Review of Scoot flight Taipei Singapore in Economy

Airline Scoot
Flight TZ201
Class Economy
Seat 61H
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 04:25
Take-off 20 Mar 13, 15:45
Arrival at 20 Mar 13, 20:10
TR 60 reviews
By BRONZE 8562
Published on 27th April 2014
A big hello to friends from all around the world! Welcome to my first report on Flight-Report!

photo 13 The Aircraft!

Earlier this year (2014), I came across this website while Google-ing for flight reviews. Reading flight reports, like the thousands of reports available in this website, has always been an activity I enjoy. Being someone who first flown on a commercial aircraft when I was 6 months old (not that I remember anything about it, though), flying has really been THE thing that I look forward to annually.

An introduction about myself - I come from Singapore, and I am currently pursuing an undergraduate bachelor degree in a Singaporean university. I fly often, since childhood, between Singapore and Taipei because more than half of my relatives are Taiwanese. In 2013, I began my flying journeys into the Southern hemisphere as my girlfriend enrolled as a university student in Melbourne. Because of this, I enrolled as a Qantas Frequent Flyer and has been holding its Silver status from mid-2013.

Before I move on to the first report altogether, I would like to mention that even though there may not be much varieties in my reports for now, I will try and make every single report a different reading experience for all of you (mostly highly experienced frequent flyers - I presume!), so that even if the same route(s) are repeated over and over again, they will never be the same. I apologise in advance for the lack in variety (you may see lots of SIN-MEL, MEL-SIN, SIN-TPE etc…).

My first FR features a flight that took place quite a while ago, in March 2013 - way before I knew about And, this will probably be my excuse for having insufficient details and photographs. No professional cameras were used as well (I can't afford one yet, and do not possess the necessary skills as well).

My 5th Flight with Scoot - Reminiscence: A Flight in 2013 with Scoot

This report was completed on 28 April 2014.
Note: All the time stated in this report are UTC+08:00.

Scoot TZ201
9V-OTD (Maju-lah)
Origin: Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE)
Destination: Singapore Changi International Airport (SIN)
Wednesday, 20 March 2013
Boarding: 1445h (UTC+08:00)
ETD: 1545h (UTC+08:00)
ETA: 2010h (UTC+08:00)
Flight Duration: 4:25

Something about Taiwan that I always miss when I leave the place, is the Taiwanese breakfast. These breakfast sets come in ALL sorts of varieties that you can think of. I just cannot explain in words to you that they are totally worth the price (in fact, I may even be willing to pay a little higher than the stated price). Thus, remember to try one of these if you ever visit Taiwan - the breakfast shops are everywhere, just ask for Zao Can Dian (???).

photo 01 Breakfast copy
^A simple, cheap and extremely delicious breakfast before setting off to the airport

Many FRs have been written with Taiwan Taoyuan Airport has the origin or destination, so for this report, I will not go into details about it since I do not have the necessary photographs (do look forward to my upcoming reports which will contain much more comprehensive coverage of various airports, including TPE).

Taoyuan Airport is about 40km from Taipei's railway station, which is also where many of the airport buses depart. The public transport connections are relatively good, and it is going to get better when the airport train (metro) opens. Fortunately for me, my grandparents' place is about 11km nearer to the airport, so I will just have to book a taxi for about TWD500, and it will get me there in no time.

In case you are not aware, Scoot is a fully-owned subsidiary of my country's flag carrier, Singapore Airlines, and it is positioned as a long-haul LCC even though currently it serves more medium-haul routes. The most prominent characteristic about flying with an LCC would be - you pay for every single other thing - on top of your air ticket plus taxes. For me, I pre-purchased 40kg of checked-in luggage as I was doubling up as a postman for my parents. It turned out that my 2 bags totalled about 41kg when I weighed them at home. So I decided to get to Taoyuan Airport early to check-in as soon as possible, hoping that they will close an eye to the extra load if I am early enough. At times, LCCs can be extremely strict with their luggage allowance (it will be more appropriate to say - whatever that you have forked out cash for), and any extra kilogram is chargeable with a hefty cost.

It was great that eventually, the weighing scale at the counters proved to be more accurate than the one at home. I was able to Scoot back home with about 39++kg of luggage.

Taoyuan Airport is a relatively busy one with two terminals. If I am not mistaken, the following photo should be taken in Terminal 2. This isn't a photo for this particular flight, I dug out a few old (but definitely relevant) photos to improve this report.

photo 24 TPE Check-In Counters (Other Trips)
^Taoyuan's check-in counters (Photograph was taken upon arrival into TPE in December 2012)

photo 25 TPE Check-In Counters (Other Trips)
^This is TZ201's check-in counter (The same flight, but three months ago)

After a surprisingly smooth check-in, I said my goodbyes to my mom and proceeded air side.

photo 02 Departure
^Queues for passport checks into the air side and immigration are long during mid-afternoons

You can see that the queue for passport check is growing, this should probably be the result of the numerous number of flights bound for China. The usually quiet Taoyuan Airport isn't really quiet during those times.

photo 03 Airside (Just After Immigration)
^In about 2 hours, 8 flights to 7 different Chinese destinations; and 1 each for Hawaii, Japan and Singapore

As mentioned in the flight details - boarding begins at 1445h. However, I must say that for a LCC, the boarding time is probably just for reference. Furthermore, security checks in Taoyuan Airport are conducted right before or after (it used to differ between Terminals 1 and 2, I am unsure if it has been standardised but I'll check it out soon in May!) immigration. Therefore, scheduling the boarding time as ETD -1:00 is rather conservative in my opinion.

As soon as I passed immigration checks, I immediately made my way to Gate D9 - one of the last few gates along the corridor of T1. As you can see, there are a few different huge directories provided for passengers in the airport's air side. I found these guides very useful! These are actually very common in many airports I suppose. However, they don't seem to be as catchy as how Taoyuan has done it. Good effort on their part!

photo 04 Walking Time to Gates
^Most importantly - how far is my boarding gate? 12 minutes from the immigration counters

imagephoto  T2
^A comprehensive guide for both terminals

photo 08 Public Service Facilities Guide
^All the facilities available in air side

Similar guide maps and directories are very common in Taiwan - you find them almost everywhere, especially in their metro system. In my opinion, they are indeed highly useful, not just for tourists, but for the locals as well. (Not that I know where Changi Airport's free cinema is located at, up till today… Maybe I will go hunt it down the next time.)

photo 05 On The Way to Gate D9
^It took me quite a while before reaching D9, signs in Taoyuan Airport are good - very clearly presented in English and Mandarin

photo 09 D9 is Almost Right at The End
^Still quite a distance away…

photo 12 Gate D9
^Aha! Here I am at the boarding gate D9…

photo 10 Finally Reached the Gate
^…preparing to Scoot (back) to Singapore (These are the exact words cabin crews on Scoot use)

There is an aspect about Taoyuan Airport which I like a lot - almost every boarding gates are designed with different themes, I shall see if I can collect photographs of all of them in May 2014 when I fly from TPE. Here is just one example:

photo 11 Gates Decorated by Themes
^A last check at Taiwan Railway Administration's website revealed that parts of the A-Li Shan Forest Railway are still being repaired after it has been severely damaged by Typhoon Morakot in 2009

The previous time (which was also my first time) I visited A-Li Shan (????????), a popular mountain resort in Chia-Yi, I travelled by coach and it was - uneventful. Trust me, the train ride will be much more interesting. Do try it if you visit Taiwan!

imagephoto s My Flight)
^I don't see my flight here on the departure information screens; all these flights are bound for Asian destinations - only Hong Kong and Macau are on my list of visited cities so far

Finally, the boarding lounge. Yes, there's definitely insufficient space here. It will be okay when we are on the aircraft - it's a 777 flown by an LCC (not a common combination, yeah?). Also, as I have guessed earlier, boarding did not start at 1445h. It started much later, at 1517h.

photo 15 Boarding Lounge is Packed
^The boarding lounge seems too small for a 777 packed with Singapore-bound passengers

photo 14 Closer Shot
^Our main character for this report!

photo 16 Front View
^Just a shot from another angle - aircraft's name Maju-Lah

Allow me to quote from one of Scoot's press release, so as to give you the most complete introduction for this aircraft:

6 August 2012, Singapore – Scoot, Singapore’s newest low cost airline, today unveiled the name of its third aircraft, which will enter service in the coming week: “Maju lah”.

“Being a proudly Singaporean airline, and with this new aircraft entering service near Singapore’s birthday on 9 August, we simply couldn’t pass up this opportunity to celebrate with our home nation,” said Campbell Wilson, Scoot’s CEO. “Of course, neither could we pass up the opportunity to add both Scootitude and some local Singaporean flavour. Hence ‘Maju lah’.”

For the uninitiated, Majulah, Malay for “onward”, is part of the title of Singapore’s national anthem, Majulah Singapura (Onward Singapore), while “lah”, on its own, is the signature suffix of Singlish, Singapore’s very own unofficial language.


Moving on, boarding has commenced. There isn't really a design on Scoot's boarding pass - but it's still better than just a receipt, right? For the next picture, it is actually not for this Scoot flight, but for another one that I took from Sydney to Singapore in February 2013. (My apologies again for digging out pictures from other flights, I wasn't that prepared to write a review for this flight, hence, the lack of photographs.)

photo 17 Boarding Pass
^Destination: Singapore

photo 31 Queueing for Boarding (Other Trips)
^It may not be the same flight, but the situation is the same - a bad congestion on the aerobridge prior to boarding the aircraft

It took me extremely long to get on to the aircraft, and then finally to my seat at the back of it. From rows 61 onwards, configuration of seats becomes 2-4-2 and Seats A, B, H and K are those with a seat pitch of up to 35 - contrast this to the usual blue seats with a seat pitch of 31. This is quite a bit of difference! Most importantly, you don't have too pay a hefty amount - it was just about SGD10.00 more, why not?

photo Scoot_B777-200ER

photo 18 Pre-Departure
^Cabin crew conducting pre-departure checks

It's really a pity that I didn't capture enough shots to record many aspects of this flight. Right now, I am left with just a few more pictures. However, this was my fifth flight on Scoot and thus I believe I have sufficient memories of it to describe some of the important aspects for this LCC based in Singapore.

Cabin Comfort
Much better as compared to the other LCCs based in Singapore, seats are comfortable enough for the price we pay - in fact, I always find that Scoot has cheaper airfares. The temperature in the aircraft however differs quite substantially with their parent company's (Singapore Airlines), I tend to find Scoot's cabin a little too stuffy and warm, especially during day flights. On the other hand, Singapore Airline's flights are always exceptionally cold.

photo 23 More Cabin Photos (Other Trips)
^Economy cabin on another flight from Singapore to Taipei

photo 28 More Cabin Photos (Other Trips)
^Not a very good photo of the yellow seats with a better seat pitch

photo 29 More Cabin Photos (Other Trips)
^On all 5 flights that I have ever experienced with Scoot, all were full - probably because of their really competitive and affordable pricing strategies

photo 30 More Cabin Photos (Other Trips)
^This was taken when I sat on 61C from Sydney to Singapore

Casual - is the word. But a bit too casual at times. For this flight (I am sorry if I got you confused, now I am talking about TZ201 - the flight being reviewed in this report), the crew didn't even bother looking at passengers when we boarded. They just glanced for our seat number on the boarding passes, gave us the directions - go straight, turn right and continued with their own conversation. From my personal opinion, I really prefer the service of Jetstar's cabin crew, whom I found to be more professional.

photo 19 Crusing
^On TZ201, if you have observed my boarding pass well enough, apart from 40kg of checked luggage, I did not use any other services; thus, for the entire flight I had zero interaction with the cabin crew (However, this will definitely not affect my rating for the crew, because this is an LCC)

Meal and Catering
I once tried the hot meals on one of the night flights, but I apologise for having no photographs. (Quite a bit of apologies here in my first report, I will do better for the next one - a promise.) Nevertheless, I must still mention that Scoot has a highly acceptable standard for their in-flight catering. By the way, as of the time of this flight, a set meal costs SGD16.00.

photo 32 Bread or Sandwich (Other Trips)
^I bought a bread (?) because I was too hungry on the flight from Sydney to Singapore - I have no impression of it, though

I have never paid for in-flight entertainment on any of the flights on LCCs - in my opinion, it is highly overpriced. My iPhone loaded with dramas will greatly suffice. However, iPads are available and I believe they can also stream their in-flight entertainment into your personal devices. (Still, it's too expensive.)

I spent most of my journey on TZ201 completing my work using my MacBook. If it's not for the wider seat pitch, attempting to work on a laptop would be quite frustrating. I had my own form of entertainment - a MacBook with unlimited songs (to my liking, obviously) and an iPhone with the latest dramas that I am catching; these do not cost a single cent more on top of my air ticket.

photo 26 View Outside Window (Other Trips)
^The reason why I love flying

photo 27 View Outside Window (Other Trips)
^However, please do not be disappointed to know that if I fly alone, I don't usually take the window seats (because the aisle seats are just much more convenient) - I promise that this will not badly affect the quality of my reports in future

The flight went on smoothly and was rather uneventful. The captain came on to inform us of a slight delay due to congestion at the airport. When this happens, aircrafts usually will spend some time in the Malaysian territories before heading for an approach to Singapore Changi Airport (Correct me if I am wrong - at least this is what I have observed for a few times). At about 2020h, we arrived safely in Changi's Terminal 2.

Arrival procedures at Changi are probably one of the fastest - at least for me as a Singapore citizen. I must say, the automated clearance for Singapore passport holders, permanent residents and access card holders is almost flawless. It is rare to actually see someone facing a problem. (I am actually implicitly making a comparison with another country that allows Singaporeans to clear arrival procedures using their automated clearance. More details will be provided in my next report.)

As a result, security and immigration efficiency for Changi is getting a full grade from me. As for the other aspects of Changi, I shall be covering them progressively in my future reports. At the baggage collection, TZ201 was assigned Belt 37.

photo 20 Belt 37
^At Changi Airport, each baggage collection belt (carousel) can accommodate up to two to three arrival flights simultaneously because the belts are really, really long…

Arrived at home after a quick dinner. Unpacking and looking forward… To the next flight!

photo 22 About to Complete Unpacking

-End of Report for Scoot TZ201-

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23 April 2014: Emirates EK405, MEL-SIN (Eating the Special Meal for the First Time - Was It Good?)

9 May 2014: Malaysia MH602, SIN-KUL (Experiencing for the First Time - One of the Shortest Flight Out of Changi Airport)
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Cabin crew7.0
Buy-on-board menu7.5

Taipei - TPE


Singapore - SIN



Thanks for taking time to read my first report! I strayed off track a little by reviewing the airline as a whole instead of just this flight - I am aware of that. Pardon my lack of details of this first report.

Scoot is an airline that is above average. However, the prices of their air tickets are really very worth their flights - especially so when they operate purely wide-body aircrafts as an LCC. Their crew wasn't as professional in my opinion but they did their job well nevertheless; also, they have this camaraderie among them that truly reflects a casual and fun attitude, which is probably still very new to the Singapore culture. As I have mentioned, meals were okay from my experience, and will become better if compared to Jetstar's. I could not give an appropriate rating for the aspect on entertainment because I didn't use any - thus it will just remain at the default rating. On-time performance for Scoot is generally ok - airport congestion isn't really under their control anyway. (And I can't remember exactly what was the actual departure time.)

Taiwan Taoyuan Airport is a simple and relatively busy international airport. However, I have lots of fond memories about it because it fills up a vey big part of my childhood memories. Over the years, I must say that it has improved tremendously. The ratings will probably improve when I return to Taoyuan this year (2014). And when the airport metro (direct to Taipei city) opens, the airport's accessibility will definitely be even better.

Lastly, Singapore Changi Airport as the world's most awarded airport, has never disappointed me so far. Experience it for yourself (if you haven't), and you will probably agree!
(Note: I deducted 2 marks from Changi Airport's access and parking because I personally do not think that the public transport system connecting the airport is that good. However, it seems like the rating keeps automatically changing the rating of Changi to 10/10?)

Information on the route Taipei (TPE) Singapore (SIN)


If you liked this review or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post a comment below !
  • Comment 107037 by
    AirCanada881 1617 Comments

    A very WARM welcome to you and thank you for sharing this literally perfect report. I love seeing images but even more when the narrative is as well written as yours, very well done!

    Scoot seems to be a very good alternative for those who can't afford to fly their mother company :-) The livery is also very interesting.

    I've never been to Singapore but one local member DURIAN has given me many reasons to go and discover it one day hehe.

    Once again welcome and I look forward to more of your reports.

    • Comment 293157 by
      tn92 BRONZE AUTHOR 173 Comments

      Hi! I am so thrilled to see positive comments from you and other friends here! Thank you very much for being so reassuring! I agree that Scoot is a very good alternative and their livery is a good reflection of their casual and easy-going attitude - the dominant positioning that this airline has been adapting since their inception. I am glad that my fellow Singapore friends here have made so many friends from all around the world interested in visiting this city-state! A warm welcome anytime! (:

      Thank you once again! I will write again once my examinations are over - which is REAL soon!

  • Comment 107040 by
    Durian 1170 Comments

    Hi and welcome on FR :)
    Your first FR is not a good FR. It's just awesome :) Well done, you've done your homework and studied what a good FR is made of ;)
    As you pointed out, a picture of the seat pitch would have been helpful, especially for LCC with (supposedly) limited space.
    Regarding buy-on-board catering, I was surprised to read on Scoot's website in the T&C that BYO is forbidden ? How can they enforce that rule ? Not sure other LCC have the same king of regulations...
    Anyway, great first FR, keep it up for the next one !

    • Comment 293158 by
      tn92 BRONZE AUTHOR 173 Comments

      Hello! According to AirCanada881, you are a Singaporean member? Nice to meet you here! Thank you very much for your reassuring comment and it is definitely encouraging. Regarding the seat pitch, I will definitely keep this in mind.

      Personally, I wouldn't really want to encourage breaking the rules... =P
      However... I must say Scoot isn't really strict about that particular rule! In fact, I have seen lots of passengers consuming their food and drinks and so far - I haven't seen anyone being prohibited from eating. After all, the on-board sales of food usually has REALLY good business from what I observed!

      Thank you once again, so much for your encouragement!

  • Comment 107043 by
    Numero_2 10167 Comments

    Thank you for sharing your first FR, and welcome here. :)

    Nice report indeed, with a pleasant text to read illustrated with still enough pictures. Not bad for a first try. ;)
    I'm glad to read that you like this website as much as many others. Do you read the French-written reports as well ?
    Other flight-report members live in Singapore, too. This website has a growing audience in Southeast Asia. ;)

    Cabin crew's uniform is pretty casual. Does the airline want to show a young and cool image of itself ?
    The cabin looks a bit old and the lack of IFEs is disappointing.
    The Buy-on-Board item you chose isn't appealing at all.

    For foreigners, Hong Kong has in my opinion a more efficient immigration process than Singapore, because you can enroll to the eChannel (automated clearance) if you just hold a Frequent Flyer Program Elite Card.

    I dislike two things in SIN : The ugly carpets on the floors and Richard Clayderman's Best Of playing all day long on the terminal loudspeakers. lol

    I hope to read another FR from you soon !

  • Comment 107047 by
    tn92 BRONZE AUTHOR 173 Comments

    Hi! A very good day to you. Thank you very much for reading! I will try my very best to improve on the picture coverage and also quality! I am determined to learn some proper photography skills and I hope that will help me in preparing a report with better photographs!

    Unfortunately, I can only speak and write English and Mandarin (and bits & pieces of Mandarin dialects). However, I tried looking around the French reports and find that it's nice to just look at the photographs as well.

    Oh! Regarding the crew's uniform, you have actually caught the gist of it! That's precisely the direction Scoot is heading towards - something which I actually do support. In fact, the Chinese name for this airline - Ku Hang (??) probably has some hidden meaning about its attitude towards service. Ku (?) is actually the Mandarin way of saying cool. Thus, a literal translation of Scoot's Chinese name will give the airline the name A Cool Airline. I found this a rather interesting discovery.

    I know this sounds flattering but I mean it. You have really sharp eyes, right? (:
    The cabin is old - you are quite right. Scoot has a fleet of five 777-200 with an average age of 16.42 years. (Excluding one aircraft that was recently leased from SIA) The five original fleet of aircrafts were actually SIA's aircrafts before Scoot was founded. Very soon, this airline will begin to receive a total of 20 new 787 aircrafts soon. And they plan to fly even further in the near future. However, personally I am okay with the lack of entertainment systems because I really do find their airfare cheap and reasonable. And finally, your observation about the food I ordered - yeah... I totally agree, because I was really hungry and just grabbed the cheapest food on the menu. =P (And my photography skills ruined it as well...)

    Lastly about the airport, I have only arrived in Hong Kong once in 2010 and I can't quite remember it. Opps. As for Changi - try it during the Chinese New Year periods, haha! Some of the background music will be even noisier. But yeah, I do prefer the quietness in an airport, such as Melbourne Airport perhaps?

    Thanks for your support and encouragement! Greatly appreciate it. (:

  • Comment 107066 by
    K2World 1991 Comments

    Thanks for your first FR and welcome aboard.
    You didn't know at this time but you have a lot of pictures :)
    This is a great report and I like your writing ! I also love flying unfortunately and I can't fly as much as I want :(

    I didn't know there was no IFE, that could be annoying on a long flight (even if you can rent a Ipad). The meal seems OK.

    Look forward to reading your next report.

    • Comment 293183 by
      tn92 BRONZE AUTHOR 173 Comments

      G'day! (: I am glad you liked my first attempt on Flight-Report.

      I love to fly too! It's just too cool to actually describe in words. But as a student right now, I don't have the financial abilities to fly as much as I want too. For now, every time I fly somewhere, I got to have a concrete reason so as to justify the few hundred SGD I am spending on the ticket. Well of course, my various reasons for flying won't stop me from also enjoying the flights that bring me to all the destinations that I need to be at so as to meet my closed ones! Therefore, I have always had great respect and appreciation towards the crew members of all flights that I've been on!

      Maybe when I fly with Scoot again, I'll try out their IFE (an iPad) - but it's not going to happen any time soon because recently I always prefer to fly with oneworld airlines, Emirates or Jetstar so as to earn the mileage that will allow me to fly more frequently! =P

      Thank you once again!

  • Comment 107153 by
    marathon GOLD 9856 Comments

    I wonder how many SIN-TPE flight reports it will take to push me to boredom, especially if they include so called tourist bonuses - and with many relatives in Taiwan, there should be no limit for glimpses of this destination from an insider's perspective.
    The first picture is indeed Terminal 2. Alishan's mountain railway is one of the attractions I missed when I was in Taiwan - the tiny stations halfway up were eerily frozen in inactivity.
    I belong to the overwhelming majority which prefers having the titles above the pictures (contrary to books and magazines), because its saves scrolling back and forth. Apart from this minor formatting choice, you made a superb job to create a comprehensive report with pictures from various flights, and I appreciate your stating which are from the title flight and which aren't.
    This is an excellent first flight report; thanks and welcome among the website's contributors !

    • Comment 293298 by
      tn92 BRONZE AUTHOR 173 Comments

      Hi Marathon! Your comprehensive Taiwan and China flight reports were the reports that caught my attention when I first visited the website. And I am actually in the midst of reading almost all your reports HAHA. Especially so because I find the Taiwan reports rather close to heart and also interesting! (:

      I definitely haven't got the chance to visit as many places as you had in Taiwan and... I wish for the chances to come soon!

      Also, I shall heed your advice and make the necessary amendments to the picture captions from the next one onwards.

      Thank you for your encouragement! (:

  • Comment 107370 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5760 Comments

    Thanks a lot for sharing this detailed and well written report! Scoot definitely looks like a step above most LCCs and I hope to get the opportunity to try them. It is great that SQ can make an all wide-body LCC work--it certainly must make for a more pleasant travel experience...especially for an AvGeek :-)

    I wonder how much more Scoot's Business Class costs over Economy. I imagine the prices are decent. Looking forward to more reports from you! Thanks again for sharing this first report here and welcome to Flight-Report!

    Community Manager and Mod

    • Comment 293432 by
      tn92 BRONZE AUTHOR 173 Comments

      I totally agree that a wide-body low-cost airlines makes travelling with LCCs much more pleasant! Regarding your question about how much more expensive are the Business Class seats - it's about on average SGD200-300 more (for a Singapore - Taipei return trip). That's about USD159-238 more!

      Thank you for your encouragement, see you around!

  • Comment 107380 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this nice report and welcome among the contributors.

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