Review of AeroVIP flight Porto Santo Funchal in Economy

Airline AeroVIP
Flight RVP856
Class Economy
Seat 1C
Aircraft Dornier 228
Flight time 00:25
Take-off 29 Apr 14, 18:20
Arrival at 29 Apr 14, 18:45
59 3 reviews
By SILVER 3236
Published on 28th May 2014
(This Flight Report was originally posted in French here:
Hello English readers

Following this serie of flights within Europe
1° BRU-LIS TAP A320 éco in French
2° LIS-FNC TAP A319 éco in French
3° FNC-PXO RVP Dornier 228 éco in French
4° PXO-FNC RVP Dornier 228 éco Here
5° FNC-LIS TAP A319 éco in French
It's the return flight operated with an unusual aircraft:the Dornier 228 and for this reason I edit it and also for readers who missed the outbound.
Back to the airport
photo Photothèque - 7742
From outside we see the highest mountain in the surroundings:Pico de Facho
photo Photothèque - 7743
There was not crowd in the departure hall !
photo Photothèque - 7746
Departure and arrival are limited by traffic operated by Aero Vip
photo Photothèque - 7751
These PNC is all alone at the check-in counter
photo Photothèque - 7745
It's easy to get the boarding pass quickly
photo Photothèque - 7748
I proceeded directly to the boarding area:scheduled departure time gate 4
photo Photothèque - 7752
Our plane arrive:it's the same Dornier 228 CS-TGG
photo Photothèque - 7747photo Photothèque - 7749
Connection of APU
photo Photothèque - 7755photo Photothèque - 7754
verification of propellers by co-pilot
photo Photothèque - 7753
we boarded on time
photo Photothèque - 7756photo Photothèque - 7757photo Photothèque - 7758
Zoom on the landing gear
photo Photothèque - 7759
I choose seat 1C with cockpit view
photo Photothèque - 7760
That's my emergency exit seat,the pitch is not generous
photo Photothèque - 7762photo Photothèque - 7789photo Photothèque - 7764
It's the copilot wich give the safety briefing
the safety card:
photo Photothèque - 7761
Taxi to the runway:bye-bye PXO
photo FR Madère - 240photo FR Madère - 243photo FR Madère - 245
take off
photo FR Madère - 244
View of the coast shortly after take off
photo FR Madère - 248photo FR Madère - 249photo FR Madère - 250
Turboprop very noisy
photo FR Madère - 252
a few cockpits shots
photo FR Madère - 247photo FR Madère - 253
we descended direct to FNC

Final approach
photo FR Madère - 260photo FR Madère - 262
Arrival on time
photo FR Madère - 264
I am the last to leave the aircraft before co-pilot
photo FR Madère - 267
Last shots from the tarmac

End of FR
photo FR Madère - 272
I conclude this report with a little touristic bonus of Vila Baleira
main church
photo 14 - 117
Christophe Colomb lived in this house
photo 14 - 116
its long beach with fine sand
photo 14 - 122
local beer:fortunately!
photo 14 - 125
thanks for reading!
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Cabin crew8.0

Porto Santo - PXO


Funchal - FNC



A pleasant flight:the seat is comfortable,the seat pitch was no good for me but this was a short flight.
the crew were nice.

Information on the route Porto Santo (PXO) Funchal (FNC)


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