Review of Jetstar Airways flight Melbourne Adelaide in Economy

Airline Jetstar Airways
Flight JQ774
Class Economy
Seat 21A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:25
Take-off 20 Apr 14, 06:00
Arrival at 20 Apr 14, 06:55
JQ 40 reviews
Alif A.F.
By 4138
Published on 4th May 2014
Hello folks!

Time to report on my 3rd leg of my return journey to Adelaide, Australia. For those of you who missed my earlier flight reports, feel free to click the links below:

a)1st leg - BKI-KUL onboard MH2605 >>
b)2nd leg - KUL-MEL onboard EK408 >>

3rd leg - MEL-ADL onboard JQ774
Since, I booked my BKI-ADL one-way flights via Emirates, my final connecting flight was booked on Jetstar Airways in which Emirates has interline agreement with (along with Malaysia Airlines). The night before my trip, I also went to Jetstar Australia website hoping to do online check-in. But, the problem was unlike MH and EK, I wasn't given any information on my booking reference on the JQ flight. So, basically I can't check online via JQ's website. So, I tried the alternative - went to the airline's help page and contact them so I can obtain my booking reference from them. And then I found out that JQ provides an online web chat service for guest to field any question to the airline staff regarding their booked flight.

So, I entered the web chat service, and suddenly a person gave a greeting message. I was surprised first (since I never use this kind of customer service before), but upon further study (well, I just stared at the message) then I acknowledge that it was a message from a real person. So, without further ado, I went straight to request the JQ staff who went online at that moment my booking reference. The staff asked my full name in which I gave. I also explain to the staff my whole flight booking thing from BKI to ADL. In just 1-2 minutes, I successfully obtained my booking reference. Feeling the sigh of relief, I thanked the staff for being so helpful. Then, the web chat session ended with a survey which asked me a bunch of questions regarding my experience using such service. Feeling very positive after I obtained my booking reference, coupled with a helpful staff, I rated the service highly in the survey form. I went back to do online check-in using the booking reference that was given to me, but the system was unable to process it, although my name did appear at the end. So, basically I have to wait for check-in by the time I arrive at MEL.

Fast forward to my MEL-ADL flight
With the visa issue finally over, I proceeded to the arrival hall after handed my inbound immigration card to the immigration personnel standing just before reaching the hall. The first truly Aussie term I heard was 'cheers mate', uttered the personnel after I gave him the card. At the arrival hall, I saw quite a number of people - relatives, friends and also a group of Emirates limousine chauffeurs holding a piece of paper with names of their guests for pick-up. Still at Terminal 2, I went to the toilet. My impression of MEL is that, in terms of overall cleanliness, it is well maintained. Since this is the first time I went through this airport, I also notice there is some minor renovation at T2 arrival hall. Not wasting any time, I went straight to Terminal 1 departure hall which can be directly accessed from T2 arrival hall via inclined walkalator.

It was almost 2.30AM when I took this photo, all check-in counters were closed though.
photo WP_20140420_02_25_19_Pro

Qantas (QF) check-in areas…
photo WP_20140420_02_25_29_Pro

Jetstar (JQ) check-in areas, like QF, lots of self check-in kiosks…
photo WP_20140420_02_26_43_Pro

I went to one of the JQ's self check-in kiosks to try checking-in using my booking reference, but it was rejected as check-in was still too early. My flight was scheduled to depart at 6.00AM, so I waited.

'This is not a boarding pass'
photo WP_20140420_02_28_21_Pro

So, while waited for the check-in time to commence, I wander about the Terminal 1 alone. There were two to three passengers sleeping inside the departure hall. Since, it was warm inside the hall, I took time to venture outside at the drop-off area. Except maybe an airport janitor located faraway at the end, there was no one outside. I wore my jumper as the weather was very cool outside. I took out my iPad hoping to get a wifi connection, but the coverage quickly dissipated as you moved to the outside. So, with no internet connection, I sat there on the railing, or just stood-up eating Eclipse chewy mints I bought earlier at KUL.

Scene outside MEL Terminal 1 departure hall at 2.40AM…
photo WP_20140420_02_40_20_Pro

While outside, I suddenly heard a faint but noticeable sound of thrusting jet engine akin to a large passenger jet. Immediately, I realised that A6-EGY took-off with a set of new crews and passengers back as EK409 to KUL and onwards to DXB.

Parkroyal Melbourne Airport Hotel…
photo WP_20140420_02_40_29_Pro

Despite being among one of major international gateways to Australia (the other being SYD), the airport is fast becoming dated despite renovations here and there. Well, this is just my humble opinion as a passenger.

For those people who are unsure how much their checked baggage weighs, JQ provides a few of these for convenience. I put mine and it came to be around 10-11kg…
photo WP_20140420_03_26_43_Pro

Since check-in time commenced at 3.00AM, I waited an extra 30 minutes just in case. Already, few passengers came to the airport to do self check-in. A around 3.30AM, I made another attempt at self check-in. This time, it worked wonderfully. I printed my boarding pass and since I want to put my checked baggage inside the cargo hold, I also printed out checked baggage tag.

My boarding pass and checked baggage tag - all PIY (Print-It-Yourself)…
photo WP_20140420_03_31_34_Pro

A first time for me - I attached my checked baggage tag onto my baggage handle myself. Not too difficult, though I would not pass as a check-in agent as I was too slow.
photo WP_20140420_03_35_30_Pro

At almost 4.15AM, security clearance zone was opened, and queue started to build-up.
photo WP_20140420_04_14_18_Pro

I went to the JQ check-in counter to drop-off my checked baggage, and then proceeded to the security clearance zone. As my turn came, I put everything into the scanner - my wallet, my mobile phone, my iPad and my own strap bag. So, I walked through the metal detector, and BEEP!. The security personnel, with her strict tone asked me whether I have any metal objects, in which I showed to her my belt. So, I took off my belt, put in the scanner and was asked to go pass the metal detector again. As I walked slowly to the detector, the security personnel told me to go faster, so I did and no beeping sound. Phew! I took back all my belongings and wore back my belt. Honestly, I think that security personnel gave everyone a hard time, though I understand she was just doing her job.

My flight was assigned at Gate 30. It was a long walk to the gate. Along the way, shops were still closed, though there were one or two that started to be opened. Upon reaching Gate 30 waiting lounge, I found out it is actually a sizeable waiting lounge for several gates. I also observed that not so many benches provided. Is this part of MEL a recent extension? Because the interior design of it does not really match of those other parts of the building. Oh, well this is just my humble opinion only. :-)

Good thing is that the waiting lounge floor is carpeted, so everyone feels a bit dry and warm. :-)
photo WP_20140420_04_26_02_Pro

As boarding call was yet to be announced, I sat on the bench close to Gate 30, and began to fall asleep. As I haven't been sleeping for the whole night since completing my earlier flight, I took the time to take a nap.

More and more passengers came to the waiting lounge. Among them were a group of tourists (most probably from mainland China) that occupied the whole benches. Since they were in a group, they were given a breakfast box each. They headed for Gold Coast if I am not mistaken.
photo WP_20140420_05_01_46_Pro

As I took time napping but partly conscious, I suddenly were woken up by a boarding announcement intended for all JQ774 passengers to ADL. As usual, we queued in front of the gate and gave our boarding passes to the agent on duty for boarding. As we exited the waiting lounge to head for our aircraft, the weather outside was just cold. However, as we walked to supposedly our aircraft, we were instructed to stop. I was thinking why we were stopped since the aircraft was right in front of us.

As we stood outside in the cold, I thought this was supposed to be our aircraft that would take us to ADL…
photo WP_20140420_05_26_04_Pro

Nope, turned out that we had to take an airport bus as our aircraft was parked quite a distance to where we were. So, all of us entered the bus. While the bus still not moving, suddenly one of the passengers cracked a joke by telling that perhaps the bus would take us all the way to Adelaide. Quite a few in the bus laugh faintly. So, after everyone was accounted for, the bus was driven for a few minutes to an aircraft parking stand facing Terminal 2. After arriving, everyone disembarked by saying thanks to the driver in which he smiled. He really was a nice bus driver. Afterwards, we immediately boarded the aircraft via staircase. Our flight was operated using VH-VQF, which is an Airbus A320-200.

Waiting for all passengers to board the aircraft.
photo WP_20140420_05_45_18_Pro

Lots of unoccupied seats around me - load was light on that particular flight.
photo WP_20140420_05_47_05_Pro

Legroom was adequate…
photo WP_20140420_05_27_26_Pro

As usual, cabin announcement were made to welcome passengers onboard. The flight would take roughly more than one hour. Before takeoff, safety demonstration was shown by cabin crew on duty that morning. We started push back and taxi to Runway 27 for takeoff.

QF and EK A380s parked side by side…
photo WP_20140420_05_37_49_Pro

It took us only a brief moment to reach the end of Runway 27. It was almost sunrise and two flights arrived there moments before we took off - MH A330 from KUL and SQ A380 from SIN…
photo WP_20140420_05_41_12_Pro

We took off past 5.40AM Melbourne time… As we climbed, I can see another aircraft on approach to Runway 34 (you can see the aircraft here as a white spotlight to the left of the photo just above the city lights)
photo WP_20140420_05_43_00_Pro

We climbed past the cloud ceiling, leaving the bright lights of sprawling Melbourne beneath the clouds. At this time, the first rays of sunrise lighten up the sky.
photo WP_20140420_05_45_07_Pro

As we cruised at 38,000ft towards ADL, there wasn't much activity in the cabin. I don't remember the cabin crews offering onboard meals or beverages. Passengers were all quiet (perhaps, taking a nap) except for a child who cried briefly before being calmed by the parent. As for me, I took the opportunity to continue napping.

Sunrise somewhere over western Victoria maybe near border with South Australia.
photo WP_20140420_06_21_44_Pro

Rays of sunrise penetrate through the cabin.
photo WP_20140420_06_28_31_Pro

Since the flight occurred during Easter season, before we commenced our descent, the crew took time to announce that they would give out free Easter chocolate eggs to all passengers onboard. What a nice treat. But, since I was still in napping mood, so I just let them skip my seat. But, still it was a nice treat from JQ.

We flew above Lake Alexandrina where Australia's longest river, the Murray flows into before reaching Southern Ocean. Nearby is Lake Albert.
photo WP_20140420_06_30_40_Pro

Speedbrakes were deployed to descend quickly as we neared ADL. At this point we were just south of the South Australian capital.
photo WP_20140420_06_33_44_Pro

I am not familiar with local geography of South Australia though, but I believe we were crossing Adelaide Hills.
photo WP_20140420_06_37_42_Pro

Soon, Adelaide outer suburbs came into view. Another sprawling city…
photo WP_20140420_06_39_07_Pro

We then turned sharply to the south on approach to Runway 23.
photo WP_20140420_06_39_15_Pro

Pretty neat city…
photo WP_20140420_06_39_28_Pro

On final approach to Runway 23. Adelaide Hills can be seen on the horizon.
photo WP_20140420_06_41_32_Pro

Adelaide CBD came into view. The CBD is surrounded by a ring of parks collectively known as Adelaide Park Lands.
photo WP_20140420_06_42_14_Pro

We touched down at ADL at around 6.45AM Adelaide time.
photo WP_20140420_06_45_48_Pro

Passing by ATC tower…
photo WP_20140420_06_45_55_Pro

We parked roughly at the end of the terminal (Probably at Gate 25 - can't really remember) . We disembarked from the aircraft via an aerobridge. Upon reaching the terminal, my eyes were refreshed by the spaciousness of ADL, with its softly white color scheme, lots of glass panels and with carpet flooring. I have to admit, it was quite a nice change compared with MEL. ADL has this regional airport atmosphere that is just right for me.

View across the tarmac. MH A330 just arrived from KUL. Two more flights would arrived from Southeast Asia that morning - SQ A330 from SIN and Airasia X (D7) A330 from KUL (which brought my parents and the rest of the family members who joined the Adelaide trip).
photo WP_20140420_06_54_35_Pro

I proceeded to the baggage carousel to pick my baggage. Since, my parents and other family members (at this point I will call them as 'The Group') scheduled to arrived at 8.45AM, I waited them near the international arrival hall. I took advantage of the free wifi connection at the airport by opening the app in my iPad to locate The Group's flight. At around past 9.00AM, I finally met my uncle at the airport while he waited for The Group at the international arrival hall. Since I came earlier than The Group, my uncle curious on why I didn't message him so he could pick me up first and stayed at his house while waiting for the rest to arrive. Well, I think it's better to wait for everyone at the airport, then leave simultaneously. I finally reunited with The Group after completing my one-way solo journey to Adelaide. What a flight trip that was!

Outside the terminal building at ADL.
photo WP_20140420_09_26_33_Pro

While staying in Adelaide, my uncle and his family has been very welcoming to us. We rented a van so my uncle can bring us to interesting places around the city and the surroundings. Below or some of the photos I took during our trip, in random order:

The city of Adelaide
The capital of South Australia is the fifth largest city in Australia with a population of just over 1 million.

Victoria Square, Adelaide CBD
photo WP_20140427_14_27_19_Pro

Rundle Street
photo WP_20140422_14_42_58_Pro

Victoria Square was named after Queen Victoria. Notice two flags behind the Queen Victoria statue - Australian National Flag (right) and Australian Aboriginal Flag (left).
photo WP_20140427_14_42_45_Pro

North Terrace
photo WP_20140427_15_44_47_Pro

Rundle Mall - the major high street shopping area in Adelaide
photo WP_20140422_11_16_28_Pro

Major shopping outlets, branded items, souvenirs, foods, etc…all in one row of car-free street.
photo WP_20140422_14_02_50_Pro

Adelaide skyline from across River Torrens.
photo WP_20140424_14_10_12_Pro

Myer Centre at North Terrace.
photo WP_20140427_15_44_54_Pro

Rymill Park, one of many parks that surround Adelaide CBD.
photo WP_20140422_14_49_14_Pro

Adelaide Central Market - thought to be largest in the southern hemisphere.
photo WP_20140422_17_10_23_Pro

The suburb of Glenelg is part of Adelaide. Historically, it is the oldest European settlement at mainland South Australia, established in 1836.

photo InstagramCapture_b1e0d7c6-98f2-4c68-bff4-7c6de0453b11_jpg

It was here at this exact spot in 1836, South Australia was proclaimed as a colony. The site is located at suburban residential areas at Glenelg North.
photo WP_20140425_09_52_50_Pro

This tree was finally plastered with cement to prevent from further decay. Compare this image to the one below…
photo WP_20140425_09_58_18_Pro

The Proclamation of South Australia 1836 by Charles Hill. Note the same tree here.
photo 800px-Charles_Hill_-_The_Proclamation_of_South_Australia_1836_-_Google_Art_Project

Hahndorf & Barossa Valley
South Australia's history is also shaped by the arrivals of not only settlers from British Isles, but also Germans who wanted to seek better life abroad. Unlike New South Wales, South Australia was established as a free colony not based on convictivism. Australians of German ancestry are highly ocncentrated here compared with the rest of the country.

Autumn leaves are in abundance at Hahndorf, one of the oldest German settlement in South Australia.
photo WP_20140423_13_16_31_Pro

Bavarian and German flags inside a restaurant in Hahndorf. The walls of the restaurant also showcase the town's history
photo WP_20140423_11_43_45_Pro

Autumn leaves in front of Hahndorf Memorial Institute.
photo WP_20140423_12_08_14_Pro

Strawberry picking at Beerenberg.
photo WP_20140423_14_27_13_Pro20140423152213

We went to Maggie Beer's Farm Shop at Barossa Valley - we bought our picnic lunch at the shop and we all sat outside overlooking the lake while enjoying our lunch.
photo WP_20140425_13_45_55_Pro

A brief visit to Jacob's Creek Tourist Centre - We were told that these grapes yielded expensive wines.
photo WP_20140425_15_19_39_Pro

While other visitors had their wine tasting inside the tourist centre, there was a musical performance outside.
photo WP_20140425_15_43_41_Pro

Random Places

The Pavlova - a national food for both Australia and New Zealand. It is a homemade recipe courtesy of my uncle and his family.
photo WP_20140426_22_02_08_Pro

I can't remember the place, but we went to this zoo and saw various animals. Of interest is of course kangaroo! (BTW, is that white animal a wallaby?)
photo WP_20140420_14_42_21_Pro

On our way to Victor Harbor via coastal road.
photo WP_20140421_12_50_54_Pro

South Australian rural areas…
photo WP_20140421_13_37_14_Pro

At Victor Harbor - on the way to Granite Island. There are two options to get there - by walking or…
photo WP_20140421_15_14_20_Pro

…taking a horse-drawn wagon. Poor thing, I felt pity with that horse!
photo WP_20140421_15_25_12_Pro

So, what do I think about Adelaide? It is a very laidback mid-sized city with lots of parks. The weather had been wonderful in the first two to three days of our trip, though there were cloudy days leading to the end of our trip but that didn't dampen our holiday mood. Overall the trip was a memorable one. We even plan to have a second big family outing there, hopefully in spring 2016 and hopefully more family members join in.


Next, my flight reports on my return journey home to Kota Kinabalu onboard Airasia X and it's regional affiliate Airasia. Stay tuned!

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Jetstar Airways

Cabin crew7.0
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Melbourne - MEL


Adelaide - ADL



Overall, Jetstar Airways was alright. Since it is a low cost airline, so I don't expect much from them. Besides that, this is just a short haul route within this vast continent. I actually find that the check-in process is very efficient, provided that you know how do you want to travel. I don't mind doing everything myself (self check-in, baggage tagging) because that would save a lot of time and energy. And the airline has handle its customer service quite well, something which I rated highly in my review.

Regarding MEL and ADL, I prefer the latter. Perhaps, it has to do with the fact that ADL is smaller, simpler and newer compared with MEL which mixes-up everything, although I find the connection (by walking) between terminals at MEL is easy. Both airports are well-maintained in terms of cleanliness.

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The airline with the best average rating is Qantas with 7.8/10.

The average flight time is 1 hours and 25 minutes.

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    Okay, anyway, I've been to Melbourne Airport many times over the past one year plus, BUT there was not a single time I got to see such an empty T1! Haha, probably not in the near future as well because I'd really dread arriving at Melbourne at such an hour - if it's gonna be my destination city. Even though there may be SkyBus to the city, but getting to the suburbs by public transport won't be possible until early in the morning, which probably will be quite terrible? This was also why, there was once I realised it's cheaper to fly by LCC from Changi to KL and then get on to the EK flight that you took, and fly with it to Melbourne. However when I saw its arrival time in Melbourne, I immediately shook this marvellous idea off my mind and stuck with the direct flight that was a little bit more expensive.

    The lack of accessibility at Melbourne Airport in the early morning could probably be the reason why this JQ774 flight was rather empty, I guess! Anyway, great report with nice pictures (not just the flight but also of Adelaide!) which I enjoyed! Hoping that I will get the chance and also the budget to visit Adelaide one day! See you around, look forward to your return trip to Malaysia!

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