Review of Singapore Airlines flight Singapore Paris in First

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ334
Class First
Seat 3A
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 13:25
Take-off 04 Apr 14, 23:55
Arrival at 05 Apr 14, 07:20
SQ   #5 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 626 reviews
By 19887
Published on 1st May 2014
Hi folks, here is the Flight Report related to my flight to Paris for a week off. I am used to SQ334, but only in Y or J but not in Suite.
I am a saver and I like to keep a small buffer of miles in my KF account… a strategy that the member G_G has convinced me to give up upon. Reasons are the constant increase in the number of miles needed for redemption tickets, the most recent being TK and LH (and DL but I'm not a ST folk). In addition, the upcoming arrival of AI in *A will open the gates to 000s of new members so the already-limited availability of First/Suite saver tickets will be an issue even more.
I have flown SQ enough in J and Y, so I have decided to treat myself to the very front cabin :)

So, I've broken my piggy-bank to spend miles, the routing will be:
- SIN-CDG on 388 SQ – Suites
- CDG-LHR on 320 AF – Eco
- LHR-SIN on 77WN SQ – new First (2013)

I will try to translate the LHR-SIN as well soon.

Thanks to the members of the SQTalk forum, I've gathered all the info and tips to ensure I make the most of this trip.

It all starts in SIN at check-in.
I have been to the T3 in Changi countless times… but not to he Fist class SQ check-in. On the ramp leading to the terminal building, the road splits just before the main terminal building to a separate entrance on the side. It's a not a separate building like JetQuay but a separate entrance and facilities for First/Suite SQ pax.

I had to ask the taxi driver to slow down upon reaching the terminal as he was not familiar either with this hidden entrance (although there is proper signage).

Here we are, it's like reaching a hotel. A hostess welcomes me and a groom takes my suitcase from the booth of the taxi.
photo DSC00853

Inside the building, SQ Boys & Girls are everywhere
photo DSC00855

First time I come across a check-in counter with a seat ;)
photo DSC00857

My BP - the last one with my PPS status, could not renew so I'll be *G again soon :(
photo DSC00892

Invitation to the The Private Room.
photo DSC02140photo DSC02141

The inside of the First class check-in - It looks a bit like an airline lounge (of course), I have not seen any drinks or catering though.
photo DSC00858

A hostess guides me to the exit to bring me to the passport control. Not very far, around 5 meters to walk ! That's a SQ First dedicated passport control
photo DSC00859

There, 2 automated gates with fingerprint recognition and 2 manned-counter. I go through the gate, the door opens… being the only pax at that time, the policewoman at the counter saw me take this picture :( She scolds me mildly, I can go through ;)
photo DSC00860

Once the security cleared, another SQ staff is waiting for me. She takes me through the airside area to the SilverKris lounge.

Here we are. I have been many times to the left section of the lounge but never to the right section, the First Class section…
photo DSC00864

Which I go through without stopping to go to the Private Room. I will describe the FCL in a next FR. Now, the Private Room (TPR) : it’s a sub-section of the FCL, reserved for SQ First/Suites pax, regardless of their class of travel and Krisflyer status. Unlike the FCL where Solitaire PPS can join even if not travelling First.
photo DSC00870

Inside, my first impression is to be in a private club, very cozy and quiet. A hostess welcomes me, guides me to a free seat and offers me a drink.
photo DSC00872photo DSC00875photo DSC00881

If there is a lounge, there must be a dining room too ;) here it is
photo DSC00873

9 :15pm : time for a drink, Dom Pérignon 2004. That’s the only choice here, while airborne Krug GC is also on the menu.
photo DSC00883

Principle is that of a restaurant. Except for cheese and desserts, everything else is ordered on the menu and cooked on the spot.
The food menu :
photo DSC00887photo DSC00888

The wine list :
photo DSC008962photo DSC008972

The hostess asks if I’d rather have my dinner in my current seat or in the dining room. The latter is better, she will inform me when my food order is ready to be served in the dining room.

Time for food, the lobster from the menu turns out to be crayfish. I picked that dish in the TPR because I have ordered something else from Book the Cook for the dinner onboard. Like all dishes, this one comes in a reasonably sized portion. This will allow me to sample more than one dish and silent the critics who said I have not eaten enough on my JFK-HKG ?
photo DSC00893photo DSC00894

2nd dish : the burger with duck liver, yummy meat.
photo DSC00904photo DSC00906

And a drop of Pichon Longeville (Pauillac) 2007 to go along the DP. La champagne glass is very common unlike the wine glass, which is from Schott Zwiesel.
photo DSC00917

My closest neighbor wears a Jaeger Reverso Squadra, a watch I’ve been eyeing on since months but which is a tad pricey. He ordered the dim sums selection.
I do not have the same watch but at least I have the same dim sums ;)
Unlike those from the Skyview lounge in T1, these seem to be freshly made.
photo DSC00913photo DSC00910

3 main courses, is that allright for one FR ? Good, so I’ll skip the cheese and desserts, which selection is not outstanding anyway.
photo DSC00919photo DSC00920

Time for toilet-break : I’ll spare you the pictures. They are the same than in the J section of the lounge except for the cosmetics, which are Ferragamo-branded (like the amenity kit on the flight)
photo DSC00877

The atmosphere in the lounge is very quiet (not that I expected anything else), being in this lounge seems to be very normal for all these folks. But for me it’s not, I keep moving all over the place and taking tens of pictures lol
And the excitement is growing, I want to board that plane to enjoy every minute of it !
So I leave the lounge to go to my boarding gate.

On the way out, a quick picture of the Business section of the lounge, very packed tonight (that’s a Saturday night)
photo DSC00925

My aircraft for tonight, a 388 9V-SKI, born in 2009
photo DSC00935

All one needs to do is follow the signage, that’s easy
On SQ’s 388, the Suites are located on the main deck just behind the flying deck. The rest of the main deck is economy class. Upper deck is for business class entirely or with a small economy section at the back, depending on the aircraft configuration.
photo DSC00936

A Leading Stewardess welcomes me. Good evening Mr. Durian, welcome back, let me guide you to your seat. She presents me with the main features of the Suite.

My seat, 3A, on that flight.
photo DSC00940

She offers to take a picture of me. She indeed noticed I took at least 20 pics in the 3 minutes since I boarded the plane :)
photo DSC00957

My arm raised is nothing political, just to show that there is indeed lots of space around : I can barely touch the window on my left
photo DSC00947

The overall layout is 1-2-1. The 2 Suites in the center can be merged into one to make for a 2 pax-bedroom. The height of the partitions must be around same than my height, 1m80 (5’11), so it guarantees a good level of privacy.
photo DSC00950photo extra

More pics of the cabin
photo DSC01206

12 suites in total. This picture is taken from the area close to door 1L. On the left is the staircase leading to the Business class.
photo DSC01215

The seating layout is as such that seat are alternate. If I look 90 degrees to my write I see the partition between Suite 2 and 3, I won’t see a pax.

6 pax tonight. And 3 crews to pamper us, which should be fine :)

The LS will come twice: one for the newspaper selection and another one to bring me the SQ bears I asked for ;)

In terms of lighting, the Suites are fitted with 3 sources of individual light (other than the general lighting in the cabin, which I can’t control lol): 1 is in the partition next to the IFE screen. Another one above my head on the partition. And a third, a mood/night light under the IFE and under the ottoman.
photo DSC00951

So, the first light is in front, above the ottoman
photo DSC01212

Like in an hotel, this card mentions the name of the person who has been in charge of preparing the Suite.
photo DSC00952

The controls on my left, with the usual connectivity.
photo DSC00953

Seat pitch and ottoman, that’s generous !
photo DSC00954

I have 3 windows ! I think I read somewhere this is specific to row 3, other Suites have 2 only.
photo DSC00960

The tablet. It’s foldable into 2 halves.
photo DSC00961

The IFE remote control on my right. Unlike the brand new Panasonic IFE system installed on the latest 77WN, this is the very common Panasonic that can be found on many airlines, including SQ current fleet.
photo DSC00962

The seat control panel
photo DSC00963

On the right of the IFE screen, a courtesy mirror
photo DSC00965

On the left of the IFE screen is a small cabinet
photo DSC00966

Allright, enough talking, time for a Krug Grande Cuvee, fantastic !
photo DSC00958photo DSC00971

The crew takes this opportunity for small talk, asking if I leave in France or Singapore. My turn to ask questions now : while in Paris, the crew stays at a small boutique hotel in the hip neighborhood of the Marais, way nicer than staying at the CDG Sheraton !

At midnight, the Captain takes on the mike, announces a 13hrs20 flight with turbulences… for the first… 8 hours !
The crew is 4 pilots and 24 cabin crews, wow.

Pushback at 00:05am. To celebrate the pushback I ask for another glass of Krug :)

Take-off at 00:25am, more or less on time.

A quick look into the washrooms: for those preferring the toilets to their Suite, this couch can be reclined to form a rather large seating area. The washrooms are large by any mean compared to J or Y. But smaller than those I have see on reports in EK First class.
photo DSC00975photo DSC01108photo DSC01110

I am one person who follows the rules. In everything lol In an aircraft I never go beyond the curtain of the class I’m travelling into ;)
So I wondered if the Suite cabin would be flooded during the flight by Y pax coming to take pictures of the Suites. Well, rest assured ( !), no such thing. Starting from the front of the aircraft, first is the cockpit of course lol Then the Suites, the First toilets and galley. Then a curtain. Then the Economy toilets and galley. So the likelihood of a Y pax reaching the front cabin is rather low. And, knowing SQ, I think making sure this does not happen is part of the First protocol.
Similarly, upstairs, velvet cord prevents Business class pax to walk down the stairs.

Here is the QuietComfort noise-cancellation headset from Bose.
photo DSC00981

The menu is handed over to me by a SQ Boy.
photo DSC00982

photo DSC02394photo DSC02396photo DSC02398

The alcoholic beverages selection.
photo 004photo 005photo 006

And now the amenity kit is handed over to me along with the pajamas. The kit is Sothys-branded, which I find not really high-end for a First class. Once again, be it in Y, J or First, amenity kits are not one of SQ’s strengths !
photo DSC01008photo DSC01011

That’s the pajama, Givenchy. Good quality. The SQ Girl gives me a XL, which turned out to be too large for me. The crew serving me on my upcoming LHR-SIN will have a better judgment and give me a L size which is better suited for me ;)
photo DSC01012

Size of the IFE. It’s simply enormous.
photo DSC01015

I kept the slippers after the flight as they are of better quality than those usually given away in hotels.
photo DSC01038

Sorry for the blur pic: sleeping mask and socks. Again, the sleeping mask is made of plush material and very pleasant to wear, I have kept it too.
photo DSC01039

Time to eat soon ! Another crew brings my pre-meal drink, a Singapore Sling served with warm nuts. It’s nice but it simply can’t compare with CX’s Cloud Nine.
photo DSC01040

A meal on SQ cannot be considered complete without garlic bread ! However, no satay due to the late timing of the flight.
photo DSC01044

And now is the caviar. Sorry the picture is blur too. Not only the portion is small but I’m not such a caviar fan. I would have happily traded it for AF’s duck liver.
photo DSC01045

The LS comes check on me : « is everything OK Mr Durian ?», to which I reply « I can’t complain » lol

Let’s try another wine… that’s a Cos d’Estournel 2007, very high end. French red often ends up in Bordeaux as that’s where the big names are. Of course it’s very good but, living in Singapore, I have now almost completely gave up on too-heavy cabernet sauvignon. Instead, I’d rather go for lighter Burgundy/Loire valley wines, which are better suited for Singapore climate.
photo DSC01051

Bread again
photo DSC01052

My Book The Cook order, “US grilled Prime beef fillet”, delicious and very tender meat.
photo DSC01055photo DSC01061

Time for cheese. I like the way they are presented with the small flags.
photo DSC01063photo DSC01068

After that 10,000 calories evening, you can’t blame me for skipping dessert… but I won’t skip the dessert wine, which is a sweet Sauternes
photo DSC01066

The SQ Girl comes back to clear the dinner table and ask me if I need something else. No thanks, I’m done ! However, if I ask her to set up the bed for the night.

Time to sleep. I go to the washroom to change into my pajamas… while I could have done that in the Suite, not used to it yet :)
Passing in front of the galley, a crew sees me and hand over to me a hanger to put my clothes on.
photo DSC01085

When I come back, the SQ Girl is almost done with the bed.
photo extra2

The bed unfolds from the partition behind the seat, unlike the non-Suite P (or J long haul) whereby the back of the seat is the actual bed.
photo DSC01101

I have not watched the actual setting up of the bed but the secret is unveiled here. That’s an actual bed. And you see also that the whole table on the left of the seat is retracted into a lower position.

I think the bed is more than 2 meters-long, I had plenty of space around my head and feet.

Overall, the quality of the material is closer than what one can expect from a hotel rather than in an aircraft. So is the same for the quality of sleep :)
Durian wishes you a good night zzzzzz
photo DSC01089

I wake up after a 6hrs30 very good sleep. I switch on the light. Soon after, I hear someone is knocking at the door ! Come in ! A smiling SQ Girl appears and asks me Good morning Mr. Durian, did you sleep well ?. Great way to start the day :)

I go to the washrooms (yes, that’s fascinating, I know ;)
Once back at my seat, the bed has been rearranged neatly. It’s way better than when I was a kid ! Here I can leave my bedroom in a mess ! And not only my mom is not here to scold me but someone actually has been clearing the mess :)
photo DSC01114

That’s where we are at this stage
photo DSC01127

SQ has recently changed the layout of their inflight magazine Krisflyer. Only improvement is that it now shows clearly how wide the choice of movies/TV shows is !
photo DSC01131photo DSC01132photo DSC01133

I know there is wifi onboard this aircraft and ask the crew if it’s for free. Considering I’m travelling Suite, I would expect that (although I know it’s not). He tells me he will check about that. Moment later, he comes back with this card… I appreciate the gesture yet 15 Mb is so little. That’s very stingy of SQ…
Anyway, even if enjoyed free wifi on TK’s 77W, I truly enjoy being disconnected for a few hours as part of the flight experience. When the day comes that cellphones are allowed on board, I’ll be very sad.
photo DSC01136

A hot towel is handed over to me. I have only pictured this one. Throughout the flight, I think there were 8 to 10 in total.
photo DSC01144

Let’s talk privacy now : partitions are high enough and one cannot see through the door and side panels when closed. However the blinds on the side panel are see-through in their lower section, allowing for a crew bending to see inside the Suite. No Mile High club is possible !
photo DSC01146

Probably for safety reasons, the inside of the sliding door is not made of « hard » material but made of fabrics instead. I suppose, in case of an emergency, that it’s possible to break through them even if the sliding doors are closed or blocked. Sorry I won't try it although I try to make a very comprehensive report ;)
photo DSC01204

The handle, nice design and leather material
photo DSC01205

I really enjoyed the warm colors of the Suite. I’m a little less enthusiastic about the wood panels, although less clear and tacky than those on EK.
photo DSC01150

Time to change back to my clothes. A crew puts my polo shirt on a hook in the washroom. Once I’m done, one of the crew asks me if I need to carrier to take the pajamas away after the flight.
When I’m back at my seat, the bed has been fully folded and the seat is in normal position. Good point is apparently some light deodorant has been spread in the cabin, not a bad idea after an overnight long-haul flight.
photo DSC01191

2 hours 20 minutes before landing, it’s time for breakfast. I start with a brazilian double-espresso, one of 6 illy coffees available.
photo DSC01152

All here is Givenchy: plates, cutleries, pajamas, blanket and pillow.
photo DSC01154photo DSC01155

Fresh fruit to start with and a fresh orange juice (well, fresh from the day of departure, that is)
photo DSC01158

Yes we love mango !
photo DSC01160

A warm croissant, quite good considering the next Parisian bakery is a few thousands miles away !
photo DSC01161

Are we there yet ?
photo DSC01162

And burger for breakfast, from Book the cook as well, the meat is also very good.
photo DSC01166photo DSC01168

Come on, eating greens is good for you !
photo DSC01172

That’s my first First/Suite flight…, which I intend to enjoy to the fullest… Krug for breakfast, yeah !!
photo DSC01174photo DSC01176

Caviar toast with scrambled eggs (prepared onboard, so waaaay better than those I’m used to in Y class !)
photo DSC01181

Hot towel #243
photo DSC01184

A view of the seat in a reclined position.
photo DSC01188

A then go for a walk around to stretch my legs. At the galley, a crew asks if I need anything. I tell him I’m just walking around and he ask me if I want to help ;)

I think I did quite a good flight-reporter job so far but there is one point I did not check fully : I think the toilets are refreshed after each use, and the paper-roll put in a hotel-like V-shape style.
photo DSC01192photo DSC01193

We are now close to landing. I am handed over the Number 1 fast track pass for passport control in CDG, which can be JFK-like (yet in a more messy fashion),
photo DSC01196

I did not notice this at first. A small hanging cabinet is outside in-between 2 Suites.
photo DSC01199

My first-ever pic of the 2 engines on a 388 !
photo DSC01229

Landing soon.
photo IMG_7536

Some air-to-air spotting now, that’s a 73x Smartwings
photo IMG_7545photo IMG_7551

With the zoom at its maximum (I carry a 2nd camera just for that purpose), this is a AA 767 in its final then after landing
photo IMG_7579photo IMG_7584

That’s the SmartWings I spotted earlier
photo IMG_7626

Ok, time to go, you want to stay here or you come along ?
photo DSC01226

In the bowels of the ugly T1
photo IMG_7645

Perfect, very little waiting time at passport control this morning.
photo IMG_7648

My luggage will be delivered quickly. As usual on SQ, luggages for Suites/Business/PPS/*G are delivered on carousel #5 while economy class luggages are on #6.
photo IMG_7652

Welcome to Paris !
photo IMG_7654

Overall logistics of the morning: landing was at 7:43am and I’m on the bus to Paris Opera (Roissybus) at 8:18am ! Impressive ground performance from CDG !

Thanks for reading and see you soon for the return flight !
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OK, no need to beat about the bush ! If I don't give full marks to this flight, at what other occasion can I do so ?
No free wifi, not enough caviar... that's all I see as negative points !

For those who have read my other flight reports, I have always been consistent in saying that I am not impressed by non-Suite First class cabins as they don't have a wow effect. In that regard, this Suite is simply outstanding, a class of its own.
Similarly I have always considered the J service on SQ as great and was wondering how better it could be in the very front cabin... well, it is even better. These are not crew, they are rather like butlers !
To keep this report reasonable in length, I have omitted to include most of the interactions with the crew. As always, some are a bit uptight, some are more relax with a good sense of humour. But all were super professional.

And, to bring this perfect flight to a close, the ground performance by CDG airport has also been outstanding, what an awesome experience !

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The airline with the best average rating is Singapore Airlines with 8.7/10.

The average flight time is 13 hours and 35 minutes.

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  • Comment 107395 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    I appreciate your account of this perfect trip that undoubtedly will be the benchmark by which some will use to compare other subsequent trips in F.

    Considering the cost and exclusiveness of SQ First, it seems a bit stingy that the airline does not offer the signature satay sticks and chooses to differentiate between a supper vs dinner flight. I feel that nothing should be too much for a passenger of this caliber flying on the world's most decorated airline and SQ should pull out all stops to provide the full F experience. I concur with you about the quality of the amenity kit as well, at least the brand that was presented to you. As a matter of fact, the AZ Ferragamo one in J exceeds the quality of this one. In all fairness, SQ has also provided the former brand as kits in F, but this rotation doesn't seem to measure up as well.

    For some reason, it looks like the seat's width is slightly more compact than expected. One of the things that defines a F cabin is spaciousness with plenty of room to stretch out and in that sense, it seems that the seat is somewhat confined. Did you feel this way or is it the angle of the picture?

    The chinaware pattern is distinctively elegant and sober, reminding me of the texture of caviar. Speaking of which, I also happen to profess a lesser appreciation for it when compared to a more satisfying foie gras.

    Tomato panna cotta for dessert? A bit daring in my humble opinion, even though tomato is scientifically a fruit developing from the ovary in the base of the flower and containing the seeds of the plant.

    I appreciate your authoritative report full of details and engaging images, particularly told with humor and charm through your small companions.

  • Comment 107425 by
    marathon GOLD 9791 Comments

    The seat at the check in counter sets the mood : customer comfort is priority #1. The check in area looks more like the lobby of a 4-5* hotel, actually, and the same could be said of the lounge. Bon voyage : the message at passport control took account of the nationality.
    The cabin has been designed with privacy in mind, but I guess I would find it somewhat claustrophobic.
    I remember that when SQ introduced its F double bed suites, they issued a very carefully worded statement that chastity was requested from passengers. And also that SQ FAs stop passengers from visiting the other cabins, of the upper class of course, but also of the lower class, unlike on other airlines (I seldom peek at the Y cabin when traveling in J).
    As I mentioned in my comment of the return flight, I like the zipped pocket of the amenity kit bag, which improves its reuse-ability.
    The hand is OK for measuring the IFE in Y of cheap airlines. A tape meter would have been more appropriate here ;)
    The French cheese is apparently a Saint Albray. Its size is convenient, and it is reasonably tasty, but this cheap industrial cheese does long belong to a First class meal. On the other hand, I now know that I eat First class at home :)
    I share your enjoyment of being disconnected from the internet while flying, so I would not criticize the charge for the wifi. The teddy bear pictures are so cute !
    Great air-to-air picture !
    Thanks for the time spent to take so many pictures and post this comprehensive report !

  • Comment 107434 by
    directorphilip2 82 Comments

    I liked your report, very nice pics :) sq is the best

  • Comment 107503 by
    Flysim 517 Comments

    Thanks a lot for sharing this fantastic and unforgettable trip.

    I'm even more hungry and thirsty now...

    SQ leads the way !

  • Comment 107508 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5530 Comments that's what I call a report! A pleasure to read this report and your enthusiasm to be in Suites for the first time shines through. The grade of perfect 10 is well just doesn't get better than the Suites on SQ...the epitome of travel luxury. Beautiful pictures with lots of detail pictures that add an artistic touch. The catering pictures are really good and made me hungry :-) The bears are so cute!!! I want one.

    I give your report a grade of 10 as well :-)
    Thanks again for sharing!

  • Comment 108132 by
    pititom GOLD 11119 Comments

    007 is right. Airlines act like banana Republics : they devaluate their money whenever they need to, regardless of inflation. So take the money and spend it !

    I will be *G again :( : please some decency and turn the smiley the other way round ;)

    The lounge seems exceptionnal. I would love to try it...I hope to some day soon, although I don't even own a watch ^^

    Once onboard, the suite is indeed very nice, but SQ offers such a nice J that the difference with P isn't striking. And the catering doesn't help differentitate more (but the drinks do). The beef looks great though !

    Good night sleep is what I expect at the front of the plane, but even the best P doesn't match a good hotel bed. The V-shaped paper roll in the toilets is a nice touch though.

    Seriously, your poloshirt is a size 4 ?! Maybe you were sold a fake crocodile in Asia ;) ?

    The breakfast is lavish. Watch your calories ^^ !

    Thanks for this great FR !

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