Review of Lufthansa flight Vancouver Munich in Business

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH 477
Class Business
Seat 16K
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 09:41
Take-off 17 May 14, 18:40
Arrival at 18 May 14, 13:21
LH   #39 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1412 reviews
By 17111
Published on 28th May 2014
Hi everyone and welcome to the continuation of my trip onboard LH to MUC. So far these are my schedules:

LH YVR-MUC in J - you are here

LH 477 ACT. DEPT 1855 - ACT ARRIV 1334

After a late arrival in YVR, I booked a room at the Westin Wall Center YVR Airport where I had a good night sleep. The hotel is relatively close to the airport and the room had a modern and minimalist feel.

photo Westin YVR (2) (1024x683)photo Westin YVR (9) (1024x683)

Lobby was small but service was very attentive.

photo Westin YVR (6) (1024x683)

The following morning I visited the fitness center and had a good workout, followed by a simple and healthy breakfast @ the hotel's Apron restaurant. Pastries were served warm but I hardly touched them.

photo Westin YVR (16) (1024x683)photo Westin YVR (17) (1024x666)photo Westin YVR (18) (1024x683)

I then walked around the neighborhood a little bit and returned to the hotel where I relaxed in the swimming pool watching AC planes land before heading to the airport.

photo Westin YVR (4) (1024x683)

I arrived at YVR completely relaxed and went straight to the LH counter to check in. There are several self service kiosks but I opted to wait at the J line. Once I was at the front, the agent working at the F counter waived me to go to her and greeted me cheerfully. I asked if J was full and she said that it wasn't and the seat next to me was still vacant, but she couldn't guarantee that suggesting me to check at the gate. Fair enough and I thanked her for checking.

A KLM still life scene taken while the hotel shuttle was dropping me off at the terminal.

photo DSC01537 (1024x682)

LH counter

photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (1) (1024x655)photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (3) (1024x683)photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (4) (1024x634)

I received my boarding passes along with a sticker on the YVR-MUC one inviting me to the AC Maple Leaf lounge.

photo LH 477 YVR-MUC bp  (1024x765)

Since I still had plenty of time I paid a visit to the observation deck to do some plane spotting. The area is located one floor up of a food court located in the domestic terminal.

I then proceeded through security and was directed to a priority line. The agents were professional and tried to get everybody through as quickly as possible. Once inside I walked through the spacious and green terminal. I really enjoy this airport and its city, both acting as worthy ambassadors of the majestic Pacific Northwest surroundings.


High end stores

photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (9) (1024x683)photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (15) (1024x683)

Homage to Canada by Godiva

photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (14) (1024x683)

At the gate area I looked for the AC Maple Leaf lounge and was informed that it was located at the beginning right after passing security. I then walked all the way back and finally found it hidden in a corner.

photo AC Maple Leaf @ YVR (30) (1024x646)photo AC Maple Leaf @ YVR (1) (1024x671)

I was welcomed by the desk agent and settled in a quiet corner at one end of the room. The lounge was not that big and there were different stations with self serving liquors and refrigerators containing soft drinks and juices. There was a table with several terminals offering access to the internet as well as a color printer in the business center.

I noticed that there were several mugs that were stained or chipped.

photo AC Maple Leaf @ YVR (17) (1024x683)

The food offerings consisted of different salads, two hot soup choices and some dumplings. The dumplings were hard and dry on the top, an indication of having been left for too long on the heating tray.

Later on the hot buffet table was replenished with a pasta dish, some sweet and sour chicken and noodles. A guy looked at the choices with contempt letting out a sigh while looking at me and he left. I decided not to sample any of this Italian/Chinese gastronomic feast preferring to save room for the delights awaiting for me at the J cabin on LH.

photo AC Maple Leaf @ YVR (21) (1024x683)photo AC Maple Leaf @ YVR (22) (1024x660)

Spotting was decent at the lounge with a Condor and ANA flight leaving.

photo AC Maple Leaf @ YVR (11) (1024x683)photo AC Maple Leaf @ YVR (20) (1024x683)

The WC at the lounge was disgracefully unkept with debris and torn paper towels.

photo AC Maple Leaf @ YVR (29) (1024x683)

I left the lounge and went to the gate. In the meantime, I took the opportunity to take some pictures of planes parked at the gate.

The gate area was not full at all giving the impression that the flight was very open. Moments later the crew arrived and did a quick meeting before the flight. I really like how LH crews look so sharp and professional all the time.

photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (18) (1024x634)photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (19) (1024x630)

I checked with the agent to see how full the flight was and she confirmed that there was not anyone sitting next to me, advising that she couldn't guarantee that the seat would remain open but that she would try her best not to assign it to anyone. As it turned out, the 3 seat pairs in the back each had an empty seat which was great.

Boarding started at 30 min. before dept. with priority given to the elderly and passengers who needed extra assistance. Then it was F followed by J passengers.

photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (21) (1024x683)

Walking down the gate, there were two doors opened - one for F/J and the other for Y passengers. I like how LH makes an effort to provide separate boarding to premium passengers.

photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (23) (1024x683)photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (22) (1024x683)photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (24) (1024x683)

A purser welcomed me with a warm smile at the entrance and pointed me to the left side aisle. The cabin looked neat with the new seats and the colors and patterns added a cheerful note. I certainly prefer the neutral tones of the new seats to the somber dark blue of the previous ones.

I finally arrived at my seat and it looked good. Each seat had a pillow and blanket that was wrapped in a plastic bag.

photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (27) (1024x683)photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (30) (1024x683)photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (33) (1024x683)

A bottle of water and an amenity kit were already placed in a compartment.

photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (31) (1024x683)

Contents of the amenity kit.

photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (39) (1024x683)photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (42) (1024x683)

The flight seemed promising but unfortunately appearances are deceitful. A series of disappointments will soon follow starting with the dirty napkin in my seat pocket.

photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (47) (1024x683)

While getting the magazine pouch, I found a dirty issue buried deep down inside the seat pocket. At this point I got some disinfectant towels from my bag and wiped the whole pocket along with seat controls and table. Utterly disgusting!

photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (66) (1024x683)

When the purser passed by my seat I showed him my pocket findings. He was mortified and apologized while retrieving the dirty items. I told him that it was not his fault but to please have LH follow up with YVR cleaning crew to do a better job.

Pouch magazines and seat entertainment controls with cursor like feature.

photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (48) (1024x683)photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (63) (1024x683)photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (64) (1024x683)

At this point pre-departure drinks were distributed consisting of water, orange juice or champagne.

photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (43) (1024x623)photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (44) (1024x683)

Is it me or is the foot stool on the window seat narrower than the one on the aisle?

Window foot stool

photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (59) (683x1024)

Aisle foot stool

photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (61) (1024x683)

Soon the doors were closed and the cabin was ready for take off. I took some shots of the beautiful surroundings while taxing to the runway.

Once we leveled off, service started at around 1925 with the distribution of menus followed by hot towels.

I decided to make myself comfortable by taking my shoes off and took the blanket out to cover my legs and feet. I then felt like a hole in the middle and when I looked it was indeed a big hole.

photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (1024x683)

At this point I noticed that the passenger sitting in 15D was having problems with his entertainment system and after the purser tested it, he was moved to one of the middle seats - 16G. His neighbor who had all his belonging spread out had to gather his things and stow them on his seat.

The beverage cart was rolled out and I asked for a mango-passonfruit juice with sparkling water. The FA approved by saying that it was a good idea. My drink was accompanied by a bag of cashews. In this regard, I like how AA serves you a hot ramekin of nuts instead of a bag which looks a bit cheap. Breads were offered from a basket and I took a slice of rye bread.

photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (69) (1024x683)photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (111) (1024x768)

The appetizer was next and by the time the cart reach my seat, only the chicken and beet carpaccio were left. I chose the beet and it was tasteless. Come to think of it, the beet also tasted raw and not grilled as stated on the menu. The few drops of what appears to be Pesto sauce was the only redeeming quality. The salad only had one type of dressing which was sundried tomato. It was robust and complemented the salad nicely. Bread was offered again and the nice flight attendant asked for my drink choice and I ordered a glass of water and Riesling. I love Riesling wine.

Are these the newly anticipated salt/pepper shakers? How premium!

photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (79) (1024x683)

Silverware are nicely branded with the crane logo.

photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (81) (1024x683)

The dishes were cleared and the cart with the main dishes was rolled out. I wanted to try the salmon but it run out by the time it reached me. So it was the vegetarian pasta or the Chinese option. As someone with a Chinese background who hails from a culinary mecca like SFO, I am not about to order reheated Chinese food from a plane so it was the pasta. However, this choice turned out to be mediocre at best and I only ate the vegetables leaving most of the pasta on the plate. I felt that this dish was not up to the standards of a premium cabin due to its relative simplicity and low cost.

photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (113) (1024x768)

Service through the entire dinner was efficient, friendly and very professional. I was addressed by name and with plenty of smiles. When the main dish was cleared, the purser came by to drop me a small bowl of chocolates and told me that they were from F with a wink. A very nice touch.

photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (114) (1024x768)

Later the dessert cart came and I requested the cheese plate along with the mango raspberry cake which was delicious. This was perhaps the best item of the entire dinner service. A bread basket was offered to accompany the cheese course and to my horror the only crackers available were saltines. Wouldn't the saltiness hinder the appreciation of the cheeses? Of course I refused the crackers and opted for a piece of bread instead. A small box of chocolates was offered to round off the meal service which is always a nice touch.

photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (90) (1024x683)photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (92) (1024x683)photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (89) (1024x683)

At the conclusion of the meal service the FA wished me good night which was a gesture that I appreciated. I made a trip to the WC and was surprised that it had a window. As I discovered later, only the WC on the right side had this feature. The one on the left side was just an average one.

Rigth side WC

photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (95) (1024x683)photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (99) (1024x683)photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (96) (1024x683)

There were snacks and drinks in the galley after the meal service but FA's also walked around with trays frequently. They consisted of cashews, Toblerone chocolates and drinks.

photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (98) (1024x683)photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (94) (1024x683)

I watched part of a film and tried to sleep but couldn't at the end. I noticed that the control panel on my seat was not lit while the one next to me was. Perhaps another electrical glitch.

photo LH 477 YVR-MUC (97) (1024x683)

Soon it was daylight and the breakfast service began with hot towels. The menu stated that there was a choice between cold cuts with cheese OR omelette with bacon and mushrooms, but in reality both were presented on the tray and the omelette was minuscule in size.

I ordered a cup of green tea but the FA did not have it on his cart, so he apologized and asked his co-worker to get one from the galley. I told him that I could take any other tea and that it didn't matter to me, but he insisted that he will get the right one for me.

After the breakfast service, I lined up for the WC. In the meantime, FA's were excusing themselves while passing me since they were getting the cabin ready for landing. The passenger in the aisle bulkhead said to me excuse me, what are you waiting for? I said that I was lining up for the WC and he pointed at the sign above showing that the WC was available. I replied to him that it showed occupied at the door and it was being used. Here was another electrical glitch. While the sign above showed one thing, the door with the red strip showing occupied was indeed being used by another passenger. I asked a FA if there was indeed someone and she confirmed that. The guy at the bulkhead just shut up and stayed miffed. One of the FA tried to diffuse the situation and asked me to wait in the galley instead since they made room for me to wait there. Finally the guy exits and I made a quick run. The guy in the bulkhead was proved wrong.

We landed in MUC 13 min. late which is not that bad. I then had a connection on TK to SAW at T1 which was a recent change. Previously TK used T2 along with LH but that changed as of a few days ago.

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Cabin crew10.0

Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge, International


Vancouver - YVR


Munich - MUC



What was perceived as a promising start with a nice check-in experience at the airport and the opportunity to fly a new J product turned into a series of disappointments. Garbage left behind from a previous flight and a blanket with a big hole are unacceptable, especially in a premium cabin. The inconsistencies in the design (like a bigger WC with window on the right side and foot stools that are narrower on the window seats) are somewhat annoying. Electrical glitches are frustrating and can easily tarnish the overall flight experience.

The food was hardly edible except for the dessert course and portions were tiny on some dishes. On this particular flight I did not feel that LH spends enough money on catering to match the quality of the meals to the caliber of the cabin flown. Most ingredients were average and not associated with high end items. For example, the pasta dish could have easily been an economical class meal.

The only saving grace of this trip was the excellent crew who were always efficient, professional and friendly.

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The airline with the best average rating is Lufthansa with 7.3/10.

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  • Comment 109689 by
    Numero_2 10105 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this report about LH's new Business class.

    The Maple Leaf lounge is nothing else than a rather small room with an average buffet.

    Bright J cabin.
    What a shame for the bad cleaning and for the blanket with holes in !

    I can see an improvement in the winelist with a red wine from the Markowitsch estate.

    The beet appetizer is not exactly what I would like to eat in Business class. lol
    Salt and pepper in paper bags : How cheap from LH !
    There's nothing much to say about the pasta dish than you did... But I would have tried the Chinese option because pasta in a plane can only be good with AZ !

    LH's business class product, even with this new cabin, isn't attractive and I think that LX has a better one in terms of comfort and catering.

    • Comment 295134 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2294 Comments

      I think you are right when you say that only AZ can serve decent pasta onboard. One of these days I might try them to see how magnifica they are.

      I would have taken LX over LH in a hearbeat, if anything for the solo seats in J. I tried my hardest to find seats on LX, SK but LH was the only choice for award seats so beggars can't be choosy.


  • Comment 109690 by
    Esteban TEAM GOLD 16497 Comments

    Thanks for sharing your experience Adan, LH has definitively a non convincing-product for me. Even if the crew was top notch, the catering does not match a J product.

    • Comment 295135 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2294 Comments

      Wait until you read my return. Guess what LH serves for their 2nd snack meal - soup + salad combo. LH wants to keep their passengers healthy and on a diet. The soup turned out to be currywurst with ketchup and it had the explosive casserole effect a la Air France.


  • Comment 109702 by
    Chibcha SILVER 479 Comments

    It's a bit sad to see that LH cannot provide a consistent product, the blanket and the catering are indeed subpar. It's always very frustrating to suffer electrical glitches on planes, at least for me one of the best parts of plane-travelling is to experience all the technological features. On a brighter side, I found the colors really nice, much better than the previous scheme.

    Thanks for sharing, I'm waiting for the FR to Istambul!

    • Comment 295136 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2294 Comments

      Frustration and disappointment...what a great combination. That formula makes for an unforgettable trip. ;)

      I really like the cheerful colors of the new cabin. It sets people in a better mood I guess.

      IST is coming soon. Thanks for your patience.

  • Comment 109705 by
    SMilano 1292 Comments

    Thank's for sharing !

    The Maple Leaf lounge is not terrible...

    The new J cabin gives a good impression. I found the colors very nice.

    The catering is very cheap for a J class... I think LH can do better !

  • Comment 109713 by
    AirCanada881 1617 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this FR. I did not realize LH had upgraded their A330's with the new cabin which, I agree is unappealing. Is the F seat the same as on the A380?

    I believe this flight is the longest European route out of YVR at almost 5200nm, the catering looks disappointing and I find your mark of 6 almost too generous. the desert and cheese course seem to be the only saving grace. the stools on either window or aisle look tiny to me.

    I guess all things considered it's still good value considered what you paid for the ticket but there's no way I'd pay full fare for this...

    Look forward to part 3.

    • Comment 295138 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2294 Comments

      I have never been on the A380 so I can't tell if the F seats are the same as those in that plane.

      Upon further consideration I have lowered the catering score to 5. You are right about it being a bit generous. I considered the fact that they offered 3 appetizers and main dishes, but what good is to see these choices if one cannot select them? Had I gotton the Cajun shrimp appetizer and the salmon entree perhaps the score would have been higher.

      Thanks and IST is coming soon.

  • Comment 109739 by
    indianocean BRONZE 7193 Comments

    Despite the fact that Maple Leaf Lounge is not a good one, it's above the average one can find in North America.

    British Airways catering is not good and you just proved that Lufthansa's one is not better either. I hate beet, the salad cup is ridiculous, the pasta dish is appalling and the breakfast tray is tiny.
    Toblerone, plastic cups, hole in the blanket. Com'on LH, you can do better than that.

    I'd say that LH J long haul hard product is the worse in Europe. I'm sorry, it's the new one?

    Thank you for sharing Aidan

  • Comment 109740 by
    lagentsecret 12388 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this comprehensive FR

    Plentiful of great pictures

    Westin seems to be a nice hotel, like you like them.

    Oh an invitation to the Salon Feuille d'érable, how great it is

    BTW the lounge is decent for a north american lounge

    preferring to save room for the delights awaiting for me at the J cabin on LH.
    How wise (inconscious) was it ;)

    Nice panda NH aircraft

    The new cabin's colours are much better than the old one bur the seats don't look that new

    The footsie footsie game is only for middle seats

    On your picture the seat in full flat position dosen't look full flat !!!

    consisting of water, orange juice or champagne.
    LH PDB's champagne is usually Sekt (Non Stop Saving !)

    Is it me or is the foot stool on the window seat narrower than the one on the aisle?
    Yes it seems narrower

    Grilled Beet Carpaccio !
    That's a feast on board, lol
    Giant beet BTW

    Delicious Dressing
    it reminds me dutch gastronomy

    Beef Szechuan Stew
    Trendy for LH Group

    The FA approved by saying that it was a good idea.
    Your FA was a lustiger Bursche ;)

    How were Alibi juices ?

    I wanted to try the salmon but it run out by the time it reached me
    you were not lucky not having able to have any of your choice

    the purser came by to drop me a small bowl of chocolates and told me that they were from F with a wink
    At least he found something that they had in excess : but looking at the chocolates it's obvious why
    Who was the sweetest the purser or the chocolates ?

    The strawberries are not ripe !

    The breakfast is not appetizing at all

    Ham with pinapple : so german

    All in all it's weird that the marks are good for such a flight

    See you soon for your next leg

    • Comment 295140 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2294 Comments

      Oh you are too kind mon agent secret. I like Westin properties and this one did not disappoint me.

      Glad you liked the pictures.

      You can't believe how excited I became to see the invitation sticker to the Maple Leaf lounge. I was jumping up and down like a kid and for a moment people thought it was a tremor.

      Can't complain about the lounge except for the dumplings that have been air dried. Hey, at least there was a color printer too. Hurrah!

      Life is full of surprises. I saved room for the delicacies onboard and I ended up being on a diet again.

      Nice NH panda plane indeed! I guess you like pandas ;)

      Overall a good job with the color scheme on the new LH J cabin. The striped pillow cases are appealing.

      I guess you have to fly with the right partner to play footsie-footsie.

      I swear I pressed that flat button all the way down and took the shot. Perhaps another electrical malfunction.

      LOL..Sekt = Nonstop saving. Hey, at least I got served with a smile.

      Perhaps the beets were American. Nice huge size. Nonstop satisfaction. ;)

      You need to enlighten me on Dutch gastronomy.

      Beef Szechuan - at least they try to appeal to a global clientele. Don't forget the pasta too. I'm waiting for hot dog with Del Monte ketchup for snack.

      Nothing wrong with a lustiger Bursche who spreads some joy around. ;)

      you mean Albi juices - not bad at all. Like eating a freshly picked fruit from the tree. ;)

      Nein, nein, nein. First the appetizer, then the main dish - Nonstop refusal.

      Both were equally sweet.

      The strawberries tasted fine to me. I guess LH loves to decorate with strawberries.

      At least I didn't have to choose which breakfast. I got served both on the same tray. Nonstop practicality.

      The tiny piece of pineapple under the ham is the omelette. You can eat it in one bite. Nonstop surprise!

      Well, to be honest the crew was fantastic and the entertainment was not too bad. As I mentioned to AirCanada881 I lowered the catering score by 1 point to be more realistic.

      The next leg is much better.


    • Comment 295142 by
      KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5842 Comments

      I like Westins too. I used to be Starwood Plat, but lost status recently. I take it you have starwood status?

  • Comment 109749 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5842 Comments

    A GORGEOUS, AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL report as always! You graded almost exactly as I would have for this type of flight. The new cabin looks great! I love the colors and I'll so against my usual thinking and say that I don't mind the 2-2-2 configuration as I often travel as a couple so I like having the option of a window seat and not being seperated by an aisle or having to sit in the middle. Man, that footrest is TINY at the window, though! I see that these seats are different from the new seats on the 747s, except for the colors. These seats seem better since they sit pax parallel and not facing towards each other and playing footstsie on the footrest like on the 747s...I imagine that can be awkward...unless the person next to you is attractive, then you've made a new friend :-)

    Bleh...the catering, is so average and ordinary. For someone who has often told me you like to fly foreign carriers because of the more premium quality of the meal service, I bet you my good-ole Delta would have done better on catering than this! Heck even United would have done better!'s funny 'cause it's sad :-) The only thing I'll give to LH on this meal service is the nice presentation of the appetizer (although you say it wasn't good so that's also a fail I guess). And nuts in a bag? That's just wrong for a European carrier. I guess they spent too much money upgrading the cabins, so they are cutting back on the soft product! LOL

    All in all, having a great crew like you did makes up for a lot of those know, like the dirty tissue and ripped blanket, LOL. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the next legs!

    • Comment 295143 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2294 Comments

      I am flattered by such complimentary remarks, although I am not sure if I am deserving of such praises. You are too generous Kevin.

      I don't have status with Starwood. The only hotel program that I have recognition is with Hilton Honors and I don't stay with them that often. The Westin YVR was just perfect for my needs. I have also stayed at the Radisson and I much prefer this one due to its aesthetics and ambience.

      I was relieved when I saw the configuration of the new J seats on the A330 with the parallel window and aisle seats. However, in order to have them that way I guess something has to be sacrificed and that was the footrest stool in the window side.

      You are probably right about DL offering a better catering in this instance. Just sad. Well, at least I got a set of playing cards with the LH and Lu mascot.

      Thanks for your support and visit. Always a pleasure to see you here.

  • Comment 109760 by
    Leadership TEAM GOLD 5295 Comments

    Thanks a lot for this new comprehensive report, I really enjoyed reading it.

    I found the lounge offering to be pretty good considering we are in North America.

    LH's new cabin looks very sharp, I really didn't like the previous one, this one looks way better and I like colors used, shame for the cleaning though.
    Catering is underwhelming as it is always the case with LH, breakfast tray is a joke, feel like you are flying medium-haul.
    Wine list is unimpressive too.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 295170 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2294 Comments

      Your assessment about AC Maple Leaf lounge is right. Not bad at all considering it is a North American lounge. Then again, AM Salon Premier @ MEX is technically a North American lounge too and it blows any U.S. domestic one in terms of food (not that the quality of the catering at AC or AM are that great).

      Your visit and comments are always appreciated. Thanks.

    • Comment 295173 by
      KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5842 Comments

      I've been to the AM Salon Premier a few times this year and I didn't find the food offering to be that great. It's better than any US clubs, but didn't seem as good as the Maple Leaf Lounge. A few weeks ago, little sandwiches were the only decent thing to eat at the Salon Premier...otherwise it was carrot sticks and the usual stuff you would find in a US lounge. The little room that has the long bar and what looks like should be a buffet was never stocked. I wonder if it's only stocked for dinner? I've onl been at breakfast and lunch.

    • Comment 295188 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2294 Comments

      I think the AM buffet inside the room with the bar is only for certain time windows. I was there in the morning and at the pantry there were some quiche and breakfaast breads. Then as we got closer to lunch time they started setting it the small room with soup, sandwiches and other stuff. I guess it is the same during dinner time.

  • Comment 109763 by
    Durian 1169 Comments

    Thanks for sharing, indeed the catering looks economy-class type.. shame the salmon was not available.
    Is there a new First as well on this aircraft ?

  • Comment 109774 by
    KL651 TEAM 4517 Comments

    Thanks for this nice FR.

    Even though the seats are nice and the cabin tones are inviting, once again, the soft product offered by LH in J is a letdown.
    Given that you didn't get your choice of appetizer, the crew could have asked you first what entree you wanted.

    The blanket issue and the average cleaning sure are not acceptable in any cabin!

    • Comment 295172 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2294 Comments

      I was really surprised by the cleaning and blanket issues at LH. I would have never expected that. Catering on the other hand seemed to be iffy from other reports that I have read, so I was prepared for it. I thought that perhaps it was attributed to chance and maybe I could win the catering lottery on this one. I was proved wrong.

      The FA's strictly went from front to back when they did the meal service, so being in the last row I knew that I run the risk of not being able to pick my first choice and I could live with that. I did not expect that the two remaining choices were equally unappealing. Oh well - nonstop learning.

      Thanks for your comments.

  • Comment 110150 by
    Avionero 77 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this interesting FR with awesome pictures.
    What about the new seat? Comfortable? Could you sleep?
    The window seat foot stool looks narrower but, to be sure, next time you should use the Marathon's method shown here (lol):

    • Comment 295491 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2294 Comments

      I found the seats comfortable but in general it's hard for me to sleep on planes, especially when I fly eastbound to Europe. The only negative that I have found is the confined space at my feet and in such a tight space you cannot move your feet much.

      Lol - I don't want to carry a measuring tape around and add one more item to my carry on. Besides I don't want to rob Marathon of his trademark and reputation. ;)

      Thanks for your visit.

  • Comment 140908 by
    Jetset 50 Comments

    That's a really amazing report! It's very professional, like the flight seemed itself. The food does look really tasty.
    What was the movie selection like?

    You've had a ton of flights yet, would you say that LH477 is part of the Top 10 ones?

    • Comment 320168 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2294 Comments

      Thanks for your comment Jetset.

      I usually don't watch too many movies onboard but from what I can remember the selection was decent. It doesn't compare to CX or EK, but not bad since there were some classic movies and other choices that happen to be some of my favorites.

      This trip is far from being on my top 10 ones. The catering and cleaning issues were below standards and the best part of this experience was the crew who was just great.

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