photo FR95 PPT LAX (29)

A new red cushion

photo FR95 PPT LAX (30)

Stamp size In-Flight Entertainment

photo FR95 PPT LAX (31)

Classic legroom for Air France in economy class

photo FR95 PPT LAX (32)

Less classic legroom

photo FR95 PPT LAX (33)

Air France Magazine and safety card

photo FR95 PPT LAX (34)

Air Tahiti Nui is pushed back before us

photo FR95 PPT LAX (35)

And take of to Tokyo

photo FR95 PPT LAX (36)

It’s our turn to push back, on time

photo FR95 PPT LAX (37)

During taxiing, I see the latest plane of Air Tahiti’s fleet, ATR42-600 with the new livery

photo FR95 PPT LAX (38)

Take off

photo FR95 PPT LAX (39)photo FR95 PPT LAX (40)

I can see Tetiaroa (Marlon Brando’s atoll) despite wing and reactor

photo FR95 PPT LAX (41)photo FR95 PPT LAX (42)

In a plane with incomplete filling in economy class, some got the perfect seat allocation

photo FR95 PPT LAX (43)

Everyone deals with the IFE for the beginning of the journey
“Planes” for the kid

photo FR95 PPT LAX (44)

“Now you see me” for me

photo FR95 PPT LAX (45)

Menu is quickly distributed

photo FR95 PPT LAX (46)photo FR95 PPT LAX (47)photo FR95 PPT LAX (48)

Appetizer quickly served, Champagne for me of course

photo FR95 PPT LAX (49)photo FR95 PPT LAX (50)

45 minutes later, trays distribution begin, starting with special meals, child meal for my kid

photo FR95 PPT LAX (51)

Chicken nuggets and potatoes

photo FR95 PPT LAX (52)

Then comes the main meal service, I choose lamb curry

photo FR95 PPT LAX (53)

As a starter, pasta salad was a bit bland, it lacks a little taste

photo FR95 PPT LAX (54)

The lamb curry later is OK but not exciting, I expected more

photo FR95 PPT LAX (55)

Some dairy in a box

photo FR95 PPT LAX (56)

For dessert, I didn’t like this apple tartlet does

photo FR95 PPT LAX (57)

The meal, without being bad, was a little below what I would expect from an economy class meal with Air France

The flight continues safely over equator, from southern to northern hemisphere

photo FR95 PPT LAX (58)

Another film viewing for me, “Rush”, the story of the rivalry between Nicky Lauda and James Hunt

photo FR95 PPT LAX (59)

Water is provided by stews at our seat.

I stand up to walk a little bit and comes face to face with the bar in the galley

photo FR95 PPT LAX (60)

Economy cabin is quiet

photo FR95 PPT LAX (61)

We are now approaching LAX …

photo FR95 PPT LAX (62)

And night …

photo FR95 PPT LAX (63)

The snack is served 1 hour 30 minutes before arrival, starting with the child meal

photo FR95 PPT LAX (64)

The adult tray appears identical but includes a bonus chocolate

photo FR95 PPT LAX (65)

Some ice crystals remind me that I am going to a cold area (France in winter)

photo FR95 PPT LAX (66)

The sun sets quickly

photo FR95 PPT LAX (67)

And it's dark when we fly around Long Beach

photo FR95 PPT LAX (68)photo FR95 PPT LAX (69)

We touch down on time and it takes about 15 minutes taxiing to reach our parking stand.
I try to take a picture of Qantas A380 despite darkness and movement

photo FR95 PPT LAX (70)photo FR95 PPT LAX (71)

We are arrived at Terminal 2

photo FR95 PPT LAX (72)

Quick disembarking and we plunge into the bowels of LAX

photo FR95 PPT LAX (73)

Next step, US customs & borders

photo FR95 PPT LAX (74)

And there, it will be very painful, there are many people and it will take us 50 minutes to get to the TSA agent

photo FR95 PPT LAX (75)

And transit is not finished yet …

To be continued …

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Air France

Cabin crew7.0



Papeete - PPT


Los Angeles - LAX



Air France
Comfort is in line with what I expected, suitable for a day flight, despite the 10 in a row configuration (3-4-3). Traveling 2 adults with 1 child in 3 seats enhances the experience.
Catering was a slight disappointment but not bad, I 've had better with Air France.
Great movies choices with IFE, but the screen is really too small.

Manuhiri Lounge
Comfortable, quiet, free wifi, staff always smiling but food and drinks is a weak point of this lounge, with reduced choice

PPT international airport
Easy access to the airtport, quick check in procedures and controls. The departure area is not very big, nothing to do, only a duty free shop and a bar.

LAX Terminal 2
I hate this terminal : I find it ugly, the transit procedure is often painful . Passport control took 50 minutes due to the arrival of several planes at the same time (VS , NZ and AF). This is long, we are only in transit. And outside the U.S., transit procedures takes only minutes without passport control (only security on a dedicated transit point).

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