Review of Copa Airlines flight Panamá City Bogota in Economy

Airline Copa Airlines
Flight CM 545
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Embraer E-190
Flight time 01:35
Take-off 20 Apr 14, 07:40
Arrival at 20 Apr 14, 09:15
CM 67 reviews
By 3567
Published on 14th May 2014
This is the final installment of my trip to the USA: The flight between PTY and BOG.

The other flights on this trip were (all in Copa Airlines):

So, after the awful flight from New York, it was one of the few times when all I really want is to get to Bogotá ASAP jump to my bed and sleep, I didn't care about spotting, or wandering around or shopping. I only wanted to sleep.

Since my JFK flight arrived to the gate next to the one for the BOG flight, I exited the plane, and crashed into one of the seats on the Gate to BOG. I made use of the nifty free WiFi and wrote to my mum and GF…and of course I bashed CM a bit with a friend who works there.

Soon we were called into the Junglejet, I boarded as soon as I could… upon entering to the plane I was greeted by a male FA, the plane was a former AeroRepública Embraer, delivered around 2008. These planes have an All-Y class configuration with 2x2 leather seats which I found as a welcome change from CM's hard seats.
photo IMG_6238

These planes are almost perfect, seat pitch is really good
photo IMG_6242

The only thing they miss is a nice PTV. I wouldn't care for IFE on Colombian domestic hops, but these guys are used on 3h long flights to Perú or between BOG and HAV. A bit too spartan IMO.

The view from the huge windows… a company 737-700 headed to Medellín (that flight was packed)
photo IMG_6239

The plane slowly filled and I drowsed in the meanwhile. Soon it was time to go. Take off would be again from RWY 03L.
photo IMG_6241photo IMG_6243

Pilots banked and allowed for nice views of PTY and the city behind
photo IMG_6244photo IMG_6245

Soon there was nothing but clouds to see…but then I noticed something curious:
photo IMG_6246

I had seen duct tape used inside the cabin, but never on the wing…I hope the guys at CM tech know what they're doing.

Since there was nothing to see, neither in or out…I dozed.
photo IMG_6248

Then I was waken by the snack service:
photo IMG_6247

Practically the same as the one between BOG and PTY, a croissant with several cheeses and ham. It was really good.

Cabin view in the meanwhile…
photo IMG_6249

Some views down were possible before landing…but it was really cloudy
photo IMG_6250

Crossing the Magdalena River
photo IMG_6251

In Bogotá's Plateau
photo IMG_6252photo IMG_6253

When you see San Andrés Golf Club, landing on the 13 runways is imminent.
photo IMG_6255

We landed on RWY 13R…some pics while on the way to the International Concourse

A LAN A320 to somewhere in Colombia (LAN has replaced Copa as Colombia's #2 Airline)
photo IMG_6256

A LAN 767 (probably to MIA) among AV's morning bank, a DL 737 (to ATL) and CM's flights to PTY are visible
photo IMG_6257

AV's morning flight to MIA on the way…their A332s are so nice, it's a shame they're so dirty.
photo IMG_6258photo IMG_6259

Then the final ordeal was due… I passed through passport check in no time, really quick, a pair of questions of where I came from and that was it. Then I bought a perfume on the arrival duty free ( tip: BOG's duty free is one of the cheapest I've been to) and on to the baggage claim…in less than 15 minutes from deboarding. But then I had to wait around 30 minutes for our bags to show up. The guys at BOG haven't had their act together with the baggage delivery, really lame.
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Copa Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Panamá City - PTY


Bogota - BOG



This flight was CM's chance to save face, nice comfy seats, nice crew and a nice meal. All I wanted after the terrible flight from NY. If only IFE would be other than their lame Panorama magazine, everything would have been almost perfect.

PTY as I've stated throughout this series, is a really good hub, connections are practically flawless and quick.

BOG was ok on the immigration side, baggage claim really shitty and nothing else to say about that, in less than 30 minutes (it was a sunday) I was in my bed, thank goodness.

Thanks for reading, saludos!



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    KL651 TEAM 4509 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    You were brave to do one after your previous bad flight at an impossible hour.

    Catering is at least good on this short sector.

    I thought PTY was a much bigger airport than the one we see in your picture.

  • Comment 109069 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5588 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this final leg of your trip! Looks like Copa was able to redeem itself with this flight. Then again, in my experience, no matter what airline it's been (JetBlue, US Airways, Delta, the defunct Midwest Airlines...) E-Jets always offer the best economy class experience in my opinion. The cabins and 2X2 config with large 19 seats always make for a comfortable flight, even if I don't particularly care for the operating airline.

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