Review of Lufthansa CityLine flight Toulouse Frankfurt in Economy

Airline Lufthansa CityLine
Flight LH1099
Class Economy
Seat 8A
Flight time 01:55
Take-off 17 Feb 14, 18:35
Arrival at 17 Feb 14, 20:30
CL   #90 out of 96 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 234 reviews
Published on 14th April 2014
Hello !

We live in Tahiti, French Polynesia, and we fly to France 1 or 2 times a year, with Air France via LAX. I’m tired to always fly with the same companie, the same plane, always transiting in LAX.

Here are the Flight Reports of my first round-the-world trip, with my family (2 adults and 1 child 3 years old), in Economy class.

Routing is PPT – LAX – CDG – TLS – FRA – SIN – AKL – PPT
Companies will be Air France, Lufthansa Cityline, Singapore Airlines and Air Tahiti Nui

    1ST PART : From Tahiti to France : I did it my way Papeete [PPT] - Los Angeles [LAX], Air France AF77, B772, Economy, January 26, 2014 CLICK HERE Los Angeles [LAX] - Paris [CDG], Air France AF77, B772, Economy, January 26, 2014 CLICK HERE Paris [CDG] - Toulouse [TLS], Air France AF7788, A320, Economy, January 27, 2014 CLICK HERE 2ND PART : Going East : New Horizons Toulouse [TLS] - Frankfurt [FRA], Lufthansa Cityline LH1099, CR7, Economy, February 17, 2014
    Frankfurt [FRA] - Singapore [SIN], Singapore Airlines SQ325, B77W, Economy, February 17, 2014 CLICK HERE 3RD PART : Back to Tahiti : Full Circle Singapore [SIN] - Auckland [AKL], Singapore Airlines SQ285, B77W, Economy, February 22, 2014 CLICK HERE Auckland [AKL] - Papeete [PPT], Air Tahiti Nui TN102, A343, Economy, February 23, 2014 CLICK HERE

We are back to TLS airport

photo FR100 TLS FRA (1)

First step, rental car return

photo FR100 TLS FRA (2)

Then let’s go to hall B where are the check-in counters of the operating companie of the flight : Lufthansa

photo FR100 TLS FRA (3)

We are oriented towards self check-in by a very helpful agent who accompanies us through all steps

photo FR100 TLS FRA (4)

Once boarding passes obtained, we head to the baggage drop counters

photo FR100 TLS FRA (5)photo FR100 TLS FRA (6)photo FR100 TLS FRA (7)

Our Frequent Flyer numbers have disappeared, new boarding passes are edited. The flight was not booked with LH but with a partner airline (code share) that will make the longest distance of this return journey.

photo FR100 TLS FRA (8)

And yes, thank you Turkish Airlines ! I 've never flown with them (but I'd like) but they gave us (my wife and myself) a Star Alliance Gold status match which was a trigger to decide myself to change to StarAlliance for this return flight

Quick passage through security filters hall B side

photo FR100 TLS FRA (9)

Some spotting opportunities with the Antonov 124 carrying satellites from Toulouse to Guyana

photo FR100 TLS FRA (10)

A350 with launch customer livery : Qatar (MSN4)

photo FR100 TLS FRA (11)

or future deliveries of A330

photo FR100 TLS FRA (12)

We go to Hall C

photo FR100 TLS FRA (13)

Where is the independent and only Lounge La croix du Sud (Southern Cross)

photo FR100 TLS FRA (14)

For the first time during my visits, the first floor is open. The space is very intimate (small) but unfrequented

photo FR100 TLS FRA (15)photo FR100 TLS FRA (16)

We stay on the ground floor for snacking

photo FR100 TLS FRA (17)

Food and drinks supply does not change and remains not varied

photo FR100 TLS FRA (18)photo FR100 TLS FRA (19)

A computer allows me to leave propaganda behind me

photo FR100 TLS FRA (20)

When boarding time approach , we go to find our gate right in front of the Lounge

photo FR100 TLS FRA (21)

Our bird is there, but not easily visible

photo FR100 TLS FRA (22)

Boarding is called with 15 minutes late (compared to what said the boarding pass). The aircraft is in false contact, we go down for a quick walk on the tarmac

photo FR100 TLS FRA (23)photo FR100 TLS FRA (24)

Biggest hand luggage (with one of ours) are stored in small compartments provided for this purpose. I am not surprised, I know the CRJ and their tiny cabin racks

photo FR100 TLS FRA (25)

While boarding, the twilight sky becomes flamboyant

photo FR100 TLS FRA (26)

Here is the cabin with a 2-2 configuration

photo FR100 TLS FRA (27)

My seat. I 'm not an LH Group expert, I don’t know if this is the latest version of the seat or an older one more padded, but I find it quite correct for 1-2 hours flights

photo FR100 TLS FRA (28)


photo FR100 TLS FRA (29)

View from my seat to the front of the cabin

photo FR100 TLS FRA (30)

Safety card and in-flight magazine

photo FR100 TLS FRA (31)

Last passengers taking pictures before boarding

photo FR100 TLS FRA (32)

While behind us a Beluga (A300-600ST) returns home, you can also see the Skymark’s A330 (first japanese operator), which was delivered in march

photo FR100 TLS FRA (33)

The hostess gives some toys for children (with some much appreciated treats)

photo FR100 TLS FRA (34)

An airport to build yourself

photo FR100 TLS FRA (35)

We push back under a sky increasingly red when we should have to take off since 5 minutes

photo FR100 TLS FRA (36)photo FR100 TLS FRA (37)

More than 15 minutes of taxiing during which I miss the A350 takeoff (shame on me!)

photo FR100 TLS FRA (38)

Finally, it is our turn, the sky is no longer red but almost black

photo FR100 TLS FRA (39)

Light conditions does not help me in making my pics, overview of Toulouse from the sky, especially with a new camera that I have not yet mastered thoroughly

The service starts very quickly, within 15 minutes after takeoff. A first trolley (and a first hostess) brings us food

photo FR100 TLS FRA (45)

Feta chicken sandwich, which seems to me more consistent than Air France “sweet or salted” at this time of dinner

photo FR100 TLS FRA (46)

Then the 2nd trolley (and the 2nd hostess) for drink service

photo FR100 TLS FRA (47)

I feel compelled to take a beer for LH signature, and it is very good

photo FR100 TLS FRA (48)photo FR100 TLS FRA (49)

Here is my evening snack

photo FR100 TLS FRA (50)

The sandwich is very good

photo FR100 TLS FRA (51)

Note that our stewardess speak a little French, and I try to remember myself a few German words, so communication goes well

We land with 15 minutes ahead of schedule despite the delay at startup (the flight time is overestimated, so the delay is easy to reduce to nothing)

5 minutes of taxiing before parking away the terminal with similar planes…

photo FR100 TLS FRA (52)

Or bigger plane

photo FR100 TLS FRA (53)

We park next to an Adria CR9

photo FR100 TLS FRA (54)


photo FR100 TLS FRA (55)

To board in a paxbus a few meters away

photo FR100 TLS FRA (56)

We will wait on site 5 minutes that the suitcase of a passenger is found before driving across FRA

A moment of immobility allows me to spot a LH A321

photo FR100 TLS FRA (57)

Then we finally arrive in the terminal 20 minutes after landing

photo FR100 TLS FRA (58)photo FR100 TLS FRA (59)

We are there in transit , to be continued …
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Lufthansa CityLine

Cabin crew8.5

Independent Salon VIP La Croix Du Sud


Toulouse - TLS


Frankfurt - FRA



Lufthansa Cityline
I found the seat pleasant with the possibility of slight incline. Crew was helpful and making the effort to speak French. Sandwich and beer were very good.
A final good impression of LH on this short European bond. My only point of comparison is a Toulouse Roma (Alitalia and Air France), and LH is better on this flight, especially for catering.

Lounge La Croix du Sud
The setting is pleasant without being exceptional. Free wifi. Catering is only snack, the weak point of this lounge.

TLS airport
Procedures quickly shipped, and always pleasant with Airbus Industry offering original spotting

FRA airport
A long drive with paxbus gives the impression of wasting time. For transit procedure, I will discuss in the next report

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La durée moyenne des vols est de 1 heures et 51 minutes.

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