Review of Lufthansa flight Bangkok Frankfurt in First

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH 783
Class First
Seat 83C
Aircraft Boeing 747-400
Flight time 11:20
Take-off 12 Aug 13, 23:45
Arrival at 13 Aug 13, 06:05
LH   #47 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1300 reviews
Published on 31st May 2014
Meine Damen und Herren, herzlich willkommen auf meiner nächsten Reise Bericht auf LH 783 von BKK nach FRA.

Please check my profile for my other flight reports.

From the previous flight report, we had arrive to torrential downpour at BKK. This prohibited connecting the jetbridge to the plane and preventing us from deplaning. We remained on the plane for 25minutes until the rain had slowed down a bit, but not by much. The grounds crew and FAs tried to ensure none of their premium passengers got wet from the gaps by laying used blankets on the floor and trying to shelter people’s heads. Thus, my personal escorts did not meet me until inside the building at the very end of the gate. I ended up being the only person connecting this evening and got the lone escort to the transit area. Similar to my arrival from HND, I breezed through security with no problems with my escort waiting for me. She asked if I wanted to head to the lounge but I informed her that I had not received my souvenir boarding pass for my connecting flights. I would now be connecting on LH BKK-FRA in F on another 747-400!

This is my third intercontinental flight on LH, the previous two flights had been just after the airline had initiated A380 service to IAH. I promise to put that trip report in Y after I am done with this series. I had initially planned to try their J cabins on both the 748 and A380 as a comparison of the different cabins on the HKG-FRA and FRA-IAH flights, respectively. In the end, I changed my routing and discovered I could try out their F cabin in the Queen herself, the 747-400!

My escort walked me the couple of steps to the LH transit desk where the lone LH agent waited for someone to talk to her. I approached with my passport and informed her that I had not received my boarding passes for my BKK-FRA and FRA-VIE flights. She smiled and started to type away. She found my reservations and handed over my passport. She confirmed my bag shows up on my LH reservations, which I thank her. I then hear the printer spit out a couple of boarding passes. She checks them over before placing them inside an LH F ticket jacket. I like this ticket jacket as it displays the necessary information and has a cutout slot for scanning the 2D barcodes. She wishes me a good flight and I reply “krup khum krab!”

With my souvenir LH boarding passes in hand inside a nifty ticket jacket, my escort takes me to the Royal First Lounge. Knowing that I could use the Royal First Lounge, I told her that I wanted to do some brief duty free shopping and then I would head to the lounge. She smiled and walked me to the escalator to go up to the main shopping level. I smile at her with a “krup khum krab!”

photo 09Mar08156
Thai “gates” in BKK

photo 09Mar08147
The only duty free pet store I have seen in the world. I got something for my dog the last time I was here and had some leftover Thai Baht from that last trip that I used to get him something from this trip! With his gift now done, it was time to walk around the area and head back to the Royal First Lounge.

photo 09Mar08148
King Power Duty Free.

photo null_zpsd92c5d74
Paying homage to the Princess

I head back downstairs and walked inside the Royal First Lounge. Four attendants waited in the foyer area and one recognized me from a few days ago and still remembered my name. I handed over my LH boarding passes to the desk agent and she handed them back to me and welcomed me back to the lounge. The young agent that remembered me told me she had no more small rooms, but I told her that I only had a short layover. I sat in a rather empty part of the central seating area. She asked if I would have some dinner, to which I said yes with a request for their refreshing watermelon shake. She let me peruse the dinner menu on the iPad while getting me the watermelon shake. After she left, another agent placed a cold towel for me to use and cool down. I kinda needed it after damp, humid conditions known inside BKK especially from all the rain.

photo null_zps7df22573
Inside the F lounge, not in a mini cabin, ordering a quick meal along with presenting my LH BP and boarding pass holder.

photo null_zpsc514feb2
Purdy LH F boarding pass holder

photo null_zps05ed1163
The rather quiet Royal First Lounge

photo null_zps799512a7
The individual cabins

photo null_zps428564b2
Thai Beef Dish along with a refreshing Watermelon shake

This dish truly hit the spot! The bit of dim sum we had as second course prior to landing did not hit the spot. This dish had the heat and flavors I would expect, and I washed it all down with that refreshing watermelon shake. I wanted to request a second helping, but boarding time fast approached and my little agent said my flight is looking to depart on time. Oh well. It’s now a challenge for me to recreate this dish for my clients.

After I finished my meal, I sat there for a few more minutes just to soak the ambiance all in. Again, I feel truly blessed and honored to have the experiences I have. Despite just a couple of days left of my vacation, it did not feel like it would end yet! All of a sudden, I realized it had passed the general boarding time and felt I should now head to the gate and look forward to a much longer flight to enjoy! I thanked all the agents who served me tonight and they all gave me a wai and a “krup khum ka”.

photo null_zps1c0bf099
Wish I was taking this flight to VIE on OS on the 772!

On the way to the gate, I noticed foot traffic had quieted down for those heading to this flight I wondered if they had already done most of the boarding. Flight still showed on time.

photo null_zps1c33ba01
Oh wait … didn't I board from this same gate on my way to SYD?

12 August 2014
LH 783
ETD: 23:45
ATD: 0:17 +1
ETA: 06:06 +1
ATA: 06:10 + 1

photo null_zpse7b8bb46
It does not seem like a full flight tonight …

photo null_zps0ec397f0
Oops … there’s a long line of Y passengers waiting to board.

Once I made my way down the incline, I handed over my boarding passes to the agent waiting to scan in boarding passes. She called over another agent and handed my boarding pass to her as she escorted me past the snaking queue of Germans and down the jetway to 2L. She handed me and my boarding pass off to tonight’s Purser, Gabriella, who welcomed me on board by name and escorted me to the stairs leading to the F cabin. She asked if I needed help and I declined at the time. She handed back my boarding pass and said she would check up on me a bit later. I gave her a “Danke shöne” to which she smiled and said “Bitte”. I made my way upstairs and was welcomed by the sight of this:

photo null_zps3f04f83e
Wilkommen am bord! WOW!

photo null_zpsb85ae8fd
WOW! My seat and bed for the next few hours!

I highly doubt I will ever try F in SQ, but this … WOW!!! I get both a seat AND a bed, not a seat that turns into a bed!

As I got to my seat, I would be the last person and only non-German flying in F tonight. One guy had taken 81H, I had 83C, and neighbors at 83H, 84C, and 84H. Otto would be serving us tonight while Uli would be working in the galley. Otto approached and asked if he could store my roll-on in a special closet. Otto did remind me of former TV show presenter Carson Kressley on the groundbreaking hit “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”. At any minute I would wait for Otto to say “couture de jour”. He then asked if I would like anything to drink, suggesting some champagne. Again, who am I to turn down champagne whether it is Dom or not?

photo null_zpsc504b7d0

photo null_zps16bed166
Leg room

I know my iPhone photos does not do the cabin justice at all! Even for a night flight with the cabin lights on, this exclusive cabin felt light and airy. It truly felt like I would be flying in my own private cabin and made me forget about my previous experience with TG. The one glaring difference if I really wanted to be picky, LH did not serve Dom.

photo null_zpsa85c8857
Drink station instead of FA jump seat

photo null_zps85ba3afa
Forward F cabin

photo null_zps12e0f30a
Our starting position

photo null_zpsd2e1659d
Our route for tonight's flight

photo null_zps7e800e89
Hello Manila!

By 00:09 BKK time, ground staff and closed 1L and 2L. Uli walked through the cabin to pick up any empty glasses and helped Otto prepare the cabin for departure. Rain still continued to fall down, but not as bad as my arrival from SYD. A few minutes later, the captain gave his message in German and then in English. He noted a 10h 40m flight that would take us through Central Asia, Ukraine, Poland, and then into FRA. By 00:15, the rain had slowed down and we pushed back from the gate and headed towards 19R. Fifteen minutes later our flight took off towards FRA and I reclined my seat into recliner mode.

Rather than do it while on the ground, Otto walked up with a tray full of goodies once the captain had let them FAs free and Gabriella did her welcome speech. He handed out a Billy Boegner amenity kit for males. At this point I had hoped for a Rimowa one to make it two on this trip, but reading up on the days before, LH had rarely given out Rimowa kits in F at the time. He then asked if I would like any pajamas and in what size. Requesting my usual XL, I also asked Otto if they had any of the female kits on hand because I would give it to my mother who would enjoy the kits. He briefly went back to the galley and obtained the pajamas and the female kit also by Billy Boegner.

Soon after Gabriella had done her welcome speech, she reported back upstairs and handed out two menus, one for the meal and one for drinks. Immediately after that, Otto approached with an oshibori.

photo null_zps80604dbb
A nice HOT oshibori

photo null_zps61a371da
Menu und vinotek

While deciding on what to have for dinner, Otto asked what I would like to drink, suggesting another champagne or some wine. Instead I asked for a Warsteiner, one of my faves at my local German pub in Midtown Houston.

photo null_zps484e8e5d
Ein Warsteiner bitte

As I enjoyed my Warsteiner, Otto asked if i would like the amuse bouche for tonight. At that point I had not taken out table yet, but he said not to worry and placed it on my rather large arm rest. It tasted light and refreshing, deviating from the familiar Asian cuisine I had enjoyed up to this point.

photo null_zpsa0370619
Amuse bouche

Once I finished with the amuse bouche, Otto returned to pick up my plate, and then he carefully removed my tray table and set it up for me.

photo null_zpsc450bc2c
Preparing for dinner along with some delicious bread

photo null_zpsd53e0938
Bread and beer!

photo null_zps58323411
My rose

Next up, caviar service. So far the only time I had enjoyed caviar service on the plane had been my recent three TG flights. LH added their own spin and made it a bit more integrated rather than its own course. Otto did offer some cold vodka to go along with it, but I declined.

photo null_zps11996cbf
Caviar service along with canapes and salad

So far the caviar, salad, and appetizer course had all been delicious. Some would complain that they are trying to rush the service, but Otto and Uli ensured we enjoyed each course and would ask if we were truly done to encourage us to eat like it would be our last meal. Next up would be the main course.

photo null_zpsc231fc98
Curried prawns

While TG had disappointed me with their shrimp main, tasting over-cooked and rubbery, the shrimp in this dish was simply delectable! I could have gone for seconds, but I declined as I did not want to overindulge and not enjoy some good sleep on my own personal bed.

photo null_zps83ef98a4

photo null_zps4fae6e47
Chocolate truffles

Cheesecake and the chocolate truffles rounded out a delicious dinner service. I only wished they had ice cream, but that I could give no fault at all to LH.

I looked forward to spending a good night’s rest on the bed waiting for me! One guy had chosen the executive option meal and by the time I started the dessert course, he had changed to his pajamas and called it a night. I finished up next, while the others followed. Rather than change into my pajamas, I changed into my favorite Lululemon wear, and tucked myself in for the night.

We experienced some periods of turbulence over Central Asia, so the seat belt made it feel a bit restrictive, but still felt great to relax the back and legs for a bit to prepare myself for the next few days!

photo null_zpsa01f24a0
With just 2h left in the flight, and I don't want it to end.

I tried to go back to sleep for maybe another hour, but I could not quite get back. Also, I could hear and smell rumblings going on in the galley. I decided I could stretch my legs a bit and walk around the plane since it had been a dream to fly on a LH 744! I carefully made my way down the stairs and saw Gabriella sitting at her station. She addressed me by name and asked if there was anything wrong. I told her no everything was amazing and that I wanted to walk around to stretch my legs. She said if I needed anything to not hesitate to ask.

Now that I have flown on both LH's 744 and their A388, the 744 has that classic, nostalgic feel to it starting from the pointy nose all the way down to the tail. This was a full flight and the only available seats I had seen were the open F seats. The majority of the passengers composed of Europeans, possibly Germans returning from back from their Thai beach holidays. When I ventured through the curtain from economy to business I noticed a male FA stop and watched me. After peaking at the nose section of J, I decided to go back and lie down some more. That same male FA saw me and blocked access to the stairs asking me what I was doing in that rather stern German tone. I informed him that I was stretching my legs and returning to my seat. You could tell he thought he was trying to stop me from sneaking into the F cabin, but Gabriella happened to return to her desk and saw one of her colleagues refusing to let me go upstairs. I guess rather than heighten the situation and with a concerned tone she addressed me and asked if I had a good stretch around the cabin. She then asked if Otto or Uli could get me a drink to hydrate. Upon hearing that, I guess the FA stepped aside and allowed me to return to my seat.

photo null_zpsa9264218
Our path flown so far.

photo null_zps5ed3d583
Over Ukrainian aerospace

I tried to lay down a bit longer but I knew we would be arriving shortly. I enjoyed the dark cabin a couple of minutes more till they slowly turned on the lights.

photo null_zps70ca2e81
Water bottle given during the flight

Deciding to change back into my original clothes, I decided to enjoy using the facilities with the window open. Both lavatories in the F cabin on the 744 each have a window. The lav also had a nice stock of goodies such as a packet oshibori along with a shaving kit and a toothbrush kit.

photo null_zps0fa486a7
Lav with a view!

Otto approached me once I had changed and put my sleeping clothes back into one of my bags. He asked if I would be the first one to partake in the pre-arrival meal and said I would.

photo null_zps08edf6d2
Another series of bread during the second service

photo null_zpsc996a3e8
Table set for last meal

photo null_zpsbe2fc496
Cinnamon roll and Nutella … sinful!

photo null_zps09ac5ba1
Cold cuts and fruit plate

I also enjoyed the meal with a double shot of a Livano. Nice that they had a Nespresso machine built in for the F cabin galley. The meal may have seem rather small, but I found it perfect; just enough to wake me up and preparing for my upcoming European jaunt. Plus, I knew I would get a bit more food in one of the the LH lounges.

As the other passengers awoke from their slumber, I decided to check out the offerings at my seat.

photo null_zps6a593f0e
Remote control

photo null_zpsefff2b42
Morning over Europe

photo null_zps06d9d624
Reclining for the last few minutes of the flight

photo null_zpsf848622f
Just 0h29m left in the flight.

As we passed over TXL, the First Officer gave his good morning speech before our arrival into FRA. He said it would be a nice clear and warm day at FRA. After him Gabriella gave her speech for the preparation of the cabin for arrival.

photo null_zps77089699
Seems like a straight-shot to FRA

photo null_zps2b4dccbd
Now for the European portion of my trip!

photo null_zps7e2c2c70
Arriving at C14A

True to the First Officer’s description, we landed to a beautifully warm day at FRA. This would be the first time I would land at the C gates, and second time using the facilities. I had plenty of time till my connection to VIE. Now I had to figure out which lounge could I use.

photo null_zps10ba4709
Flight information from Flight Tracker for LH 783 BKK-FRA.

photo null_zps8d0e4b04
Flight routing for LH 783.

Vielen dank für die Teilnahme mir in diesem Teil der Reise. We are just three more reports away from completing this entire series! Please stay tuned for the next one!
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Cabin crew9.0

Thai Airways Royal First Class Lounge


Bangkok - BKK


Frankfurt - FRA



My LH experience in F had definitely exceeded my expectations providing a much personalized service than my previous three TG flights. I truly enjoyed having my own seat and bed rather than the seat-bed combination. Also this particular flight would probably be the very last time I would get to enjoy the upper-deck of the 744, a truly amazing and graceful Queen of the Skies!

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    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5655 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this latest report! Wow, LH is popular lately...two reports in one day! LH's F cabin on the upper deck of the 744s is one of the best F products out there, if not the best. What a great concept to have a seat and a separate real bed...that's more of a suite than EK in my opinion.

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    Thank's for sharing !

    Wow a seat with a separate real bed ! It's a very nice combination !
    The upper deck of the 744 is definitely the best place to travel !

    LH have a good product in F.

    A good flight in a good seat on the upper deck of a 744 : the dream :)

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    Thank you very much for this FR.

    I also couldn't describe this cabin any better than ^^ As for the service, I am pickier and haven't enjoyed their food as much but certainly what is loaded in BKK is just better ;)

    But this 8 passengers cabin is truly a luxury experience.

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    Denzee 1760 Comments

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us.

    As already said by many people, this cabin is just outstanding.

    Interesting to notice that you have access to the Royal first lounge, wondering if people travelling in first on TG can access the FCT or the FCL in Frankfurt.

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    eminere™ 274 Comments

    Love this F product. Interesting though that on this aircraft LH does not follow the usual convention of prescribing seat numbers in the F cabin starting from 1.

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