Review of Delta Connection flight Las Vegas Los Angeles in Domestic First

Airline Delta Connection
Flight DL 4458
Seat 04A
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 14 May 14, 10:00
Arrival at 14 May 14, 11:15
DL   #28 out of 67 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 129 reviews
By GOLD 3404
Published on 24th May 2014
  1. Basle - Paris CDG AF/ Y, ATR72: no report
  2. Paris - Washington IAD AF/ Y, A380: WAS HERE!
  3. Washington DCA - Detroit DL/ F, CRJ 900: WAS THERE!
  4. Detroit - Las Vegas DL/ Y+, B737-800: HERE!!
  5. North Las Vegas - North Grand Canyon - West Grand Canyon/Y, Do 228-200: SOMEWHERE HERE!
  6. Las Vegas - Los Angeles DL/ Y+,CRJ 900: CHECK IN OPEN
  7. Los Angeles - Paris CDG AF/ Y, A380
  8. Paris CDG - Basle AF / Y, ATR72

If you don't like free upgrades and eventless DL flights, you should better skip to another report, as this one will be quite a routine shuttle flight between LAS and LAX. Maybe the sightseeing bonus can interest you ;)

Every good thing has to come to an end, and it is time to go home via LAX and CDG. We'll quickly drop off our car at the rental center and take the bus to the terminal.

The very nice check in agent insisted in checking in our bags through Basel even if the flights were on different tickets. I really appreciated the attention. She was very nice and smilling, a world far away from our dragon Nelly of last year, HELLY NELLY report in french, this way please. (translation to come soon)

TSA will be a breeze as the agent did open the priority lane for us due to the stroller we had. That's very kind.

Here the tram that links the main terminal to gates D:

D Terminal:

photo DSC_0894

Oh yeah!!:

photo DSC_0895

Going to the gates:

photo DSC_0896

MD 90 DL for MSP:

photo DSC_0897

A 321 US:
photo DSC_0898

757-200 UA:

photo DSC_0900

MD90 departing:

photo DSC_0901photo DSC_0903

Our CR9, operated by Skywest:

photo DSC_0904photo DSC_0906photo DSC_0907

Glad to see that my mom and I are first on the upgrade list, and we will stay there until the flight will close. I like those screens, very handy with lots of useful information:
photo DSC_0899photo DSC_0910

More conventional:

photo DSC_0908

Shortly before the flight we'll be called at the podium for a boarding pass exchange. My father was not keen to travel first, my brother must stay with his wife and kid (he would have choosen to be seated in first, but his wife said no!) So my mom and I take the seats :)

photo DSC_0912

Last view of our plane before boarding:

photo DSC_0909

As babies, families and those who need assistance board first, my brother, his wife and their daughter will board before us… He will have a laugh while passing us by!

That's the first cabin and the first rows of E/C with a superb legroom:

Next to us:

photo DSC_0922

Front office view:

photo DSC_0923


photo DSC_0925

The water bottle will be joined by a bailey's. My mom:
-Do you drink alcool at 09:30a ?
-Nope, just some bailey's flavored ice cubes.

photo DSC_0924

Leg room:

photo DSC_0926

Safety on board card:

A bit of spotting before we take off:

By the way, beautiful livery of this Southwest 737-700.

Take off from 25R/7L :

Some intersting SkyMall stuff:

photo DSC_0937

Could be a first prize for the next FR quizz, unfortunately not delivered with the Cheerleaders :)

photo DSC_0936

But the price is just crazy!! $4'499 and $999 delivery fee. Are there fools to buy this??

Me thirsty now :p ^^

photo DSC_0957photo DSC_0960


- I hope it's a coke?
- Of course, it's even a diet coke.
- Does diet means with bacardi in english?
- Your english improves every day mom.
- I'll have the same then.
- Sure, Sue Elen.

Some nice aerial views:

Start of descend and uneventful landing on 25L/7R :

photo DSC_0965photo DSC_0966photo DSC_0972

Some more spotting, with a Fedex A300 and DC10 and this vintage DC3

More classic stuff with some 738, 343, 752, 763, 320, etc … etc… and the Encounter restaurant. I took all this pictures while waiting 25 minutes for our gate to be free. As we landed at 10:50, we'll have an on time arrival though.

Bonus :


photo DSC_0710photo DSC_0731photo DSC_0732

Lake Mead:

photo DSC_0747

Valley of Fire:

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Delta Connection

Cabin crew7.0

Las Vegas - LAS


Los Angeles - LAX



In my opinion, the CR9 is one of the most comfortable plane in DL's fleet, should you seat First or in E/C. The crew was nice but there was nothing to write a book about. The catering was fine for a short flight like this. The WIFI was out of order, I haven't used it, but the entertainment mark will be reduced. Everything else was great, but the cleaning at LAX, specially at T5 was really average. Could be much better.

Information on the route Las Vegas (LAS) Los Angeles (LAX)


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